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I have a new Tundra withn 1300 Miles on it I can
only get (best) 14,5 Mpg (worst) 11.5 Mpg, What are
other Tundra owners getting?


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    As of the first part of this month, I had 9108 miles on my Tundra with an average of 17.17 mpg for this distance. (Reference Msg 244 on Tundra - IV dated 03 Feb '00. Your mileage should get better, altho I'm surprised at your mpg. At the very beginning my mpg was in the 17+ range. Good luck.
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    two words for ya DRIVING HABITS
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    I'm a fairly conservative driver. But I do mash the pedal everyonce in a while. Here are my stats for a Limited Access Cab 4x4 TRD with all options using premium fuel:

    1st fill-up 13.78 30/70 highway/city
    2nd " " 14.22 " " " "
    3rd " " 14.36 " " " "
    4th " " 15.75 " " " "
    5th " " 16.22 70/30 added canopy

    average distance between fill up 315 miles
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    I'm not a lead foot. I dive 6.5 miles to work about half at 45 to 50 miles per hour, I am Very happy with the ride and etc. Just not the gas mileage.
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    I get an average of 15 mpg around town and 17.5-18.5 with strict highway driving. Overall I am happy. I have been driving trucks long enough now to know that V8+Bad Aero-dynamics+lead foot=bad MPG and I am ok with that.

    14.5 sounds really low as an average. Are you using oxygenated gas?
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    Short trips are death to gas mileage. What is your warm-up time? If your miles are to/from work then that may be all you'll get. Try a full tank interstate trip and see what a steady highway speed brings.
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    Anyone out there have a V6 Tundra? Comments on MPG city/hwy?

    I've got an old V6 4x4 Ford Ranger, I'm looking to trade it in for a new regular-cab V6 4x2 like the Tundra or maybe a regular-cab Silverado.


  • tundradudetundradude Member Posts: 588
    With the V6:

    With oxygenated gas: 17
    Without: 19.5
  • dannygdannyg Member Posts: 131
    19.5 isn't bad at all for a big truck. Is that hwy miles? If a mix, approx. what mix of city/hwy?

    Thanks for the info,

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    I had a Toyota T-100 with the v3.4 V-6, average about 16 on oxygenated gas.On my new Tundra 14.5 is the best so far. I would think a Tundra with the 3.4 v-6 would get a lot better maybe 18 on the road.
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    I have put almost 13000 miles on it since last July. Its alot of highway miles mostly attributed for the 28 miles one way commute. However, a general day does include a good bit of city driving for the job (my first one). I would probably give it a 65/35 mix, with the 65 being highway.
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    28 miles????????? You don't actually have to leave Hege's jurisdiction to get to work do you?

    Oh yeah, was that Deborah Norville I saw in the passenger seat of your Tundra? Details, man. Give us details!
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    I have a v-6 reg. cab auto. with around 2000 miles. My driving is split aprox. 50% city and 50% highway. Here in northern California I believe all gas is oxygenated this time of the year. Best tank 18.36, worst tank 16.45.
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    V8 acc/cab 2whl drive,best 18.5 mpg on trips,
    normal 50/50 driving 15.6 mpg.
    Just had a Snug top cab hi installed don't know what effect that will have on the milage.
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    I work in Winston and Jamestown. Hege sends us out of the county. Plus, how many true jobs are in Davidson County. LOL

    Deborah Norville? You just saw my secretary, and you're jealous. LOL
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    You can always cook barbecue in Davidson Co.!

    I've been looking for your white Tundra around but never seem to find you. I'm in Jamestown quite often and occasionally in Winston(gotta make a trip every now and then to the Winkler bakery at Old Salem). We'll pass sometime.

    I need one of those "secretaries", too!
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    I note that you live in Wisconsin as do I. Up here the temperature is alot cooler than down south (Tennessee, Arkansas, etc.). The mileage does vary quite abit depending on the temperature. My mileage varies from 13 to 17.5 mpg with all things equal except for the temperature, and that's using regular gas and the larger tires (LTD 4WD) with TRD package. In my opinion, you are doing ok for this time of the year. Things will get better as it warms up. So enjoy that magnificent machine !
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    I get 15.2. I drive 40 minutes to work at 70 - 75 mph 5 days a week.52 miles a day. I only have 1500 miles on my truck so far.
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    Just over 10,000 miles now on the V8 4X4 Access cab and it's between 15.5 and 17.0 city/hwy.
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    18.4 hwy and 14 in stop and go traffic
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