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    I have the same problem on my 2000 rodeo, cruise control lt, rear defrost lt, no indication on dash of what gear I am in (stays 'P' no matter what), and slipping in 2nd to 3rd gear, also xmission fluid leak (dealer already fixed that today - leaking from selector shaft). They want to change the whole harness out at my dealer and I asked about finding the one wire and they said there is no way to ensure the correct wire - sounds like BS to me if you had yours fixed at a dealer and cost you ~$400 and the harness will be $1100 plus tax - think I should take it elsewhere or what dealer did you use perhaps they will do it if they talk to that technician?? I wonder if I can drive it for awhile as I research more - do you think it will tear things up? Thanks!!
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    As I stated on my posting, the wire that was loose engaged the trans and cruise light together, causing a chugging or stall. The repair was done at Fucillo import auto mall in Watertown NY. This was done on available time by the tech. between jobs. I was very fortunate to have a curious technician take the time to dig into this job. Good luck in finding the source of your problem. I hope this helps. Marc!
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    thanks so much steammarc, apparently this is a common problem with this vehicle, I had the dealer repair the trans leak and I drove it to my friend's mechanic and on the way over the "check trans" light came on which it didnt do before and the cruise light was no longer on but the rear defrost and not indicating gear was still there and still really rough from 2nd to 3rd, i hope this mechanic can find the wire(s) that are shorted and avoid the cost of a new engine harness. Even if the whole harness needs replacing perhaps he can do it cheaper - if not, back to the dealer - crazy car stuff, thanks for replying!! next time I am buying a honda ;)
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    I have a 99 izusu rodeo. I seem to be getting a lot of gas in spark plugs. They foul out at about 500 miles. When I go out to crank it, it takes about 4 or 5 cranks and when it does crank its shaking like a dog scratching fleas. After I let it idle for a min or 2. then I have no problems. Gas gage doesn't work and check engine light goes off and on. Mostly on. No oil lecks But I have to add About half a pint of oil between oil changes. My fan runs even after I ve cut the car off and I have no air. The main problem is the spark plugs. And shaking. Not wanting to stay crunk. anyone can help thats.
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    dealer wanted to change whole engine wiring harness $1200 (with diag) on my 2000 rodeo, took to another mechanic who found 3 shorts in wires, replaced the wire and it cost $250. I did recently take it back because it intermittently has a rough transition from 2nd to 3rd gear which I am thinking is another short.

    Don't know about the gas in spark plugs issue, but good luck all
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    I have not been able to smog my 2001 Isuzu because the check engine light is on. My problem sounds identical to others I have read about in that the fuel sensor indicates either low or no fuel which is not the case. If I have a private mechanic fix the problem ( so far estimates range between 650 and 800), will I have to go to a dealership to reset the computer? There is no local dealership so this would end up being inconvenient as well as costly. Thanks for any insight.
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    That problem with the cruise control light and check engine light came back and when I took it to my mechanic he found a couple of wires that were exposed (Stripped) to the metal of the car and engine and were causing shorts when I'd hit a bump in the road . He taped up the exposed wires and I haven't had the problem ever since. These trucks are great but my God do they give a crap load of problems when they decide to go bad. After that problem, my A/C compressor went and now I have a check engine light on for the Evap Solenoid .......Any one know if this is a hard fix?
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    Scanner says two front 02 sensors, not registering, replaced all four sensors, get same error code. Checked sensor signal wire reading says 3 volts but should be .09 volt max. Ruled out wiring harness because there is continuity from signal wires to computer. Can anyone help.
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    I was trying to change the spark plugs and wires on my wife's 1998 Rodeo. When I pulled the plug boot, there was oil on it. It was on the other three boots as well. I have a misfire in cylinder 2. I put a new set of wires on but, the idle is still rough and it doesn't accelerate like all 4 cylinders are firing. Why is there oil in on the boots? Should I wait until I figure out the oil situation before putting in new plugs?
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    Good evening all,

    I also have the check engine light on. I had it looked into, and I was told that it is due to a bad Oxygen Sensor. It's not going to cause the car to break down, but it is slightly damaging my gas mileage, and causing that check engine light to stay on.

    Does anyone know if it is possible to clean the inside of the fog lights? I have some rusting due to water intrusion. I am getting ready to replace both lamps via a new assembly kit, but I am trying to avoid spending $150.

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    I had that problem too and the issue was a loose wire connecting the engine control modude to the crankshaft sensor switch. The engine control module does not sense where the crankshaft position is when the wire moves, and that causes things to go snaky, such as the transmission and cruise lights coming on. This issue took a good mechanic in Syracuse one and a half weeks to find. Total cost was $425.00,$395.00 for labour, and $.99 for the new wire. Good luck!
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    my check engine light has come on since about 4,000 miles. I find that when I fill up the tank it goes off or shortly after that. It seems to have a mind of its own.
  • justagirl7justagirl7 Member Posts: 9
    my 2000 Rodeo has suddenly lost from about 20 plus around town, down to about 12 mpg . I only have 37,000 miles, original owner... no computer codes have been found. It started in March...
  • justagirl7justagirl7 Member Posts: 9
    I have same thing. When I take to mechanic, they say no error codes have registered.
    Usually when I fill the tank with gas the Check Engine Light goes out. and ABS, it just goes off for a long time, then comes back on for a few days.... I thought it was when I did alot of braking going downhill mostly, and that seems when it comes on more, but also just stays on after all that and am on flat land... :?? Car runs fine, except now I am starting to see very low gas mileage
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    I have a 1996 Isuzu Rodeo. None of the tail, instrument, back-up or front running lights work. I put a new fuse in the socket labled "Tail, Instruments" Still nothing. I have Brake, head and turn signal lights. There is 12V present on the fuse socket.

    What else would be common with all these lights?

    Thanks, Grandpagator
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    same thing is covered under warranty
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    Check engine light been on for a few years now , i ignire it because it comes and goes good gas milage some times , any way i think i need to top up my transmission fluid but i cant seems to find the oil filler plug i look in the hand book then i check my tranny but i cant seems to find the right place to put the fluid thanks .
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    That would be great if it didn't have to pass inspection every year and with the check engine light on it will not pass inspection.
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    i was wondering the same thing. i have been told that it is a sealed trans and will not need filled which i dont understand that at all.
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    i was driving down the road then stoped. had trouble going again shifting next gear then my car dies dead battery i guess changed the terminals and rechaged bat. because i just got the bat last year. check engine light is on and has been when this started abs light came on reduced power light and battery light. after all changed everything went away for about 2 days now trans light is on and shiftin wierd so now how do i fill my trans? already checked manual and there is no fill up spot.
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    I have a 2002 isuzu rodeo sport. today the check engine light came on the code is PO342 its running fine I don't hear a misfire or idleing seems o.k. what should I check
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    Just go purchase a ScanGauge and you'll be able read the ODB Code and reset the Check Engine Light anytime you want.
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    Im having the same issue with my '02. Ive tried everything i can think of to fix it... Did you ever figure it out?
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    The only thing I know is that when you fill the gas tank up and drive around, the check engine light goes off. It has something to do with the fuel sensor . I'd love to talk to someone who knows anything about all the recalls at Izusu to see if they have recalled this faulty mechanism. In Hawaii, I cannot get their service dept. to work on my car.. they want to keep in for two weeks.
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    the 3 clicks rule is so you dont suck air into your gas cap. if you dont use the 3 clicks rule your car will suck up gas causing your vechicle to stall and the check engine light will come on.
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    check your gas cap you have to go at least 3 clics on tightening your gas cap. it will say it on the cap itself. at least 3 clicks and check engine light will go off. you have to go 3 clicks everytime when you get gas
  • odybugodybug Member Posts: 4
    check your gas cap. it should tell you t go past 3 clicks when tightening gas cap. failuer to do so will cause your check engine light to come on. it will suck in air sometimes stalling your vechicle too. check your cap. then everytime you get gas use the 3 click rule.
  • odybugodybug Member Posts: 4
    check gas cap if your engine light is on it might be your gas cap. if your go to tighten your gas cap you must go past 3 clicks when you close gas cap if not check engine light will come on and your car will suck up gas and can even stall your vechicle. check out the cap itself it will tell you on cap itself. hope this helps.
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    To check, change, or just fill the trans fluid you have to find the trans fluid tank under the truck. On the bottom of the pan there are 2 nuts. One is to drain, and one is to fill. You need a mechanics syringe in order to fill. If you take it to have your fluids changed ask them if they know how to change your tranny fluid. It is funny to watch them look for a dip stick after they tell you they changed all of your fluids. Anyways, if this wasn't helpful enough- sorry- but you can also google "how to change transmission fluid in Isuzu (and the make of you truck). and it tells you how to do it. That is where I found out.
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    the code indicates that you have a camshaft position sensor, low input. check the wires and make sure that there isn't a short, you might want to change the sensor just to be sure.
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    I read on gas cap to turn 3 clicks and since then my check engine light has not come on ever again. before that, it would come on here and there until I filled the gas tank. But I read about this 3 clicks and saw that also the attendant who pumped my gas did this and never had issue since.
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    Almost since I bought the car, my ABS light comes on and off.
    I thought it was my breaks but have had them checked and no problem.
  • justagirl7justagirl7 Member Posts: 9
    My rear lights go out, all except the top light above the back window, whenever I step on the brake.
    My car is still under warranty so hope this is covered. My electric car key is also not working, but that has been the case for almost 2 years.
    This recent problem has just started. I have only 38,000 miles on my car, but had it shipped from hawaii to california recently.
  • gurutogodgurutogod Member Posts: 3
    1999 rodeo blinkers and heater fan quit at the same what I know so far.
    1 I checked all the fuses and they were good
    2.checked the flasher and replaced it just to be safe.
    3.Hazard flashers are operational
    4. Think that could possibly be a ground wire gone bad. but were to start?

    I am looking for any other good Ideas on what to check ...this problem is going to be a big drill down so I am look anyone who has experience these problems.
  • gurutogodgurutogod Member Posts: 3
    well the key issue could just be a battery in the key that activates door lock and the like. take the key to a lock smith and he will replace the battery for you.

    the other problem is best handled by a auto-electric shop or a dealership is sounds like you have a short in the wiring somewhere
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    I have a 2000 Rodeo that I had to put in a new engine. The motor is from a 2002 Rodeo. They used the wiring harness from the 2002 that has 2 speed sensors. The 2000 only has one. The check engine light stays one and it codes for the one sensor it doesn't have. Does anyone know how I can get the check engine off or bypass the other speed sensor? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Help! I'm at my wits end. I can't get my Rodeo inspected because the check engine light will not go out. I've taken it to two car repair places and all they can tell me is that the computer won't let them override the light. It runs fine and I think the light is just a glitch in the car but I've already got two tickets for expired inspection and I don't know what to do. Can anyone offer me some suggestions?

    I tried the gas cap thing. No luck. :cry:
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    Experienced the same problem twice. Onboard analyzer points to loose gas cap - First, the original cap has the rubber seal twisted. Second, the cap was not seated properly. Check rubber seal often and rotate cap three times when you place it back.
  • justagirl7justagirl7 Member Posts: 9
    Since posting this question, I checed my gas cap and it states on the cap to turn until 3 clicks. Once I did this, no more check engine light until I forgot one day to turn cap three clicks.
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    I was having all sorts of reduced power, acceleration and stall problems. My mechanic said the wire harness on my 2001 Rodeo V6 with 99,500 miles whcih i just bought was falling apart and had been repired many times. So i bouhgt the new one and when my mechanic gave me the car he said was a hesitating at lower speeds and he checked the code which was a 300 which he said didn't have a diagnostic explanation. So he told me to put in a can of injector cleanrer. I told him i heard that the grounds need to be checked. He cleaned the 4 grounds on top of the engine and most of the hesitation is gone but now the CEL light is on. When i accelerate the CEL blinks but goes back on when the foot is off the acelerator. It idles fine just those little jumps at low speeds and the light is on. Are there more than just the four grounds to be cleaned? He also told me that he replaced the 2 front Oxygen sensors with Bosch sensors could this be the problem
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    We have the same problem. so I bought a OBDll code reader $30,and with this tool you plug it in under the dash below the steering column . This will read all error codes and tell you what it may be,but you can also erase the error code which in turn will shut off the check engine light for a day or so,enough time too get it inspected. Hope this helps. WE do this every time inspection comes due,our error code is for the EGR valve which would cost me around $200 to fix.
  • rony3rony3 Member Posts: 1
    any hint how to change 1998 Isuzu Rodeo manifold gasket
  • tinmann1tinmann1 Member Posts: 1
    the check engine light comes on for bout 10 sec then goes off went to have the code read and two diff places couldnt find the place to retrive them i cant seem to locate it either any ideas were this hub is hidding
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    I just brought a 2000 Isuzu Rodeo and my 30 days are almost up and I need to get this thing registers but the check engine light is still on. I keep getting a EGR/ air flow reading, I have replace the fuel pump, and I have brought a new EGR valve. The check engine light just went off briefly yesterday, but it was late and by the time I got in there to drive again it was back on. I took it to AutoZone and the reading was still the same thing the EGR - air flow. I don't know what to try next, I keep buying the fuel injection cleaner, because everyone keep saying that I need to drive it cause it has a build up. It does have very high miles. I need a quick fix so I can pass the emissions test. HELP!
  • trick0440trick0440 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1997 Isuzu Rodeo, it has been a great car. The check engine light just popped on and I don't want to take it into the auto shop just for them to tell me a bunch of stuff is wrong. Car still runs great, the light popped on yesterday. Any ideas on what it could be? I have about a 600 mile round trip coming up pretty soon...want to find out before i go on it.

  • trosephtroseph Member Posts: 4
    did you ever get it fixed?
  • ntclntcl Member Posts: 5
    I will get back with you asp.
  • trosephtroseph Member Posts: 4
    Turned out to be my Ignition Switch causing the Check Trans and Curise Set coming on. They found the problem by turning my key slightly forward. Only took 5 weeks and $489...
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    Check engine light came on I had a code reader and it said bank one sensor one , I changed it and cleared the code and it comes back . sensor 1 bank 1 code is p000035^ two times. At a loss
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