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Audi TT Prices Paid and Buying Experiences

SylviaSylvia Member Posts: 1,636
edited May 2015 in Audi
Talk about your shopping experiences on the Audi TT.
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    dlscarnutdlscarnut Member Posts: 6
    What is a realistic discount off MSRP or above invoice on an 05?
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    davedawg21davedawg21 Member Posts: 2
    what should i expect to get for immaculate 2000 tt quattro loaded with only 22k miles on it help
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    kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 237,210

    Since every new car is different, you might have better luck getting a value for your car, if you post the details here:

    Real-World Trade-In Values

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    davedawg21davedawg21 Member Posts: 2
    thanks kyfdx
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    kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 237,210
    You are welcome... obviously, I meant every used car is different.. :blush:

    Good luck!

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    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

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    retiredburetiredbu Member Posts: 1
    I paid $25.4K for 2003 with 13K miles 1 week ago from a dealer. Comparing prices in Colorado Springs, it was a great deal. Paid 14K for 201 with 70K miles dec 06. Also a good deal in this market.
    Sure, someone got one with 10K miles for $2K from a little old lady ... someone wave the BS flag please.
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    kenmorekenmore Member Posts: 5
    i have an offer for 2008 3.2 TT MSRP 44575 for 43000. that's 1575 off MSRP.

    ipod connector
    18" 10 spoke wheels

    i would appreciate any input:
    1. is this a good deal?
    2. i've never leased before but would like to now. how do i take this deal and convert it to a lease without the dealer hiding charges? i'd like to get my payments in the 600-700 range if that is possible.
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    britcrlvrbritcrlvr Member Posts: 83
    Audi redisigned the TT for 07 model year, put shortly, there is more room. You should ask yourself how important are the look of the wheels considering that the dealer is going to charge a large sum of money. If you don't care about wheels telll the dealer that you want the normal wheels this should result in a significant reduction in price. The ipod connector is no more than 250 as I recall, and bluetooth is 500.00. Although the 3.2 comes std with awd, the system adds significant curb weight negating any noticeable advantage over the 2 liter engine. the 3.2 is handy if you are living in harsh climatic conditions otherwise, I think you will find the 2 liter has sufficient power. This too should reduce the msrp. 800 dollars for bixenon is not a particularly good deal, but it might be difficult to find a car without this package. It seems you did reasonably well finding a base 3.2 model. I think you would be happier in an 07 than 08. More financial flexibility. For the 08 I would come back with a counter offer of 5 K off MSRP. This will allow a fair middle ground near 41K. As of right now I would take a guess and say, msrp+tax title and licences is going to put you up near 47K. This seems pretty high for this car.
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    nikminnikmin Member Posts: 9
    I just drove off a red TT 2.0 Coupe (wife's choice) - in San Jose, CA - with the price below:
    MSRP - $43675 (incl. destination of $775)
    Invoice - $40673
    Price negotiated - $40173

    Chose the audi 36 month lease offer with the cap cost starting at the above negotiated price:
    Total cash Paid - $4725
    (Cap down $2425 + Acq. fee + 1st month + lic. reg. etc.)
    Monthly lease of $500 (includes CA sales taxes of $38 :( )
    Includes - Audi care maintenance for full term of lease
    (The money factor is 0.00145 & residual value - $24895 @57% of MSRP - for those who care about this)
    Bottomline for 3 years - total of all payments (including taxes, down payments & all) = $22566 That is a monthly rate of $626 (with only fuel to add :))

    I felt I did okay on this - any opinions? Looking at the number of viewers on this forum, I don't expect much of a response, but hope this helps someone who is looking to buy one.
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    toto88toto88 Member Posts: 7
    nikmin - I would say you did excellent on the deal. Great MF, below invoice, loaded, nice job
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    floridacarwizfloridacarwiz Member Posts: 19
    Just getting the dealership to chop off about $3,000 from the MSRP was a coup. Your price for the lease is spot-on and your payments are palatable. My 2.0 was a little over $45,000, I put $2,500 down, got the service plan and 15,000 miles a year for about 660 a month, including tax. I was only able to get an $1,800 forebearance. Would have liked to get what you got, but such is life.

    :) :shades: :shades: :)
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    billymaybillymay Member Posts: 59
    Took delivery of my 08 TT 2.0T coupe in August:

    Enhanced interior
    Navigation + iPod
    18" wheels/runflats
    Premium pkg
    MSRP $41,575

    Lease including CA sales tax is $619/mo, 12K miles/year, includes service plan.
    No money down (other than first month's payment/fees)

    I'm enjoying the car (700 miles so far), but in terms of delivery the dealer really did not understand the nav system or iPod interface. To be fair, it is very kluge-y.

    The dealer also knew little about the S-Tronic gearbox. These are astonishingly complicated cars, and I think more dealer training might have been in order.

    That said, the car's gorgeous and blast to drive. It corners as well as anything I've ever driven (and I have/had Porsche, Ferrari, BMW and Benz.)
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    logicdsslogicdss Member Posts: 2
    I just found an offer that seems to good to be true (and usually those ones really are too good to be true) but I jsut wanted to ask for your opinions.

    A dealer has a 2004 Audi TT 1.8T Quattro with 19,802 miles for $23,895. It is the fully loaded one with the premium package and also has custom seats from Audi. The car is yellow and the seats are blue (sounds weird but looks awesome).

    Do you think it is too good to be true as well? The dealer swears nothing is wrong with the car and only had 1 owner.
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    playagirlplayagirl Member Posts: 3
    I dont think your 2004 Audi TT sounds too good to be true. I have received quotes for:
    Both dealer offers:
    2004 1.8T Roadster -convertible....$23,800 23,500mi + 1more yr warranty
    2003 1.8T Roadster -convertible....$22,000 24,700 + certified

    Your quattro with only 1.8 Turbo engine may be too heavy and not drive as well and therefore harder to sell. not to mention the odd colors..Im in CA where are you?
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    logicdsslogicdss Member Posts: 2
    Thank you for the reply. If these prices are normal market prices, there are some dealers out there that are outright thieves! I've seen 2004 1.8T going for as much as $33,000 with 40,000 miles!

    And yes the blue leather interior may sound "odd", but mixed with the yellow exterior it gives a very sporty and young look.

    I live in Montreal, so a Roadster or a non quattro is out of the question for me because of the lovely winters he have down here.

    PS. From what dealers did you get the quotes you posted?
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    rgraybillrgraybill Member Posts: 9
    Sounds like a good price, but I think you might consider my experience. I bought a 3.2 manual in June, just after they came out, for more money incidentally. On August I parked the car on an incline and apparently didn't set the parking brake fully. (I know, I should have left it in gear.)It rolled ten feet (I measured.) and hit a tree. It's now October 16th, and the car is still in the shop, awaiting parts. Audi says the parts are on nationwide backorder. Audi customer care is not interested in kicking in for the rental car charges, though I consider this to be beyond the pale.
    Basically I would suggest waiting until 2008 when the parts for the car might become available.
    If you plan to garage the car for a year, that might be a good price. If you plan to venture forth, it's a bit of a gamble.
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    codekcodek Member Posts: 9
    I'm looking for a used TT as well in So Cal but Coupe?

    What dealers are the best to deal with.

    I'm looking for either a black/black, silver, gunmetal 2004 or 2005

    Would they lease these older cars. Contrary to the rest of the crowd, I don't like the new ones that came out.
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    playagirlplayagirl Member Posts: 3
    Pacific Audi in Torrance has one for $23,900 dolomite grey pearl. I think theyve had it for quite a while and might want to get it off their hands but i think it has like 36000mi. I was able to talk them down on an 03 roadster to $22000 with 21k mi but i went with a cleaner 04 I managed to get for $23,000. I looked around quite a bit and it was hard to find an immaculate roadster with grey leather (i'm picky-i think grey looks nicer) so if you find one thats clean with low miles then work it.

    Keep in mind the coupe's back seat is too small to fit an adult but good to throw stuff in. I love my ragtop I can put the top down everyday or night with heated seats and back window wind blocker.

    You cant lease a used car as far as i know. I agree with you I prefer the older models but im sure in time they will start to look better.

    I bought mine from audi santa monica. Priced at 28999 talked down to 23000 but I had to use price quotes in the area. Just take your time and be willing to walk away. I went in 3 times before buying. I think it just depends on where you find your used tt, there really arent that many good used ones around. There is one nice used lot on lincoln called Best Auto--the really have all clean cars, but always check the history reporty -the dealers can provide you for free. I think you should be able to talk any dealer down at least a couple grand. Look up the trade in value and go from there.

    I like the blue coupe at keyes audi. Just depends on if you want automatic or manual. I enjoy the automatic with tiptronic since ive had it with the bumper to bumper traffic driving a stick... good luck
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    playagirlplayagirl Member Posts: 3
    Well im not sure they are normal market prices since the tt was listed at $28999 2004 roadster in excellent condition I just talked them down to 23000 because other cars were selling around 24000 but a year older or not nearly as clean. just check kelly blue book for local listings. Not sure how hard these cars are to come by in Montreal. Location impacts the market price. Plus leather upgrades and quattro cost more but that does sound a bit high.
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    hxiehxie Member Posts: 1
    Got an offer for 2008 Audi TT 2.0:
    premium package
    audio package
    MSRP $37,950.00

    Out of door price is 36K. Don't be surprised. This car is a demo car and has 4k mileage.

    I think it's a too good offer but little concerned if the car has some hidden problem. What's your point?
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    hrweekshrweeks Member Posts: 1
    I live in UT and I am interested in buying an Audi TT 3.2 Quattro out of state.
    Anyone know of the highest volume Audi dealer?
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    ozzexozzex Member Posts: 10
    The dealer give me this offer, i think is the best i could get:
    2008 2.0 TT coupe
    Premium pckg
    18" wheels run flats
    audio pckg
    metallic paint
    magnetic suspension
    it was the demo but it only has 2500 miles.
    MSRP around 41k, just for 34,500 and he is willing to negotiate. And if there is something wrong we have the warranty, so i think its a fantastic deal.
    what do you think?? :P
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    kperesskperess Member Posts: 29
    Have found an 08 TT 2.0 with s-tronic, premium package and bluetooth -- dealer has used the car as a loaner for TT owners. Car has 4000 miles on it. Any thoughts on how much they should deal on the car?

    Think they will go below dealer cost -- not sure how much though.

    They also have a new 3.2 with lots of goodies on it and the quattro interests me as I live in northern Michigan. They seem to be willing to drop about $1500 off list for this.

    With the TTS coming out next year -- do you think I can do better on both/either if I wait a bit?

    Any advice would be most appreciated.
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    kperesskperess Member Posts: 29
    Not sure I'm getting a great deal

    2008 2.0 TT
    premium pkg
    Silver metallic
    upgraded sound
    upgraded (18 in) wheels with runflats
    blue tooth

    Was used as a loaner by the dealer and was titled to the dealer (has 4,000 miles)

    He will sell it with certified warranty (adds 2 yrs & 50 k miles) for 36,000 + tax and license/delivery fee.

    Is this a good deal?

    I asked about a possible lease but the money factor figured out to be over 9% -- he says that audi won't do better.

    Thanks in advance for any help
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    thomasensignthomasensign Member Posts: 1
    I've been offered the following lease on a 2008 TT 2.0T Premium:

    MSRP: 40,225
    Cap Cost: 38,925
    Money Factor: .00118
    Residual: 55%

    Please let me know opinions about whether there is more room in the negotiated Cap Cost offer and any info on current money factor and residual from Audi Finance.

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    rsmallrsmall Member Posts: 1
    Just purchased from Morang Falmouth, ME. Very well equipped with sticker of $39.5 for $1,750 off sticker.

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    is250shopperis250shopper Member Posts: 4
    Which dealership offered u the 0.00118 money factor?
    it seems like a great deal to me

    i m living in southern california and looking into leasing a 2008 TT 2.0T hard top
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    mankumanku Member Posts: 76
    2008 Audi TT 3.2 Quattro

    Sticker $53,000+

    Drive off: 1600
    Monthly: 593


    In SoCal, so 8.25 tax included.

    Seems really good...comments.

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    steveburns1steveburns1 Member Posts: 2
    I didnt work through the numbers, but estimated from the deal I got, and mine was a "steal".
    I think thats a great deal...I would take it.
    My guess is the dealers are offering deals on the above 50K TT's.

    Dont forget to get the Audi care. It raises your residual by 1% and basically pays for itself.
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    mankumanku Member Posts: 76
    Thanks...unfortunately, I think I need a back seat for the little ones so I'll be picking up an A4 2.0 CVT...

    Sticker 45500

    Driveoff 870
    Monthly 520

    36/10k inclusive of CA tax.

    Dealer reminded me of Audicare today, and made same comment as you -adds a point to resale and does almost pay for itself!
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    hairclip1012hairclip1012 Member Posts: 2
    Negotiated invoice + $250 yesterday on a TT coupe with 6cyl, 6 spd, s-line and many other options. It went so quick that I probably could have got lower! Great time to buy.
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    dorkbranddorkbrand Member Posts: 6
    I'm going to be leasing a TT coupe with s line here in Southern California. I really can't decide between white or silver. If anyone has thoughts with reasons I would love to hear them.

    Also I will be going in this weekend to haggle the price down.

    I'm looking at this:

    S Line
    Premium Pkg
    Bose Premium Sound
    Sat Nav with iPod

    MSRP from dealer: $44,925.00

    Invoice according to Edmunds: $41,835

    What my lease will be: 36 months, 15K miles/yr, $3,000 down

    I would like the monthly payments to be around $450
    Is that reasonable? Too high, too low? What is a good
    asking price I should go in to the dealer with. As with
    anyone I'm looking for the best deal.

    note: according to audi's website the special lease deal:
    $399* lease per month for 36 months
    Now through July 2, 2008

    Down payment: $2,999
    Refundable security deposit: $400
    Acquisition fee: $575
    First month's payment: $399
    Amount due at lease inception: $4,373
    Excludes taxes, title and dealer fees
    10,000 miles/yr

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    hairclip1012hairclip1012 Member Posts: 2
    I have the white and love it. I have 2 small rock chips that show up as black. The silver would be easier to keep clean. You must get S-line package. The wheels are amazing. I can't comment on lease payment questions. I would push hard for at or slightly below invoice. The dealers are really hurting. BTW, I have 1K mles now and have been averaging about 14mpg. This thing is fun to drive. At times I wish I had the TTRS. The 3.2 is fun but I'd like a bit more power at full throttle.
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    tinttintinttin Member Posts: 4
    Does anyone have an idea what credit score range is acceptable to qualify for Audi's special financing rates? I read somewhere that anything above 690 is good, but it seemed a little low.
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    tightymcfishtightymcfish Member Posts: 2
    I am in the market to buy a new Audi TT, unfortunately my home does not have a garage. Would it even make sense to buy one since it will be out in the weather. I live in the tristate area. I just dont want it to have problems due to the being outside and not in a garage.

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    floridacarwizfloridacarwiz Member Posts: 19
    How about a good car cover? I'm sure a good one would afford you the opportunity to leave your TT outside and have it kept in a presentable state all year round.
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    plan_manplan_man Member Posts: 97
    '09 TTS, Prestige pkg., Brilliant Red, Magma/Black interior, twin 7-spoke 19" wheels. Invoice plus $150.
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    big8pebig8pe Member Posts: 2
    Looking to buy a 2002 TT coupe with 66,000 miles on it. Will meet owner tomorrow. Have read blogs on timing belt and instrument cluster. Anything else I should be looking for or asking about? Any help appreciated.
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    floridacarwizfloridacarwiz Member Posts: 19
    My advice is to get all service records for the automobile. See what problems,
    if any, the automobile has had. I have a 2008 TT Mark II with half that mileage
    on it. about 32,000, and everything is fine. Just do your due diligence, get the service records and have the car checked out by an authorized dealership/mechanic. Good luck.
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    mulligan101mulligan101 Member Posts: 12
    Plan Man,
    Have you seen the magma/black in real life? I am looking at a phantom black with the base black seats with alcantara but there is one coming in a few weeks with the magma/black seats and I am thinking about going for that one. Interior photos would be great when you get your car. Thanks
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    plan_manplan_man Member Posts: 97

    Yes, Diablo Audi in Concord, CA, had a Meteor Grey on the showroom floor with Magma/black interior. It's striking, but not overdone, IMO. When I decided to go with red outside, it became important to me to go all matchy-matchy inside. It's a weakness! :blush: It was either that or Solar Orange with the orange/black inside for me. The fact that I would have had to order it and wait 90 days tipped the scales to red.

    That said, I'm a big fan of Alcantara. In my experience it wears pretty well, cleans easily, stays colorfast and has a nice grip to it for a seating option.
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    big8pebig8pe Member Posts: 2
    floridacarwiz, thanks. I've agreed to purchase the car contingent on a mechanic's inspection. Car was in excellent condition and well-cared for. Guy has all maintenance records and has already replaced instrument cluster. My one concern is the timing belt. I cannot seem to get a straight answer either from him or dealership. He's had it inspected by Audi dealer at 60,000 and was told it was good for another six months or to 75K miles. He also says dealer told him it was good to 105,000 miles. He mentions a class action on this but I can't find it. Regardless, car is soon to be mine and I just plan to plunk down the money to have timing belt replaced and other stuff as mechanic recommends. But I would like to get more skinny on this belt issue. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    floridacarwizfloridacarwiz Member Posts: 19
    Congratulations on your decision to puchase the TT. I wish you
    the best of luck. They are good cars, and like any other, wear and tear will occur. Just service the car by the book and you should not have a problem. I plan on keeping mine indefinitely and making it a project car. The next mods should be a larger turbo, injectors and an intercooler. The car runs like a top at 32,000 miles, and I am getting ready for a 35,000 mile service. Keep in touch on your travails, and best of luck with the fine Audi automobile.
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    mernemerne Member Posts: 2
    I'm looking at purchasing a '02 TT Quatro Coupe with 83,000 miles, for $8500. The seller says the only reason she is selling is because she is pregnant and needs a larger vehicle. I have wanted a TT since I read about my first one in 2000. I don't want to get caught up in my dream, without checking as much as I can. I did call the local dealer and they were able to tell me the car had been checked for the timing belt issue in '08 (recall), but doesn't indicate if there was a problem. Also they were able to give me the info on regular servicing on the vehicle through 2008. My seller claims she purchased 10/09, going to call the original dealer tomorrow to see if I can learn anything else. Any advice would be appreciated. Guess I'm a bit nervous because I don't usually spend money on myself. thanks!
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    steveburns1steveburns1 Member Posts: 2
    Make sure the timing belt has been replaced, not just checked. The dealer will tell you its good for 100,000 miles, but they may go anytime after 60k, and then your in for a new engine. There was a settlement years ago with timing belts going before 100,000, and because audi said they were good to 100,000, Audi had to pay the repair bills.
    The only other problem area is the instrument cluster. There were a bunch of bad ones out there, but I would have thought most would have been replaced by now.
    Check it out.
    Had a mk1, great car. Had no major problems with it.See if you can get some type of warranty. Good luck.
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    mernemerne Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the response. I found out from the New Orleans Audi dealer that the belt was okay when the inspection was done in '08. Also, she told me Audi extended the warranty to 105,000 miles (repair full damag if goes b4). I offered 8,200 and the seller excepted the price. I'm going to have a local German Auto mechanic replace the timing belt as soon as I have possession of the car. The peace of mind is worth it to me. The instrument panel was replaced in '07 or '08. I'm excited about my purchase, and look forward to enjoying my TT for at least a couple of years (while I can still get in and out of it! lol). Thanks again for your help.
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    qttttgirlqttttgirl Member Posts: 1
    Finally, FINALLY, I am in the market to buy my TT Roadster. I have been enthralled with this little car since I first laid eyes on one. :D I have narrowed the focus of my search to the '04 to '06 3.2L Roadsters (prior to the changes made to the body style in '07/'08) and am hoping to find one having all the options, especially heated seats for our cold winters.

    I would appreciate receiving input/comments on the following:
    * Were any significant (or not) changes were made between these model years?
    * Is my understanding correct that the 3.2L model came with 9-spoke rims? I have seen one (maybe 2) advertised as having the 3.2L engine but the rims were the 7-spoke type.
    * What known problems exist that I should want to avoid?
    My husband spoke with a salesman at an Audi dealership here in CO
    who mentioned that some TTs had electrical problems, others had
    problems with the back window.
    * What mileage would be considered normal (not excessive)?
    * What price range should I be anticipating?
    * Is there anything else I need to consider when choosing a car?

    Thank you so much for taking time to read my post! I'd be so very grateful for any comments you'd like to offer!

    ~ Valerie
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    seabass84seabass84 Member Posts: 1
    was wondering if this is a good deal.. saw it on audis website..
    the kbb its 36790 its got under 24k miles.. but its listed at 29994.. i am in las vegas..
    i wonder how much lower i can get them to go.. was gonna go check it out tomorrow.
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    habuhabu Member Posts: 52
    I live near Seattle and was wondering if anyone has ordered a 2013 Premium Plus coupe lately either near me or in Oregon or California. I have on '06 A6 so I qualify for the Loyalty Bonus. I also am a USAA member and the price they show for a Black TT with Black Fine Nappa lthr, heated seats and floor mats is 38,772. This is about $2,300 under Audi MSRP. Just wondering if someone has recently ordered a TT and if they received any discount off MSRP?
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    philamanjarophilamanjaro Member Posts: 1
    edited April 2013
    I'm looking into buying a CPO TTS and was wondering if anyone had some insights to share on what a good price would be for a 2010/2011 with <30,000 miles.

    I've found a couple '11s around 43k, but it seems a bit much considering I could get a brand new 2013 TTS for 47-50k! What's even crazier to me is that KBB lists the CPO price of a 2011 TTS with 20k miles (w prestige package) as $46,000! Do these cars not depreciate or what? Maybe I'm just not with the times but I've always heard that with a new car you lose 20% of your equity the moment you drive off the lot. In any case, how low should I shoot for if I try and negotiate on one of the '11s?

    One thing I am trying to keep in mind is that there's a redesign of the TTS coming out next year (I don't like the looks of it). I'm not sure if or how this could effect my negotiation on a CPO price.
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