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Aston Martin V8 Vantage



  • Habitat1 is absolutely right on.

    If AMV8's assertion is that a 997S will be a depreciating asset (versus the ideal outcome of an appreciating Vantage), he is right that it will depreciate "a lot".

    That being said, as depreciating assets go, you will be best off with a low mileage F430 or 360 . . . and short of that a 997 is likely your best bet. A 911 should have a residual of ~50-60% after 3 years and 30-40k miles--and while this is big-time depreciation as assets go, it is heroic as car values go.

    Remember, markets have two primary things that inform value:
    1. Supply and demand; and
    2. Relative liquidity.

    The proposition at hand is that because there will be few Vantages, there will be an implicit scarcity premium--i.e., point #1. However, absent a very well known quantity (such as the entry-level Ferrari), point #2 becomes relevant: you may actually face a discount due to the asset's lack of liquidity.

    One other point at issue is return on investment, particuarly for "incremental" differences.

    All things being equal, you will get a greater return on a base 911 than a heavily optioned one--because the extra $$ you spend on the options has a very low yield in the aftermarket. This is not to say that they don't make one's car more valuable when resale time comes along--becuase they do--but the question is what is the relative return. E.g., full leather interior is a great option (that I don't have) and looks great--but I suspect that you'll probably get (best case) $0.20 on every $1.00 you spend on this . . . so a 911 with this option will likely go for $600 more than one without (take my valuation assumptions at face value), but this isn't a very good return on the original $3k. In many respects, the turbo models are the same thing: an option.

    In addition, many people who want this kind of car or who can spend this much $$ don't want used cars. I'd always take a new normally aspirated 911 over a used turbo. Always. I don't buy used cars that cost >$50k (actually, I don't buy used cars at all!).

    Bottom line: time will tell. If the AM turns out to be well-loved, you'll do well on resale. While I think that's a bit of a gamble, who cares? As long as you're happy (and as long as it doesn't cause undue financial stress), hit the bid. We need more people buying these cars in the US to ensure that they keep sending them over here . . . maybe I'll even buy one someday (they are gorgeous, and the engine noise is breathtaking) . . . but not anytime soon.
  • bsumner wrote:

    We need more people buying these cars in the US to ensure that they keep sending them over here . . . maybe I'll even buy one someday (they are gorgeous, and the engine noise is breathtaking) . . . but not anytime soon.

    I don't think that this will be a problem. The waiting list on the car right now is 6 - 12+ months depending on where in the country you reside. The waiting list is longer in Canada (18 months) and the car is currently selling at well above sticker in the UK and the US. Of course, only a handful have been delivered in the US (First models to LA two months ago and to Dallas last month.).

    It is interesting to speculate on what will happen to the price but it is speculation. As I said in an earlier post, Porsches are as common as mud around here and even High School boys don't give them a second look. Aston Martins are rare, and exceedingly beautiful IMHO.

    That's the bottom line. I will take mine to Heartland Park and run it around the track but I am too old, my reflexes are too slow and it has been too long since I have raced, to seriously challenge what the car can do. I suspect that is true of most who can afford a new AM. Of the remainder, who are younger, very few probably can drive well enough to reach the limits of the car's performance.

    I think that I will look good in the AM -- well at least as good as an old man can.
  • The scarcity value of the Vantage increases by the day with significant production delays due to shortanges of critical assemblies. My delivery date has been pushed back by about a month since I ordered the car -- the dealer won't be receiving his cars (other than demo) until June! The car now has an almost two year backlog.

    Anyway, it appears that the cure for my "car fever" is somewhat off in the distance.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
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  • amv8amv8 Posts: 7
    Kansashick did you pay full retail? My dealer told me to not even think of a discount. Full boat MSRP on a $119K car. I gotta say they are a bit snobby over there. Its like they are doing me a favor selling me this car.
  • nycrrnycrr Posts: 8
    Kansashick, you are very lucky! My March build date for the car has just been moved to September! It will be a 2007 and there will be a hike in the base price, and some of the options will become standard. I was told that they are running 15 weeks behind schedule, and if that puts your build date into the summer, you will need to wait for the fall. How many people are ahead of you on the list at your dealer?
  • I ordered my car in late December and took one of the dealer's demonstrator orders to get an early delivery. I paid full invoice for a car that is a bit overoptioned (I would not have gotten a battery conditioner, an umbrella holder and a few other options). The car ended up with a sticker of $125k.

    The car is currently scheduled to start build next week with a May ship date and a June arrival at the dealership. The delay since I purchased the car is about one to two months. There was, of course, a delay before the first of the year since the cars were originally scheduled to begin arriving in the US in February and March, and a few did (I know that LA and Dallas got demonstrator cars.)

    According to the dealer, I am number three on his list. Two cars are scheduled to arrive in May for customer delivery (and his demonstrator) and three in June (including the demonstrator that he is selling me new).

    The dealer told me that delays in shipping to the US are due to Aston being determined to get it right before shipping to US customers, who are more demanding than others. I was told that AM has switched some suppliers because of quality problems. There has been a recall of the cars in Britain due to electrical problems (I sure hope Lucas is not involved in parts production!).

    Anyway, I should have the car in two months.
  • praskindpraskind Posts: 4
    I can beat that... After a factory tour in March '05 I ordered my Vantage (well gave my deposit) and ordered the car in September when the prices for the US models came out- for a Jan '06 build. It's April and I am supposed to have my car on the 18th of this month. Or so they say... Fingers crossed if it comes on the 18th the dealer says I have the #4 car in the US. Could that be true?
  • I don't know if it will be number 4 in the US but you are clearly in the first group of customers to get the car. Mine is part of the second group of cars coming to the US as it is part of the dealer's second group of cars.

    If you are to have your car next week, it should have arrived in the US by now and only awaits shipment to the dealer.

    Let us know how you like it.
  • alfa2alfa2 Posts: 3
    Does any one know the dealer allocations for the V8? I put money down last July - position #6 and have just been toldd that won't get mine untill September as an 07. Supposedly only going to get 4 total incluing demonstration unit. If kansashick put money down in December and will get one I'm all little :confuse: .
  • bcranesbcranes Posts: 2
    I took delivery of my Tungsten/Black Cherry Vantage from AM of Dallas on Good Friday. My deposit check was written in March 2004.

    The car has been everything I expected and I am very happy with it. I now know what it is like to be a rock star! To those that ask "what about Z06", etc. all I can say is everything you see and touch in the car feels like twice the price.

    Visibility is great with the small quarter windows up front. Getting to know where the front of the car is provides a challenge, though. Engine sound is terrific. I have the bypass open at all times and I'm not sure I would enjoy the car as much with the quiet exhaust below 4K RPM.
    Power is adequate and very flexible. Sixth gear at 30 MPH is possible without complaint.


    Gearbox is a little notchy from 1-2, especially when cold.
    Wheels are impossible to get clean as brake dust clings.
    Seatback release levers are hard to reach.
    Slight kickback in steering rack.
    Hatch cover is a little fiddly.

    The brakes are plenty powerful Brembo pieces and look tough through the alloys. The handling feels very neutral, though I haven't had the chance to explore this much.

    Taking delivery of the car was a great experience, as they give the car it's own showroom. The team at AM Dallas is terrific and they have made the purchase an enjoyable experience for me. I may never step up to this level of automobile again, but I can understand why luxury buyers return. A car guy should do this at least once in a lifetime!

  • Well, I am getting mine in June. Remember, though, I bought a demonstrator and did not get to pick the color or options (though I like what I am getting). If your dealer is only getting 4 of the 2006 models, that means that only about 140 will be built (35 dealers times 4 each). This does not make sense.

    The target production for 2006 for the US was 1000 cars (of 3000 produced). They are four months behind, so they have lost 330 units for target US shipments of 670 units or about 15 per dealer.

    Anyway, I can't wait.
  • alfa2alfa2 Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info - I've found out that Gaston in California will be getting 50 but still only 3 in Seattle :confuse: that doesn't make sense. Particularly as they are not the "newest dealer".
  • alfa2alfa2 Posts: 3
    It does sound like a good car - mine was to be my husbands 60th birthday present :cry:
  • longupslongups Posts: 2
    My dealer just received the factories demos which will be used for test rides (and sales.) I took advantage of that last week to see what I signed up for.
    I've seen the cars on three ocasions over the past year or so and have started the engine but never drove one until now.
    The car lives up to its promise and reviews from a 1 hour or so test ride. The car actually feels like a 911! I used to own a Porsche but that was a while ago and my memory may be fading. I've test driven 911s often but never bought one due to one thing our another. The latest was a 997 - 911S with all of the go-fast stuff.
    I would not call the Vantage a GT as much as a sport car as it does everything a sport car should do and it does it well. You could not use all of the power or abilities of the car on the street as you could not do that with a Porshce too.
    The steering is tight, the body solid and stiff, the ride is not teeth-jaring and the breaks work great. Compared to a 997 the steering seems to be the one thing not quite as nice, but then again Porsche has had 40+ years to get it right. From my point of view, it's too close to call between the two so exclusivity wins out for now.
    As for delivery, I ordered in November, as was told to expect September delivery, now it seems to be January '07. the dealer tells me only 150 will make it to the states this year and his allocation of 20 is down to about 7.
    Well, I have a few months of extra time to relish the luxury of my SL before I revert to driving again.
    As for price, if you are marginal on being able to get a Vantage, DON'T. As I was advised, do not invest in anything that needs to be fed or maintained -- This is a purly pleasure ride.
  • praskindpraskind Posts: 4
    Just got mine a week ago... LOVE IT. What is the bypass that you are referring to? And do your shift indicator lights ever come on to tell you when to shift (not that I need to know...)?

    Really no issue with my car at all and with 160 miles on it-I couldn't be happier.
  • bcranesbcranes Posts: 2
    If your car has a quiet exhaust up to 4K RPM, then all hell breaks loose, the car has been delivered as Aston built it to meet drive by noise regs in Europe. If you have a rumbly exhaust from idle, the bypass valve has been changed to the open position all the time. Should be obvious from the sound.

  • longupslongups Posts: 2
    bcranes, is the bypass reversible at all? Can you do it without a dealer?
    Sounds nice to have, but on quiet Sundays it may be too much!
  • praskindpraskind Posts: 4
    Where is this valve? How does one open it? Also what about the shift indicator? Does yours come on?
  • kpererakperera Posts: 1
    I've read (on that the exhaust valve, which opens above 4000 rpm to unleash the louder sound, can be setup to always be open, by your dealer. They call this "uncorking" it. Some owners think it's a little too much though. I've heard you can remove fuse number 22 in the back and this accomplishes the same thing, so you can can an idea of the sound, and if you like it that way you can get your dealer to set it up that way properly.

    My delivery is still 9 months away, but I don't mind. Gives me a chance to get some cash together for it!!
  • kansashickkansashick Posts: 39
    Just talked to my dealer. My car is built, test driven and ready to ship. It should be there in 30 days and my driveway in 31.

    I am making this my "company car" so that I can write it off. Has anyone on the list checked out leasing options on the car. Ford Premier Auto will do a lease, I think, but I would like some options.
  • kansashickkansashick Posts: 39

    Moore Jaguar Aston Martin in St. Louis can probably get you a car by the first of the year or sooner. Of course, you would have to have it delivered but that should not be too expensive.
  • kansashickkansashick Posts: 39
    ask for Tony Longhibler.
  • hyunpark80hyunpark80 Posts: 2
    I am planning to place a order AMV 8. I want to get a idea how much maintenance fee will be costed annually?
  • kansashickkansashick Posts: 39
    There should be no maintenance to speak of for the first three years since the car comes a three year, unlimited mileage warranty. There is the 1000 mile check that I am assuming will cost me about $600 but this is just an assumption.

    After three years? Astons have a history of being expensive to maintain but the factory claims that this one is different.
  • kansashickkansashick Posts: 39
    What a car! Certainlyl the most beautiful car that I have ever owned or seen and the performance is spectacular. I don't know what people are talking about when they complain of the shifter, it is notchy but very precise and sure-feeling. The clutch is great and the pedal placement makes for very easy toe-heel downshifting. And the exhaust sound is simply wicked.
  • carguy007carguy007 Posts: 2
    just took delivery of the Vantage (end May). Be warned this has been the worst car buying experience of my life!

    The vehicle was delivered with a number of minor defects but a major intermittent problem with the a/c which in Texas is a serious issue. After much correspondence with Aston Martin (USA) two visits and 11 days at the dealer (who apparently can find nothing wrong despite his own salesman experiencing the problem) the car remains there in exactly the same condition it was delivered in.

    You would have thought that AM would wish to protect their image and do the right thing by promptly buying back this lemon but no, they accept no responsibility and insist on further futile repair attempts forcing a law suit in the process.

    The car looks great there is no doubt, but at this price point you need the dealer and manufacturer to go the extra mile to protect your investment.

    And just for the record I also own 997S and find it much more satisfying and fun to drive.
  • My V8 Vantage will be built on 10/12/06 as a 2007 model. Can't wait. Put order in March. Dealer has been great and very easy to get answers from about what's going on with order. Any one have problems at delivery, mechanical problems or issues with dealer after delivery?
  • Thanks for the heads up!!! I will go over my car with a fine toothed comb to be sure I don't take delivery unless it is perfect. Thanks agsin.
  • The Vantage is drop-dead gorgeous, no doubt, an dit way high on my list of dream cars.

    The Truth About Cars ( did a review of the Vantage. THey tend to be hypercritical (it is no 911), but the writer did swoon about the looks. I'd take it before a 911 any day anyway.
  • Any1 know's a good car dealer in "The Netherlands"
  • any 1?!?
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    This message board doesn't get much I doubt you'd get a response.

    As it is, there aren't too many Aston Martin dealerships anyway...example, for Denmark it's Copenhagen, for Norway it's Oslo.

    So your attempt to find a good one, may end up being the only one.

    I'd just use the Aston Martin dealer locator to find the few dealerships
  • maverickjmaverickj Posts: 16
    i just have to say..u guys have my dream car haha :cry:
  • tullyfetullyfe Posts: 4
    I just brought my Vantage in for the first inspection and I mentioned to the dealer about the way the transmission clunks into first and sometimes into second. I know it's a semi-automatic and it's my first experience with this sort of transmission but I am surprised at the roughness in the low gear shifting including reverse. If there is anybody out there experiencing the same thing, I would love to hear about it. Of course, the dealer said it was all normal.
  • Of course the dealer says it's normal. Even if the car blows up into 500 pieces, you will hear it's normal.

    You will also be told backfire sounds are normal. And if you call to complain, you will be told to get an attorney first.

    We all got screwed.
  • This is a known problem with the car and there is a service bulletin out on correcting it, number 236. I had this service performed on my V8V and now it shifts very smoothly.
  • My post is in error, I did not notice that you were referring to the sportshift.

    I have not heard of this problem on the V8V forum at AMOC.ORG, the owner's club forum.
  • There is also a slight vibration at times when first gear engages. I believe you refer to it as "clutch chatter". I was also told that was normal. If anybody is out there driving with a sportshift, I would love to have your comments.
  • No clutch chatter on mine - w/ sportshift. And service guy says putting fuse 22 back in - "re-corking" the exhaust so it only screams over 4k rpm - will stop the backfiring. Will report back on that...
  • What about a clunk when it moves into 1st gear. Also when you are crawling in 2nd and accelerate, do you get a clunk?
    I just find the transmission very rough and jerky.
  • No clunk on mine moving either down into 1st or into 1st from Neutral, and quite smooth in 2nd.

    It does rattle a bit if you're on/off the gas at very low revs, as if there's a little play somewhere in the linkage. I had a BMW that was similar; a higher-torque engine w/ standard trans is going to toss you a bit if you can't decide whether to stop or go.
  • I don't think I saw any posting on tips on buying a Vantage. Is it not cool to discuss pricing on Astons or does everybody paid full retail. Mind sharing your experience here?

    I also checked pricing of used 06 or 07 vantages on ebay and the asking prices are very close to new car list price. Do Vantage really hold value that well or are those asking prices completely unrealistic. What kind of price should I expect for a low mileage (<3k) 06 or 07 car.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    There's no Vantage topic in our Prices Paid and Buying Experience Forum, but you can request one here.


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  • Thanks Claires. Just request a thread to be added. Hope the new thread will have some decent traffic.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    Tada... Aston V8 Vantage Prices Paid and Buying Experience

    They're waiting for you :-)


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  • quattroquattro Posts: 93

    Ladies and Gents. Please share your experience on the Buying
    experience thread.
  • quattroquattro Posts: 93
    More than a few have complained the Vantage lacks low end torque and I tend to agree. Read from Evo and other other British car mags that the Prodrive engine package cured this problem with both upped hp and torque.

    I asked the factory rep at a factory test drive and I was told there is no plan to offer it here and there is no plan to improve the Vantage engine output for 08. I wonder if anyone has heard otherwise.

    I'm holding off getting an 08' hoping Aston will up the engine output as an upgrade for 09'. With the M3, RS4, upcoming AMG C class better the Aston power hands down I think it's a matter of time before Aston has to respond.

    Your thoughts?
  • Regarding the "clunky" shifting, this is a known issue and there is a factory service to fix it. I had the service done on my '06 coupe and it now shifts very smoothly. The service is free.

    With respect to '09 pricing and hp, the Vantage is supposed to get a 40hp and associated torque boost for '09. Replacing the stock exhaust with the Quicksilver system will provide an extra 20hp to earlier models. The cost of this system is about $5000.

    There is also rumoured to be a price increase, perhaps as much as 10%. As most of us know, the dollar has tanked against the pound and the euro in the last several years and Astons are British built from largely european content.
  • stisti Posts: 1
    the vantageN400 caught my eye but the're sold. Should I wait for a 2009 with more HP and $ or could I get a 2008 with sport suspension and exhaust for similar performance
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