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Honda Civic Coupe vs. Scion tC



  • Like I said. I sit in the Civic rear seat and my head doesn't rub on the ceiling. It does on the Tc. Could also be seating angle I suppose. Don't see why you are taking this so personal. Oh, and apparently I'm not the only person to note the headroom issue :"Lows: Disbeliever of Atkins, hit-your-noggin headroom in the back seat, negligible cargo space for a hatchback."

    And since I'm at it, I also thought the stereo cover was weird.
  • Well I'm telling you know, I sity in the back seat of the Civic and I have to bow my head while I'm there.
    And since I'm at it, A also thought the gauge cluster, stereo, trans shifter and almost everything about that ugly car is weird.
  • The stock stereo on the Civic is lame and somewhat confusing but the Navi version rocks (LCD touchscreen). The gage is really wierd but I think it is the first digital type cluser I've ever actually appreciated. Till now I've bee a VDO gage type person but I think Honda managed to come up with a novel approach to a pseudo heads-up-display and managed to find a use for the long dashed in most new card with steeply angled windshields. But it is definnetly a love it or hate it design that will turn some folks off. The Tc cluster is the most traditional and least distracting. Af far as shifters I'd rate the Mazda best (by a wide margin), Honda second and Toyota third. Sad because Toyota used to make some really good shifters but fewer and fewer of us manual enthusiasts are still around. Only got to test the Honda 5speed since the Si with the new 6 Speed isn't available yet but supposedly the 6 speed is really smooth. One thing that did bother me about all three is that probably due to side impact safety requirments it is difficult to prop your arm in the window. I like the feel of the air rushing by but Iguess that is a thing of the past. I also don't care for how heavy the doors feel. The Tc is the worst of the lot. The Tc doors are so long I gaurantee a record number of incidents of smashing the door against an adjacent car when opening it.
  • I found another detailed comparison you might find interresting:

    Acceleration: Pretty even, the Scion tC has more hp, and alot more torque but more weight to lug around.

    Handling: Civic, tC is quite heavier, so this is likely to go to the Civic despite the tC's lower profile rubber.

    Features: Civic. Once, the strong point of the tC, the Civic now comes with many of the latest gizmos. MP3 player, both have it; audio controls on the steering wheel, ditto; outside temp gauge, ditto. The Civic now ups the ante with a 350-watt sound system [tC has 180-watt] standard 8" subwoofer [optional on tC]. Civic also has lip spoiler standard [optional on tC]. Civic also has XM radio [again, optional on tC]. Finally, the Civic differs in that it offers an optional Navigation system replete with memory card readers [secure digital, compactflash, etc.]. That's where the Civic takes the win. Scion tC has panaramic sunroof, but with it's flimsy shades, and possibly higher repair costs [as well as the squeaks & rattles it induces], not sure a great feature anymore. To be fair though, the tC does have 17" wheels, sleeper seats and a hatchback also.

    Safety stuff: Also pretty even, if anything probably favors Civic, though the Scion tC does have the curtain airbags as an option [standard for Civic], and also has a knee airbag. Does not have the active head restraint system of the Civic.

    Value: About even. Seemingly, the tC would take this one, but when you add side curtain/side airbags [standard on Civic], lip spoiler, the tC rings up at $17,750, or about $1k below the EX. Add the XM radio [$449] and bazooka subwoofer [$449] and now were getting real close. Since you can't really negotiate the tC's price, that's where it stands. The Civic's however can be negotiated, though they sell at sticker at the moment. At this point, they both still have features the other does not. Any discussion of value is not complete without mentioning Fuel Economy, see next point.

    Fuel Economy: Civic. The Scion tC rates at 22city/29highway, not so great, in fact, a Civic Si gets better numbers. 22city/29highway is about what the Cobalt SS gets also [though on premium]. The Civic takes this one easily with 30city/38highway. The Civic's city mileage is higher than the tC's highway mileage! The Civic's combined mileage of 34mpg is about 1/3 higher than the tC's 25.5mpg.
  • Wait a minute which one are you comparing to the tC the Civic Coupe Si or EX? By the wy dont believe anything on that link. Those are people just like us who has their own bias/agenda posting there and telling everybody that this and that based on their own opinion. Youre better of evaluating it for yourself and pretend that the Civic is made by Toyota nad the tC is made by Honda. That way you'll eliminate your bias. Whatever you choose after that, then go for it.
  • Saw a dark cherry Tc today. Pretty sweet looking. Still haven't seen a new Civic out on town. The new Civic Coupe does look a lot like a late model Accord Coupe though. Looks like I'll be waiting till Jan to get my Si - at a minimum. Third on the list at the local dealership.
  • And another thing, a case of, I dont know. You tell me. The specs are available for us and instead of using it we prefer to spout something without thinking if its a fact or
    not. Check the specs, and do a little math.

    Civic coupe EX manual Curb weight/HP = 19.26lbs/HP
    tC coupe manual Curb weight/HP= 18.62lbs/HP

    Plus the tc has more Torque and at lower RPM than the Civic.
    Acceleration goes to tC hands down.

    Safety: SAB/SCAB is standard for the Civic Coupe while its an option for the tC.
    Since its available for the tC, I would say its even as long as the price is
    comparable to the Civic.

    Value: Now this is where we could see how tC with a SAB/SCAB option stack up to
    the Civic.
    So that I wont be accused of bias I'll take the comparably equipt figures from, with an apples to apples, orange to orange, dust to dust whatever
    you might wanna call it here are the figures:
    Honda Civic Coupe EX manual $18810
    Scion tC Coupe manual $ 16715
    Remember, I didnt price these myself, Its a comparison from with
    same equipment and options and all.
    tC wins this hands down.

    Fuel Economy: I dont have to elaborate on this one. Civic wins hands down.
  • toykicktoykick Posts: 104
    lets see 21k honda civic si vs. 16k scion tc

    if honda priced the civic at less then 20k then it would be a bargain...

    the TC has strong aftermarket support though, for 3gs you could get a stage 2 turbo for the TC and run 12s thats still cheaper then the Civic SI

    i dont think you could do that to a camry... camrys cant take boost...

    just like the 5sfe camry couldnt take over 200hp blown but the 5sfe Mr2 could put out over 400hp blown... lol never judge to quick...

    12 second TC: link title save target as...

    store that sells the kit:
    link title
  • Cheer up everyone. We are here to share opinion, not debating and must to win or die, OK? I am considering both and haven't test drive yet but like to point out few things:

    1.) Number could be misleading. Why? for instance, the head room is measured by the surface of the seat at the lowest position to the ceiling. But the hieght of the seat make difference. Lower the seat, will force the driver to sit straight and higher the seat will make driver want to tilt a little. And the siting posture also differ from one to the other. So sitting in is more important than the spec. I don't mean the number is meaningless but need to add all factors in and preferance too.

    2.) Style is personal like some mentioned. tC is more traditional inside but provide a list to tailor to your taste. Civic, from the pictures I saw from catalog and internet is more modern-ish with unique console. Honda have tried un-traditional on several models in the past including the S2000, but most of drivers still prefer analog meters for its simplicity and direct information. Exteriorwise, tC is more conservative and Civic is more stylish to my eyes. Both can be altered with accessories for your liking anyway.

    3.) Safety: Both are good as long as the air-curtain is equipped. Small car tend to have worse collision results and high injury rate. Passive protection gears only can reduce the injury but can't violate the Physics.

    4.) Cost or value: Item to item is one thing but how they works in another. Both have 4-6 speakers with CD changer and subwoofer if both equipped so. Have anyone compare the quality? How many watt output can't tell the sound quality. 240W is not necessary bettern than 160W. The resale value so far is favor the Civic. So for 5 years ownership the Civic more likely has the edge unless tC prove its reliability and low depreciation 5 years from now. Toyota usally doing good to hold the value but Scion lack the information to foresee. So adding the depreciation, the Civic will add some point on the cost comparison.

    Which is right for you or me? Set your priority in a list from #1 to say #20. Which win more from you on the list especially the top 5, should be the one to go with. Or you strongly faver on particular one, like giantkiller, it's not a question any more. It's MY OPINION and you don't have to fight back. :D
  • im 26yrs, from california I was wondering how come your comparing the honda civic dx model not the ex or si model? because tc is the high end of scion. so compare the same catagory pls. and the SI is high end civic New 2006 197hp stock not Supercharged. Now your comparing Honda SI vs. Tc. for example your like comparing a saturn :lemon: to a lexus :shades: not the same. Im just making sure your saying is true, im not mad at you. i just got a New Honda Si 197 hp stock nov.14th i'am 1st ones to have it got it special order, you'll love it! heres a link..
    then click on (civic redesign) then top right click on si in between coupe and hybrid and you'll see the stats. Now compare maybe you'll trade your car in
  • Which is right for you or me? Set your priority in a list from #1 to say #20. Which win more from you on the list especially the top 5, should be the one to go with. Or you strongly favor a particular one, like cooldad24 who thinks hes fooling somebody of not acting bias but bais in favor of the Civic. Its not my opinion its on the specs. Youre entitled to fight back but give yourself a favor, back it up with verifiable information. Not its "feels like" or "it coud probably the height of the seat".

    "Toyota usally doing good to hold the value but Scion lack the information to foresee."

    Forsee what? Its a Toyota its just branded Scion . There you go.
  • I test drove both the Civic and the tC over the weekend. The Civic's steering wheel is too far away so if you're my height (5'11") you need to move the seat up a little closer to get a comfortable grip and control of the steering wheel. That however leaves you almost in the fetal position as your knees practically touch the steering wheel. The Civic is a bit of a bumpy ride, especially on the freeway.

    I had no problems with the tC at all. It is comfortable, rides nice, and has a lot more pep than the Civic. There's no contest in my mind: the tC is the way to go.
  • im 5"10 and before i bought my car which is a 2005 civic si, i test drove the scion tc to see how it handles compare to the si. what i didnt like about the tc was that it was to heavy, and for what i think the interior is made out of plastic or it feels like it. i rather spent the 17k$ i spent on the si, than the 15k$ i would spend on the tc, toyota is pretty reliable but i dont think they are for racing, i have my civic with invidia exhaust, revhard turbo t3t4, v2 intake, teen coilovers, and with those 300hps im pushing, i dont have a problem on taking any tc. and when i had it stock i didnt have a problem taking on the tc, what really got me buyin the si was that it has a short shift trani, which helps on accl. again for me toyota is not good for racing, their good cars but not for racing
  • Anyone try it with the Scion 'No Haggle' pricing? Never bought new and am looking at the Tc and thought I would ask about a Fax Attack on it.
  • earthearth Posts: 76
    I test drove both the Civic and the tC over the weekend. The Civic's steering wheel is too far away so if you're my height (5'11") you need to move the seat up a little closer to get a comfortable grip and control of the steering wheel.
    The Civics steering wheel is telescopic if you did not know
  • Granted, I haven't looked very hard for or at the Scion yet, but how is availablity of a base tC compared to the Civic?
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Limbaugh Toyota in Birmingham, Alabama would not budge on its Scion tC pricing. I ended up with an Accord instead (much more roomy for my 6'5" frame, lots of horsepower (166), lots of mpg (26/34 compared to the smaller Scion 22/29), and loads of standard features OTD for $21k EVEN.
  • "No Haggle" means just that. Why would you expect to bargain on the tC?

    No doubt the Accord 4-door 4cyl is a great value and a totally differnet vehicle than the tC. Obviously, the Accord fit your needs better.

    When shopping, I was quite surprised that the interior specs on the Accord Coupe were not all that much different than the tC. Of course numbers don't tell the whole story, but interesting nonetheless.

    As for the new Civic. Finally saw the new coupe and was not at all impressed. I've owned a Honda and am a fan, however, I'll take the tC over the Civic any day.
  • tonylexus said:

    "As for the new Civic. Finally saw the new coupe and was not at all impressed. I've owned a Honda and am a fan, however, I'll take the tC over the Civic any day. "

    I followed a new Civc Coupe a month ago and was impressed. I saw a Civc Si and was really impressed.

    I'll take the Si over the tC anyday. differnet strokes for different folks.

  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    "No Haggle" means just that. Why would you expect to bargain on the tC?

    I had no idea about the "no haggle" pricing standard put in place by Scion. I learned about it from the dealer that showed us the car. If I had known about it, I wouldn't have tried, but the salesman was frank about that fact, which is fine. I liked the Scion tC, it just felt a little unfinished inside as compared with the Honda (things like the very cheap feeling sunroof covers, and folding stereo cover). The Scion is a screaming deal considering the features offered, and obviously my issues with the interior are relatively small, and many buyers are likely never to take issue with it. More power to them, because they just got a lot of car for $18,000!
  • As I said, I'm a Honda fan and anxiously awaited the new coupe as well. But when I saw it I didn't quite care for the look of the ultra-rakish windshield and did not like the looks of the rear end. As for the interior, well, if I can't get past the outside, I wasn't much interested in looking inside. An Aztec looks good from the drivers seat, but who wants to get that close?! As you say "different strokes". I do not find the Civic ugly or distasteful, I just like the tC more.

    The Civic is ok, but just ok by me. The only model I would consider would be the si and that's for the performance not the looks. But then again, now you are talking a big difference in $ as compared to the tC as well as a different intentioned, if not class, of car.

    Hard to knock "Car of the Year" but there is a lot competition out there. In the end, I'm more than satisfied with my tC and glad I didn't wait for the new Civic.
  • Mine was actually about 17,300 with AT & auto dimming mirror! Yeah, the roof SHADES (plural!) seem a bit flimsy, but will you find any at all on a "base" Civic? I've had the tC for over a year and find I rarely play with them. Same goes for the radio cover. I never have had a problem with it and only use it to change the look of the dash, which I like. My only complaint with it was that there were no wheel controls to allow you to keep it closed, but that has been corrected for 06.

    Can't argue with you about how the interior compares to the Civic. I didn't care for the Civic Coupe exterior enough to get that far.
  • Good Reply!

    The tC is a very good car, also. However, to be fair the Tc would require the turbocharger to equal the performance of the Civc Si and when you add the turbo charger the costs are pretty much a push. Even the regular tC gets less miles per gallon than the Civic Si and much less than the regular Civics.

    Each car has its special features and both are very reliable.

    Civic Si on Order, "What A Commuter Car!"

  • You are right on with your comparisons. Wish others would keep comparisons (base vs. base, turbo vs, Si)in perspective. The base Civic mileage is better but you give up a lot in value equipment and power. I get 28 on the tC overall which is good enough for me. I would only consider the Si as well.

    By the way, did finally get a look at the inside of the Civic. What's with that dash? One glance down to assimilate several key bits of info is the ideal dash set-up. With the Civic's, there are split locations. BIG thumbs DOWN. What were they thinking with the digital speedo? At worse it is a distraction, at best it is "unsporty"

    I applaud the effort for Civic to be a little daring, but to me the dash is a deal-killer. Nice try, but no thanks. I would probably eventually warm up to the exterior, but sure do not want to look at that dash everyday. Especially can't imagine warming up to the digital read-out. Too much competition out there to have to make a consession on something you have to interact with almost constently while in the car.
  • They are two completely different animals, and too many people don't recognize that. The Scion salesman at Performance Toyota was one of them, although I recognize that he had a financial incentive for such a misconception.

    With every TRD toy available, the tC would just keep up with an Si (in a straight line.) Limited slip diff, much higher torque peak, and a tighter and lighter body make it clear that the Si is better designed for racing and to be thrown around twisty roads.

    It's easy, though, to be hard on the tC when you don't consider the price. Having driven cars that are actually 'fast', my test of an '05 tC was disappointing. I tried to keep things in perspective when I tested an '06 last week, and I was not disappointed. The 2.4 is as powerful as anything that vehicle could *competently* make use of and, while I'm sure a S/C would be fun, base is plenty of engine to have fun with. Anyhow, in my mind, any performance deficit is outweighed by the low price and well designed interior. (The gauge cluster being a minor exception, IMHO)

    On merit alone, the Si is the vehicle I would choose flat-out. The price and availability, though, make it clear that it fills a very different market role than does the tC. The going price for an Si is well over MSRP, and the area in which I live is capped at 14 units for the model year.

    Comparing to the standard Civic EX works, but I'm not sure how competitively priced it is. From what I see, the closest competitor the tC has is the MAZDA 3 S. Very similar numbers, perhaps the Mazda is a bit more 'sporty', but are you REALLY trying to get a 'sporty' car for $17k?? More to the point, do you want to haggle the Mazda down to within a few hundred of the tC?

    This is WAY too wordy... in short; my tax refund is going toward a tC.
  • Hi to everyone, this is my first post! I've been reading this forum for weeks now, very excited about the great new cars coming out for us in the next year. I'm 23 years old, just finished school, and I'm tired of the poor gas mileage and squeaks coming from my 2000 silverado 5 speed truck (cam, intake, exhaust, programmed, eaton posi).

    I'm anxiously awaiting my 5 test drives I have scheduled for this weekend, and just wanted some feedback as to what I should pay special attention to, or what you guys thought about my choices.

    1st: I'm going to drive the 06 si tomorrow morning. Very excited, but from what I was told on the phone, its some copper color that I am not familiar with.

    2nd: (little high) 06 V6 6speed Accord - if its as great as I think it might be, I might be able to justify the higher payments on it. I have never driven any accord, but I have heard nothing but great things about them.

    3rd: The following morning I am going to drive the 06 vw GTI (NOT THE 05, the NEW one.) Its a DSG paddle shift 6 speed. I can't wait to see how the new transmission performs.

    4th: (Lower budget) The Scion tC (figure it will leave me room for a Supercharger, some nice wheels, and a new Television haha.

    5th: 05 Subaru wrx (NON STI, drool . . .) wish i could afford the STI, but don't think insurance would fly too well.

    Having just landed my first real job and thank god I'm not married and DON'T have any kids (knock on wood) haha just I've got some money layin around for a new car that gets better than my trucks 18 mpg.

    However, I am hoping to head to Law School in the next 18 months and am on a limited budget due to the fact that I want the car paid off in 18 months.

    What would you guys suggest I check out? What do you think about my choices?? I love aftermarket parts - but not crappy ricer looking stuff, more along elegant performance upgrades. IE: NO BIG WINGS!!!

    Let me know, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    Good choices - please post back here after your test drives and tell us what you think of each one and how they compare to one another. Of those listed, I would think the Accord would offer the best ride and the most room, but will it be sporty enough for you?
  • I live in Minneapolis, MN and I just put a down payment on a 06 Civic Si from a local Honda dealer. I hear about people paying well over MSRP in certain area.....just FYI..the dealership I went to is selling them at MSRP which is reasonable for a quality car that has a high demand. He did freely admit Honda is releasing very few cars to keep price artificalliy high, which I am sure suprises no one who is reading this forum. But I was suprised he admitted it, he was a younger guy that looked like he had just put his suf board in the closet or something. The Finance guys at the honda dealers are idiots, like I have never experienced the hard sell before. I literally laughed at him. He gave me a look like he wanted to choke me...ha ha Cant wait for my new ride
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