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Chevrolet TrailBlazer Maintenance and Repair



  • I have a 2004 tb. I am going through this problem right now. The dealer has just told me today they need to replace the entire door, $1200. I'm reading all of these messages about tb's and I'm getting frustrated with chevy. Anyways, I read your club journal and I'm curious if my door is actually an $80 fix. I was told by the serviceman that the gate is a common problem. He explained in cold climates the ice can cause the mount to separate. I then called a friend of mine who previously worked as the service manager for a chevy/gmc dealership and was told by him that this is a common problem. He also mentioned that once the problem is fixed at the dealership, it's unlikely to happen again. I only read one message at this site that mentions this problem. I now make 2. I would like to know how many are actually experiencing this and if it is a cause for recall. If the servicemen are saying this is common, I would like to know what the requirements are for a common problem to become a recall.
  • I had the same problem with my a/c. I was told that the freon was over charged per TSB #02-01-39-006A. The underhood label cantaining the a/c charge specification incorrect. Charge should be 2.65lbs not 3.0lbs. I was told that with the system being over charged, the compresor could not properly cycle. Lets see if there correct.
  • tnmajortnmajor Posts: 14
    Sounds to me like they are fishing. My AC has never been touched since it left the factory. I gave up on the TB and traded it in for something that gets much better mileage. Too many problems. GM customer service less than satisfactory. In fact terrible. Hope your problem is fixed.
  • tnmajortnmajor Posts: 14
    I had a similar problem and dealer replaced something in drivers side door. Seemed to fix the problem.
  • jailer4jailer4 Posts: 2
  • dwormsbedwormsbe Posts: 6
    I am aware that there is no EGR valve, the problem on the '02 is the emission equipment sticker says there is one. In California they go by that sticker when they check your emissions, so because when what GM said is there doesn't exist you are failed(visual inspection) because you "modified" the vehicle.
    There actually is a California smog advisory from May 2002 that addresses this(see below) Unfortunately, it appears all the "Professional's" I dealt with had no clue.
  • lucahjinlucahjin Posts: 1
    Hello everyone,

    I'm new to all this but need help. I have a 2002 Trailblazer LTZ that I purchased new off the lot. For 2 and a half years it was the perfect vehicle, and until recently, made me very happy. Recently I've been having a very disturbing reoccuring problem with my dashboard and electrical components within.

    Randomly, all the lights will light on the console, the gagues all plummet to 0/empty/- what have you... the written console flashes with "Unknown Driver" and I get ringy dings to high heaven.. the car starts to shake and buck.. it almost seems like the power steering is going when this is occuring. It will go in and out of this state randomly.

    My truck has been into our Chevy dealer 3 times already for this occurence.. and all those times it was still under warranty. They have replaced things in the dash, replaced my ignition switch... and now it needs to go back. Now that it isn't under warranty, I fear what's going to happen, since they are clearly giving me the runaround, saying they will pay for it if it's being caused by the 'SAME' problem. But the car has been there a while and they can't seem to figure out the trouble. Has anyone had thier truck do this to them.. and was the problem solved??? Thank you for all your help.. I don't ever want to see this happen again, so any advice I could pass on to the monkeys that are fixing it, would really help me.

    :lemon: :cry:
  • sloaner14sloaner14 Posts: 1
    My wife drives an 04 TB, and you have to drive the thing for a couple of miles before the A/C starts to get cold. As long as it sits and idles it will not get cool. My Ford f-150 will start blowing cold air after 1 minute. Does any one else have this problem or is there something wrong with out TB? Thanks for any help.
  • gmfangmfan Posts: 188
    Wish I knew the answer. My 02 has doen this since day one. I have read several posts on this forum that describe it could be a low or high pressure a/c cycling switch that needs replacement. If yours is like mine, you will notice it more when the vehicle has been left in the hot sun for a while it takes a while to cool. Your are right that you have to drive it before it will cool. I did a test the other day and left it sitting in idle and it would not cool at all and I let it run for 3 minutes. Once I put it in drive, it would start to cool pretty quickly. Is there anyone out there that can tell us a fix?
  • williekwilliek Posts: 1
    Have the same problem 2003 Trailblazer EXT, but I live in California, so not a cold temperature issue. The hinge separated from the glass and it appears to be some kind of epoxy that was holding it together. Seems like it should be a recall issue to me as it is poorly designed. Ridiculous to pay so much to get it fixed.
  • jenifjenif Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Chevy TB, 88,000 miles, extremely well maintained, but never the less, it needs a new engine! I noticed a "knock" that sounded as though it was a diesel, and 2 days later, it blew off a hose to the crankcase ventilation system (doesn't have a pcv valve)and lost almost all the engine oil. Needless to say, I could have cleared out any mosquito's within a 30 mile radius with the blue smoke coming from the exhaust! Took it to the dealer, diagnosis: to much crank case pressure.
    Solution: $7000.00 for a new engine! or a used engine for $2100.00 + $54 per hour labor at 4-5 days + any updated parts necessary etc...hell, if I had that much cash lying around I would invest in a new vehicle, and not a chevy!
    gotta tell ya, did my shopping around for an engine, found one for $1100.00 (off a crashed one), but I still have a call in to GM with a complaint. I have 8 pmts left and feel as though I am paying on a "DEAD HORSE"!
    I will never again buy a GM product! :mad:
    I hope that none of you ever have this problem!
  • tnmajortnmajor Posts: 14
    And the American automakers wonder why they can't sell cars. They fail to back them up and keep building gas guzzlers. Now the latest tactic to go to ethanol vehicles. I now drive a Volkswagen that get 45 miles to the gallon of fuel. Yes, its a diesel.
  • patrickepatricke Posts: 2
    Greetings to the Chevy TB Gurus! I need some advice and I'd rather get it here than at the dealership. I have a '02 TB that is approaching 75K miles. I have had very little problems with it other than some annoying things covered under warranty, many of which are posted here.

    I would like to get a tune up and some other routine/preventative maintenance done on it. Other than oil changes, air filters and one fuel filter, I have not done anything to the vehicle.

  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Personally I wouldn't worry about it until you get to 100K, but changing the plugs won't hurt. Also full trans service is a good idea, actually I would do it every 50K regardless of your use. Also, you should think about servicing the cooling system.
  • I have a 2002 envoy does the same thing.I took it into the shop I work at,put the ac guages on it after a hot soak and found that when i rev the engine at a standstill to about 2k rpm the high side pressure is about 350 psi, low about 45psi.This indicates that the air flow across the condenser is insufficient(unable to disapate the heat).The pressures are pretty normal at idle but i would guess the slower compressor speed wont let the system absorb(or remove)much heat. High side pressures are directly affected by air flow. Another quick test is to spry the condenser with water from a hose,it shoould cool the air out the vents temporarally. I came on this site to see if anyone had a fix,my thought would be to add an electric fan to the system to blow air over the condenser to remove the heat when sitting or at slow speed. It's 110' today so I'll see this a lot on this car and of course the wife is none to happy! Can't fix today but i'll let you know what happens. ;)
  • molonymolony Posts: 1
    I am trading my Honda Pilot for the 2006 Trail Blazer. I bought a travel trailer and my Honda, although I love it, is just making my towing numbers. Just making it isn't comforting when you are going through the mountains. Any problems I need to address?
  • gmfangmfan Posts: 188
    I would get a TB with a 4:10 rear end ratio. If not available, then get the 3:73. This is a great motor- it was listed top ten engines two years in a row back in 2002 & 2003. You may inquire on models that also offer transmission coolant system since you will be towing.
  • laxmom1laxmom1 Posts: 2
    I will be bringing my 04 TB back to the dealer for the 4th time for the same problem. Prior fixes have been software issues? This latest time it was just in on Saturday and light came on again on Wednesday. Very frustrating.
  • laxmom1laxmom1 Posts: 2
    I have had this problem over and over again. I too was told that it is due to ice however, two of the five times it has broken, was in the summer. Actually, it just broke again last weekend. I have contacted GM with not much satisfaction. The dealership has been patient and has fixed it each time at no cost to me. So having it fixed there does not guarantee it won't happen again. I was also told this is a common problem, so why has it not been a recall item? I believe the entire door needs to be replaced to correct the problem once and for all. A cost I should not have to absorb.
  • nsr13570nsr13570 Posts: 1
    I just replaced mine last weekend. Clutch assembly cost me $351.00 & 4 hours of time. Wondering if this is a common failing item?
  • tnmajortnmajor Posts: 14
    I would not buy the TB over you Pilot. My in laws pull a Pilot behind their RV and love it. My TB gave me so much trouble AC didn't like to work. Water pump out before 40K miles and less than three years old on a trip to frozen MN. Don't do it.
  • mjdartmjdart Posts: 11
    I have a 2002 TB LS with 40K no real problems until recently. With the rear hatch up the latching mechanism continues to cycle latch/un-latch as long as the hatch is up. Also the remote will not unlock the rear hatch (replaced remote battery). As a side note the rear wiper wouldn't operate when I went to use it last week - releated? Any ideas or experiences would be welcomed.
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    I've found that disconnecting the battery for a few minutes tends to reset the electronics and things that things that were not working correctly, tend to be OK. Same way with DVD, VCR, TV, and other electronics. Sort of like rebooting Windows when it gets squirrely. I have a '02 TB LTZ with 40K and have had minimal problems other than the assorted recalls.
  • msbodinemsbodine Posts: 3
    So I'm not imagining things then? I too have the annoying vibration/grinding in my gas pedal of my 03 TB EXT. No 4wd. First noticed it at around 50,000. I now have 92,000. This is the first post that I have come across with the same problem.
  • mjr15197mjr15197 Posts: 13
    No, I don't think you're imagining it. Mine too is only at about 1500 rpms. But to edit my previous post it wasn't just on acceleration (it just seemed that way since my foot is rarely on the gas pedal at 1500rpm if I'm not accelerating).

    To be honest though, mine is such a slight vibration I haven't even noticed it since I last posted. Of course it’s much warmer here now so maybe that has something to do with it. I'll make it a point to be aware of it today when driving to see if the vibration is still there.
  • mjr15197mjr15197 Posts: 13
    I checked to see if the vibration was still there on my way home from work. Temps in the low 80s outside. No vibration. Go figure.
  • kytjkytj Posts: 1
    Has anyone had any luck getting Chevy/GMC to pay for this out of warrantee?

    I noticed my trim piece was loose at 40004. Had probably been that way for awhile, since most of my driving is city, not highway (high speed makes it rattle).

    Body shop guy said it was from the snow. Who brushes snow off the top of their truck????

    I do not want to pay for a new door!!!
  • baltychenbaltychen Posts: 50
    Has anyone had spark plugs replaced?? Was it difficult?? There are two plugs under the dash board. Should I need to take it to a dealer??

    Anyone done this?? Thanks. :)
  • My 2004 Chevy Trailblazer is doing the same problems as yours such as "Service Engine Soon" coming on and also stalls all the time. A/C stops working also. Chevy keeps telling me that there is nothing wrong cause it doesn't do that when I turn it in.

    How do I do something about it such as using the Lemon Law if no one knows what is wrong with it? Please let me know cause it is getting unsafe to drive with the stalling going on. Thanks.
  • terrmeyeterrmeye Posts: 3
    My 2005 Trailblazer (14,143 miles) has been stalling out recently. It just seems to stall when I'm driving. It restarts on first try. But this is scary. I've seen messages about 2002 and 2003 but is anyone having a problem with their 2005 Trailblazer stalling? Made an appointment with dealer. Any suggestions. :confuse:
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