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2007 and newer Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon



  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    There are two small dimples where you have to drill holes to use to fasten the tag with.
  • dmyer3dmyer3 Posts: 17
    Hi romos,
    and others that commented on this subject. romos is correct, page 483 states 20 inchers are not meant for off-road.
    I thought I had read my manual thouroughly, but sure did miss that so my previous comments were wrong.
    I'll still do my version of off-roading, which is mild stuff, and pretend I don't know any better.
    Thanks again romos.
  • tom213tom213 Posts: 49
    I have a 2007 4X4 LT3 with the Z71 package. The dash is black and so are the seats which are all "Ebony" or Ebony with either a Morocco Brown or Titanium inserts available. I wish I would have held out for the Morocco Brown inserts. I think they really look nice. You can get what they call a "Light Cashmere" if you do not get the Z71 package. As for the ride, I had a 2004 Z71 that I traded in and the ride on the 2007 model WITH the Z71 package is 10 times better than the old. I really like it. Also the Z71 does not have the wood-grained interior. It is a polished silver with the black.
  • ukon07ukon07 Posts: 5
    RSHT, thank you. FYI, I am trying to swap out the front headlight bulbs with the newly released Sylvania Silverstars. I had them on my 02 Escalade (only year w/o HIDs from the factory) and they looked close enough to HIDs that no one questioned if they were or were not. Now I have a leased 07 Denali and can't/won't do real HID's with fear of voiding the warranty or worse screwing something up.

    I will let you know if your advice works/helps...again thanks for the assist.
  • rshtrsht Posts: 277
    ukon07, U R Welcome.
    FYI, just found a site with HID direct replacement (for H13)yesterday (pretty pricy). URL below:
  • I'm in the process of purchsing a new '07 Tahoe 3LT 4x4 for my husband. It has the 5.3L V-8, flex fuel (whatever that is) SFI, V-8 and has all the bells and whistles. The dealer is quoting me a price of $38,000. I'm crazy about the color as my husband loves blue and this is a Graystone Metallic with Ebony Leather Interior Trim. Do you guys feel this is a good price for this vehicle - or can I get him down more?

    Also - another dealer is offering me a '07 Tahoe 3LT Z71 4.4 with all the bells and whistles for $44k - and I'm still working on him to sharpen his pencil more.

    So - those of you out there - do you like your Tahoes? And do you feel either of these are a good deal. The sooner you can answer me the more I will appreciate it. Thank you very much!!! (I loathe buying new vehicles. . . you just feel like you get beat up all the time - my husband better LOVE this surprise).
  • tom213tom213 Posts: 49
    Where did you come from? Are there any more of you? Do you want to adopt another husband? Okay, I'll stop...

    As for the prices you're quoting, it all depends on the options. If the 4X4 Z71 (what I have) has the Nav system, sunroof, and LT3 package, and a few other goodies, I'd say it's a good price. Same with the non-Z71. Good luck!!
  • junglegeorgejunglegeorge Posts: 129
    One lucky husband, My wife gave me new floor mats for ,mine. IMHO you are buying at the correct time, and you are receiving fair pricing, however if your willing to invest a little time you should be able to do a little better. I am assuming that both trucks you are looking at are 4X4 four wheel drive. I suggest you go to, select SUV, then Tahoe, then click build and price. Select the truck you want, color, and options. The program will give you both MSRP and a bogus cost estimate. On the truck you are looking for, you can expect the dealer to take $5k - $7 off the MSRP (sticker) prior to any available incentives. Currently Chevy is offering either $3k rebate or $1k and 0% financing for 3 years. You should also be eligible for a two year free subscription to On Star. You can also check offerings on line on the Chevy web site. For instance: take a fully loaded LT3 4X4 with a MSRP of $46,515 Deduct a margin of $6000 = $40,515 Now back out the $3000 rebate and you are down to $37,515 - without the NAV. Good luck, and if things do not work out with him, please give me a call.
  • toobztoobz Posts: 4
    I'm looking for a new Tahoe as well. I've been working with several dealers to get the best price as well. So far, I was able to negotiate $9k off a LTZ with navigation and rear entertainment.
    I'm holding out for the last day of the month to see if they go any lower.
    I was successful with calling around and giving the price quotes I was receiving from other dealers. Now, it's based on who does the best job with making the final process go smoothly.
    Just for comparison purposes, I looked on and found 2007 Tahoe with up to 20k miles for more than what I can purchase new.
    I recently purchased a new motorcycle for my husband, trust me, it's not the color that's most important, it's the full package and the surprise!
    Good Luck! :)
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    You shouldn't have to pay any more than invoice for the particular vehicle that you are looking at.
  • c5_4func5_4fun Posts: 59
    Tell the dealer you want to see MSRP and Invoice price for the car for which there should be about a 10% difference between the two (just to test they're showing you the right number). I wouldn't pay anything over invoice MINUS current GM rebates that are applicable (which I think is $3K until July 9th).
  • tripwiretripwire Posts: 10
    I bought a 07 LTZ with all the bells and whistles, and I want to tint the front side windows, but the owner’s novel has stated you shouldn’t because of the navigation and other sensors. Has anyone done it and have they had problems with them? Dave
  • I gave up trying to get the Tahoe the way I wanted it and just purchased the GMC Denali. Love it!!

    Took it in to have limo tint on the windows from the second seat back and darker tint on the driver's front and passenger front. I also wanted the tint ont the front windshield down about 6-8 inches but was advised that is where all the navigation goodies are and they couldn't do it. The Denali is fully loaded with the navigation system, cameras, on star - the works - so we'll suffer through without the strip of tint. I can't imagine the navigation system going through the side windows and I have never heard any problems from friends who have Denali's and have ALL the windows limo tinted. Can't do that in Arizona though. Good luck!!!
  • tripwiretripwire Posts: 10

    For some reason the front of the Denali didn't catch my eye like the Tahoe, so I ordered my LTZ. I didn't think the side windows really mattered and wouldn't affect the high tech stuff, but just wanted to ask others who had it done to confirm. Thanks for the help, Dave
  • seabyrdseabyrd Posts: 32
    We have an '07 Z71 4X4 Suburban also with all the bells and whistles.. we tinted front side windows without any problems. I have never read the manual so didn't know about a possible problem.. we also added a 6" deep tinted shade across the top of the windshield.. We have had no interference at all.. We also have the Nav and DVD bypass that works them both while under way and that is just awesome!! Hope you enjoy your new wheels.. we love ours inspite of lousy fuel mileage !!
  • tom213tom213 Posts: 49
    Where did you get your NAV/DVD bypass? Did you install and was it difficult?? How much did you pay?
    Sorry for being nosey. I believe on previous posts, people were saying they were around $250. I'm just not sure I want to pay that much for the few times I might need it, but if it was in the $100-$150 range, I might go for it...THANKS.
  • seabyrdseabyrd Posts: 32
    Go to .. yes you can install it yourself.. the hardest part is pulling off the trim around the radio.. its just clipped on but you think you are going to break does just pull off.. the rest is easy.
    Can't remember the price but very reasonable. the price is on their website.. they are great to deal with.
    Good luck.. let us know how it comes out if you do it.
  • seabyrdseabyrd Posts: 32
    OOPS !! sorry... just noticed a typo... its ... sorry about that..
    Good Luck !!
  • tom213tom213 Posts: 49
    Thanks seabyrd. I checked it out and I see that they're still $249. It would be nice to have for our upcoming road trip to Minnesota, but it looks like I'm going to have to divert those funds into gas money now! Gas just shot up to $3.05 a gallon and is expected to go higher here because a nearby refinery was flooded out with all our recent heavy rains here in Oklahoma. We have a Z71 Tahoe, and like yourself, we love the ride and it's a great traveling vehicle.
  • junglegeorgejunglegeorge Posts: 129
    I am having issues with my bypass, who's unit did you purchase? Thanks George
  • seabyrdseabyrd Posts: 32
    What kind of issues are you having? We have the GM GEN2 LOCKPICK.. from coastaletech the new GM GEN3 is supposed to be even better but I can't see how.. What issues are you experiencing?
  • chile96chile96 Posts: 330
    i bought the lockpick last summer but STILL haven't figured out how to take off the darned trim - any suggestions?
  • seabyrdseabyrd Posts: 32
    Just pull it off.. it has several catches around the edges... be careful but pull firmly.. it scared me and I ended up mad and pulled it and it came off... get some teflon spatulas (they are thin) and slide in behind it... ease it around the edge (teflon won't scratch it) then when you have it lifted a little all around it will pop off.. If it scares you too much drive by the Chevy paint & body shop.. they'll probably pop it off for you for nothing if you don't tell them what you're doing.. just tell them you're adding something..
  • chile96chile96 Posts: 330
    did you pry it between the outer edge and the console or the inner edge and the radio head unit
  • seabyrdseabyrd Posts: 32
    I pried from the outer edge.. its held on with plastic snaps half the snap is a part of the frame.. get under it carefully in several spots then use an even pressure to pull it off.. Once you get it off and see it you'll wish you had just pulled a little harder sooner... just make sure you don't pull it from just one spot.. Let me know how it comes out for you.. once you get it off you'll be finished in 20 mins. test it while driving before you put the trim back on !! Again.. good luck..
  • junglegeorgejunglegeorge Posts: 129
    I installed a Gen II last December, ever since I have strange electrical issues, intermittently the radio will not power up, the back up sensors will not work, the radio will work but the Nav will not function, the shift indicator will just flash, or some other electrical module will not work. It took GM several months to determine that it was the Gen II. I called Costal Tech, they state they have not seen this issue before, and that they have thousands of happy customers. They are sending me a replacement unit, thinking that the unit is defective, or I screwed up the installation. I up-graded to the Gen III just for kicks. I will let you know if this solves the issues. George
  • seabyrdseabyrd Posts: 32
    I'm sorry you're having problems.. they sound strange too.. I hope the GEN2 is defective and the GEN3 solves your problems.. let me know..Good luck George... BTW in a lot of the earlier posts here people were having similar problems. They didn't have anything like lockpicks installed either. When they complained to the dealer they reprogrammed something and the problem was solved. I think it was mainly the first ones (2007s) that came out. You might want to take it out for a week or so and make sure you don't have the same problem before you install the GEN3. Next time your radio or other component won't power up. try restarting the vehicle with the driver door open. they say that made it work then.. Strange isn't it? Good Luck
  • kficeman1kficeman1 Posts: 12
    I just installed mine last week and now I'm free of the "electronic nanny's" grip!!! It drove me crazy to get locked out once out of park. The GEN3 allows for a additional video input to be played on the screen, i.e a baby cam.

    Removing the face plate involves a firm and steady pull at the various locations of the clips, yes it feels like you are going to snap it to pieces but it will come off.

    Delivered the GEN3 was $260.

  • I just learned an interesting thing today. Apparently there is a "black box" in GMC (and I guess Chevy as well) vehicles that - how shall we say - gathers information on the driver's speed, handling, etc. And this information can be distributed to your insurance company. Like if you are in an accident - they pull the black box and find out your speed, how you were driving, etc. Kind of like Uncle Sam over your shoulder. I just bought my husband a 2007 Denali for his birthday and I called the dealer and asked about it and he said it was true. He's trying to get me more information on it. And then we will talk to our mechanic about getting it out of there. I can't believe they can do something like that without telling you!!!!!!!
  • csprickcsprick Posts: 21
    Not new news.

    Many (all??) manufacturers have been installing these for some years. See this site for starters, or do a search for "Event Data Recorder" +automobile for more information.
  • chile96chile96 Posts: 330
    if i understand it correctly, the only difference between the Gen2 and Gen3 LockPicks is that the Gen3 adds some features for the DVD use. So if I have nav but do not have the DVD system(no backseat flip down screen), then I'm guessing the Gen3 upgrade will be of no benefit for me???

    Am I right??

  • seabyrdseabyrd Posts: 32
    Gen2 and Gen3 do the same things.. the gen3 is later improvaed version I think.. I think it has an extra port inside to add another camera or something.. Not sure though.
  • rhame13rhame13 Posts: 23
    I have had my 2007 Yukon Denali since September last year...Love it. Yesterday I got in my Yukon at the car wash and I noticed a loud popping sound. At first I thought it was my retractable running boards making the sound when I closed my door as they were retracting. Upon closer inpection I realized it was my driver door panel catching the front fender panel and it had chipped the paint all the way to the metal. The people at the car wash pointed out to me before they ran my truck through that my rear light assembly on the drivers side was about to fall off. Apparently the tabs that hold it in had broken off or something.

    I called a local GMC service dept and they told me that the door becoming misaligned happens from time to time and that could I bring it on Monday so this would give them a week to realign it and touch up the paint. I was told that GM would not pay for a loaner car for me over the weekend if I would have dropped it off and they didn't get it back out to me.

    ?? Has anyone else had either of these problems? :shades:
  • I just bought my husband a 2007 Denali as a birthday present. I also purchased the extra warranty as there are more bells and whistles on it than I ever imagined and if the navigation system or anything else electical goes - the warranty will pay for itself in the first use.

    Your issue sounds like a defect and I would definitely NOT take the GMC service department story of it "happening from time to time" as a good excuse. To me that's BS. ..and I would be raising a stink all the way to GMC corporate office if necessary. I have never heard of such a thing happening. Also - the loaner vehicle should be something that they do. We carry the additional coverage through our insurance carrier State Farm - in case of something like this. You need to have a coming to Jesus meeting with the sales manager. When you pay $50k for a vehicle - you expect some better treatment. Good luck and let us know how you made out.
  • June 30th marked a year I've had my 2007 Tahoe. I have just shy of 35,000 miles on it. With the exception of a flat rear tire (ran over a piece os steel in the road) I've had ZERO problems. While the car is not perfect, It's the best GM product I've owned in 37 years. I'd like to hear from others as to how there's are holding up. Steve in Saratoga Springs, NY
  • rockman59rockman59 Posts: 250
    rhame13 said: I called a local GMC service dept and they told me that the door becoming misaligned happens from time to time
    I find that hard to believe. Usually what misaligns a door is another vehicle's in a collision. I can't see how your problem could happen unless a hinge or some part of the door frame broke. And your rear light assembly is held on to the body with screws....not tabs. Something strange happening here....and it ain't exactly clear!!!!
  • gfraigungfraigun Posts: 70
    I'm one year with my LT2 in September. I can tell you I've had a few problems. Anyone notice these? Delayed locking from the RKE doesn't work as described in the manual, one of my passenger seatbelts stopped latching (its fixed), and just recently the driver side view mirror vibrates heavily when I'm driving on the freeway.. (can't see anything through it). My Chevy dealer said there isn't a fix for it and that GM knows about it, I'm going to check with another dealer.

    I found out that its GM's policy to only pay for a rental if the warranty work is on a safty issue (engine, seatbelts, breaks... stuff like that). Other defects you're without your car on your own dime. I've talked to GM customer care about it and that's what they said.

    For the most part the truck is great, just a few little things... y'know... Anyone else notice the problem with the Delayed lock or the vibrating side view mirror?
  • rockin_ltzrockin_ltz Posts: 61
    Hey Steve...Glad to hear you've had a good 1st year with your truck!! Some owner's have been a little more lucky than others....

    I'm actually on my 2nd LTZ as I had to Lemon Law my first one!!! :lemon: I purchased one of the 1st LTZ's made back in March of 2006 and the problems began the night I drove it off the lot...No really...I had problems with the truck less than a mile away from the dealership. I'll spare you the details, but I did finally get a replacement LTZ this past April.

    Now the good news...I've had absolutely NO problems with the new truck!!! We've got about 7000 miles on it and it's been perfect. Just got back from a 3000 mile family vacation up the East Coast and back to Florida.

    I guess I should have known better than to be one of the first to own the truck as I heard a LOT of bit**ing and moaning from several people here on this board back when I was having my problems over a year ago. Sounds like they worked out MOST all the problems that I and others had with the first production units!!

    Although I had my problems...I LOVE my LTZ and would highly recommend it to anybody in the market for a HOT SUV !!!
  • rhame13rhame13 Posts: 23
    Seemed kind of strange to me as well.....I am taking it in on Monday and I will post back the "official" answer I get from the service department.

    BTW...I ordered the GMX-320 LockPick and the IPOD LockPick interface and I am anxiously awaiting their arrival. Will keep you posted on that as well. Have a great weekend. :shades:
  • alice5alice5 Posts: 2
    Just traded a 2004 Z71 for 2007 4X4 LT3 with Z71 package, same as your trade. Question: Did your vehicle come with a navagation disk? Not the On-Star navagation system, but the onboard navagation system disk. Our disk was missing. Question 2: We're missing a cargo net, but are not seeing where a cargo net even attaches. Are cargo nets available in this vehicle?
  • seabyrdseabyrd Posts: 32
    Our 07 Z71 Suburban came with the Nav disc. If the navigation system is factory then the disc should be in with your manuals and papers ... mine was in a special Navigation package.. Your dealer should have set it up and shown you how it works !!! A good salesman would do that.
    Let them know and surely they'll give you one.. Good Luck !! Oh... we had no cargo net... not an option that I know of.. I use a couple of foldable boxes.. they work great.
  • chile96chile96 Posts: 330
    Bought our tahoe last april/may and have jut passed the 7500 mileage mark ;) basically only use it for roadtrips and hauling stuff. only issue i've had have been the 2nd row door window moldings not fitting well and the lock on the fuel door(piece of plastic broke) - both of which were fixed in one day's time at the local dealer.

    just recently i reprogrammed the ECU and added a cold air intake which has increased the power a little bit but i've had to start filling up with premium which would be expensive if i drove the truck everyday
  • tom213tom213 Posts: 49
    Yes, the nav disc was already installed (I presume dealer did that during prep) and the empty case was in the glove box. Just in case you don't know this, the nav disc is inserted behind the screen, not in the DVD/CD opening. One thing the dealer didn't tell me is that you get 2 free updates (on the anniversary of your vehicle purchase) of the Nav disc when you register on line at: (the web site has the details when you register). Also, if you have new roads in your area that are not on the current Nav Disc, you can go to:
    and tell them of the updates to the roads you have found.
    We miss the cargo net too (like the 2004 Z71 had). I don't believe one is available.
  • dmyer3dmyer3 Posts: 17
    I did not get an update disc on my 1st anniversary. I went to the web site you gave and could not access without a "control number." Where do i get the control number.
  • tom213tom213 Posts: 49
    The way it is supposed to work (as I understand it), you should receive a card from the Nav Disc Center in the mail with a control number on it, on or near that anniversary date. That is what you need to order it. On the web site, at the bottom, there are 3 options: Buy a Disc, Update Owner information, and Order a Subscription. Make sure your owner information is correct/updated. Once I had done that, I received a letter in the mail from the Nav Disc Center with an update to the owners manual and an explanation about the 2 free updates. I wasn't eligible yet since I've only had my Tahoe for 3 months. I recommend that once you update, give them a call at 1-877-NAV-DISC (1-877-628-3472) and tell them you need a control number, or maybe they can do everything for you over the phone and get the updated new disc out to you on-the-spot. Good luck!!
  • elane66elane66 Posts: 2
    This question was asked a couple months back w/o much response but I was wondering if you guys have heard anything news about changes to the 08 Denalis.

    I heard the 6.2L might get flex fuel and that is about it. I'm still waiting for them to fix their horrid 3rd row situation. My wife needs a crane to get those seats out.
  • rockman59rockman59 Posts: 250
    We're missing a cargo net, but are not seeing where a cargo net even attaches. Are cargo nets available in this vehicle?_______________________________________________________
    I don't know if a net is available on an ' was on the '06. Look around near the back of the vehicle in the area of the hatch for a couple of small, black plastic "knobs". The cargo net hooks onto these "knobs" by putting the mesh over them. Very simple, very easy. If the net is available on the '07 it usually comes with the cargo cover option. Many times these nets get lost in the sales/detailing shuffle. Ask your dealer for a free net....
  • gfraigungfraigun Posts: 70
    I specifically asked about the cargo net when I picked up my 07 Tahoe and was told that they no longer came with the truck but the cargo cover was an option..
  • rockman59rockman59 Posts: 250
    Sounds to me like they have deleted the net....and I can see why. I have never seen anyone who had one use it. The cargo cover, Yes, but not the net. If you want a cargo cover take a look on can usually pick one up for $50 or less. If you order a cover from your GM dealer they will want around $225....maybe more. Check out Ebay.
  • alice5alice5 Posts: 2
    My dealer researched and was informed the cargo nets have been eliminated, which may have been an unused item by many, but I'm really missing it in my 2007 Z71 Suburban. I used the heck out of it. The navigation disk I initially inquired about was furnished by the dealer. I can tell GM has skimped in some areas of "plush" in my new vehicle as compared to my 2004, but the improvements far outweigh the corners they cut on floormats, etc. I love this vehicle!!!
    Alice ...
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