09 Jetta crank problem

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I have an 09 jetta and for some reason if i drive it for long distances like 30+ miles. i park and when i come back it acts like it doesn't want to start. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0xzkB1_pfc it does something like this, but for nearly 20 seconds sometimes, i have no idea what it can be , has this happened to anyone else if so what did you do to fix it?


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    Could be any number of things but one that comes to mind is that you are losing pressure in the fuel rail. Of course with a car this old the number of possibilities increases. When's the last time you had any kind of tune-up?

    A good start to the diagnosis would be to scan for trouble codes, and then, during the no-start, to test for spark and fuel pressure, to see what exactly is being "lost" during the episode.
  • little_arablittle_arab Member Posts: 2
    last tune up that i can think of is june of 2014 when i graduated.
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    A common cause for a hard restart after sitting for a short period of time with VW's is the coolant temperature sensor failing, but that doesn't really mean that is what is going on this time. You need a technician to experience the failure and test correctly and prove what is going on. If they prove that the sensor is causing an issue then it would need to be replaced, but you still need to pay for them to prove it. All too often someone will take advice like this and basically from here claim that they knew that is what the problem was, but that isn't really accurate. You can suspect it might be the problem but no-one knows anything until someone proves it.
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