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Honda Civic Coupe / Civic Si 2006+



  • only1harryonly1harry NYPosts: 1,140
    My '06 hasn't arrived yet (waiting 2mos for a black LX or EX coupe 5sp. manual) but I 've test driven 2 Civics so far and the seat felt the same or a little more comfortable than my '01 EX. Not sure how they would be on a long trip. That's the real test.
    Historically the Civic seats are not too supportive or too comfortable for long trips. However, my '01 seats were more comfortable than my '97's, so I 'm hoping they continue the tradition of improving the seating comfort a little more with each generation.

    I drove my '99 Integra GSR to work today (80mi. each way) which I don't do very often, and even with a back-breaking, kidney-busting coilover race suspension (650/750pound/in. springs, stock are 212F/128R) and polurethane bushings all throughout, the seat didn't give my back any problems whatsoever. Usually after about 50min. during my 1hr-15min. commute, my back starts bothering me with the Civic. I was thinking why can't Honda use the old '94-01 Integra seats and then it hit me that the Integra seats as do most other (semi-luxury or $22K+) cars, have LUMBAR support! The '06 Civic doesn't, nor did my '93, 97 & '01 Civics have it. Maybe in the 9th generation Civic we may see lumbar support :(
    A pillow or cushion usually simulates the lumbar lower back support though. Also I don't think the '06 seats are going to be much of an issue for those 20-35yrs of age whom Honda always targets. The majority of younger people don't have any back problems.
    '99 Integra GSR
    '06 Civic LX coupe
    '11 BMW 335i coupe xDrive
    '13 Honda Accord sedan (wife's car)
  • I just recently drove a '06 Si. Great handling, good stereo....regarding acceleration, I didn't feel free to drive it like I stole it, given that I was dealing with a gentleman from a Honda dealership whom I haven't dealt with before and he didn't seem to be the sporting type; however, the little that I did push it, it pulled fairly hard and sounded great. Great package overall, except the fact that the dealership (in Little Rock, AR) was tacking on a $5000 "market price increase" on all of their Si's. $26-27K for a Si? I don't think so. I'll wait until the price goes down. Anyone else with a similar experience?
  • Markup- One dealer wanted $24,999 for basic Si a $4,459 mark-up. I won't deal with them again Baytown Honda, TX. I orderd one for slightly under MSRP.

    Happy New Year,

  • Yeah, you can turn the beep off, its called putting your seat belt on! :P
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I buy from Exxon, 85 rating.

    Should you run such a low octane number? Used to, 86 was the minimum reccomended octane rating for Hondas. I'm surprised you can even find 85! In the south, the lowest available octane I've seen in my whole life is 87 (most stations have 87, 89, 93 octanes available).

    What does the manual say the minimum octane rating should be?
  • only1harryonly1harry NYPosts: 1,140
    They started gouging already? No thanks. I 'll take a new S2000 for $30K any day over the Si. It's 5 times the car the Si is. I 'm looking at possible replacements for my GSR to take over the racing duties from April to October. 1-3yr old S2K's now with 15-20k mi. go for $24-27K. Not too many available but they 're out there.

    The '06 Si is great for $21K, maybe $22K at the most. Anything over that and I wouldn't hesitate looking elsewhere.
    '99 Integra GSR
    '06 Civic LX coupe
    '11 BMW 335i coupe xDrive
    '13 Honda Accord sedan (wife's car)
  • 5 times the car , how so ?

    But you are right by the way a 2006 with VSC and with discounts runs closer to $31K. Heck who cares about the extra $9,000. 2006 Honda Civic dealers.

    Let's see when I need to occasionally carry a third person I can strap thme on the softtop of the S2000.

    It doesn't matter if I get lost, I can use Chuck-Chuck or Tom/Tom or Garmin on the S2000.

    If I want respectable milage the S2000 will give me close to the rated 25 mpg highway. The Civic Si is only rated at 32.

    And yes who need side curtains whan you have the top down most of the time.

    And if I want to carry anything more than a briefcase I can strap it on also.

    Any you don't have to lock, because they will just cut through the top. So I don't have to worry where I park the car.

    I like those narrow S2000 seats they make me want to go on a diet! H'mm maybe that is good!

    All thopse postive points on the S2000, yes I can see it is a better vlaue than a Civic Si!

    I had a modifed 1995 GSR and wish I still had it; great car. You gotta low VTECHs.
    soon to be double sixes,

    P.S.- Yes I looked at the S2000, MX5, SKY and Mini S, but I decided a convertable didn't exactly meet my needs!
  • same here in california (los angeles area). i called many dealerships around they were selling the car for 25000 to 30000. they also told me that the dealerships are getting only one Si per month. i hope that Honda make many of them to meet the demand because i want the car but i wont pay that much.
  • only1harryonly1harry NYPosts: 1,140
    Midnight: Like I said, paying invoice for an Si is a good deal. But $25-30K is outrageous. It's still a Civic! What dealers are asking for the '06 Si today is close to a new S2K price range or more than some used S2K's which is why I mentioned it. There's no comparison between the two. The S2K is not for everyone and not for you because I gather you are looking for an everyday car although I wouldn't dare venture out in the snow for my 160mi. round trip commute on those 17's wheels & tires. The Si is not for everyone (not for me) either, especially when it runs on Premium gas.

    The S2K is a real sports car with real performance #s, and it's RWD! Real sports cars are RWD. We 're talking 5.3s 0-60 and 13.5s in the 1/4 compared to 15sec for the Si and 6.8s 0-60. The S2K does everything 1.5s faster, not to mention the handling and the G's of the S2K are superior as well. I did a 14.96 at the dragstrip (after pulling several 15.0-15.1's) with my GSR with only a cheap header, AEM cold air intake, factory stock exhaust (Quaife LSD too & lighter flywheel). Car dynoed in at only 157.8hp at the wheels. Tires were Falken Azenis street tires. I ran a 14.79 in my brother's completely stock '98 Type-R, also on Azenis, which matched Motortrend Magazine's '00 road test of 14.8s.

    In my case and others that have a daily driver and want a sports car to drive 8 months out of the year or do some weekend autocross racing or wknd track events and HPDEs, it's a good choice. I never recommended to all potential Si buyers to go out and buy an S2K instead.

    There 's plenty of room in the S2K's trunk for even a suitcase. If you don't fit in the S2K's seats (I have a 36 waist and fit fine) then the car is definitely not for you. I just got an e-mail from a guy with an '04 (it's the 2.2L) S2000 begging me to buy his car for $24.5K because his wife is having a baby in a few weeks. It has 14k mi. The car is worth more. What am I supposed to tell him? No thanks, I 'm buying a Civic? He 'd be laughing at me for hours. BTW, my local dealer still had 2 left-over '05 S2000's at the beginning of December. They were giving them away for $29K even. I 'm sure I can talk them down to the $28's. Now that's a real bargain.

    I would take an Integra Type-R over the new Si any day too. Similar #s (or even faster) but the Type-R weighs 250-300lbs less. '00-'01 Type-R is my 2nd choice to replace my aging '99 GSR that's been raced almost every weekend for 6yrs. Those Type-R's can be had for $13-17K depending on mileage. The only problem is half of them have been stolen and there are very few out there for sale. I remember reading a Car & Driver (or Road & Track) article in '98 when they did a full road test on a Type-R and all the editors and drivers were fighting afterwards over who was going to take it home.
    Dealers tried to charge thousands $$ more too for the limited production Type-R's but Honda (Acura) quickly put a stop to it by ordering all the dealers to cease such action or they would face reduction in dealer incentives and dealer backed programs which would affect dealers financially. Honda dealers tried the same thing when the S2K came out. People at first were paying $35-40K when the sticker was $30K but that quickly subsided after the few "gotta have it at any cost" buyers had their way. Most people will not pay over sticker for any car.

    I 'll say it again, at sticker price, a new Si is worth every penny but noone should have to pay more. Don't let the dealers take advantage of you. They feed on that. The more people that are willing to pay more than sticker the longer the dealers will demand top dollar for that car.
    '99 Integra GSR
    '06 Civic LX coupe
    '11 BMW 335i coupe xDrive
    '13 Honda Accord sedan (wife's car)
  • I agree with you. S2000 is a real sports car with real performance & SI is way out of its league. For me, I would also pick an Integra Type-R over the new SI anytime.

    To be honest, people buy the new SI because it is CHEAP. For people who want real performance & can afford to pay extra for luxury, they will go for S2000 or Type-R.
  • Be honest, MidCow...instead of comparing performance with S2000 & Type-R, you made the SI sounds like my mom's "all purpose vehicle" :

    Oh yes, I like the Civic SI because it is cheap, get good milage, can carry more people & have a roof....mmmmm.

    Other than that, I have to agree with only1 harry that I will pick the S2000 & Type-R over the Civic SI anytime.

    The S2000 is a performance car & not a mini van....I sense "sour grapes".
  • Yes, it's unfortunate that such gouging occurs. I remember when the S2000 first came out that dealers were selling them--and very quickly, I might add--at close to $40K. Of course, dealers feed off some people whose "gotta-have-it-right-now" mentality ruins it, at least temporarily, for those who are not wanting to pay over MSRP. Eventually, though, the prices will come down, and I'll probably be looking at getting one in early '07.
    Regarding the Si vs. S2000 comparison...obviously, the S2000 is the clear winner in the performance category, and that's because it is in a different market segment. Not every car is designed to be blazingly fast.... though it's interesting how almost every year cars are getting more and more powerful. Is 500 HP for a car enough? The folks at Bugatti surely don't think so. "We just need more power to beat the competition." And so the HP wars continue. I'm sure we'll see close-to 300 HP Accords in the not-too-distant future. The Si is not a true sports car, though it is a truly "sporty" coupe with a good blend of performance and practicality. It just depends on what you're looking for.
  • coolguy5,

    Actually you didn't seem to follow the thread or the sarcasm implied. The S2000 and Civic Si have completley different demographics. Which doesn't mean that the S2000 is 5 times better as was previously stated.

    The Integra GSR Type-R has not been available since 1998 or I might have bought one.

    CHEAP is the wrong word to describe a Honda Civic Si, but it fits in with the rest of your diatribe. The Civic Si is less expensive, but I wouldn't go as far as to say the S2000 and especially the type-R are more luxurious, maybe more sporty. The Type-R doesn't even have air conditioning or cruise control; but at only 2,577 lbs with 195 Hp and a 8,500 RPM redline who cares!

    The 2006 Civic Si will is a very-fun, practical car with pretty decent handling and performance. It is a SPORTS coupe.



    P.S.- Welcome to Edmunds forums, I guess.
  • Be honest, people buy the Civic SI because of the price...CHEAP. If price is not object to them, there are a lot of REAL "sports coupes" on the market which are more fun, with better handling & performance. are using air conditioning & cruise control as your definition of "luxurious" to downgrade the type-R (S2000?) & upgrade your SI? Be reasonable, we are living in the modern world & it is hard to find a car without air conditioning in US (even for the cheapest economy car). Cruise control is not a "luxury", it is getting very common & is standard in many cars.

    To be honest, down inside, Honda SI is just a Honda Civic...& the S2000 is a real "sports car". I do agree with only1harry that S2000 is "5 times the car the SI is" (& possibly more)....& I will choose the S2000 or type-R over the SI anytime.

    But of course, if you have a limited budget & need a cheaper "sports coupe?" which can carry more people & get better gas milage, you will have to choose the SI.
  • lynerdlynerd Posts: 6
    thats steep i'am paying $360/6 months on a ex coupe manual trans, and have at least one ticket. I'am 43 so is the wife. We live near Portland Or.
  • only1harryonly1harry NYPosts: 1,140
    You 're starting to scare me a little Midnight. First you spelled VTEC wrong (VTECH) and usually a GSR owner knows how to spell that if anything because VTEC is on the little metal plate on the back of his/her car.. Then you said Integra GSRs and Type-Rs have not been been available since '98! Well they were sold up until May 2001! The Integra's replacement, the RSX, was an early '02 model released in the spring of '01.

    I 'll have to correct you again. Only the '97 Type-R didn't have A/C. In '98 A/C was a dealer installed option for the Type-R. My brother's '98 ITR has A/C and in '00 & 01 models (there was no '99 Type-R otherwise I would 've bought one too but ended up with a '99 GSR) A/C was standard. The only reason behind the optional A/C or no A/C was to reduce weight. The Type-R was built for racing with reinforced larger diameter A, B, and C pillars and no sunroof for additional rigidity, plus a 100 other differences/improvements over the GSR which I won't go into. The interior material and seats, etc. in all Integras was and still is far more superior to that of the '06 Civic. Also my '99 GSR came with standard leather as did '00-01 models. The '06 Civic Si or non, is still an econo car with more plastic than I have ever seen in a Civic before and has average cloth seats at best. Also since you mentioned it, the S2000's interior looks and feels luxurious (comes standard with leather seats and has extra leather & wood trimming throughout!) and puts the Civic's interior to shame. The Type-R's special race seats with superb material and stitching and latteral support cost 2 grand $$ to buy new. I believe that's what Coolguy5 meant by luxurious, that plus the interior material of any Acura is much better than that of any Civic. Sorry I think we 've beaten this to death.
    Back to the Civic :) I 'm still waiting for my dealer to get a black coupe 5sp. in.
    '99 Integra GSR
    '06 Civic LX coupe
    '11 BMW 335i coupe xDrive
    '13 Honda Accord sedan (wife's car)
  • Only1harry,

    Thanks for the reply. Put down only VTEC because of "temple of VTEC", yes sgould have been VTECH. I agree paying over MSRP is not a good deal and a S2000 would be better. I had a 95 GSR with exhaust system, tires, AEM and it ran very well! The new Si meets my needs for a fun commuter car! I seriously considered a new S2000 but didn't want to spend the extra 10k$ Thanks again for your comments. Tried to look up specs and dates on last Type R, but consider the source Edmunds is flawed. I almost bought a white one in 1999; at the time had some extra money and bought a BMW M3.


  • You sounds quite mixed up......

    If you are refering to Honda, only1harry is should be VTEC (not VTECH). VTECH that you mentioned is the brand name of a CHEAP CORDLESS PHONE (in HongKong / China).

    Although SI may be considered as a good commuter car, if you want to talk about fun & brag about performance, you will need to go for a S2000 (i.e. if you can spare that extra $10K).

    There were no BMW M3 between year 1999 to 2002. If you almost bought a Type-R in 1999, but changed your mind to buy a BMW later on, it can not be a M3 (unless it is a used older model second hand car).
  • Only1Harry and Coolguy5,

    Last explanation,

    Fast typing it was a typo with the H , should have been VTEC.

    Don't really car whether a Si makes a performance statement to anyone else or not. It is what I want for a fun reliable commuter car that I will probably put 20K miles per year on.

    Concerning the M3, It was a new 1998 (E36) Apline White 1998 sedan that I bought in December of 1998. At the time the 1999 Acura Integra Type R's were out and the Acura dealer had a white one available.

    Concerning whether I could afford the extra $10K or not. My finances are none of your concern, but I bet if we compared I would be substantally higher than you on the assets scale.

    Anyway, I have a 2006 Civic Si Coupe on order and that is what this discussion is about; it is not a comparison. If you want to further discuss comparions between a 2006 Honda Civic Si and a Honda S2000 or a Acutra Integra Type RI suggest you start a separate thread!

    Have a goodday,

  • My tail like lens is cracked and I want to replace it. Does anyone know how to remove the lens so I can install the new one?
  • I just took delivery on my Si yesterday. Just wanted to know if others actually have one or just chatting. For those who really have one,let's have some feedback. I paid 500 under MSRP. I am going on an extended ride today. The Roads were a little icy yesterday. The Michelin stock tires are on it. Any suggestions for improvement here? Thanks.Kazoo
  • Kalamazoo,

    Congratulations on the Si!. I don't have mine yet, put money down and ordered on December 17, 2005 Rallye Red with NAV, summer tires and fog lights at a little under MSRP.

    Double Sixes,

  • I can't believe you guys are debating which of you has more money- how juvenile!! Are you teenagers?
    I'm really enjoying my 2006 white Civic coupe. But I admit I am still trying to get used to the much more limited field of vision than I used to have on my Corolla sedan... Anyone else having issues with this? I raised my seat as much as I could (without my head touching the ceiling!).
  • earthearth Posts: 76
    My view is OK in the front, but have to be extra careful when making lane changes with that over sized rear pillar. Not happy with the seat belt either. Have to reach further back to get it. Guess I am still used to the corolla and Rav4. But, the ride is smooth and the mpg is OK. Wish it was better than 25 mpg in city only driving with the automatice, nav system
  • Just placed an order for a black si with navi. Ordered from an Arizona dealer for $21,790, $500 under msrp. I'll also get free tint, mud guards, wheel locks. Car is supposed to arrive in March. I live in Washington State, where most dealers are asking $2,000 over msrp. Might as well fly down in March, watch some spring training baseball, pick up my car and drive home. I drove a new non navi si 2 weeks ago at the local dealer. It's a great car, alot like my 2002 RSX type s. (seemed a bit slower, less rough) looking foward to the xm radio & navigation.
  • I would look closer at the other civic SI's that's something that I noticed too but that part is painted for all the SI's I ordered the Habanero Red by accident, I was told that the color was brighter than Rally red. This is Wrong, I hope that they can change it or something because I sure don't feel like painting a new car a whole diffrent color and I dont have the cheese for that. The car hasn't even been built yet and I'm sure that it will only take a phone call or two.....I'm hope
  • chuckd2chuckd2 Posts: 12
    I've been driving mine for just under 2 weeks. It's fast and handles great. I love all the features...moon roof, power everything..almost., great sound system and so much more. I do agree with the rear blind spots and how far back the seat belt holder is. From 7 to 8 grand this engine sings a nice song!! How many miles do you guys wait before "performance" testing? I probably started a little early...
    I'm getting 30mpg with mostly highway driving. I'm happy with that.
    This car was sitting on the dealers showroom floor. I walked in and bought it, and drove it home the same day. That was Jan 2. Other dealers told me it wouldn't be available until mid January. I paid 20,540. They had super fancy wheels on it that would have cost an extra 2500 but I had them put the nice stock ones back on...2500 is just a bit to much for wheels for me.
  • I drove my first extended drive in my new 06 Si yesterday. The field of vision is horrible. I have owned many coupes and sports cars, and this one will take some adjustment. I am short and raising the seat makes the field of vision worse. Also, the glare from the dashboard runs half way up the windshield which I have never experienced, drives me crazy. Maybe a black dashcover will work. I have had over 30 cars in the past 10 years and this is really unlike any other. BUT,, the car is fun,fun,fun.
  • My husband is monitoring my driving to break the car in for 600 miles as per the manual, but I pat the dash every drive and tell Chili Pepper that she soon will sing!
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