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2013 and earlier Volvo XC90 Lease Questions



  • tjohntjohn Posts: 14
    Below are the details of the my deal.

    Metallic Paint

    Not Volvo Finance - some bank the dealer uses...

    New 2008 VOLVO XC90 AWD XC90 4dr Wgn 3.2L 7 Pass w/Snrf

    MSRP: 45,200
    Discounted to: 34,019
    Dealer Fees: 599
    Trade: 4500

    Cost: 30118
    Residual: 21,400
    Mileage: 36000
    Lease Term: 36
    Total Payment: 440

    No Money Down for this deal - $ zero down. The trade took care of that and then some.

    First three (3) payments are made by Dealer.

    Bottom line:
    The XC90 will cost me $13596 in depreciation over 33 months (First 3 are paid with above deal), and I will have paid an additional $924 in taxes.


    Any thoughts?
  • gpargpar Posts: 7
    Call Keystone Volvo in Doylestown PA

    Here is what we ended up with.

    Financed through 5th third bank........

    Versatility, Premium, Climate, Metallic Paint,
    15,000 per year for 39 months
    $1642.22 Down
    $465 per month

    Picked it up Wednesday last week.

    Most dealers are not signed up with this bank and cannot beat their pricing on the leases.
  • bg516bg516 Posts: 15
    i just leased a 2008 xc 90 V8 sport package with options..msrp was 55312.
    i had a drive off of 4500, that included cap reduction and first month and other stuff.
    the monthly payment is 478 plus tax for a total of 511.
    the miles per year are 12000 and it is for 36 months.

    511 (including tax)
    3200 cap plus misc. fees and first month..4500 drive off.

    not the best deal, but i thought it was fair, i liked the acurra better, but the local dealer has a lot of negative baggage and the bmw and x5 were too slow or too much more a month. the accurra with tech and rear opening (remote) was same price with same drive off and monthly.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,238
    What bank is that thru?
    Because that payment is way to low for a Sport.
  • stimstim Posts: 36
    What state? About a week or so went in to replace an ending lease 2006 V8 and was quoted way higher. In Missouri paying 350 plus tax which brings it to 428 including ALL taxes for two years 10500. Think it was 2500 or 3000 down. Mind you this was a end of July lease in 2006 when the 2007's were trickling in.

    In June, price was in the mid 600 range for three years same down same mileage. So unless its some special hidden deal those numbers are very low. Or the dealer it trying to dump their stock. When I did the last lease they lowered the selling price from 53000 to something like 43000 and Volvo jacked up the residual. Money factor was something like .0001.

    Love to see some numbers!
  • bg516bg516 Posts: 15
    the bank is something called first- third trust bank (?) in ohio.
    the lease rate is real. I signed the docs yesterday. finance manager told me it didn't include the gap insurance at 511 with tax, so i said that i would get back to him and hung up and they eventually came down from 695 to 499 to 399 to 250 and then when I still didn't respond, it was included and i took the car, and demanded a set of wheel locks for the insul which they also threw in. I let them leave messages and emails, it drives them nuts. . this is a v8 sport model with everything but the nav system., but it is red (that was the trade off for the lease deal) there just aren't any other sports out there, a dealer in mass. had a few, but his lease was in the mid 600's with tax.

    the trick is to make sure they know that you are a real buyer (this is my 4th car purchase in 10 months all different brands) have good credit and that in reality you could live without the car. which is ture.
  • bg516bg516 Posts: 15
    see post 1064 , same bank and same type of great deal.
  • bg516bg516 Posts: 15
    see post 1064 , same bank and same type of great deal.

    by the way, the reality is that the xc90 is a gas hog and long overdue for an update, but it is classy, sophisticated and a good safe vehicle. and they now throw in the first service at 7500 miles for free.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 171,762
    The are a large regional bank, based in Cincinnati.. They've been doing 3rd party leases for a long, long time..

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,238
    We use 5/3rd for XC90 leases.
    However, given the lease structure, and XC90 incentives the math doesn't add up.
  • bg516bg516 Posts: 15
    i got my deal from volvo of gwinnett place in duluth ga.
    their phone number is 800-651-3788
    the internet manager is Brett Maxwell,
    i just spoke to them and said that the residual dropped on the 1st. so maybe the deals aren't as good. this was the only sport they had, but they do have a v8 in stock and a bunch of those 6's.

    i told them that everyone will say i am a shill for them and that it was all a fake.
    I noticed someone said that the math doesn't work, they may be correct, but i got the car for 478 plus tax for a total of 511 a month including gap.
    that is 36 months and 12k per year.
    also don't forget the free service in the georgia region at 7500 miles.
    I gave them a check for $4500 as drive off.

    so if the math doesn't work, who cares, like I said, I have the car and will pick it up next week. The bummer is that the state farm insurance is about 150 more per year than the accura, but what the heck. it feels like more car to me.
  • bg516bg516 Posts: 15
    i also got the explan discount on the new xc90 v8 sport, that is worth some extra money off the price also.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,238
    Near as I can figure,that deal was a $1500 loser,even using the old program.
    Good job you.
    Lucky break that you got to deal w/ an idiot dealer.

    I seriously doubt anyone else will be able to come close. Esp now that the residuals have changed.
  • stimstim Posts: 36
    I'm waiting until near the end of July, the lease prices more than likely till plummet for the 2008 leftovers. Did it two years ago and my payments INCLUDING all taxes is $424 for a two year 10.5K a year lease with 3K down. This is on a fully equiped V8 (no nav or entertainment) Spoke to my dealer and said wait until the 10th and the next series of deals will be out. Will let you all know the numbers this weekend.

    How bad did the residuals drop on the 1st compared to last years numbers for the same month?
  • shermtimeshermtime Posts: 4
    The current dealer incentive program ($6500 for the XC70 and $7500 for the XC90) expired today, but my dealer told me he should have the new numbers in by tomorrow and expects the incentive to go up even further. Sweet! (My dealer passes on the full incentive to the buyer, and then some. How about yours?) I believe the residual on the XC90 dropped 2 points from June to July and the residual on the XC70 dropped only 1 point. I am not sure whether to take delivery of the XC70 (my current car of choice) at the end of this month (to hedge against a further drop in the residual) or on August 15th (when I need a new car by) in the hope that the residual may not drop at all in August (or even go up). Is that possible? What would you do? (My current lease on my Lexus doesn't expire until Aug. 23 but we need a new car by August 15th for our summer trip.)
  • jamarazjamaraz Posts: 3
    Hi. I've been lurking for a little bit and I would love your opinion about a deal I just got on an XC90. I got the 3.2 AWD with climate, versatility and I think convenience. I added the entertainment system and the BLIS. I am paying $550/month for 15k/miles. I put down total $2,400 out of pocket and the dealer paid $772 to my Honda lease that is due to expire. I didn't want to wait until the last minute on my Honda lease so I decided to lease a new car earlier than I needed. 3 years ago I got a great deal in August on my Honda lease but I didn't want to settle this time for what was left on the dealers lot. What do you think of my deal?
  • zkaudiozkaudio Posts: 60
    My lease is about up and I figured I would share what I am paying...

    I signed the lease August 31, 2006 for a 2007 xc90 3.2 with premium, metallic paint, and convenience.

    I ended up with a 2 year, 15k/yr lease paying only 1000 out the door and 399/mo INCLUDING TAX.

    I have not seen anyone touch this deal and am wondering if now that I am an existing volvo customer, can I get this deal again? I'd like to add some more options like BLIS and Xenon lights... I'd add NAV but it seems like the xc90 has the lowest tech junky non-integrated Nav system of ANY suv on the market. Worth it?

    Can I get a similar deal again? (a bit more clearly due to options but similar nonetheless)
  • fluid15fluid15 Posts: 60
    Not sure you can get that deal agains since I assume your low payment was largely in part to the good MF you received.

    You are one of the FEW people who received a better deal than me - I thought mine was fair and yours was better! Your lease was one month before mine. Here is my deal:

    Sept. 30, 2006 - 2 yr Lease
    15k/year mileage allowed
    72% residual
    MF = 0.00077
    Options: 3.2 AWD, Premium, Versatility, Convenience, Metallic, Bi-Xenon, Wood Inlays, Tint.

    I test drove several other comparable SUVs and the Volvo Nav was the worst. I really thought I wanted Nav but after the demo I dropped that idea. I had thought about getting another XC90, but it doesn't handle very good and higher mpg would be nice ... so I'm looking at mid-size sedans or wagons (A6 or A4/6 Avant). German cars are just flat-out are more fun to drive. I didn't use the 3rd row much so I'm willing to compromise the space at this point. As the family grows I may change my mind.
  • zamozamo Posts: 122
    That is pretty tough, considering that:

    1. Volvo no longer provides lease deals with 24-month term. Just 36 months and the best payments with 48 month.
    2. MSRPs are up.
    3. MFs are up
    4. Residuals are way down (partly due to the euro-dollar difference)

    I was gonna wait until This month as my lease was also expiring. But I locked into a deal back on Feb, having my remaining lease payments taken care of.

    Ask the local dealer. See what they have.

    BTW. That deal you had back in 2006, was terrific.
  • zamozamo Posts: 122
    When I got mine in July 11th 2006 (car is gone btw), my was a true sign & drive ($0 due at signing), and the MF was 0.000004. The best I have ever seen. I was a no-Volvo customer so I could not get to the $429 a month. Got $459 a month instead.
  • stimstim Posts: 36
    Was a good deal and I'm not expecting to pay in the low 4's but I'm willing to pay a bit more for the 2008, but will have to see this week or next to start the process. Have to do something before the end of the month. What helped was the end of year depreciation since the 07's were trickling on the lot. Don't know what the 09' status is as of yet. The MF was a huge deal deal, but what helped at the time was the significant adjustment of the list price and the bumped up residual. Don't know what the MF is currently - see 0% on the loans for the 6 cyl's - nothing on the 8's as of yet. Don't think they imported as many this year. Almost afraid to see what the numbers are going to look like. Was quoted a few weeks ago and the monthly for 36 months 2500 down was in the mid 6's including tax which is too high.

    Drove the Audi Q - for me a love hate relationship. I prefer the higher seating of the Volvo and I prefer the SUV like ride - very cushy and the handling on mine is fine. I have a sports car and don't need a "sports" SUV. The fit and electronics of the Audi is better than the Volvo which feels dated. Would like at least the radio station or track on the speedo like most of the cars built today. Have the rear seat AC which can only be adjusted from the rear and resets itself when you turn off the car - not really smart as I use it to cool the car down. Picky stuff but when you look at a Lexus GX470, Audi or BMW it is a wish item.

    Cannot complain about the mileage on long trips - average at 22. at speeds of 80mph. Has to have premium - use regular and the MPG's drop in to the 17-18 range. Tested this a few times - premium does make a difference. Highway travel is quiet and smooth - nearly Lexus GX which I do like - just no deals available and the gas MPG's are pretty dismal.

    Audi has more rear seat room but not room in the third row. In the Volvo I can put my 73 year old father back there and he doesn't complain! No way in the Audi or BMW X series. I drove one of those and you feel every stone and expansion joint - very stiff. Don't even try to negociate a lease - negociation and low APR is nonexistant.

    For two or three more years will stick with the Volvo if I can get a decent deal but in today's market its going to be tough. Manufacturer's can't afford to really give out the incentives even though the cars are really NOT moving off the lots. The Mercedes, Volvo, BMW and Audi lots are full or 08's and I've seen a few 07's as well. Tough times!
  • nyc101nyc101 Posts: 2
    here is the deal i got from a local ny dealer:
    xc90 3.2
    metalic paint

    $1395 up front (ist month, bank fee, NY registration fees)
    36 months
    12k $487 or 15K $499 including Tax (7.625%)

    Coming off 2006 xc90 lease ($548 24 month $1800 up front which included security deposit)

    Sound like a fair deal?
  • paulc5rpaulc5r Posts: 2
    Good luck. I also took advantage of that program. Keep in mind Two years ago the dealer inventory was fat with V8 and ocean racers no one wanted Not to many V8 in inventory. I am picking mine up tommorrow 3 year lease 2K 520 tax includes. I wanted the V8 again The deals are coming on the Xc70. Real cheap 24 month leases
  • stimstim Posts: 36
    How much down. On your post it looks like 0.

    From my calculation with a residual of .56/36 months you are paying about .72 percent (estimated) and a Net Cap of 38000 which is a decent discount from list if we were back in September but not that great considering that the 09's are around the corner - like the end of this month. Remember the car has depreciated a calendar year so they should realistically take more off the list price since the car depreciates the most in the first year. AND they want to get rid of it.

    Total List - approx = 43350 - 38800 = 4550 discount = which could be more and you can reduce your payments a lot more than the price quoted. Did you negociate from list or just ask for a lease?
  • stimstim Posts: 36
    How tough was it to get the 520? Also what was the list price of the car? Did you finance through Volvo or from another bank? Did they quote a money factor?

    ANY info would help as I'm probably going in this weekend. They have a few V8's on the lot including one thats been sitting since probably January - white pearl, premium leather, - loaded except for nav and DVD headrests.
  • paulc5rpaulc5r Posts: 2
    It was not tough at all. He did not even have the car on lot. He did a dealer trade (MSRP) $51,220 ICE White. Car is being picked up tomorrow from other dealer. I do not think the financing is through Volvo. The dealer incentives are there. It comes down to how much they are willing to put into the deal. This dealer always beats the National advertised campaigns. I always deal directly with the sales manager. What I would do is call the sales manager at dealership and tell him what you are looking for. Do not waste you time going to the dealer on a Saturday and sit there for 2 hours playing the waiting game That is how I became friends with him. The salesman do not do the deals. I think alot of people who leased two years ago are looking for that same deal. I do not think it is coming.
  • stimstim Posts: 36
    I'd be happy with the numbers you got. Couple of weeks ago went in but the numbers were ridiculously high. Has a few V8's and they've been sitting for months. Interested in a pearl white that he has sitting there for at least since October - with dark tan premium leather I think the list was 55,000. Also had a black/tan premium with Nav and that was listed at 57K. Hate the Volvo Nav and I have a Garmin anyway but the numbers were in the mid to upper 6's for a three and in the 7's for a two. WAY too high - he knows what I paid last time and even was looking at the deal sheet when we were talking. Gave indications that the deal was possible UNTIL he went to talk to the sales manager who jumped up the price.

    Our 06 subsidized deals were great but when I picked the car up in July of 06 I commented to my dad that they had to jack up the residual to 75% with a finance MF of .000012 to get my pre tax rate of 350 for two years. Since the XC90 is nearing the end of the line a high residual is crazy but if they want to move these things they have to seriously lower the money factor. Big money looser all way around but they just can't leave they sit - they'll bankrupt their dealers.

    My theory is with the financial losses these banks and manufacture finance co. are getting hit with lately - repos - they seem to be recouping their losses on those who they know can make consistent payments so they'll squeeze every drop at least on interest.

    Been to a Lexus dealer this last week and looked at a GX470. Not bad but a little too truck like. Lexus MF was .00112 and they discounted pretty decently without any haggling. Payments are in the 5's low.
  • nyc101nyc101 Posts: 2
    nothing down, except 1st month; bank fee and MV fees ($1400) taxes in the payment. I got the numbers based on a lease. I am guessing that if i go in to sign i can get a few more $ off. I was just wondering if i was in the ballpark of a good deal or there was a lot more room to negotiate.
    Thanks for your help and comments
  • zamozamo Posts: 122
    Well, its the 11th, and the only thing I can see is that the 24 month lease programs are long gone. Same for the S80s.
  • fluid15fluid15 Posts: 60
    I forgot to mention my payment - $535/mo. including tax (15k miles/yr).
  • bg516bg516 Posts: 15
    well i told everyone that i got an xc90 v8 sport with an msrp 0f 55312 at the dealership in gwinnett georgia. I picked up the car yesterday, of course the sirius antenna fell off and had to be reattached this morning before i drove home,300 miles away, but they did it quick and all is fine with the car..actually a real nice car. i am not sorry i got it.
    now the deal was i said, 4500 drive off, 428 plus tax for 36 and 36000 miles, with overage miles at 12 cents if you can believe that.

    one guy said the dealer lost 1500 on the deal, so i sat with the sales manager who is a real nice guy, and he said that with the xplan price, and the incentives which are not that bad, and the fact that I took a left over 2008, IN RED!! when no one was buying, in truth he lost about 500 dollars after hold back of get this, he sold it to me on the last day of june, so he also saved paying the interest for that car for the month, which at say 1/2 % of invoice might be he basically broke even and i brought him a present of special brownies he asked about.
    Now that I actually have the car, the deal wasfor real.

    no one had v8 sports at anything less that 699 a month, call boston volvo they have 5 in stock and wanted 651 with (130 more per month) for the same car.
    Yes, i had to drive it back and it cost with plane ticket and one night at the hotel and the gas and food about $300, but it was great to drive the car without the family around and get to know it..

    I don't think there are too many v8's around, but if you want a 6, call these guys, they are real aggressive and seem to have a bunch of 6's on the lot, with lots of those demo service loaners too.
    the salesman name is brett maxwell, and the number is 678-684-4207

    see what they can do to beat the new zero drive off deals on the xc90's that volvo came out today with. that is 499 a month with nothing, including all drive off fees.
  • bg516bg516 Posts: 15
    i mistyped, i am paying 478 a month plus tax, not 428
  • zkaudiozkaudio Posts: 60
    Anyone know if the pricing on 09's is going to change at all? I have heard rumors that there will actually be some changes (still skeptical) on the 09 for once... maybe some electronics that can finally compete with japanese cars from the 90's?
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 28,312
    maybe some electronics that can finally compete with japanese cars from the 90's?

    Huh. Interesting. Does that mean current japanese cars can't compete with '90s japanese car? Because my '06 Accord is absolutely no competition for our '05 XC90s sound system. It can't even compete with my '98 S70 (I think our XC90 is slightly below that probably because it has so much more space to fill with sound), which was by far the best stock sound system I've ever had in any car (and I've had alot of cars from alot of different manufacturers).

    '07 ML63, '08 Charger R/T Daytona; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '18 BMW X2. 52-car history and counting!

  • czallczall Posts: 3
    I have 2 months left on my lease at $500/month and I am going to buy the car its a 2005 xc90 2.5T AWD, the bank is not sticking with the original residual but is negiotating aggressively on the price they offered to sell me the vehicle now for $22,000 OTD. last month their offer was $22,700. By paying last months payment i actually saved $200 since my payment was $500 but the price of the vehicle went down by $700 now im not sure what to do should i wait another month or two send in the $500 lease payments and see if the price of the car declines by more than $500 per month. anybody have a sense of whether this car in this market will depreciate by more or less than $500/month? Its a bit of a gamble my inclination is too roll the dice and wait and make the final two lease payments and hope the price of the car goes down by more than $500/month. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,238
    I don't think you have anything to lose by waiting.
    Those payments have to be made anyway.
  • bg516bg516 Posts: 15
    i was picking up my car at volvo of gwinnett in duluth GEORGIA last week and they had lots of 08 service loaners with about 8 to 10 miles on them.l they really wanted to lose them and i bet they would but a deal equal to what i got my 08 v8 sport for. they seem despirate to lose the xc's before the xc60 model comes in soon.

    the internet guy is brett maxwell, check my earlier posts on this page and the prior page for the contact information. they seem really motivated, and you would get a newer car with a warranty from volvo and a good transmission.

  • stimstim Posts: 36
    Called a dealer in Missouri which is out of my area and spoke to the sales manager. Interested in a V8 he has on the lot with the colors/options I want. He emailed me some numbers:

    The 24 month MF for the deal is .00041 or .984% which is excellent
    Residuals for 24 month lease at 10500 per year is 56%

    Was willing to drop price 5000 without any negociating.

    The fixed numbers are OK but how much lower should he go. 09's on incoming VERY SOON so when they hit the US you also have to depreciate even more.
    Right now the sweatener is the MF which is pretty low for a two year lease.

    My local dealer this weekend said there is 8500 total incentives on the XC90 V8 and I'm not sure if he is blowing smoke.

    Figuring current depreciation which has to be taken into account since it is at the end of the model year plus incentives I should get the list down from 55K to about 45 or less.

    Is is reasonable?
  • zamozamo Posts: 122
    Sounds pretty good.

    I thought they no longer had the 24-month lease programs.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 28,312
    MF is good, but residual is painful. I'm not saying its inaccurate ... just painful.

    '07 ML63, '08 Charger R/T Daytona; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '18 BMW X2. 52-car history and counting!

  • stimstim Posts: 36
    I thought so too, but thats what he quoted. The residuals are painful but probably more realistic. My current end of 06 V8 seemed to have a jacked up residual of 75%. The finance companies are terrified of SUV leases especially when we really don't know the market value of oil two or three years out. The three year finance rate was actually much higher - .00102. Someone in the risk department probably figures that taking back a two year old car has less of a resale risk (price of oil) than a three year which could potentially have a much higher rate and be less attractive for resale. Look at the residuals of Escalades, Hummers, Tahoes, etc. and they are in the 40's, yet there finance rates are pretty high for leases. They want them to sell not get them back. My dad was looking at a Infiniti 56 which is a BEAST - loaded to the gills with a list of over 62. Dealer would take 47 and they have a zero percent rate. Quality is ok, ride is terrible and fuel economy is really pretty low - around town about 14 if you are lucky and have a soft foot.

    Local inventory in St Louis is pretty slim - would love to deal locally but the color/option combos are pretty slim. Few Willow Greens, a Silver and thats about it - more V6's. Don't want black interior and there is one black/black but pretty stripped.

    If I wait a few weeks maybe the price will drop but the finance rate may go up. Really have to negociate pretty hard I think for this one but I'm in no rush - have a lease extension that I can terminate any time up to six months, since it has almost a zero percent finance rate its pretty much a no brainer.
  • radoncgsradoncgs Posts: 60
    Thank you for the info. How does the 6 month extension work? I also have the 2 yr lease on my XC90. Do I need to reneogoetiate a new rate for the 6 months extension? Thank you.
  • stimstim Posts: 36
    Just call Volvo Finance and request it - they'll either fax or mail you the agreement. No negotiation necessary - just same payment PLUS they'll add mileage per month equiv to your current yearly allowance. In my case they add 875 miles per month.

    The only thing you have to do is get your car registered and get the state inspection/emissions and pay for registration.
  • lchrisplchrisp Posts: 1
    Did you have any luck? I'm going to be in the same situation shortly--wondering if it's a possibility.

  • gregzogregzo Posts: 8
    Just picked up my XC-90 last night and thought I would post the numbers.

    2008 XC-90 3.2 V6 AWD. Premium, Versatility, RES, BLIS, Climate

    36 month lease, 12K miles/year
    MSRP $47,695
    Adj Cap Cost $34,276.86
    Residual Value $21,016.25
    Total out of pocket $1500
    Base payment $471.75
    Monthly Payment $495.34 (including MA sales tax)

    How did I do?
  • ohnosnam1ohnosnam1 Posts: 2
    That's about the payment I'm shooting for. Would it be accurate to state that your residual is 61%? If so, how on earh did you negotiate that?! Thanks for any help you can provide.
  • gregzogregzo Posts: 8
    I just emailed 3 dealers in the area and told them i wanted a payment under $500/mo. The other 2 could not get lower then $524/mo. This dealer just wanted the sale... I don't know the residual % or the mf. I couldn't find it on the paperwork. I know they are offering $9K off invoice and there is a $500 rebate for returning volvo customers. They did have to use an outside bank. Harbor One I think?? The 2009 XC-90 will be on the lots any day now so they are trying to unload the 2008. I saw a 2009 XC-90 yesterday and not too many changes from the 2008. Good Luck!
  • ohnosnam1ohnosnam1 Posts: 2
    Your MF must have been really low. I've been able to get a local Dallas dealer to give me some tax "credits" (so that my tax rate would go from 6.25% to 1.5%), but it jacked the MF up to .00345! That's an effective APR of over 8%! In any case, I think you got a great deal considering all the bells and whistles. If you can find out your MF, please let me know that as well as any other numbers you're willing to share. Thanks!
  • debndebn Posts: 6
    I am in MA too and looking for the XC90. Which dealer did you lease from and which ones did you pass on? thanks!
  • gregzogregzo Posts: 8
    Bought from South Shore Volvo in Norwell, MA. Dalzell tried very hard to match the deal but couldn't quite get there. Didn't have much luck with Boston Volvo. Good luck!
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