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Chevrolet HHR Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I think that 5yr/100,000 is just powertrain...
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Very good price. A lot of times dealers will put those ads in the paper just to get people to come in and really not intend to sell them that model if they even have it. Here in Illinois, a few dealers got in trouble for not having the car, and some park it in the back or service area so it won't be found unless the customer insists.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Yes it is only powertrain, but I wasn't sure what he meant by the extra money for a 5-year extended warranty. The 5-year standard powertrain warranty that GM has covers much more than the competition including axles, driveshaft, engine accessories, a whole lot of stuff.

    The Chrysler warranty is a gimmick and really hasn't started any parades into the showrooms other than some customers initially. Most consumers are still not that educated when buying an auto and tend to overlook the fine print. People still only keep a car around the 4-5 year range before selling or trading it. This probably was on Chryslers mind because the Chrysler warranty is voided right away once gone. Hyundai made out good on this as well because their warranty is also non-transferable but to only a family member. They know for the most part people don't keep their cars and were banking on it.
  • Heres my recent buying experience
    I recently bought a 2006 HHR that had an original sticker of $24,125. The original buyer bought it 14 months ago. They had it marked at $18,995 Carfax said it was local and bought locally.

    I had a 2003 Explorer with 48K on it. I offered $4k and my Ford OTD. They wanted $8500! Since I was in no hurry I siad no I made an offer. They invited me to look up both cars on KBB. I did. I saw ACV trade in in good condition on the Explorer at $9800 and $13.5 low book as equipt or so for the HHR in good condition.

    I figured they have $12k in the HHR (What a beating those cars take). Thats how I came up with my offer. The Sales Manager was a good guy. No a GREAT guy. He took no offense but kidded with me " So lets see you want to trade wholesale for wholesale" I said "And?" HE laughed and dropped his proce $3000!!!! to $5500 OTD and my truck.

    We both were silent for about 5 minutes. "I said I guess the next person who talks loses" He laughed and said "I knew you were thinking that"

    I pull out a single check from my wallet and fill it out for $5000. I hand him the check and tell him it's my last check. I will have to go home to get another. HE again laughs and calls his used car manager to find out "how much they have in the HHR" The sales guy is standing there not saying a word.

    The SM gets up and says we have a deal. Easy and a good experience. Not anything like I have had in the past.

    Now the HHR has 11k miles on it and has EVERY option available. Even the On Star and XM Radio still apparently have time left. Its a nice alternative to the big Explorer.
    But they are obviously worse then KIAs in resale LOL

    Whether or not the dealer made $200 $2000 or $5000 on the deal makes no difference. I bought the car for $14k OTD and felt it was a good value.

    I did not buy the car at a Chevy dealer which in my mind saved me money because it would have been "Certified" and I am sure that would have cost another $1500 or more. Because it was at a Dodge Dealer I believe they let it go as it may be competition to their PT Cruisers. I sure would not want the chance of someone coming in for a new PT to decide they rather have a new HHR instead...Perhaps.

    So yes Sales managers can be fun to deal with IF you keep it light and you are standing while negotiating. Which I was because I was "negotiating" at the "tower". I cannot stand those cubicles....and never plant there. I do believe if one is standing the sales people know it's more likely they will leave rather then grind for hours.
  • You got a great deal, but the original owner may have paid $20K or less....there were red tag sales or public rebates + he may have had GM Card savings....+ negotiated savings....enjoy!
  • I am sure the original owner did not pay near MSRP. Seems a min of $4000 off MSRP is the rule on these cars. No wonder trade in resale is so far below MSRP in one year. LOL

    Now show mw a HOnda that has an MSRP of $24,000 and can be bought a year later for $14k out the door :) :)
  • Im in the process of buying an HHR, and have been quoted a price of 21k (out the door). Its the 2008, base engine, with On star, Side air bags, chrome extras, steel wheels, ABS, luggage rack... THe MSRP on the window says around 21k, so Im saving around 2,000 with this price, but I wonder if I could get a better deal. Is 21k out the door a good price?
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Well the 2007 has a $1,500 rebate right now. The 2008 won't have rebates for a while, so $2,000 off isn't bad. That's almost 10% off which is about normal for this price range. You may be able to do a little more, but thats pretty close.
  • Got a 2008 LT, with roof rack, chrome package, chrome rims, for 19,500 out the door. MSRP was $19,900
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Not a bad price out the door. I hear people are getting real good mileage with those. I like them a lot and have driven a few, but right now I am finding it hard to part with my paid for 92 S10 p/u. I don't have a garage for something new, and where I live people and animals will scratch your car so that is another good thing for having something old.
  • It looks like 2007 LS models have a 2000 rebate and the LT model has a 2500 rebate. I was in the market for a used one, but might consider new now...
  • The dealer I went to had rebates on both the 07s and 08s... Base 07s were at $14500 , automatics were at 15500, and ones with the stain package were at 16000. Although I dont think there are any 08 rebates on the chevy website, the dealer said there were, which was fine with me... In fact during negotiation, the lead sales guy said he found an extra $500 rebate to take off the price...which was again, fine by me. This dealership still has around 25 HHRs on the lot, and is trying to get rid of them.
  • Need some advice on 2007 HHR price. I was offered a LS A/T at 14450. That's $500 under invoice and after $2000 rebate. A/T is the only option besides standard. Is this price good? How possiblely lower can I try?
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Being that its an 07 im not sure how much lower you can get it. With the auto its nice that it comes standard with the traction control. Maybe you could try to have them throw in some floor mats or something.
  • Looking at buying a 2008 HHR LT2. Victory Red ebony leather interior lots of options, MSRP is 23,975.00 have a price qoute of 21,771.00 that includes the 1500.00 rebate, so they have basically knocked off 704.oo off sticker, thinking I should be able to do better than that. With california sales tax and registration that would get me back to the sticker price out the door. How much should I expect them to knock price down before the Rebate. Anybody seen a HHR with AA5 option (solid rear quarter panel) ?
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Normally after a vehicles is out a couple months one can usually expect about 10% off. I would negotiate a little more. The 2008 hasn't been out too long yet, the 2007's can be a steal.
  • This is just a hunch- gm is ending this month's rebates on 11/19. I would guess that there is the possibility of some sort of holiday sale- though I don't know if the 08 hhr will have a smaller or bigger rebate. Ymmv.
  • Does that 10% include the rebate or not. If I could get 10% plus the rebate I would be stoked ! Cars direct price was not much better about 1000 off before rebate.
  • PT2- I don't know about the 10%, or for that matter the rebates. It seems that the stated difference between msrp and invoice is probably $1500 +/-. What's potentialy good for me may not be good for you. Like if you painstakingly use the chevy web sight you can search stock for 2007 or 2008, lt or ls. Since we also want a lt; as well as me being cheap- I have searched through a LOT of dealers inventory. It appears to not be exact in terms of inventory, but you can pull up the window sticker and look for the packages you desire. In my search - it seems like the colors- black, red, and orange seemed to have either been produced in very large amounts, or are lanquishing on the lots (2007's) imho. And I think someone mentioned this earlier in this thread- when the '08's are on the lot- it makes it tougher to sell the 07's without more factory help. Again- lots of people don't think buying a year old model is a good move. Some folks do- depending on the value they feel they are getting. Good luck.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    10% not including rebate.
  • Thanks for clearing that up Poncho. I also wanted to add in my previous post how PAINFUL that inventory search is at the chevy website.
  • OK... I can get a 2007 2.2 LS with A/T and upgraded radio (MSRP $17,790) for $15,990 out the door, after the rebate (dealer stated as $2500... must mean the LT rebate will soon go to $3000 officially). There was a loss leader at $18,512 MSRP that was advertised for $12K this past weekend at a different dealer, before tax & license.

    I'm disappointed that this car doesn't come with ABS, but that's my only big concern. (They are also trying to force a $200 payment for etching ID codes on the windows, included in the above price.)

    Good deal or no? I felt like I should be able to get out the door at closer to $15k, especially considering itthe car's basically devoid of extras. They have two identical 2007 units as the only prior year models on the lot at this dealer. Would appreciate any advice/feedback those with experience would care to give. I basically have the day to think it over.

  • I hope this isn't too late- my gut (and only my opinion) is it isn't that good of a deal. If you didn't buy today- post up your zip so I can look around a bit later for you.
  • I haven't gone in to buy yet, so any help is appreciated... ZIP is 85225

  • Hi Jellyfish1- I cannot tell you it was a good deal or not. Why I asked for your zip (fwiw) is I looked around at the chevy site for what your area dealers (supposedly) have in stock. I saw a couple of other ls autos (not necessarily with the radio upgrd). If reasonably in budget- I also saw several 07 lt's from 18.5 to 19.9 sticker. The 18.5 sticker one was a basic lt 2.2 auto located in wickenburg. Assuming there is another 500 rebate coming- it might be an option for you. Considering the rebate may change on the 20th (as your dealer seemed to say to you), it might be worth sitting tight for ten days or so. If I was in no rush I would email several (or more) dealers and see what they offer- including some of the lesser msrp lt's. Please remember though- you might not get a better deal; and the car you are considering might be sold out from under you. So please use your best judgement for your situation. Good luck-hth
    Btw- if anyone out in the southwest knows of real bargains on hhr's out there- please share with JF1- thank you :)
  • I just purchased the LT1 2007 not even two weeks ago for around $15,500 in Maine. That was with the 2500 rebate and marked down again because of a few paint dings on the hood (NO BIG DEAL). So far I LOVE this car the more I drive it the more I love it. I went and tested 4 other 2007 vehicles and this is the only one I really liked. It rides smooth, and so far no problems...but again I've only had it for under 10 days.
  • elvisluvs: thanks... we're still sitting tight. I got the dealer to agree today to drop the $200 they had built in for etching the VIN on the windows - so now it's down to $15,890 out the door... another night to sleep on it... I actually talked to the Wickenburg dealer and they weren't moving much on price... had a White LT at $19,700 before rebate, but that's above my budget...

    Thanks again!
  • No problem Jellyfish1- that's good to hear about the $200. Since it's still early in the west- maybe we will hear from some more folks. Keep us up to date.
  • vschriver: Was the $15,500 before tax and license? Is it an automatic? What was MSRP? Thanks!
  • I plan to purchase a 2007 LT2 within a day or so but I am truly unclear about the price I should pay.I realize it is the end of the year and the 08s are now out so I assume the price should be less.Trying to get in the Red Tag event.Would appreciate all advice given.My zip is 21244. I am trying to internet shop to get the lowest price.
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