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Please help. I've disassembled my 2007 Pacifica's console and gear shift assembly. Found the spring detached and fixed pink thingy. I'm still stuck in park. I'm out here alone so ANY help will be appreciated

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    THIS DIAGNOSTIC might help you.


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    Yes I can move the pink thing but not the gear shift.  I've been driving it by pulling the black cable manually, while I studied up on how to disassemble it and buy the needed tools for the job. My right arms in a sling! Nlol I'm seriously grateful for your input to my mystery.
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    Yes I have brake lights.  I know I'm really confused.
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    I  apologize for the delay. I've been at this disassembly for days.  Like I said earlier , it's just me.  Just a  old gal with five tools. I had to walk away from it a few hours. Yes the pink tab. I started there.  Pushed it the first day , it wouldn't release my gearshift like I was told. So I took it all apart, found the loose spring and broken pink thingy it hooks to. Replaced it. Still in park. Now I've also noticed my steering wheel won't lock. It's the only other symptom.  I'll be back at it in the morning. But honestly, what to try next??? I can't find, in all of  cyberland,  a description of what happens when you turn the key. In other words , the car fires right up, but what sends the signal to the btsi that an adult is sitting in the seat. Fuse? Relay? It's all I can imagine that would cause this. 
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    Does anyone know the process a 2007 Pacifica goes through to release the shifter from park? If so PLEASE help me. In other words. When I turn the key , it fires right up. Then something sends a signal to confirm that someone heavier than a child is sitting in the front seat before it will allow me to put it in park. I'm asking this unusual question because I'm stuck in park. I've taken my gear shift assembly apart. Found a detached spring and broken hook so I replaced the pink thingy and am still stuck in park. I can't believe something else broke at the same time. So I'm trying to understand the whole process to solve my mystery. Bless anyone that's willing to help. 
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    Ah ha! OK I got my shifter to move! But only by manually pushing in and holding in the back of. The part with the red spring around it, its called the lock out mechanism I believe.  But my steering wheel still won't lock. So I'm getting closer! I appreciate yalls input.
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    Thank you Mr Shiftright. That's a great help. It's all the safety features and what parts send the signals to release from park that's a secret it seems. But I will not stop. Can not stop until I'm educated on the subject. Thank you for your great link
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    Well I'll be! Chrysler told me my btsi was under my middle console but the link Mr Shiftrght sent me says it's under my steering column!  I'll be an expert on this when I get done. Lol but not really laughing because school starts Monday and I have a 6 year old girl. Thanks again for the link. 
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