2007 GMC Envoy/Chevy TrailBlazer

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The GMC Envoy will be redesigned alongside its twin, the Chevrolet TrailBlazer, come model year 2007.


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    What is it with these high beltlines???? Visibilty sucks! There are so many blind spots and you feel like you are riding in a coffin. Honda has it right with a nice big greenhouse. I won't pass judgement on the looks but GM better get the rest of it right out of the box! The first 2 years of the previous Triplets were full of problems.
    They need to price them right also. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

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    The Trailblazer and Envoy have one good thing going for them. A fantastic straight six and that's about where it ends. As gam2 notes, high beltlines, too much interior cladding, doodads etc. cut into interior space and visibility. I think my 96 bare bones S10 Blazer has more useful cargo area. There is a crying need out there for a really basic SUV and why not base it on the Colorado platform less the five cylinder. I don't need or want navigation systems, high zoot stereos, electronic 4WD systems etc. A lever on the trans tunnel to engage 4WD will do just fine. The best SUV I can ever remember was a brand new 1975 Chevy Suburban with a straight six, four speed manual etc. No A/C, radio, headliner. Zip. I drove that thing in a mining exploration camp in Northern Saskatchewan and it would go just about anywhere. Too low a profit margin I guess.
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    From what I can see, it looks like a cross between an Equinox and a PT Cruiser. The cargo carry dimensions look smaller. I think I'm about out of the SUV craze myself, when our 02 TB is gone we probably won't go for another.
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    While I dont' criticize your desires and needs in any way- they don't match what the rest of the world seems to want in their SUVs. Look at the marketplace. If your SUV doesn't have a nav system, backup camera, memory seats, DVD player, 37 airbags, radio buttons on the steering wheel, etc, it's not competitive in the marketplace.

    Also- the one thing that GM has always done pretty well is give you lots of options choices. From bare bones to loaded up. How can you argue with that?
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    Just FYI: reliable inside sources on other boards are saying these pics are not the next Envoy, but rather the 2008 GMC Acadia, which is on GM's new FWD/AWD Lambda platform, which will also spawn the 2007 Saturn Outlook, 2008 Buick Rendezvous and maybe a new generation of 2009 minivans to replace the current U-body vans. Word is that the major redo of the Envoy has been canned.

    -Andrew L
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    I've always thought that the Trailblazers and Envoys went too barebones. I understand that they are base models but things like keyless entry, cruise control, power mirrors, rear window defogger, and privacy glass should really be standard.
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    I'll tell you folks something - I have had it with the domestic automakers, because I have seen the light and found a manufacturer here in the USA that makes a great SUV, many infact, that are in my opinion better than the Envoy, Trailblazer. My decision is based on pure economics. The Murano is also AWD which I like, and has available Navigation and Bluetooth.

    The Murano hold it's value so well, it's embarrassing to GM. Do an Edmunds TMV on a 2004 TrailBlazer 4WD LT and the similar Envoy. You will be pricing out vehicles originally listing for low $30's. Trade in with 18,000 miles is 1/2 of that now. The Murano has a TMV in the high $20's ...

    No comparison. We all want to save money right and invest wisely? You will be making that decision with these vehicles. PASS on the 2007 GMC Envoy. GM is going to take a big nose dive in 2007 - you will not want to be part of it, and NISSAN is picking up steam and the XTERRA was critically acclaimed today! For good reason if you drove one too.

    So if you want to spend some money and really get nothing for it, please consider the Nissan Murano, or the XTERRA ... you will get a better made vehicle, better warranty, better residuals, and a vehicle that will actually retain most of it's value.

    Nissan does not need huge discounts and rebates to move their vehicles - Quality speaks volumes. I am sorry, but if you drove the Murano or the XTERRA and looked at the real cost to you in terms also relating to value after a few years - the Nissan's will appeal and it will make sense.

    Remember, Nissans are built by, sold by, service by and driven by Americans here in the USA. - you want a better SUV, Nissan has it - sorry GM, you guys are a day late, and will be a few dollars short very soon.
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    Draping French controlled Japaanese owned Nissan in US clothing is akin to relaxing with a carona in an LA Quake.

    Dude, whatever your smoking, share the love!

    Now, as for these new SUV's for 2007, it would be really nice to see that amazing 4.2L engine with DoD and VVT apparently, used in some of GM's other cars!

    Why can't the Cadillac CTS, or Pontiac G6 GTP have some 300hp? For the cadillac, we see the lexus IS is now passed 300hp!!!! GM has the right engine here, drop it in the cadillac!

    This engine can also be used in the full size cars and ESPECIALLY minivans, like the terrazza. Why not? If GM can put in in a 30K chevy, why not any other 30K GM product?

    We all know that the previous generation TB's had there share of problems, if GM really improves the interrior thats great, but they need to fix the quality issues too. These can be really great SUV's, lets see what happens.
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    Regarding the GM minivans - they will get stronger engines for 2006. They will have a 3.9L, 240hp engine which is I believe the same one used in the upcoming Malibu and Malibu Maxx SS.

    I think the Pontiac G6 GTP will also get the same engine.

    The Grand Prix GXP does have 303 hp. No sense in having the smaller G6 with a similar number.

    And the Cadillac CTS? A new one is coming out in 2007, so just wait a little while longer.......
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    that the competition has better engines. TOyotas 3.5 makes 300+hp in the Lexus. If GM really has a 6 cyl that can do that, they need it now. They need to dominate the market, now just match what other people are doing. Same goes for Ford.

    Nissan has 250hp? Put in 275 on your G6.
    Toyota has 306hp Put in that I6 with 300+ hp of your own
    Honda has 300hp V6 that will find its was down the line soon, put in more power!

    Do not let them have the upper hand! GM is doing better and better in quality, its time for the feautes and power to be there too!
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    Hard to tell from the photos if this is a seven passenger or a five passenger. I think it looks good, but GM needs to stay away from the "egg" look for SUV's.

    Regarding the Nissan Murano comment earlier being a better vehicle, that is your opinion. I rode in Murano and the transmission shifted harsh, road noise was high, and the engine was gruff. AWD? So what...I have had AWD vehicles before and it was a maintenace nightware. Yes, you might get better traction down the road, but the maintenance was not worth this gain in my opinion. The Murano is much smaller and I felt clausterphobic with the "busy" interior.
    I had a 1990 Nissan Maxima that was nothing but problems.

    I think society has been brainwashed to judge Japanese vehicles as superior than U.S these days. I will agree the Japanese engineers did a better job in the 1980's, but GM has closed the gap. Yes, Lexus and Infiniti have some very good vehicles, but my wife's Lexus RX300 is total crap!!! I think Ford is in trouble because their engineering is falling behind. Diamler Chrysler is doing good with Hemi advertising, but people who know cars know the hemi is mostly advertising...who really cares if a pistion is round or oval shape!!! All that really matters is the overall size!!!!

    GM has too many products, and their products are competiting against each other.

    GM should do the following:

    When it comes to trucks, people think Chevy, GMC and Hummer. Not Buick, Saturn, or Pontiac!!! Come on guys!!!

    When it comes to Vans, people think Chevy and GMC (like trucks), not Buick, Saturn, or Pontiac!!!
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    Let's not veer off on the Japanese- vs. American-made vehicles, nor on GM quality in general. The News & Views board is the place for those conversations. Let's stick to the specific vehicles in the discussion title, please. Thanks!

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    My brother in law was 500 miles from home with his wife and kids and just had his '02 xterra fail due to engine sludge. Looking at 3 to 5000 dollars to repair. His 1999 chevy pickup is his only vehicle til' he gets the nissan back so he can unload it.
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    I would like to see the truck stay with the body on frame design, with the normal improved GM interior as seen on the Tahoe, the new 6 speed auto. I don't want the truck to go up in price or size. it is the perfect size, and I love the turning radius.
    I would like to see, however, better OEM tires, and more ground clearance.
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    i read somewhere the 7 passenger has been discontinued
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    Just saw a picture in a magazine at the jeep dealership showed to me by a jeep employee. Another unibody to replace the trailblazer? The Lambda? Replace the equinox with it. TRAILBLAZER is a great name - why not make the vehicle as good as the name.

    As very disgruntled liberty crd owners-and happy malibu owners, we were hoping for a TRAILBLAZER as the replacement for this oil burner(literally). We want a good body on a good frame with a good pushrod engine. Get back to the basics and if you give me real 4wd with recirc ball and not rubber boots everywhere and without an aluminum front dif, so much the better. Jeep can be easily beaten - hire their disgruntled engineers?.

    We will do a free commercial for you when we exchange our crd for a new real TRAILBLAZER.

    Mr. & Mrs. Tired_Old_Dave
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    How can that be? The Murano has a CVT
    trannie. I thought CVT's had no shifting
    involved. Can someone explain?
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    I recently (today) bought a 2007 trailblazer SS. I love it so far though it just got 200 miles on it. Sounds a lil crazy but I was wondering if anyone else had one and has put a flowmaster or similar exhaust on it yet. I have the 6L engine and am afraid if I ad exhaust it will just be a waste of money or too cheezy.
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    You bought the vehicle that I want. 4.10 or 3.42 gear ratio? 2WD or 4WD? Keep us updated on your likes, dislikes, etc...
  • jworkmanjworkman Member Posts: 27
    hey folks,

    I work in the parts dept of a GM dealership, and I am pretty sure that spyshot is the GMC Acadia....comparable to the Caddy SRX

    NOT the new TB/Envoy/whatever
  • jworkmanjworkman Member Posts: 27
    hey folks,

    I work in the parts dept of a GM dealership, and I am pretty sure that spyshot is the GMC Acadia....comparable to the Caddy SRX

    NOT the new TB/Envoy/whatever
  • jworkmanjworkman Member Posts: 27
    I agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY. The Colorado would be a terrific platform for a midsize SUV that is EASILY customizable, ala the s10/Blazer from back in the day. I'm not a big fan of jacked-up 4WDs, but there already exists several lift kit and suspension upgrade options for the Colorado. The TB's front coil suspension and oddly placed transfer case (the axle extension runs THROUGH the oilpan on the 4.2 models, check it out) limits any major height mods. Also, the Colorado has a much more agressive-looking front end, and REAL METAL BUMPERS. Look at a Z71 Colorado 4 door short bed with fender flares.....it's just begging for a shortened, redesigned enclosed box to make it a tough SUV! Also, that 5 cyl they are putting in the Colorado (at least the one I drive) is a torque MONSTER! But, they definitely need to lose the traction control and tweak the braking system.....very touchy as it exists now. Now, don't get me wrong, I enjoy my 02 TB LT 4WD, but if GM offered a midsize SUV based on the Colorado chassis, I'd gladly trade. Alas, I fear that the insurance mafioso will never allow that to happen.
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    I leased one of these the day after Labor Day. I've put about 5,000 miles on it and I must say that it is one of the better vehicles I've ever driven.

    The V8 is responsive and the ride is extremely quiet. I really like the way it handles (more like a car than an SUV). It corners without leaning which is a big improvement from the 2004 Rainier I was driving.

    Plenty of room to haul stuff or people, but not so big that you can't park it in the garage.
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    I'm the owner of a 2004 GMC Envoy SLT XL. I just replaced my driver side mirror(power, heated, manual folder and with amber turning signal), but the turning signal doesn't blink after replacement. The car control center don't remember the mirror setting either. Does anyone know why?

    Thank you
  • envoyb83envoyb83 Member Posts: 1
    It is possible that your body computer doesn't recognize all the features of the mirror you've installed. Have your dealer (or a friends with the right tool) flash program the body computer so it recognizes the new mirror and all it's features.
  • alancsnalancsn Member Posts: 2
    I have a family member that weighs between 350-400lbs. Am looking for a car or suv that will sustain that weight. Any suggestions? Thanks
  • wanda11wanda11 Member Posts: 1
    i have a 2007 trailblazer liftgate lock keeps clicking, retained accessory power quit working rear wiper quit too could they all be from one problem?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    My suggestion is to speak with your dealer of choice. They will be able to try to diagnosis your concerns. Please keep me posted.
    GM Customer Service
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    does anyone own a 2007 GMC ENVOY? and if so how do you like it and have you had any problems with it? Any problems with the fuel gauge or the "check engine light" or the power windows? I have 37000 miles on mine.
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