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2007 and newer Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon



  • Anyone think those are 20" tires? And will they be offered or are they just for show?
  • I'm considering buying a 2005 now. Should I wait for the 2007? Any comments will be appreciated. Thanks.
  • Well, it depends. You should probably buy a 2005 now if you plan on buying in 3 or so years. I'll bet you anything that in 2 or 3 years GM would have fixed all of the first year "bugs" in these trucks and proabbly add a deisel and fold-flat 3 row seat. This car is too important to them to ignore the concerns posted here.

    And you know the 2005's are bullet proof since they ahve been around for so long.

    I don't really know why the fold flat is so important since the truck is huge anywhay, but GM should see this and do something about it sooner or later. Hopefully for GM and America, they do it sooner. :D
  • dieselonedieselone Posts: 5,721
    I'd say the '07 will be a lot nicer, but you probably can get an 05 for a lot less money.
  • "and those idiots at GM didn't put a diesel engine in this thing?

    A modern turbo-diesel would improve mileage a good 30%. Imagine 20 mpg city, instead of 14. Low 20's on the highway. Better towing. And they didn't do it. Fools.

    I agree "

    I agree too. Diesel is a much better and readily available solution then the hybrid without having additional space and weight of the electric motor.
  • According to the Tahoe website:

    "It's the look you've been asking for--20 inch wheels and tires on the 2007 Tahoe.

    These GM-segment exclusive factory-installed polished aluminum wheels and all-season tires are standard on the Tahoe LTZ and available on the LT models."

    If you look at the Tahoe page there's a link to the preview information about the 2007.
  • Sorry folks, but GM could put Recaro seatsin their vehicles, 350hp motors that got 25 mpg, and cut their prices in half, and I still wouldn't even consider them. To me, it's all about quality, or total lack thereof. I have owned many vehciles, domestic, Japanese, and European, and GM is the absolute worst-but what makes it more frustrating is the complete lack of customer service- for example...I bought a 2003 Silverado(new). Within two months the dashboard began peeling, the dealer said I must have used a solvent to clean it! (I use only Mothers products) I appealed to the area GM rep who, without looking at the truck, agreed with the dealer. (the truck is babied to say the least-never towed, bed never used, Mobil 1 oil change w/ K&N filer at 250 miles and every 1500 miles since! Never driven close to hard, heated/a/c garage, never off-road-the underside is as clean and waxed as the top!!)More than 1/4 of the dash has peeled, looks great! The Bose radio quit after less than a year, a crossmember under the brake fluid res. is all rusted apparently from spilling brake fluid during initial filling at the factory, the headliner is falling off, all the paint has completely fallen off the side trim, front wheel bearings replaced at 36,000 miles, rear rotors/pads at 40k(rotors can't be turned), the door hinge welds are cracked, now the underside of the hood is all rusted along every seam.None of the above the dealer/factory would cover. I love the ride and the power, but never, ever again. Buyers beware!! :mad: :lemon: :sick:
  • Lemon Law protection?

    You know GM that i have heard of treats its customers better than that. You should report eh GM guy and dealer to a higher up CS manager. That is horrible, especially on an important truck sale.

    However you must realise that if GM really made bad products, it would have dies a long time ago. I issue is union/labor that is driving it down and they are doing alot to improve product. They have largely succeded.

    A firend of mine had a problem with a Cobalt he JUS BOUGHT. The dealer was not willing to help, but GM offered to UPGRADE his car to a MALIBU for free. GM wants to keep its customers. I understand that after an expirience like yours you don't like GM, but it does not mean that this cannot happen anyware else.

    Just check these trucks out, you not gonna have to deal with much by test driving one.
  • Is what I see when I view these pics. More "refined" looking yet more "beefier" in appearance. Which "plays" right into the whole mindset regarding the SUV craze. People believe they've just become [non-permissible content removed] kickers when they mount their SUV. They actually believe they're rough and tough as a result of buying an SUV. It's human psyche at its worst. A vehicle represents NOTHING in terms of ones abilities and or manhood. Image is everything? Only if your a dreamer who has nothing going for them.
  • I strongly recommend buying now and taking advantage of lower prices and quality. I purchased a new 2003 Yukon XL right after they made some subtle changes and had a few problems with the electrical system.

    I need a Suburban/Yukon XL (4 kids, hockey players, camping with a travel trailer etc) so I buy the 2500 model. I replaced my 2003 Yukon XL (8.1 Liter) with a discounted 2005 Chevrolet LT model (6.0 Liter) in June. The new model even has the GPS, which I like, but I miss the 6 cd player.

    I purchased the new model for $7,000 less than the 2003 model, and it has the Sun/Sound package (moon roof and DVD player) and the GPS system, which the 2003 did not have.

    After 3 months, (and 10,000 hard miles, 3000 towing) I have had no problems. They have worked out the bugs in the electrical system, and the kids love the DVD player in the back.

    If you need fold flat third seats, you may want to look elsewhere, but I remove my 3rd seat all the time. Difficult? Yes. But I think the storage I would lose (interior and reduced gas tank size) would not be worth it.

    I am 50 years old and have been removing 3rd seats from Suburbans for over 10 years. If my wife needs it moved, she asks the kids to help. To me, it is not a deal breaker. The towing packages, storage, heavy duty transmissions, and reliability (yes, I have had great luck with GM products) outweight the inconvenience.

    I regularly run my GM products to 150,000 miles or more. I have never had one not start. That's more than I can say for my Ford, Chrysler and Volvo products I have owned over the same time.
  • Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't those hwy numbers measured at 55MPH. At 75 aerodynamics will take there toll. Real world MPG will be very telling. My guess is that it'll average 17 per tank on the 2WD model! Better, but not good enough with gas >=$3.00.
  • The new Tahoe will move away from the traidional chrome bumper to the inner bumper with outside plastic bumper warp. Personaly, I really dont like the plastic thing on the Tahoe or any truck. The plastic bumper is very easy to get scratched during any minor impact. Go to any parking lot and look closly on late modle cars and you will see substential amount of them have some visiable scraches on the plastic bumpers. Some poorly made plastic bumpers will even sag without ever being hit. Whereas most chrome bumpers last pretty much forever without any scratches or color fading. Obviously having long lasting durability is not a top priority anymore.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    Are measured on a dyno. There is a prescribed "course" that they drive -- X minutes at Y miles an hour, Z minutes stopped, A minutes at B miles an hour, etc., etc. It is NOT steady driving at 55 mph.

    But I certainly agree that driving at 75 mph you will not see the highway rating.
  • No Lemon Law-In CT the defects must make the vehicle unsafe to drive, so cosmetics are out:( I understand I may have bought the one lemon, but my argument and frustration is that the dealer and GM wouldn't stand behind their product at all-but they will sell me a new one! I forgot that the drivers power seat panel has 4 screws, 3 were stripped and the other just the 4 main Bose speaker grills have rusted!?? (Not that it matters as the radio only worked for 1 year...Several of my friends have the same truck w/o the problems (well except for the Bose radio, the brake rotors and door hinge cracks)
  • Right on man.

    This truck needs some AG Simpson chrome. Although this truck looks nice, a bar is a must on GM SUV's/Trucks. For the Silverado's/Sierra's they better have a chrome bumper and they MUST still suit Bob Seger's - Like a Rock.
  • Does anyone know if chevrolet is still keeping Z71 for the future 2007 Tahoe?
  • no idea on that but don't see why not.. its been a very good model for them.. go to and check out future trucks.. or something like that.. they have a page set up with the new Tahoe.. you get to see most of it.. interior looks good
  • Does anyone know whether the test protocol is available on the Internet? Thanks.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    still be an available option.
  • Z71 will not be available until fall 06
  • I wished GM would come out with a two door Tahoe. I really miss it and don't need a four door. I know they had concepts with the last model but never did more than that that I know of.. maybe down in Mexico. If I knew how to post a picture I would post one I came up with.. oh well wishing for the return of the two door.">
  • It's easy to post pictures.

    If it's from a website, then click the "Img" button, on top of the confused emotorcon.

    If you have it saved, then you might have to post it on the internet, like on
  • vrmvrm Posts: 308
    I hope GM offers a 2 WD verison in the 2007 Tahoe.

    I dont really care for the V6 and V8 engines. All I need is the V4 engine with 2 WD.
    This combination will offer the optimum gas mileage.

    People who want V6 and V8 engines should not complain about gas mileage. You had a choice and you chose the gas guzzler option.
  • dieselonedieselone Posts: 5,721
    A 4 cyl in a 5000lb vehicle, yikes. Even if it's a turbo diesel 4cyl, it would be painfully slow and useless for anything other than maybe mail duty.

    Witht the size and weight of these vehicles a 4,6, & v8 probably will all get similar mileage.

    If you want a 4cyl with some room, get a small wagon.
  • " All I need is the V4 engine with 2 WD. This combination will offer the optimum gas mileage"

    I think you thought this was a CR-V thread.
  • WOW !!!!! A 4 cylinder engine in a 2 1/2 ton vehicle. How would you like to get stuck behind this guy going uphill ?
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    Now that would have a great towing capacity ;)
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    The interior is much better than previous model, but the front grill looks horrendous. It looks like a huge version of the front end of the Uplander.
    We owned a 2002 Tahoe and thought the SUV was great.
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