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2013 and earlier Volkswagen Jetta Lease Questions



  • esquire415esquire415 Posts: 8
    Hi Car_man,

    Have not heard from you in a while. I am going to make my decision tomorrow to get a new lease on the Jetta 2.5L. quoted me $0 down, $343 (8.25% tax included)/mo automatic with package #1, heated front seats, and power sunroof (it is the only one they have in blue graphite). Total cost is $22,127. I don't think this is the best deal.

    bgro, I think you have a good deal considering that it's $0 out of pocket. Is that with 10k or 12k mi/yr.? I calculate your deal to be $259-$260 excluding tax. Does that come with power sunroof and front heated seats? Two dealers has sent me the following quote:

    Dealer #1
    2007 VW JETTA 2.5L

    36 month lease
    10,000 miles a year
    $503.38 drive off
    $270.00 ($292 w/ tax)

    Dealer #2 (offered to pay my last month's lease of $288 for current car)
    2007 VW JETTA 2.5L
    No mention of POWER SUNROOF

    36 month lease
    10,000 miles a year
    $500.00 drive off
    $269.00 ($291 w/ tax)

    How you were able to negotiate the price down by $3000 is amazing because the Carsdirect price for automatic with package 1 and front heated seats without sunroof costs $21,244. Did you also negotiate the residual because I thought it's 60% but I could be wrong. Does VW still have the .00067 MF incentive?
  • vwguild1vwguild1 Posts: 98
    Residuals are set by VW Credit and are not negotiable...
  • esquire415esquire415 Posts: 8
    Oh man! I always feel like I didn't get the best deal whenever I leave the dealer with a car. bgro, that deal is a steal, even if it's not an '07. Although you didn't mention if it's a 36, 48 or 60 month lease.

    I never got a response from Car_man so I got the car.
    '07 Jetta 2.5L Automatic w/ Package #1.

    Sticker: $21,695
    Selling Price: $20,300
    Residual: 56%
    Money Factor: .00069
    Money down: $500
    Lease term: 36 months
    Monthly payment pre-tax: $266
    Sales Tax: 8.25%
    Total Monthly payment: $288

    Dealer pays $288 for old car's last month lease
    Dealer waives $350 turn-in fee for old car.
    Dealer shoulders all obligation on old car including 30,000mi service maintenance and inspection.

    $288 is exactly the amount i'm paying now with my old lease although last time they had a $1000 loyalty program which I used to put as money down plus an extra $1175. They also paid last month for old lease and waived the turn in fee. The new car, however, does not include a power sunroof, heated seats, leather interior and leather-wrapped multi-function steering wheel with audio controls.

    What I failed to consider is that I opted to get the one without the power sunroof. Originally, the dealer quoted me $269/mo with the sunroof and $266 per month for the exact same car without a sunroof. A $3 difference which is only $108 for 36 months. If the sunroof costs $1000 MSRP, at 56% residual value, the depreciation should be $440. If the negotiated price is $883, then the depreciation should be $388.52 or $10.79/month. So my monthly should have been roughly $258/mo + tax without the sunroof. Is this correct? I feel like a dodo! Please help!
  • megvmegv Posts: 1
    Hi Car_man,

    Can you tell me what the money factor, residual percentage, and any applicable incentives there are for a 2007 Jetta 2.0T, Option Package 1, 36 mos, 15K miles?

    Thank you!
  • esquire415esquire415 Posts: 8
    What am i thinking? If the cost of the lease with the sunroof is $269/mo and if the sunroof costs $883 (invoice). Then if you subtract that cost over 36 months ($25.53), then the lease should be $244.47/mo not $266, is this correct? Anyone?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,880
    I think you figured it correctly the first time..


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  • timmbojtimmboj Posts: 123
    I know this is the Jetta forum, but I can't find a specific GTI lease forum. Does anyone have the Residuals and MF for a 2007 GTI for May?

    I'm interested in a 2-year or 3-year lease with 15K miles per year.

  • esquire415esquire415 Posts: 8
    How's that? The full amount of the sunroof should be subtracted from the lease rate, not just the depreciated cost of the sunroof. Correct?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,880
    No... the sunroof is part of the MSRP... You are only paying for a depreciated portion of it, not the whole thing...

    Your first calculation was correct.


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  • bgrobgro Posts: 3
    Ok I originally posted a few posts back about my supposed deal for 2.5L Auto w/ Package 1 etc. etc. Called the dealer and they were acting shady over the phone so went to different dealer.
    Here is my deal.

    2007 Jetta Wolfsburg Manual :)
    MSRP: 20,100

    Have no idea any residual, money factor, or negotiated price because they played with the numbers on the lease agreement. I walked out w/

    *** $0 out of pocket ***
    36 months (35 remaining as 1st was included)
    15k miles
    Payment = $255.96 (tax included 6.5% in Florida)

    I thought this was a fairly good deal for the car even though I don't know the rate of negotiated price. Great experience at Gunther Volkswagon in Coconut Creek, FL!!
  • esquire415esquire415 Posts: 8
    I thought you have quite a great deal considering that you have $0 out of pocket, 15,000mi and a Wolfsburg, which I think comes with sunroof, heated front seats and a rear spoiler. My negotiated price is $20,300 and then they added acquisition fee of $575, tire fee, etc, etc, so it went up to $20,900 something.

    I argued about the $269+tax that I was originally quoted with the sunroof and they said they have not included the fees in the quote that's why the difference seems like it was only $3 less for the one without the sunroof when it actuality I should be paying $286+tax with the sunroof. I don't believe their crap.

    Wolfsburg vs. 2.5L w/ package 1
    manual vs. automatic
    $0 down vs. $500 down (dealer pays 1st month and $350 turn in fee)
    15k vs. 10k
    $255.96/mo vs. $288.17/mo

    A difference of over $1000??? Woh! I got screwed! And r u sure your dealer actually made any money?
  • Hey there Car_man, and hello to everyone else:

    I must say that I am glad I stopped by because there was a gracious amount of serious information I lacked on leasing.

    Here is my situation. I am a 20 year old college student and I desperately need a car for transport to work + school. While I can treat myself to something a little nicer than average, I'm in no situation to go overboard. That being said, I have decide that I most surely want a VW Jetta and, more specifically, a 2006 or 2007 Jetta 2.0t (automatic) w/ Package #1.

    (i guess i should point out that i am also seriously considering the cheaper Jetta 2.5 if i can get it with a moon-roof)

    I do know that the MSRP of the model in question is US$25,085. I am not sure what it is locally were I am or what they typically sell for but how much do you think the selling price may come down to from that number? I do not want a monthly payment over US$300 and would love anything lower, but I am not entirely sure if that is possible with a 2.0t w/ Package #1. Perhaps the 2.5 w/ optional moon-roof is more suitable.

    I would also like to let everyone know that soon I will be going to a few VW dealers to look at Jettas and to start building a rapport with the salespersons. In building that rapport are there specific questions I should ask or any information I should let the salesperson know about my situation and how much I am willing to spend?

    Im not entirely sure what all the terms and numbers like "MF", and "OTD price" mean.

    And as I am a young college student with relatively fresh credit, will that have adverse affects on the final selling price and/or monthly payment of the car?

    I am also not sure if I should learn more towards a 2006 or 2007 model. Would it make much of a difference?

    I live in the Washington D.C. Metro area. ZIP-20770

    Thanks for your knowledge and insight!

  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    I would be happy to help you out, arlington1. Volkswagen Credit's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2007 Jetta Wolfsburg Sedan with 12,000 miles per year are .00088 and 57%, respectively unless you are in VW's Southern region where it is offering a special 24 month lease on this car. Using this lease program, I estimate that the 36 month, 12,000 mile per year, zero down, pre-tax monthly payment for an '07 Jetta Wolfsburg Sedan that has an MSRP of $21,545 and a selling price of $20,775 should be around $266.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    No problem, esquire415. Volkswagen's current lease program is scheduled to run through May 31st, which would bring you pretty close to your current lease's June expiration date. I personally wouldn't rush to lease a new vehicle before I was ready though. Incentives generally seem to heat up as we near the summer, so chances are that the Jetta's June lease program will be at least attractive as its current one (disclaimer it is impossible to predict exactly what automakers will do with their future incentives :) ). I am not aware of any owner loyalty offers on this model right now.

    Vehicles' residual values vary by term and mileage allowance. You never mentioned how long you want to lease your Jetta 2.5L for or what mileage you need, so for now I will assume that you are interested in a 36 month lease with 15,000 miles per year. Let me know if you want something different. VW Credit's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of this car with 15,000 miles per year are .00069 and 53%, respectively. When negotiating your lease, make sure to take advantage of the $750 lease cash that Volkswagen is providing on the Jetta 2.5L right now. It will help you to negotiate an attractive capitalized cost.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Here you go, megv. Volkswagen Credit's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2007 Jetta 2.0T Sedan with 15,000 miles per year are .00081 and 52%, respectively. When negotiating your lease on this car, make sure to use the $750 lease cash that is currently available on it to help you negotiate an attractive capitalized cost.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi timmboj. Here's a link to the discussion that you are looking for: "Volkswagen GTI: Lease Questions". See you there.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hey Viberantmind. Shoot for a selling price that is close to dealer invoice as possible on the Jetta that you are interested in and then have the dealer that you are working with subtract the $750 cash incentive that is available on leases of it through VW Credit from that putting the actual capitalized cost for your lease at a couple hundred dollars below invoice. Try stopping by the following discussion for additional feedback on Jetta pricing: "Volkswagen Jetta: Prices Paid & Buying Experience".

    If you are not familiar with what terms like "money factor" mean, you definitely should check out the following articles before entering into negotiations for a lease: 10 Steps to Leasing a New Car and Calculate Your Own Lease Payment.

    VW is no longer providing lease support on 2006 models, so if you want to lease you definitely should go with an '07 Jetta.

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  • vwguild1vwguild1 Posts: 98
    VW Credit has maintained, for years, a special "College Graduate Program"...If you have graduated within the past 24 Months or will within the next 6 Months; you qualify...
    Automatic Tier 1 approval with clean, if minimal, credit, and proof of income.

    If the above does not apply; you will, no doubt, need a CoX...When your status meets the above you can reapply to VW Credit to go it alone...
  • Thanks Car_man and vwguild1! If I have any other questions, I'll post them.
  • seanakseanak Posts: 4
    Has anyone had luck negotiating down their end-of-lease purchase price with VW Credit? My lease is almost up on a 2004 Jetta and I've heard tales of other folks negotiating down, but VW is saying no thus far...
  • skippytcgskippytcg Posts: 10
    I am interested in knowing, my wife and I just leased, May 26,2007, a 2007 jetta wolfsburg, mudflaps, no spoiler. The dealer originally qouted us 290 + tax. I balked at him and said he was crazy. Well after 3 hours at the dealership, IN Massachusetts, we settled on 240/mo+tx, $1000 out of pocket for a 48 mo x 10k/yr.

  • skippytcgskippytcg Posts: 10

    Where is it posted the $750 credit from Vw financing. I am calling my vw dealer tomorrow when i find it in writing. They said it did not exsist. Any help would be great and I'll try to get them to apply it as an additional security deposit and lower my monthly or refund it to me.

  • nupeskee1nupeskee1 Posts: 11

    I need the numbers (money factor, residual, etc) for a 2007 Jetta GLI for a 24 and 36 month lease with 12K and 15K miles respectively. I'm not sure of the package at this point but hopefully it should not matter. Thanks.
  • He posted the data on the roadfly forum earlier in the month.

    But keep in mind the data can and prob will change (hopefully for the better) next week. I'm also looking into a GLI lease right now.
  • polyvwpolyvw Posts: 35
    The numbers I was quoted on my deal were as follows

    07 Jetta GLI 6spd Pkg1 w/ 18"s

    .00068 MF

    51% Resid

    3yr/45k mi lease

    I'm taking delivery on the 1st so I can use these numbers or next months...any clue on next months???
  • Poly,
    If you don't mind, let me know what they quote you for next months MF/Residual. I doubt the dealer will know anything until the 1st or the 4th. From what I can tell, the $750 incentive will be good through the end of June. Now we just need to hope they spice up the residual like they did for the May GTI lease support :)
    I'm looking at the 7th or 8th of June for my purchase.
  • sdazzo213sdazzo213 Posts: 3
    I am a college student with good credit looking to lease a 07 manual Jetta Wolfsburg. I want a 36 month lease with 12,000 miles a year. I want my payments to be at 189/month. I know that since I want a low monthly payment I will need to put down a substantial down payment but I am not sure what is a reasonable amount. I went in and got an estimate, without any bargaining they quoted me at $4,600 down. Is this reasonable or can i bring this number down?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Why would you pay for the depreciated portion of a sunroof when there is no sunroof to begin with?
  • Hi Car_man,

    I wish you replied sooner. I already got the car. I feel like an idiot taking the car from the first dealer I visited that day! It was May 6 and I had until June 7 before I turn in my old Jetta (which still has 7k miles). They said they will take care of my last month's payment from my old lease and also the turn in fee of $350 (is this turn-in waived anyway by VW credit since I'm getting another VW?). So I caved in. I shouldn't have rushed because I'm now paying the amount of a car with a sunroof (although the one I got doesn't have one).

    I wanted to lease for 36 mos with 10k mi/yr (2.5L w/ pkg 1). VW Hayward gave me .00069 MF and 56% RV. Selling price of the car is $20,300. With license fee, doc fee, and acq. fee...the cap cost is $20,913. My tax rate is 8.25%. I put $500 down which pays for 1st month's payment. The dealer says they were losing $446 on this sale which I think is BS. My total monthly including tax and fees is $288 and change.

    As soon as I got home and my thinking settled in, I realized that my old lease is also $288/mo but I had a sunroof, leather seats, leather-wrapped steering wheel, and heated front seats. I also had 12k mi/yr. Granted that I put down $1200 and that the dealer added $1000 on my downpayment for the loyalty program, I still think that I had a great deal last time.

    So Car-man tell me, how much did it cost me for rushing in to get a new VW lease? BTW, how was the .00069 MF calculated in the price of the lease? Is that 1.66% x depreciation? Because it's not adding up.

    Another thing i'm upset about is that I believe the $750 rebate started on May 1st. The dealer didn't tell me anything about this rebate. Is this something I can bring up with VW credit and renegotiate after the fact?

    Here's the link:
  • birdfan1birdfan1 Posts: 3

    Earlier, you mentioned a special 24 month lease deal for VW's Southern Region, which I'm curious about. I'm in Florida, which I assume is in the Southern Region. I'm trying to find the best lease deal (ie. smallest payment) on either a Wolfsburg or 2.5.

    Thanks in advance.
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