Title not transferred by lender after I paid loan

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Hey guys, I have a 2002 accord that I paid off over a decade ago and I live in California. I can prove it by my credit report. However, the lender never sent me(or my mom threw away) the paper work that allows me to transfer title in my name. The DMV says contact the lender to resolve the issue. I don't have any of the bills or paper work from the old lender. I think it's HSBC bank. I'm going to sell the car at the end of the year to a person or trade it in to a dealer so I need this resolved before then. And yes it's been registered the whole time. What can I do?

Thank You.


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    That's going to be tough.. In my state, the lienholder's name and address is on the title. If it isn't, then the DMV should be able to give you that information. That's where you need to start.

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