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Aston Martin V8 Vantage



  • kansashickkansashick Posts: 39
    The 2009 indeed has 40 more hp and is much quicker. It also has new dampers that improve handling and an interior that looks like that of the DBS. The price increase is $13,000.

    So,do the math. You can get a 2008 roadster at a discount from invoice of about $15k or wait and get a 2009 in the fall and pay full invoice. The difference is $28k and you miss this spring and summer with the car.
  • Well i suggest that those who experiencing with the noise on gear operation kindly bring it to the authorize dealer they have to do something for that , just a matter of tuning ...
  • tullyfetullyfe Posts: 4
    I posted last Aug. about clunking and also vibration getting into first(sportshift). They fixed the problem by changing the clutch. Then it had this farting noise when the car started up and almost a year later after reading it on these postings, I mentioned it to the dealer that the oil relief valve should be changed. And sure enough they had a bulletin on it and changed my oil relief valve. Got the car back yesterday and now I hear this chirping noise which is very aggravating.
    I cannot wait to hear what kind of explanation I get about that. If anybody out there has had this chirping noise, I would appreciate your comments.
  • Is this chirping Noise appear in idle especially newly start the engine?
  • spingirl3spingirl3 Posts: 4
    I'm looking to make a purchase of either a 2006 or 2007 Vantage-both have low miles and are in excellent condition; however reading the discussions I've seen posted here about lemon vehicles makes me wary that maybe these vehicles might be one of these traded in lemons. The Vantage I like the best is from a third party auto dealer specializing in exotics in Scottsdale, AZ; the other at an AM dealer. Any way to find out if either of these vehicles falls into the lemon category? My thinking is that I'm more at risk from the third party dealer since he's not an AM dealer and once the deal is made, could care less about me since he does no servicing, etc. :confuse:
  • Well..i think its better to take the one from AM dealer b"çoz they will sell vehicle in a good condition even if its low or high meleage, ,as a dealer reputation is always there ,, :blush:
  • Just wondering where the trunk release is for a 2006 DB9. the release button on remote is not working :confuse:
  • spingirl3spingirl3 Posts: 4
    that's what I figured but I still didn't feel as comfortable as I wanted to be so I bought a new Carrera S over the weekend -- yes, its more common and certainly not the exotic beauty the AM is but I have the performance AND the warranty I want, plus the dealer is hours closer. I'll still check in and maybe some day, I can buy a new AM....
  • dhsieh9dhsieh9 Posts: 44
    I current own a Porsche and I found plenty shops that specialize in servicing them. Given that convenience and choice, it makes me have 2nd thought of owning an AMV8 even though AM offers more exclusivity and arguably better styling than Porsche. This is not to mention all those troubles & frustration reported from current AMV8 owners I read in this forum. That said, I am still salivating whenever I see a AMV8 from the dealer showroom. Should I just stop thinking of owning an AM completely or am I dreaming that AM can be like a Porsche?
  • well, a consolation: one of the great advantages of owning a Porsche is the club and taking advantage of the DE events --not sure if A-M has something similar but if they did, I'm still not sure I'd chance taking it on the track anyway--still the A-M is an incredibly beautiful car and thankfully living in a smaller city, I don't get reminded of what I've missed out on. :cry:
  • I am seeing low mileage 2006 V8 Vantage at astonishingly low prices. Can this be real? $75000? Is it the economy? Will they keep dropping or go back up? Is this my only chance to obtain my dream car? Please advise!
  • what is low mileage? 3000, 5000 miles? That is surprising as the one I was looking at up in Phoenix was $89K and the dealer not very flexible in price, even with the trade he would be making additional money on. I assume you already have CarFax done on it? I'll be curious to hear the replies to your question.
  • dhsieh9dhsieh9 Posts: 44
    I wrote in this forum before about my interest in owning an AM Vantage. I recently did a price comparison between pre-owned 08' Vantage and 08' Audi R8. To my surprise, the R8 is holding much better resale value than the Vantage by about $30k given that their new car prices are about the same (in the range of $120k). A 08' Vantage with low mileages can be had for about $85K but a 08' R8 commands over $110K. Am I wrong about the exclusivity and desirability of AM? In my personal opinion, I think that AM has one of most appealing style matching that of Ferrari. However, does its less-than-R8 resale value say anything about its performance and racing credential?
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 21,441
    The R8 is relatively new, and has emerged as a credible alternative to various high performance cars. The high resale value may reflect it's relative rarity and it's exotic design. The A-M V8 has been around longer and is of a more conventional design.

    2001 BMW 330ci/E46, 2008 BMW 335i conv/E93

  • vodavoda Posts: 2
    The V8 Vantage has been on the market long enough now for most of the common problems to surface. Lets have a list by production year to help others who are looking to pick up a used one. Tell your experiences and the pros/cons of owning the new Vantage. This is a low production vehicle, so its hard to get true consumer information. This is your chance to share your experience (good, bad, or otherwise). So tell us: 1. The problems you've had or know about. 2. The model year and transmission, 3. Your experiences, 4. The pros/cons, and finally 5. Would you buy another and recommend it.
  • I purchased a Vantage V8 convertible yr09 with paddle shift transmission loved it great handling, fast but wish that I got it with a six speed manual, then went with the DB9 volante 6 speed manual same year. Its faster than the Vantage but does not handle as well by any stretch. Very low miles on both with very minor mechanical issues not involving transmission or power train. I understand the engines are German made and thats why I took the risk with a British made car.
    These are not Porches and would never expect to use it for everyday driving its garage art. With that in mind I have no further need for Viagra. Am on the list for the new DBS Volante promised late fall, can't wait to report on that one.
  • The 2010 Jaguar XKR has a new super-charged 510 HP engine and is priced at around $100k. The 2010 AM Vantage has only 420HP but commands $120k. I wonder if AM is loosing the touch when it comes to high performance. Granted, AM looks a little more exclusive and sexier. But is it worth iwhen you can have a better performing XKR for less than $20k?
  • Question-Can anyone get their Iphone to work on their '09 V8?
  • Hello everyone! I just wanted to ask about some tips and advices for the Aston Martin Vantage 2007 Roadster. What should I be aware of and is the maintenance expensive or does it depend on my driving? Another thing, did anyone have any bad experience with the convertible? Ground clearance? Reliability??? And anything useful to add. Please help me and thank you in advance :)
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,098

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  • steverstever Posts: 52,462

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