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Hi Everyone,

I am in the market to purchase a used 2014-2016 Honda Odyssey and wanted to ask a question. It has been a few years since I have purchased a car, but I don't recall every being told that the sales prices at a Honda dealership are "no haggle" and that there is no wiggle room. The car I was looking at was a 2 yr old trade-in that I was told they have too much in the vehicle to move on the price.

Is this true that dealer are no haggle now due to the internet pricing, or is this a dealer trick? I assume based on what they are offering for my trade (which is about 50% of the retail value) they have more wiggle room in the price, but maybe I am off.

Just trying to get a fair price, and it seems like either the car sales industry has changed or the trick have changed. Also, if anyone has experience with purchasing or trading in a car and can indicate how clos the kbb estimates actually are to reality.



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    Everything a dealer says is an attempt to get you to a) purchase the vehicle, and b) pay as much as possible for it.

    Make the offer you decide is fair, and let them decide if they want to take it or not.

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