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Pontiac Solstice Prices Paid and Buying Experience

kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 228,135
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Post your Solstice buying experience here!!

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  • jhersheyjhershey Member Posts: 18
    Other than my dealer putting their sticker on my car when I told them not to, the buying experience was excellent. They were able to put with me coming in all the time to check where my car was and my salemans was great to BS with. Paid MSRP.
  • paopao Member Posts: 1,867
    patiently worked with us over the last 7 months as we waited for the car....followed our instructions for delivery...paid MSRP, had a written agreement since the day of the order.....even went up to the plant to pick our car up for us........great dealership to work with....!!
  • wdavis2wdavis2 Member Posts: 1
    I found my Solstice at the last dealer in my area that had not received the Solstices that they ordered. This was lucky for me but they increased the price by $3000 over MSRP. They got my $3000 but they won't sell any more cars to any of my friends and all of those new people who ask me about my car. Another dealer in my area (Crown pontiac, Metairie, LA)had sold their allotment of Solstices at MSRP. They are my preferred dealer.
  • bradleysbradleys Member Posts: 1
    I happened to walk into a dealership that had a solstice, there was a hold on the car (original order, the person couldn't wait), I was lucky and got second on the list. 1st person decided to buy a GTO, I was up next, and purchased it for 2,600 over MSRP (included all dealer fees in the 2,600 as well). There was 4 more people behind me wanting the car by the time it was my turn.

    The car has been great fun.
  • redacrredacr Member Posts: 24
    whats wrong with waiting a few months until supply meets demand?
    2-3k over on a solstice would get you an s2000.
    not meant to flame, but i just don't get it.
    as for the solstice, i find it be a kick [non-permissible content removed] car for the money, but at several thousand over sticker it is no longer the value it is meant to be.
  • paopao Member Posts: 1,867
    I agree...I refused to pay more that was a 7 month wait to order and get delivery...but refused to do anything else..t.they can be had off the dealer lot..for just have to do the leg work..and be willing to find that dealer that will sell for that.....most who of looked and waited have found their car
  • mikesanmikesan Member Posts: 9
    I've bought 11 vehicles in the past 4 years and this was the easiest by far. My hometown dealer said wait up to a year and pay $1800 over MSRP plus $275 in dealer fees. No thanks. Found our car on 250 miles away in Mass at Lannan Buick-Pontiac-GMC. Called on Saturday to ask about the Red/Sand/Chrome loaded one they had and got a verbal agreement to sell at MSRP with no additional dealer fees. Drove to the store on Monday with wife and kids, took a quick test drive and was out of there in about an hour at the agreed to price. Car was in the garage area and had only 12 miles on the odo. No bait and switch, no pressure to buy extended warranties or paint sealant. Great dealership to work with. Wish they were closer as I'd buy my GTO from them, too.
  • vxenvxen Member Posts: 1
    Just about every dealer I spoke w/wanted 2-3,000 over MSRP. Found a dealer several hours away that would sell at MSRP. Put a deposit on the car to hold it over the phone. Everything else was simple. Dealer did try to push the paint protection. Was worth the drive to save $3,000.
  • driver21driver21 Member Posts: 6
    Look on and go under pontiac solstice,mannnnnnnn,they are prices these babies out of the roof?? My salesman was not so great--I did all the leg work,tracking my own order and he didn't or i will say,did not want too,so i know where my car is this very moment and anticipate arrival Sat,but really can't complain after seeing the prices now-Whew. :)
  • dallasg20tdallasg20t Member Posts: 4
    I test drove the '06 today and pre-ordered an '07 from Sewell Pontiac in Dallas for MSRP plus Delivery and no additional dealer fees (we'll see if they try to sneak any in later) and no deposit required until it gets much closer to a build date. I'm pre-order #43 and was told it's 11 to 12 months before it arrives *sigh*. It's going to be a long year. My neighbor will get her '06 Solstice in May (she ordered back in Oct '05.
  • paopao Member Posts: 1,867
    sure hope its a high volume #43...I would certainly look around......the 07s will begin to roll out in late June..the first allocations should go out in late May....25 May is the last order cycle for 06s

    does the dealership place all presold orders into VOMS awaiting preferencing accordingly to how they prioritze them..or do they order when they get allocations each you know????

    you got MSRP in writing??
  • paopao Member Posts: 1,867
    2006 Information:
    Last allocation order cycle scheduled to start 5/24.
    End of production scheduled for 6/23.

    2007 Information:
    Online order guides scheduled to be up 4/24.
    VOMS scheduled to be open to accept orders for dealership order banks on 4/24.
    First allocation order cycle scheduled to start June 1, 2006. (Not GXPs)
    Start of production scheduled for 6/26 (not GXPs).
  • swandog1swandog1 Member Posts: 1
    I have been looking for a solstice for about 6 months with Shearer Cad. and Pon. in South Burlington Vermont. Wanted fully loaded and Red. They could not provide and suggested waiting for 07. I asked for them to search for what I wanted and they called and found the car in Ticonderoga NY, at Christopher Chev. I called, and went down to see Car. Purchased a week later, (they sent driver to pick me up and take me 1 1/2 hours back to dealership) Both Dealerships told me some were charging $2000-$4000 over list, but they would not. Got them to knock $450 off list. Best and easiest car purchase ever made.
  • dallasg20tdallasg20t Member Posts: 4
    Hey, are they not offering decent APRs on the Solstice. I can't find any published rate on the car (usually not hard time find). I know when a car has big demand, the rates are usually higher. What is everybody experiencing? Obviously, the big deciding figure is your FICO obviously, but what's the best rate that GMAC is offering?
  • grichkagrichka Member Posts: 3
    I just moved in from Europe and I was shopping around today looking at the Pontiac Solstice.
    It goes between 2,500 and 6,500 $ (before any option) over the price advertised by Pontiac everywhere (including here) just because it's in limited supply (says the salesman).
    It does not make sense to me but as I'm new here I wanted to check.
    Any advise?
  • paopao Member Posts: 1,867
    its called adjusted market value.....and its a rip off by the dealership.......go to and look up the dealerships within 50 miles of your around...tell them you will pay no more than MSRP.....will be hard to find one on the lots depending on your may have to order it.....but still hard to get.....try a large patient..adn good luck
  • lhesslhess Member Posts: 379
    but the dealership in my town has a silver with black top, must be an 07 cause it's automatic, stickers somewhere around $26K and they've always sold theirs for msrp, no bumps. I'll post more info or go take a better look if anyone is interested.

    I'm in summersville, WV!!
  • paopao Member Posts: 1,867
    Here are the details as we know them for all that are interested:..this is also open to all Sky owners as well

    2nd North American Solstice Meet
    June 21-23, 2007
    Nashville, TN

    Sheraton Music City Hotel
    Group Rate of $119 plus tax
    Reservations can be made online at: - ey=5DCA5
    Or by calling 1-888-627-7060 ----- Make sure to mention you are booking for the 2nd N.A. Solstice Meet

    Registration costs for attendees will be:

    Couples: $90.00
    Singles: $45.00

    Event T-shirts will be $15.00 each again this year but will be ordered separate from registration.

    A Web Site is being developed to allow access to all Solstice Owners interested in attending this event.

    Fund-raiser will benefit Susan G. Koman Foundation again this year.

    Tentative schedule for this event:

    Thursday, June 21, 2007
    Registration Sign-in and Packet Pick up 2pm – 6pm
    Reception - Meet & Greet 6pm – 8pm

    Friday, June 22, 2007
    Free Activity Day – attendees will be free to visit the sites and history of Nashville. We are working on a list of “Things to Do While in Nashville” and will post here and on the web site.

    Saturday, June 23, 2007
    8am – Noon and 2pm – 6pm
    “How To” Seminars
    Vendor Booths

    7pm – 9:30 pm
    Dinner and awards
  • paopao Member Posts: 1,867
    we have it up and running now
  • spoomspoom Member Posts: 85
    um, thought this thread was about "Pontiac Solstice: Prices Paid & Buying Experience"
    Anyway, picked up a silver GXP turbo, automatic trans, at sticker in SE Wisconsin.
  • tgivtgiv Member Posts: 1
    Christmas present for my wife 2007 Red Solstice. Sticker price 27,724. Auto, Prem pack, pref pack, con pack, AC, 4 wh ABS, high per audio, XM, Lmt slip, CD MP3 player and floor mats, Paid 26,424. Had 12 miles when we took delivery.Purchased at Rossi of Washington NJ. Checked 5 Pontiac dealers and 2 Saturn dealers and Rossi was the best by far. 2 asking above sticker, 2 at sticker and one 500 under. My wife is enjoying it.
  • stukatzstukatz Member Posts: 1
    anybody reccommend a good dealership in ny or nj for a good [ric on a solstice?
    Looking for a good lease deal ., didn't want to buy actually at this point?
  • njchicaanjchicaa Member Posts: 1
    Stay away from Jim Curley in Lakewood, NJ. They are horrible.
  • sheepdog1sheepdog1 Member Posts: 36
    I have seen good lease deals in the newspaper. What are the GMAC programs now for Solstices?
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Member Posts: 38,514
    Hi sheepdog1. Given the fact that not that long ago dealers were selling the Solstice at full MSRP without any support from General Motors, the deals that are available on this car right now are amazing. It would be a fun little vehicle to drive around now that its lease program is so competitive. GMAC's program for this car varies by term and mileage allowance. For now I will provide you with information on a 36 month lease with 12,000 miles per year. Let me know if you want something different. Its current base lease rate and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2008 Pontiac Solstice with 12,000 miles per year are 4.1% and 58%, respectively.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • sheepdog1sheepdog1 Member Posts: 36
    I was quoted 2.3% rate with 59% residual for a 39 mo 10K annual mileage one time pay GMAC lease, will that continue into February? Also with $500 gm loyalty cash.
  • secretagentmansecretagentman Member Posts: 1
    Purchased my red 07 from a dealer in SC on the General Motors employee plan. Paid dealers cost and got 0% financing. No hassels except with the trade-in, lost my shirt on a 2006 PT Cruiser GT convertible. But the new car is well worth it, getting 26 miles to the gallon and my first speeding ticket in 45 years.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Member Posts: 38,514
    Hi sheepdog1. Unfortunately, I don't believe that General Motors is running a special lease program on the 2008 Pontiac Solstice any longer. If this is indeed the case, you may find that you are better off leasing one through an independent bank. By leasing through a bank other than GMAC, you will be able to take advantage of the $1,000 cash incentive that GM is providing on this car right now. It will help you to negotiate an attractive capitalized cost for your lease.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • racingjayracingjay Member Posts: 19
    Curious to know the current Lease and Smart Buy Programs on the Solstice. I'm looking to either lease or Smart Buy a new 2008 Base within the next couple of weeks. I'm looking at a 36 or 39 mo deal on 12k miles per year. Also, the Pontiac site lists lease support, but appears to be outdated. Anyone know anything about it?

    Any help is appreciated!
  • nobreaksnobreaks Member Posts: 2
    We did a 39 month low mileage for $372 a month--sticker $31K. If you get a GXP--the brakes will need to be changed back to the 2007 non-vacuum style. this is a $2K fix GM is going to have to do.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 228,135

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