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Chevrolet TrailBlazer Maintenance and Repair



  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Well, if your lucky and have small hands you can do it that way. I'm not lucky and don't so:
    Open hood. Remove front trim piece/grille (that thing that extends over the light housings, thanks GM) by carefully prying it off. It's held on with a series of spring clips. I used a putty knife and started in the center and worked it off slowly, but once it's started it seemed to come off easily.
    When that's off you can remove the light assemblies buy releasing the lock clips (a stainless steel tab) on the top of them, one on each end. The inner one is easy to get to, the outer is under the fender somewhat, so I used a long flat screwdriver to release it. You just pull them straight up.
    The light assembly will pull out forward. I unhooked all the wire connectors and took it to my workbench, but you could probably do it without doing that. Anyway, remove the rubber cover behind the bulb you want to change, remove the connector from the bulb, and remove the bulb by turning it counterclockwise? until it comes out.
    Don't touch the glass part of the new bulb with your fingers when putting it in.
    Also, it's a good idea to put a blanket or something on top of the front bumper so it won't get scratched.
    Re-assemble in the reverse order. Remember to line up the spring clips when putting that grille thing back on, and just push it on all over to make sure they all engage.
  • Whew! I am going to get a new one today. So, keep your fingers crossed that is all that is wrong. I am female and just hate to think I might get taken because of my lack of mechanical knowledge. Thanks so much guys!
  • We're looking at purchasing a TB, (our first SUV) would you say overall you have been happy with this model? Ours would be a 2005 EXT 2wd I6. Thank you
  • joe05joe05 Posts: 11
    I have a 2002 TB with 52K Miles, normally the service engine soon light comes on and I have to unscrew the gas cap, then restart the vehicle to allow the computer to recycle. Has anyone had the Service 4WD light come on their TB's? It is something I should be concerned about?
  • Hello, Can anyone tell me if it is "normal" for my 04 EXT to still blow COLD air from the rear vents after warming up in my driveway for 10 minutes. The dealer says they replaced the rear heat compressor but I still have cold air. The air will get warm after I drive it for 5-8 minutes but I have small children back there and I am not happy. Dealer now says that is "normal"? Thanks!!
  • wxman4wxman4 Posts: 53
    Maybe check TSB 05-01-37-002, May 2005
    Poor Rear Heat Performance (Install Auxiliary Heater Pump)
    2003-2005 TrailBlazer EXT
    Condition: Some customers may complain of poor 2nd and/or 3rd row seating heater performance when the vehicle is at idle.
    Cause: This condition may be due to lack of coolant circulation to the rear heater core.
    Correction: Install auxiliary heater pump package. (P/N 89024885 L6, 89024886, V8) This pump will improve coolant flow to the rear heater core.
  • I purchased a new '03 LTZ with a sticker nearly $38,000. Besides the price tag, and poor gas milage, I have terrible wind noise. I have riden in other non GM SUV's including Japanese, and find that they are MUCH quieter for wind noise. This may not be a big problem for some but to me, it is not what I expect for a pricy SUV, since other manufactures build SUV's that are much quieter.
  • zr2zr2 Posts: 6
    I agree, I have '03 EXT with V8, love it except for wind noise, V8 is great (power and sound). Dealer replaced all the rubber around doors. Didn't help. This is our good car so only have 18,000 on it since Aug 03. Drive '05 ZR2 Blazer daily and it's got 18,000 on it since Feb. It's our 3rd ZR2 and 1st with auto (don't like). Looking at selling it and getting H3 Hummer (5 sp). I've also had the starting problem and would not go over 15 mph. It was bad wiring in ing switch. (replaced battery and DriveByWire unit twice before they found bug in switch). I run AMSOIL and its due a change (1 year). Added a trans cooler as I pull a trailor (3 tons of gravel) and want trans to last longer.

    But wind noise is the killer (might make me get rid of this before ZR2 :o( ). Glenn (in front range of Col.)
  • Well, turned out to be the air bag modulator. It wasn't too much work for the shop to figure out what the problem was. Apparently they have a special scanner for that, it’s called a Tech 2 scanner. It wasn't the cheapest thing to have repaired, it was just under $500, but without it the air bags wouldn't have deployed, had I needed them too.
  • gmfangmfan Posts: 188
    Did you have any warranty left? I would be pretty hot if my 02 did this? How many miles on your vehicle.
  • Ive had this happen numerous times. It was 'fixed'-they replaced some part, and told me to turn my heat on (floor)
    when i start the car in the cold?? -Well that hasnt worked. I was driving down the highway at 70 mph, when both SES & red. eng. power came on-- nearly bringing me to a halt...I was able to savely move to the break down lane. But this is extremely dangerous. Any advice? I find that if i turn the car off, then back on, the red. eng. pow. light goes off, but check eng. stays on.. It will go out a while later after the car is off then turned back on. --Does this have anything to do with using a remote starter? This only happens to me when its COLD and I use REMOTE START?
    HELP-- before i get into a serious accident!
  • We have a 2004 Tb EXT AWD Trans with v8 and there is some sort of problem also involving the awd. When the car is put in 4hi, the car vibrates and makes loud noise when turning....all of this only in 4hi. The engine is also whining when in awd between 20-40 mph..................any suggestions

    (sry this doesnt ans ur question......) :confuse:
  • I'm over 70,000 so I haven't had a warranty for awhile. It really didn't bother me too much to pay it because I'd rather know that the air bags are going to work how they're supposed to.
  • Then engine on my '03 TB dies when idle. I took it to a neighborhood mechanic & replaced the battery. Two days later it died again while idling. I took it to the dealer who reset the computer, cleaned the throttle body, & fuel injection. Now two weeks later, my TB interior lights are flashing on while driving & the reduced engine power light comes on. I have already spent over $600 in a matter of weeks on this vehicle. Any ideas what's going on?
  • i have 02 TB the fans revs high and it does not want to get into the higher gears you had mentioned that it was a seperate prob all together could you explain further??? In cold weather we are having problems going over 35 mph sometimes even 25.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Sounds like your transmission is not shifting right if it won't go into higher ranges. This is different from the fan noise problem that occurs but otherwise it runs normally. Sounds like you need to have it looked at.
  • 75K miles, noticing loud clunking noise from drivers side front end when I go over small bumps. Sounds like if you drive over a loose manhole cover.

    I had the shocks checked out, no leaking and seemed to be in decent shape.

    Any ideas?
  • I am starting to dislike my trailblazer! The most recent thing to happen is that the heater fan won't even come on even if I let it warm up a bit. It's cold in Indiana, I prefer heat. The ABS light, Brake light, 4WD light, and sometimes some of the other dashboard lights come on and no heat. The battery power stays around 15. Should I get a new battery? This is starting to make me mad the thing only has 36,000 miles on it with it! Any ideas on the heater?
  • I just had the same thing happen. Air bag light went on a couple weeks ago and stayed on. The seat belt light went on and off periodically.

    I just had it repaired. it was the air bag module, replaced for a little under $500.

    There was a recall for air bag modules for vehicle manufactured beween May and August, but mine was made in April. I was a little peeved to have to pay that amount of money but I was told the air bags wouldn't deploy while that light was on.
  • gmfangmfan Posts: 188
    You might check to see if your hood is rattling. Mine did this and the dealer found my hood was not quite resting correctly when closed. Dealer made a few adjustments and it was fixed, and have not had any problems since. Let us know.
  • You might want to check the front swaybar end links. My '02 only has 28,000 and they need replaced. If you have the tools it is a do-it-yourself job. Moog replacements have been the ones talked about most. I've seen the noise categorized that it sounds like loose lumber.
  • The only problem I had with mine was the crappy OEM tires. Mine came with the 16" BFgoodrich Open Trail tires. They rode good, but they had poor traction off road, and downright scary on a wet highway. I spun out on two separate occasions. I replaced the tires at 30K miles because I got stuck with them, and in the process of getting out, the two rear tires went flat. The had some tread left. I got the BFgoodrich All Terrain tires as a replacement. They were expensive, but they perform better on every surface. The new ones are louder and slightly harder than the OEM tires.
  • gmfangmfan Posts: 188
    I have an 2002 TB. Good vehicle. Question: If you are driving down the road and unclick your seatbelt, is the seatbelt icon supposed to appear on the instrument panel and make a noise? I thought mine used to do this, especially at startup when the chime used to ring. It is not a big deal since I always buckle up- but just curious.


  • gmoudygmoudy Posts: 67
    It will not chime. The icon will come on.
  • Maybe check TSB 05-01-37-002, May 2005
    Poor Rear Heat Performance (Install Auxiliary Heater Pump)
    2003-2005 TrailBlazer EXT
    Condition: Some customers may complain of poor 2nd and/or 3rd row seating heater performance when the vehicle is at idle.
    Cause: This condition may be due to lack of coolant circulation to the rear heater core.
    Correction: Install auxiliary heater pump package. (P/N 89024885 L6, 89024886, V8) This pump will improve coolant flow to the rear heater core.
  • This happened with my '02 Trailblazer too. It turned out
    to be the transmision mount.
  • My trailblazer is having the same promblems. The back door will not lock now. We changed the battery in the key fob and it worked one time. Now nothing works. I know it a relay bad some where but i dont know what and where this relay is. when I go to the dealer it would cost an arm and leg just for them to talk to about their compies problems. Can any one tell me where to find that relay and how much it will cost me
  • We just had an accident with our '02 Trailblazer, where the Radiator was wrecked and had to be replaced. Before it finally got into the shop, it had to be jumped, due to cold here in canada. Now we have got it back, but the heating controls and display will not turn on. Is there some sort of a reset I can do on the system? Has it been shorted? The rear heating controls still work, and the heat turns on, but I am wondering if anyone has had this problem, or how it is fixed. Thanks.
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