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Chevrolet Suburban and GMC Tahoe MPG - Real World Numbers



  • nickhejnanickhejna Posts: 3
    I have the exact same problem- same MPG. Read my post #31. Let me know if you find anything else out.
  • nickhejnanickhejna Posts: 3
    Looking for the honeycomb denali grill without the GMC insert. Anyone know where i can get one?

  • I may have a bit of a lead foot, I average 14.7 MPG in my 2007 Tahoe. The 8 to 4 is a great concept and hope its failsafe for many harsh mile to come ;p Are there any lift kits for the Tahoe besides Ranco out there? How about super chargers?
  • tahoedavetahoedave Posts: 9
    Based on my experience, it appears GM's fuel economy claims are flat out lies. I recently traded in a '97 F-150 for a '07 LTZ. I've been driving like an old lady and can't get better than 13 mpg in combination city/highway driving. That's a slight improvement over the 12.5 mpg I was getting but still worse than my '97 F-150. Gimme a break. $43k+ for "best in class" fuel economy? I had it back to the dealer once for a few minor repairs and they supposedly tested it and said it's fine. I even had the cruise control on going down the freeway and it stayed in V8 mode and never went over 16 mpg. That's a far cry from the 21 mpg they claim. Not happy. And for those of you who've had the problems with the "L" molding on the rear windows, same here. The dealer put some double-sided tape under the molding and by the time I showed up to pick up the truck it had come unstuck already. Great fix. Anybody know if GM is doing anything about this yet? Thanks. Dave
  • rockman59rockman59 Posts: 250
    I've been driving like an old lady and can't get better than 13 mpg in combination city/highway driving.
    Something is wrong with this picture. I have an '06 Suburban, 5.3L engine with 3.42 rear gears, and it will get 22 mpg on the highway at speeds under 65mp. Even a bit better at 55 mph. In city driving it averages about 16 mpg. I have checked these figures using both the DIC computer and by dividing miles driven by number of gallons of gas used. Your '07 should do as well and even better since you have the newer technology of being able to use less cylinders during highway travel.
  • jay_24jay_24 Posts: 536
    I agree, somethings wrong with the picture.

    With our 03 tahoe we typically get 18 to 19mpg on the highway. (5.3 E85 4x4 with third row.) We also get 16 to 18 highway when loaded for a camping weekend. 4 bikes on top, 2200lb camper, 3 kids, and enough stuff for a small country.

    In town its a bit more like 14 to 15mpg.

    With my dad's 04 Silverado (5.3 and 4x4) we average 19 to 20 mpg on a 1800 mile round trip to Montana and back (loaded for a fishing trip). almost exlcusive 70 to 75 mph. One or two tanks were in the 18mpg range, but others when we had a tail wind wee in the 21mpg range.

    We did notice that we many times got better mpg without cruise control. We could gain alittle more speed on the down hills and tehn back of a taf more on the up hills.
  • mcdaniel4mcdaniel4 Posts: 9
    What do you all think about the claim of better gas mileage for the new 2007 Yukons? I am interested in the perhaps 30 mpg on the highway.
  • rockman59rockman59 Posts: 250
    You won't even get close to 30 mpg with a new Yukon. Probably lucky to get 23 to 24 mpg. If that.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    The EPA Mileage Estimates for the '07 Yukon 2WD with the 5.3L V8 are 15 mpg/22 mpg. The 4WD is similar but 16 city and 21 highway. It does have a big gas tank (26 gallons) so the range can hit 546 miles before you have to fill up.

    The Denali with the 6.2l engine comes in at 13/19.
  • gcmartingcmartin Posts: 19
    I finally took delivery on my 2007 Tahoe LTZ. After three weeks of bashing around with dealers in the Houston area who wouldn't deal or wouldn't do dealer trades with Jim Jard, Jim Jard stepped up to the plate and put me in 2007 4x4 LTZ demo for an extremely fair and equitable price when I was only looking for a 2x4 LTZ. I wanted a 4x4, but could swing the big pricetag. I am a very happy new Tahoe owner after a not so wonderful experience with a 2004 Land Rover Discovery.

    If you are in the market for a 2007 Tahoe, Yukon, Suburban or Escalade make the trip out to Rosenberg, Texas ten minutes south of Sugar Land on 59 at 36 and go see them. I promise you will be pleased with his service. A real refreshing experience from a professional salesman. I have found that no other GM dealers in Southwest Houston are as professional.
  • sabub2sabub2 Posts: 1
    im thinking about buying a suburban and was curious about real world mpg's on 95-99 with the 5.7 and the 2000-2003 5.3 both four wheel drive.
  • jbm135jbm135 Posts: 4
    I have had an 07 Suburban LTZ 4WD for about 6 weeks now. I average a little over 14MPG over all. This is more expressway driving than streets but still mostly rush hour and heavy traffic. My tires are set to middle 30's as delivered so I'm planning to increase this to the max of 44 and see how that helps. The EPA numbers have always been BS. There not even based on actaul driving so don't expect too much from them. I use cruise control any time that I can. I'm sure this help. When I first picked it up it didn't seem to go into V4. Try letting off the gas completely when going down hill. If that doesn't activate V4 then maybe another trip to the dealer is in order.
  • jbm135jbm135 Posts: 4
    Follow up on posting 8/1/06. I forgot to mention that my LTZ is 5.3L. I increased the air pressure from 35 to 44. My commute today of about 40 miles resulted in an increase in the average from 14.2 to 14.9. Not bad for a 5 minute fix.
  • gcmartingcmartin Posts: 19
    I have also increased my tire pressure on my '07 Tahoe 4x4. I didn't go max pressure, but did increase to 40 front 41 back. Seems to ride a lot harder. That's my only complaint. I have noticed that it goes into 4 cylinder mode more often. I'm getting 12.8 mpg right now with a lot of short trip driving. Not the best, but better than my Land Rover Discovery.
  • jbm135jbm135 Posts: 4
    Ride is one of the reasons why I bought the Suburban rather than the Tahoe. My van that I traded on the Suburban was a much harsher ride when it was on hard tires too. I guess your answer is the best. Pick a pressure that you can live with. Did you see the recent artical regarding what junk the Land Rovers are for the price?
  • gcmartingcmartin Posts: 19
    Which article? You won't believe this:

    I traded my '04 Discovery in on the Tahoe. I took delivery of the Tahoe on the 28th. The night before the check engine light came on. I figured it was an Oxy sensor so I took it in thinking that would be a quick fix before a gave it to the dealership as trade. Well it's still at Land Rover nine days later. The Chevy dealer is being patient, but Land Rover has also fixed left front axle whine at 65mph, brake booster for no brake feel. The Discovery had only 45K miles. I got rid of it before the warranty ran out! Hopefully, I can give it to the Chevy dealer tomorrow. By the way insurance on the Tahoe is $450 cheaper per year.
  • Can anyone respond for expected gas mileage on the 2005 Tahoe 4WD. Just purchased. Love it.
  • rockman59rockman59 Posts: 250
    Your gas mileage depends on your driving habits, your gear ratio,tire pressures, the quality of gas in your area, how fast you drive at highway speeds, and the state of tune of your engine. Those are the most important things that will effect mileage. That being said you will probably be somewhere between 12mpg to 15mpg in town and 15mpg to 19mpg on the highway.
  • magyvermagyver Posts: 3
    Im new to this. I have a 01 1500 Suburban W/90k 4wd with Autoride./ Im running 4.10 gears and I love it. I just wanted to give some insight on electric replacement fans and how much they improve milage. I just installed a pair of Flex-a-lite fans on this week and drove from NJ to NC over the weekend and went from high 12's to low 16's. If I knew this earlier I would have done this when I bought it. Also this truck is running 32.5" tires.

    Just a little FYI
  • rockman59rockman59 Posts: 250
    GM went to electric radiator fans on the '06 models as it certainly will help to better the gas mileage as the engine is no longer using energy to turn that large fan blade.
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    rockman59, GM has not invented a perpetual motion machine yet. the engine is still using-energy/burning-fuel to turn the radiator fan(s), it just makes its way via the alternator/battery/wires instead of via serpentine belt. no free lunch!
    there are various advantages to electric fans or electric water pumps or electric power steering pumps. i think a big reason for the electric fans is especially so the coolant/etc can be chilled somewhat after the engine has been turned off, to avoid "heat soak" .
    another reason for electric accessories is that it does save some pointless energy/movement/wear when the engine is at high-rpm. i bet it does improve mpg by a teeny tiny bit but i'd be surprised if that were a primary reason for using electric fans. also in a Tahoe/Suburban, i doubt that would make a noticeable/measurable/appreciable mpg difference!
  • rockman59rockman59 Posts: 250
    it just makes its way via the alternator/battery/wires instead of via serpentine belt. no free lunch!
    I can assure you that the engine uses much less energy turning an alternator pulley than turning a large fan blade. You are burning fuel to run that alternator for everything else electrical on the vehicle, so might as well have it power the cooling fans. As you mentioned the fans then can also be used after the engine is shut off for cooldown. And the noise level from the engine compartment is less with the electric fan system. And by having several mounted around the radiator core you can achieve better air flow for better cooling as opposed to one large fan. Back in my drag racing days one of the easiest ways to gain measurable horsepower was to unhook the belts for the power steering/AC and/or alternator/generator for the run down the 1/4 mile track. Some racers would even unhook the fan belt when firing up on the start line, then immediately shutting down the engine at the finish line so as not to overheat the engine since there was no water pump action or fan blade cooling with the belts off. No totally free lunch with the electric fans....but a pretty good discount.
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    Maybe I'm obtuse but I can't seem to make the connection between your analogy and the discussion on EPA estimates.

    My experience over the last few vehicles that I've owned has been with reasonable driving techniques, I could get at or better than the EPA values. Not so with my '07 LTZ. Granted I only have 2K mi, so hoping will improve but to date it's about 12/16 mpg. Not even close to the 16/21 EPA estimate.
  • rockman59rockman59 Posts: 250
    Maybe I'm obtuse but I can't seem to make the connection between your analogy and the discussion on EPA estimates.
    My original reply was to Magyver who said he had installed a lightweight Flex-fan in his '01 model and his gas mileage had increased. That is how the mention of the new GM electric fans on '06 models came into play. I too can beat EPA estimates by driving in a reasonable manner with my '06 Suburban. Seems to me the '07 should do even better.....maybe your mileage will increase as the engine gets a few more miles on it.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I can't seem to make the connection between your analogy and the discussion on EPA estimates.

    Your original statement addressed to the original poster was:

    You say the EPA figures are not absolute and that you have had vehicles that do better and some that do worse. How then can you use them as relative values? Relative to what?

    My point was that there is intrinsic error in any measurement so the EPA figures should really be published as such and such plus or minus whatever, i.e. there should be a standard deviation attached to those numbers. This, I believe, is what the original poster meant when he said the figures are not absolute.

    Even so, we can still use the figures for comparison between the ratings attached to different vehicles meaning that if the rating is higher for vehicle A than for vehicle B then, on average, type A vehicles will get better mileage than type B vehicles. Of course, in any give pairing of vehicles from each class that may not be the case.

    Hope that helps! :)

    tidester, host
  • jerrywimerjerrywimer Posts: 588
    Exactly my point in the original post. (Note that I'm trying to be smarter and post here instead of on the Tahoe board now too. :D)

    Thanks Tidester.

    I also went further and said that for 99% of drivers, if they aren't acheiving the EPA numbers for vehicle B, then they also won't acheive them for vehicle A.
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    As I stated, up until now I've had pretty good luck achieving the EPA estimates on a variety of vehicles. I've seen a couple of posts on another forum where they got a significant improvement after 6-8K miles. So I guess there's hope. ;) I guess I'll know I'm there when I see it go into V4 mode on a level road as stated at the Chevrolet website where they are promoting the new AFM technology. :)
  • oniscusoniscus Posts: 10
    O7 BURB, 1000 miles so far and the reading on the DIC is 17.2mpg.
  • pan3pan3 Posts: 5
    I am only getting 11.5-13 mpg (gas) at 3200 miles on my 07 Tahoe LT. I too have usually gotten close to EPA estimates on other vehicles (2003 Cad CTS, 1999 Olds Minivan, 1992 Buick LaSabre). Dissapointed to say the least.
  • My wife's Tahoe is getting 13.5 to 14.5 MPG. This is a long term average range that is accurate and reliable. It includes a mix of city and highway driving. If the EPA were giving us truthful estimates why wouldn't more of us be in that 16 - 21 MPG range? I can understand occaisional mistakes being made on the EPA estimates. NOT for the last 5 years. It's a disgrace. When will it get fixed?
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