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2016 smart car not safe for women

xaahidaxaahida Member Posts: 1
edited July 2017 in smart
i have a 2016 smart car & i've loved it, until recently that is. i had a flat tire due to a sidewall tear. when i bought the car, the dealer sang the praises of the fix it kit, but neglected to mention that it's useless (as are "run flat" tires) for a sidewall tear. because the smart lacks a spare tire, i was stranded. roadside assistance is useful only if you have cell phone service & dead zones abound. no service & you're at the mercy of strangers. problem #2: only one company worldwide makes tires for the car, so finding one can be difficult. it took 8 hours to get my tire changed! i have been in communication with mercedes about this issue & urge others to contact them & post on forums. smart cars need spare tires! my solution has been to order a tire & rim to keep in the car as a spare. no one knows how long it will take for the tire to arrive, so until then my fingers are crossed...


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