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Isuzu Rodeo Check Engine Light

princessnaeyaprincessnaeya Posts: 2
edited August 2016 in Isuzu
I've had my rodeo for about a year. I just had a tune up done on it and now the check engine light is on. I don't understand why because we didn't do anything weird. My boyfriend did it and he just changed the spark plugs, oil filter, fuel filter and did an oil change. Any clues?


  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 867
    Did he use spark plugs that are listed in the Isuzu manual? If not, these can cause CEL to come on. At least this is the way my '00 Trooper is and I think the Rodeo is that way as well. Lots of other plugs will come up if you search say on NAPAONLINE.COM or the Autozone site for example, but if there are not the correct plugs, the Check Engine light is almost sure to come on.

    Check post #1600 in the Rodeo forum df2000, "Isuzu Rodeo" #1600, 11 May 2005 5:12 pm

    The above might link to #1600, might not :-)
  • Cool thanks! I bet that's it...I'll have to look into that! :)
  • also i have the same problem with check engine light is on and iam from iraq and in our cuntry we didnt have isuzu shope enginniring to take a car to repaiar pls. if any one have any information to solved this problem and if thier was step to repaier pls send to me i can do myself becuse i have same information for a mecanecal of vhicale. also anather problem with my isuzu rodeo 2000 this mornning when iam driving to work the Trans light is on and flashed any one have any devaise for me to soloved this problem pls. i apprecheted and i well be many thanks if thier was step to repaier this 2 problem or if thier was any way to get a manuel for isuzu rodeo
  • df2000df2000 Posts: 60
    Find shop with OBD-II scanner and post codes here. There is a free download manual for your Rodeo on internet but you have to find it yourself(the rules of this side not allow me to post name or link).
  • df2000df2000 Posts: 60
    Also...Ignition coil assembly # 6 is different from ignition coil assembly from # 1 to # 5. Coil #6 is short type.
    Also... If during spark plugs change boots separated from the coil pack, the boot from #6 diff from others and will not sit correctly on other coils, you have to find you boot #6 and put it in correct coil pack.
  • celiceli Posts: 1
    don't use bosh spark plugs as they will cause the check engine light to come, also I have read not to use champion pugs as they will cause the engine to knock. I originally had denison plugs which gave me no problems, and I currently have ngk plugs.
    good luck.
  • Help! Has anyone had a dealer repair shop tell you the Main Engine Wire Harness needs to be replaced? My problems started with a transmission fluid leak, the dealer replaced the accumulator pison ocver, which Ilater learned is defective in most 2000+ Isuzu Rodeos. Then, the ck trans light kept coming on, and it felt like the trans was slipping. Back to the dealer, they told me my trans was shot, buy a new car. I learned it was under the $120,000 warranty, back to dealer, okay, it's covered. Then a phone call from the dealer,it's not your trans is the Main Engine Wire Harness. Any suggestions?
  • alphadogsalphadogs Posts: 1
    Sounds like you are driving my Rodeo!!!! The only difference is that I received a call this morning saying it wasn't the trans. The piston cover and gasket were replaced a couple of weeks ago. The trans is still slipping and their is a lot of engine strain/whine. Now they say it's a coil. I'm 8K miles from the end of the warranty and don't want this to go unnoticed by the dealer. As a side note, when the dealer replaced the cover and gasket after the fluid leaked out, they charged me $200 for new fluid saying it wasn't part of the warranty! I had just had the trans flushed the previous month. Sounds like faulty work to me.
  • t2friscot2frisco Posts: 1
    Three clicks on the fuel cap are NOT enough!

    Upon refueling my gas tank on my 2003 Isuzu Rodeo and following the 3-clicks rule, the Check Engine Light (CEL) came on! When I stopped to make sure the fuel cap is tighten, the warning message on the fuel cap "Check Engine Light may come on" stands out like "I told you so". When I got home I got on Google and read most of the posted problems related to the CEL.

    Then I disconnected the battery cables to reset the computer and waited for 5 minutes. After putting the cables back, the CEL goes away.

    The 3-click rules may be 4 or 5 or bunch click to make sure that the sensor sees the cap being closed!

    The CEL is a latch desgin. Once the fault is triggered it won't goes away until it is instructed to clear. One way to clear the latch is to disconnect the battery cables for about 5 minutes. There are two fuses, namely ECM Main and ECM Backup, in the fuse box under the hood on the passenger side. Maybe taking those two fuses out also resets the computer but I haven't tried it yet!

    I don't know how the fuel cap sensor works though. I don't see any electrical connection out of the fuel cap!

  • Having a shifting problem. We live on a rough country road. Rodeo had problem when we purchased it three years ago. Mechanic at that time messed with a sensor,[ would not tell me where it was], problem then cured. Can not locate this sensor. Truck is mrs. so can't give better clue, has been serviced, could not get to spark plugs { hidden?}. Can you give me clue where to start? Waynes manual doesstate or show where sensor is or how to get at plugs. thank-you for any help you may have. Hardridincwby
  • kstjmy2kstjmy2 Posts: 1
    The transmission light just started blinking and my check engine light has been on forever and the ABS light is always on. We have put it on a scanner and it says that the cad.converter or O2 sensor but nothing on the ABS light- Just changed the brakes on it and I have no idea why the trans light is now blinking? Anybody have any ideas.
  • This sounds odd but, check alternator. If a triode on the charging side is even slightly weak thing get weird. If thats not it, check sensor on rear axle. Ours wiggled loose, hard to diagnose.
    Good luck
  • hi, just got a 2001 rodeo lse, love it, however, the cruise control keeps engaging on it's own, and if i don't catch it right away, it totally makes my car die!! the cruise set light and check transmission light comes on, if i catch it i can disengage it, but otherwise my truck just quits on me! have taken it into a friend who's a mechanic, nothing comes up on the diagnostic check, we wanted to just take the cruise out, but i guess in the rodeo there are two computer systems, instead of just one, and he doesn't know which one it would be in!! he doesn't charge us, so that's why we haven't gone to a dealer yet, does anyone know anything about this? :sick:
  • I bought a new aftermarket locking gas cap and every since then I've been getting the CEL to come on sporadically. The CEL does turn off after the computer cycles enough times to clear. Going to try the battery cables. I only get the CEL every so often now, because I realized you have to keep on-a-clickin' the cap.
  • I have a 2000 Rodeo 4 dr, 2WD. The check transmission light started blinking and the vehicle is struggling to shift into the fourth gear. The check engine light also just came on. This vehicle is serviced by the dealers on time and the transmission check was also done a few months ago within the dealer specified time and all was ok. The vehicle mileage has only just passed 50 thousand miles and it is not been driven hard. What should I do or expect the dealers that service the vehicle to do?
  • Did you ever receive a reply to your query about your shifting problem? I've also got a 1999 Isuzu Rodeo V6 and it's having the same problem. My CEL and ABS light came on months ago but hasn't affected the performance of the car. I drive about 100 miles per day. Shifting problem (clunks between 2/3 and when downshifting) started about a week ago, then went away by itself the next day. This morning started again. I also live on a very bumpy country road and was wondering what kind of a sensor you're referring to or possibly something has vibrated loose. Thanks for any help :confuse:
  • We have a 95 Rodeo and the Check Trans light has been blinking for over a year. They couldn't find any actual problem (it drives fine) so they suggested replacing the computer (>$1k). That's almost half of what it's worth, so we decided to wait...
  • Wow is so nice to see someone else with the same problem. However sorry your having it too. Anyway I have a 2000 Rodeo LS It does the samething the Trans Lite and Cruise Control lite both come on and go out and the car stutters also like its starving for gas. We took it to AAMCO Transmissions and they said nothing was wrong with the transmission. After I had it flushed for $200.00. They said it was electrical and could not find the problem. Of course when they test drove it it did not happen. They had it for 2 days and nothing but $200 out of my pocket. I took the car to Auto part store and asked if they would put the scanner on the computer to check for errors. They did and Nothing it came back it PASSED. I know it has to be something shorting out but can't find it.

    Have you any success finding the problem? I would be very greatful in finding out. If I find out I'll be sure to tell you .

    Thanks :sick:
  • My car has been doing this for over a year...we've spent so much money..They've disconnected the cruise control and all sorts of stuff but now all they can say is we need a new computer. But in the same breath (this is the dealer) they indicate that the computer on the 2000 Rodeo "never goes bad" so the computer we need is now on a slow boat from Japan.

    It's so dangerous to drive my car...fortunately I only work about a mile from home and never take it anywhere else. It studders at all the wrong times but I find it to be more frequent during the warmer months. I actually got through the winter with little problems.

    I know it's not the computer.....It's definately electrical as the very first time it happened the car just died and all the lights, radio, etc just conked out.

    I'm not excited to spend the thousand bucks for a new computer on this car. Did you receive a reply to your post. Does anyone else knowhow this can be fixed?
  • Update on my shifting problem on 1999 Isuzu Rodeo (intermittent clunking between gears). Did alot of research and the consensus I found was that there is a transmission range sensor that apparently gets moist every time I run through puddles. If I drive for awhile, the problem always clears up (must dry out). I found an article which shows how to change it but I don't know how to attach it. Link to article is at
    Also, my CEL is definitely caused by the gas cap not being tight enough. As soon as I really crank down on it, the CEL light goes back off. Hope this helps y'all......
  • Hey, did they pull the fuse to disconnect the cruise control? We didn't have an owners manual when we bought it, i have been told that the fuse is in the box to the left of the steering wheel, you can only see it when the door is open. I would like to try and do it myself instead of spending who knows what for a shop to pull the fuse! If you can look in your manual, hopefully you have one, can you let me know which one it is?!? Also, in the event that you didn't already know this, as soon as you see the lights come up on your dash, if you push the cruise control button once, i have two places where the cruise is, but when i see the lights or feel it stutter when my foot is on the pedal, i push the button on the outside of the wiper stick (have absolutely no idea what you call the thing), and it disengages it without the car dying. Only thing that sucks is that you're constantly checking the dash! I have a 3 year old, so between being the driver, searcher for lost toys, crayons, whatever, you only have a split second to push the cruise button! It does work though. Our friend has his own shop, and just like you said "nothing comes up on the diagnostic check". How screwed up is that?!? I've checked for recalls, but so far no luck. Let me know if you find anything!! :confuse:
  • Yes. It directed me to another site. Wayns manual says item is the nutral safty switch, told how to remove take apart clean and reasemble. Havenot taken it toldly apart but cleans has helped big time. Good luck :D
  • I'm having the same exact problem with my 2001 5 Speed Rodeo, and it only seems to happen when I go over a buump in the road but it doesn't always do it, I've had the car buck when it engages and sometimes even shuts off on me. I talked to the lady that sold it to me and she said she thought her husband had fixed it because it had stopped doing it. She is suppose to get back to me tonight at work to see what the problem was. I love this truck but that gets on my nerves.
  • While driving in snowy conditions my wife, pulled in for fuel shut down the truck, after restarting: when turning on head lamps noticed left turn signal not working, turn off lights signal works but also flashes gear indicator light. Any Ideas?
  • This is what I got from the guy who had the car truck before me :

    The problem with the car before was with a part called the power steering pressure switch. It's just a small sensor that is in the pressure line of the pump itself, actually just under the hose.

    What you have to do is take out the power steering pump, which is located on your right (drivers side) if you're standing in front of the car facing it, remove the pressure line, and then if i remember right, you'll see the switch. It's kind of hard to get out because it gets lodged in there because of the pressure.

    I actually replaced it, but I was also told you can just clean it because what makes it not work right is dirt getting in the power steering fluid line, and it was dirty in there when i changed the switch before. I did clean it out, but i guess it's possible that it might have gotten dirty again.

    Another thing I was told is that you can just completely disconnect the switch all together, and the problem should go away, but I didn't even try that because i had already taken the car apart and bought the switch when I found that out.

    i can't imagine the switch went bad again in only a few months, but i guess you never know with cars. Maybe a cleaning is all it would need though, but the thing is that you have to take everything apart just to clean it anyway.

    I have the Haynes manual that explains what to do, but the picture they have in it is actually from an older Rodeo, so it really wasn't all that helpful anyway. It does give the directions though on what to do, so if you want it, you can have it.

    Hopefully this helps

    All I did was disconnect the two plugs that are near the power steering pump and cleaned them out and sorta re attached the PCM....I cant believe how dirty these things get . clean out the plugs first.. That's what I did and it hasn't done it for me in a week. Maybe that sensor is bad on yours or maybe those two plugs might need to be cleaned and re attached. I'm just glad the problem hasn't occurred in a week.
  • Why would the PCM affect the cruise control light and the transmission light ?

    When you made the change, did if fix the CC light and the Trans light problem?

    Can an idiot do this himself.

  • carblccarblc Posts: 1
    I have the same problem and now I'm going to take my car to the transmission center to have it checked, did you ever figure out why the cruise control and trans light keep coming on and now mine is not even driveable, because it almost instantley dies out
  • becky12becky12 Posts: 1
    When the car starts the rear windshield wipers come on and also the check engine light........what do we check? Turning off the windshield wipers does not work.........
  • I recently bought an isuzu rodeo 2001, manual, 4 cyl. the check engine light is on, i took it to discount auto parts and they did a scan check, what came up with was the camshaft position sensor, i bought it, but now i am trying to figure out where does it go? can i get some help on this. :P
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