Car Buying Advice - vehicles similar to gmc xuv envoy?

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Hi, so I was looking into vehicles that can be converted back and forth to have an exposed cargo area like that of a pick up truck, and I come across the gmc xuv envoy. I personally think it is a great idea and wonder why they stop making it. I wonder if there have been other vehicles that have similar design? That you can put the seats and roof out of the way of the cargo area so you can transport tall objects if needed? I know of the chevy avalanche but I think the envoy's design is better (probably because the roof is not movable on the avalanche).

I am especially interested to know if there are similar vehicles with the third row of seat (in the cargo area) that you can put away. Just so you can transport more passengers if needed. I wonder why they did not put the third row of seat onto the xuv envoy in the first place. There seem to be space for it and they already had that design for the second row.

I have just recently becoming interested in this subjects so I hope to hear your thoughts. Many thanks!


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    The Envoy XUV was one of a kind - I am not aware of any other vehicle like it.

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    The idea was also tried about 50 years ago by Studebaker, with no more success:

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