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Chevrolet TrailBlazer Maintenance and Repair



  • karenhkarenh Posts: 3
    Wow. Hate to say it, but glad I'm not the only one with all the Trailblazer issues. I posted my woes about my 02 TB with the electrical nightmare. Since then, the rear liftgate has stopped locking (as in...doesn't lock at all!!!) The alarm doesn't sound when ANY door is opened (including liftgate--how secure) Rear windshield wiper stopped working. Front windshield wipers pause half way down the windshield, engine stalls in reverse intermittently, keyless entry stopped working all together, loses power when you step on the gas too hard, shifting VERY hard from 1st to 2nd gear. I think they are ALL Lemons!!! The dealer I go to says that the BCM needs replacing, but, they wont guarantee that'll fix it. "could need to be flashed or need some new relays" is the best diagnosis I could get. ARGH!!! :mad:
  • Cannot find the fuse and/or relay for the rear wiper in my 2002 Trailblazer. Does anyone have that information? Wiper does not work. Testing with a voltmeter shows constant 12 volts at the wiper motor connection but nothing on the third does not energize in any switch position.

    I opened the electrical panel under the backseat and was surprised to see a green wire snaked into the panel and clipped into one of the fuses. The wire was pinched flat by both of the panel covers. It appears that this band-aid was done at the factory.
  • :cry:
    OK here's an update- replaced the throttlebody & "reduced engine power" light went out but "service engine soon" still coming on. They figured it was actually a "bad computer" now instead. They replaced the computer & everything was fine
    but the next day "service engine soon" light came back on. Everyone is baffled!
    Any ideas????? :confuse:
  • We recently WON!!! our Lemon Law case against GM. Vibration is more of a idleing problem. We were plagued with service engine lights, Stalling, A/C problems and a drive shaft being replaced twice. The dealership said the loud ping noise coming from the drive shaft was normal. They replaced my entire fuel system including fuel injectors and cat converter. I had to stay on their butts about all of it. The Texas Dept. of Transportation decided we had had enough. :lemon: Let me know if you need anymore info.
  • Can you tell me more about the vibration. My '02TB has a chronic vibration at 40, and 55-60. No one can tell me what is going on. The dealer has turned a deaf ear to it. What vibration did your TB experience. What was the problem ?. I want to sell it but I really like it.

  • yours sounds like a tire problem. My problem was never acknowledged by GM. They said if there is not a code on the computer, there is nothing to fix!!! Mine actually stalled while at a traffic signal several time. at the time it was running rough. It is all theirs now!!!!!!!!!!
  • We purchased an '03 Trailblazer in Sept. of '04. It drove fine (but had a few electrical issues) until July of '05. We were on our way to California and the transmission blew. The dealer eventually replaced the vehicle with another '03 Trailblazer. We drove that one for only a day and a half before that tranny blew! To date, the vehicle has been at their shop four times in the last 90 days for tranny work, and recently, on 10/16, the tranny blew again! We are now pursuing our rights under the lemon law, but the dealer is completely ignoring our calls and faxes!
  • My new 2005 TB has 7000 mi and the service engine light and reduced engine power light came on Monday. Car wouldn't drive over 20 mph. Called dealer& they said bring it in. I loped to the dealer. Said the electronic gas pedal was bad. Replaced it. Took car home. next morning got up and backed out of driveway and low and behold both lights came on again when I put car into drive. The max speed I could go was about 10 mph. This time they came and towed. Wasn't about to spend 1 1/2 hours creeping to dealership. They have had my car 4 days and they claim they can't get a reading from computer module what's wrong. Every day they say they couldn't duplicate problem and that they want to keep overnight and start it while it is cold. What's with that. It's almost the week-end and if they tell me to come get it I don't know what to do??? Anyone else with this problem. ???
  • wxman4wxman4 Posts: 53
    I had the SES light and the Reduced Engine Power light come on together as well, two different times. Each time the truck would barely run.

    Both times, (they were months apart) it was the ignition switch.

    Good luck
  • mparmpar Posts: 1
    It seems that you are having some of the same problems that I recently had! We have had the TB in the shop on three different ocasions with the same issues! It finally came down to a chafed wire that was getting wet and causing the power loss! After the same series of repairs as others have mentioned including the trottle and computer repairs all that it was was chaffed wiring that showed up when wet!

    Hope that this helps.
  • ob1ob1 Posts: 6
    I have a 04 Trailblazer with similar problems. It has been in and out of the shop numerous time. Can you tell me how you went about the Lemon Law Case. I want to start looking into pursuing the same route but I am unsure where to start.
  • I had this truck since it was new and so far so good. What bothers me the most is when I put a Burned CD in and sometimes and only on certain burned cd's it will not play, instead the radio will read "CHECK CD". I've played the same cd in other cars and it plays fine. I can play the cd anywhere else and it plays fine.

    Why ME!!!! Has anyone had this problem, if so did you ever get it resolved?

  • I too have been plagued by engine light/reduced engine power problems, amongst other things. I am interested in knowing how the Lemon Law works and what I have to do, any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  • Go to your local Dept. of Transportation. I am in Texas so I contacted them and filed a complaint. You also will have to send GM a certified letter which your state should be able to help you with. any questions contact me at
  • Most Instruments lights would all come on at once resulting in dead battery (no power). Replaced battery, that one went dead. Had in dealership numerous times. They replaced battery, ignition switch, alternator, and cleaned wire bundle junction. Nothing helped. FINALLY! They replaced the instrument panel and everything has been working great. Dealership stated that they have been having problems with the Instrument Panel (IP). Anyway, I know there are folks out there that have been going through alternators, batterys, etc. and would like to know what fixed my blazer. Good Luck!
  • I have only 42,000 miles and it seems that every little bump in the road makes a noise -things like man hole covers cause problems.Ive been told that I need new shocks all around - Can this be true???? mk
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    What kind of noises? Our 02 has squeeky bushings on the swaybars, I use a rubber lube on them that eliminates it, but it has to done regularly. Also, the door panels are a little noisy around the handles. I usually can't hear it though since my wife turns the radio up loud. We're happly with the TB, but I did buy a GMPP for two more years/24K miles when our original 36 months was up. Mileage wise we're at 33K.
  • Here is one I haven't seen posted yet. It has happened twice in the last two months. Wife goes out to start the car and the battery is dead. The second time this happened she noticed the dome lights on. She checked every door and the manual override switch. All were closed and switch was off. Went to start the TB and it sucked the rest of the juice out of the battery. Took it to the dealer and said finding the problem will be like finding a needle in the haystack. Anyone else have this problem?
  • I've had this problem in my Isuzu Rodeo and a few other CD players. Seems that some of them don't like cd-rw. Only CD-R works.
  • I am considering buying a 2003 Trailblazer LS. One mechanic I talked to seemed to think that they go through brakes every 30k miles. Can anyone confirm or refute that? Thanks.
  • gmoudygmoudy Posts: 67
    I've got a 2002 TB with over 40000 on it. Still have the original brake pads on it. From other forums, I have read that people have there brake pads on till 85000 miles and still have some of the pad left. Guess that mechanic doesn't do a lot of research before giving out information.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,513
    That's really a pretty meaningless statement (the mechanic's) . Brake wear has a lot to do with how one drives, the use of the truck and the terrain.

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  • Are there significant differences between the '02 TB abd the '03? I haven't seen an '02 TB up close but I have seen the '02 Blazer 4x4 and the '03 TB seems to be bigger and heavier.

    How do you guys like your 02's? I'm also considering an 02 blazer 4x4. Do you think I can reasonably expect to get 150k miles out of the engine if it's maintained properly? Driving mix is probably 90% country backrouds (guess that would be like hwy) and 10% city.
  • That's true but some cars to go through brakes faster than others. I'm usually pretty easy on brakes. I had an '94 mitsubishi galant that needed brakes and rotors every 30k. My current Rodeo OTOH gets closer to 70k. Same driver, same driving style.

    I like the Blazers and TB's but if there is any truth to the statement that brakes wear out very quickly on the 03's, I might look for something else.

    Thanks. For your replies. Any other input is welcome.
  • I have 40K+ on my 2003 TB so far and when the brakes were inspected last summer I was told I wasn't even half way through the pads.
  • gmfangmfan Posts: 188
    No, the braking system on the vehicles is way above par. I had a 96 Jeep Grand Cherokee that went through pads every 30K miles and the small rotors would warp often.

    I have 80K miles on my TB and my mechanic advises the pads are 50% worn. Not bad! I do mixed driving b/w city and highway. No rotor warping or anything. When you first drive a TB, the "feel" of the brake pedal is a little dull (they all do that), but you do get used to it. He told me he has seen Chevy 1500's get 150K miles on original brakes. I agree with the Host, a lot has to do with the way a person drives.

    Each front wheel uses 4 pistons on very large calipers for awesome stopping power. I read the TB stopped 60-0 in only 109 feet!! I think that is better than a Honda Accord.

    -gmfan (this is my first GM vehicle, and I like it best of all vehicles I have ever owned or driven.)
  • On my 2002 Trailblazer, my electronics on the driver door work intermittently. Every now and then they work and then eventually quit working. I took the connector apart at the door, and didn't look like there was any corrosion build up. I sprayed contact cleaner and later lubed with moisture protector stuff from the auto parts store. It has not improved working of the electronics. Does anyone have any idea where I can check for more problems. I hear that a ground wire connection may be corroded and causing the loss in power. Thanks for the help.

  • I have a 2005 trailblazer and since i've owned it (6 mos.)the outside noises have progressively gotten worse, only on the highway.
    I was driving one day and it was very windy and the windows were whistling and it always sounds like i have a window cracked open, also me head liner, which is only held on by sticky velcro, has fallen down around my sunroof 3 times
    The dealer says the noises are normal but no one i know with an older TB has any outside noise at all
    Anyone else having any of these problems??????
  • We also have water in our driverside rear taillight. We complained several times and the dealer - Newman - did nothing. Finally, there was a recall in May, 2005 to replace the socket/pc board assy in that taillight. 5 months later, it was so corroded, the contact for the backup light rotted off. There was several ounces of water in the housing. Dealer says it is not covered. We were better off with the original socket. It lasted 3 years and was still working when they replaced it. Two months ago, the battery post pulled out of the battery. "Usual wear and tear" the dealer told us. My last Delco batteries lasted 7 years.
  • On our 02 TB EXT (50,000 miles) it seems that every morning (now that it's cold) the engine revs very high. This is not like a rough idle. It seems that the engine is being robbed of power by this excessively loud fan type noise. I took it to one garage and they said they couldn't find it so don't worry. I had Onstar do a diagnostic but they could find anything either. This is a difficult symptom to explain, so if anyone knows what I'm talking about please advise. :confuse:
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