Issue with running lights staying on and dash indicators while car is off

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This morning I went to my car to drive to work only to discover my battery was dead. I jumped the battery assuming I just need a new battery only to discover it was dead again only 2 hours later.

I jumped the car and turned the car on for about 10 minutes. When I turned the car off I noticed that the running lights were still on, the dash indicators for abs, oil and seatbelt were still on. Also when I use the keyfob it does not lock the doors or unlock. I suspect the car somehow is still sensing the door is open even though it's actually closed, but this is just my guess.

I fiddled with the light switch and it doesn't seem to turn off the light, nor does other indicators go away when I step outside the car and look inside. I don't want to buy a new battery if it's just going to be drained by an issue causing my lights to stay off. This is with the key out of the ignition, and me outside with the automatic lights turned off.

I have a Avalon XL 2001, anybody have an idea?? Common part or issue?


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    I would have the battery fully charged up and then load-tested. If you are limping along on a sub-standard battery, your car's computers and modules are going to be very unhappy about voltage variances. You can't get any kind of decent charge by running the car for a short time.

    How old is the battery? More than 6 years? Then it's questionable based on age.
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