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Mazda MX-5/Miata: Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi

    I am a 39 y.o. (for the 3rd time, lol) mom who bought a 03 miata this june. I LOVE this car. My 10 year old rides with me and I like being able to turn off the airbag on the passenger side. The car had only 6200 miles on it and I got it for around 14000. Would buy it again in a heartbeat.... very nimble in the handling!
  • In mid-August I paid $23600 vs. sticker of approx. $25200 for a 2007 Grand Touring manual transmission at Cardinale Way Mazda in Mesa, plus outrageous and non-negotiable (for me, anyway) $500 doc fee, which I have heard is typical in Phoenix. The car had some "packs" - window tint and "desert protection" coating for which I did not pay or include in the MRSP. The buying experience was pretty straighforward and involved only one "walking out and being called back episode." Not a great deal, but adequate. Only a little pressure to buy extended warranties, etc. All-in-all a pleasant and fast car buying experience. Can't comment on their financing, as I paid cash. I get unlimited free car washes, 20 free oil and filter changes, and various other discounts. Probably not a great deal, but good enough. Love the car.
  • Just bought a very gently used '06 Grand Touring, 4200 miles (only owned 4 months by first owner), manual, silver with saddle leather, satellite radio already installed (of course, I need to subscribe), spoiler, premium package, for $18,750 plus taxes and fees. This car is impeccable and just like new. I think it's a good deal and hope there's no buyer's remorse. Anyone want to tell me that I needn't fret? Thanks.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,743
    Okay.. don't fret! ;)

    I'm not sure what used Miatas go for... but, that seems like a good deal for a car with really low miles...

    It sure beats dropping $25K for a new one!



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  • wilzapwilzap Posts: 107
    Don't fret!! sounds to me like you got a great deal, Every now and then you get someone who realizes that its not the car for them, like new with very low miles on it, I would have jumped on it in a min. :shades:
  • Was just wondering how much you could deal on a Miata in the dead of winter her in Connecticut. It's snowing now. There's a dealer near me that still has a 2007 Touring with suspension pack, which is what I would want- how much can they deal on these cars, are they just resigned to keeping them until spring at this point? Sitcker was around $23,500. According to Edmunds, there $1,000 of marketing support from Mazda. Anyone know anything else available?
  • Just (yesterday) bought an '08 PRHT with Premium and Suspension packages, stormy blue, plus a few dealer options. MSRP was 29,627. Dealer Invoice was 26,611. First offered 27,000 -paid 27,700. Prob could have got 27.5K, but I'm not into haggling. Mazda Gallery in Norwood, but car was originally shipped to another dealer. Hope this helps someone.
  • I've seen many references to people taking advantage of S-plan pricing. Am I to assume that all of these people are eligible for the S-plan (Mazda employee or their family, or approved Mazda partner)? Or is the S-plan open to anyone smart enough to bring it up in the negotiation process?

    Thanks -

  • berry4berry4 Posts: 1
    Hello all,
    We are, Bert and Jenny from the Netherlands we bought the Mazda MX5 2006 we want tobuy towbar for it to pull a small caravan but it is not possible to buy one in Europe, have you a solution? With the old model it was no problem, ">in May 2008 we are on holiday in your beautiful country we visit a Mazda dealer to see if they have one.
    In advance thanks for your response.
    Jenny and Bert
  • sb55sb55 On an Island in VermontPosts: 321
    I think that you wil have better luck with your question on forums

    2007 Miata PRHT, 2014 BMW 535d X-drive, 2017 Chevy Silverado LTZ Ext. cab with 6.2 V-8

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,743
    Hi, Bert and Jenny..

    Since this discussion is focused on pricing, you might have better luck with one of our other Miata discussions.

    Try here: Mazda Miata

    Good luck!


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  • rerednawrerednaw Posts: 16
    Been shopping since November 2007. I offered cash up front for a 2008 if the dealer would adhere to the S-Plan. Both Mazda dealerships in town declined. I expanded my inquiries to Arizona and California. Any dealer within 500 miles of me said no. With the PRHT some were offering MSRP+ (up to 5k) which I considered ridiculous. For $30k+ I'm looking at a bunch of alternatives.

    So I went ahead and decided to buy used. Went with a 2006. 3rd generation and the last one to have a 4yr/50k warranty. 07 and 08 now I have 3yr/36k.
    Touring 6 speed automatic. Certified one owner, 10k miles, clean title. Runs fine so far. I paid $15k. Could have probably bargained lower...

    Considering that in Las Vegas no dealer would go below $17000 (before tax and their obscene $400 doc fee which doesn't include plates or registration by the way, you do that yourself here) for a 06 sport, I think I did okay.

    Bought out of state so I have to pay sales tax in NV when I register (ouch). I've picked up or ordered some other items (see below for a breakdown on cost)

    Not quite used to the automatic. Even with the tip-tronic, there's a delay in shifting (very noticeable from 1st to 2nd). In automatic mode shifting is a bit easier, although there is the tendency to auto-downshift which is annoying at the shifting-breakpoint speeds. Another funny quirk, if you make your turns easy, the turn signal doesn't shut off. Handling is excellent. Steering is quite responsive. Not much noticeable sidesway.

    My previous experiences are with a S2000 (04) and a Carrera (07). While not having as much pep, overall this car has been very enjoyable and for day to day top down cruising the MX-5 is hard to beat.

    So far my cost:

    Car $15000
    Seat Covers $150 (black interior in Vegas summers = bad idea)
    Mud Guards $150 (plus a couple of hours of sweat and cursing the teeny-tiny instructions. The silly plastic bolts unscrew dammit...and why do dealer mechanics not install bolts to the proper torque specs?)
    Dealer touch-up paint $6
    Door edge guards $2
    Dash cover $40
    Carfax 30 days $30
    K&N Air Filter $36.50 (no tax, free shipping)
    Shipping $500 (pesky California law)
    Doc fee $55 (reasonable for a dealer)
    Insurance $900/yr
    Registration $1200 (estimated)
    Total cost to me so far: 18,069.50
  • I wanted a black GT PRHT with everything except Sirius radio. I found two in the Houston area by using the inventory search tool (this is a fantastic tool. Thanks Mazda!)

    I started with one of those buying services where they have a supposedly pre-negotiated price. HAH! The one dealer in my area that was on this plan sent me e-mail after e-mail trying to explain how they were getting several $1000 over MSRP. I went to another dealer and dealed down to a few hundred over MSRP, but asked them to hold the deal for 24 hours.

    The third dealer went back and forth a few times, but I ended up paying what I was hoping and drove out with the exact car I wanted at several hundred under the MSRP. The guys at Joe Myers in Houston were excellent to work with and I was well pleased.
  • It seems to me that pricing is all over the map. I am not sure if it's the part of the country you are in or what.

    I contacted a number of dealerships by email and went into several. Nobody would budge off of sticker price. However, that was also when some were still on the boat and had not arrived at the dealership and they didn't have many in stock. Anyway, I paid sticker for 08 PRHT Grand Touring. I have decided I will NEVER do that again. This car is special and a one-timer for me.
  • robger99robger99 Posts: 42
    Hi. looking for any advice on a good lease on mx5 touring w. automatic trans.24-27 months 15 k/year miles total out of pocket $1000.00. Have a$500.00 Mazda loyalty voucher as am currently in a speed 6 lease. Thanks
  • drjetdrjet Posts: 1
    I don't know about the collectability of the 10th AE Miatas just yet. I have a 10th AE Miata (#3453) with every available factory option, hardtop, tonneau, OEM service manual, complete gift set and more. I've been thinking about trading or selling it, but the way everyone seems to be talking, I suppose I should just hang onto it until the 25th AE comes out. I paid over $32K for it in 1999, you would think it would be worth at least fifty cents on the dollar.

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention: it has 4,900 original miles on it.
  • howiebxhowiebx Posts: 20
    After much research, road tested Miata, 350Z and Accord Coupe. All are attractive, but I wanted to have some fun with the top down.
    I will be buying or leasing in about a week.
    It is a 3rd car, other is a suv and 4 door (wife & 2 teen drivers)
    I was offered this (did not negotiate yet)

    Grand Touring with Leather, soft top and limited slip package = $25,900
    Lease for 24 months at $295 with 2000 + tax down, 10,500 miles
    Lease for 36 months at $369 with 0 down, 10,500 miles

    Any recommendations on model choices?
    How do you like your car?
    Is the door cupholder annoying?
  • sb55sb55 On an Island in VermontPosts: 321
    I Love my 2007 Grand touring PRHT.
    Cup holder is fine for me. I have heard taller people complain that it hits their knee, but at 5'8", I never touch it. Check out for some solutions and suggestions if it bothers you......

    2007 Miata PRHT, 2014 BMW 535d X-drive, 2017 Chevy Silverado LTZ Ext. cab with 6.2 V-8

  • There's still quite a bit of stock in new 2007 Miatas in my area, I even have choice of color that I want. Anyone ever bought a new car almost a whole year after they hit the lot? What kind of a discount can you expect? Should I offer the used price?
  • howiebxhowiebx Posts: 20
    I am ready to purchase can you please tell me which dealer you recommned, thanks
  • I've never bought a Mazda. Use the inventory search on Mazda's website, there were quite a few 2007s around NYC as well, from what I remember.
  • First, I hate the door cupholder. Easily the worst "improvement" they've made. I'm 6-0, it hits my knee square. Ouch.

    Unless you're planning on racing it, I'd sure look hard at the PRHT - that's the only reason why I traded in my 2000 LS. Have only had it a week, but love the hardtop. :)

    as for price - got blue book retail for my old car, off a price that was 1000 off MSRP. So figured I did ok - was leery about holding out longer, just because of fuel and shipping costs, plus any currency fluctuations. --decided that while they may cut a better deal at the end of the season, the possible price increases made me jump on this one.

    plus - got the PRHT on a Grand Touring, with the 6 speed but on other options - just the way I wanted it.
  • lilmimililmimi Posts: 1

    It was very difficult to find my 08' PRHT in stormy blue mica with tan leather..... but I finally did. Got this car with sirius satellite radio, wheel locks, and premium pkg 2 for $29225 + tax & license. I also bought the extended warranty (10 years/100,000 mi) for about $1300, but it was important to me. Most dealers in CA were adding an additional $5000 for this car, but my dealership (Lithia Motors in Fresno CA) does not add this in. Funny thing is that, I shopped all over the state (our dealer only had red) and a dealer in another town wanted to sell me the exact same car for $6000 more!!! Lithia, who does a LOT of car sales and trades, was able to get this same car for me. I didn't know that is was the same one until I saw the sticker on the window showing the dealership who originally had it. Yeah for me! :shades:
  • miatamama1miatamama1 Posts: 41
    Who knew? Enjoy the car.
  • rheaume1rheaume1 Posts: 4
    Purchased a new 2006 Limited #356 of a total of 750 in the U.S.A. and 1500 worldwide! This is the top of the line!! Paid full list of 27,260
  • chrishhchrishh Posts: 17
    Seeing that MX5 sales are down 24% for the year and were down a whopping 28% in May I am thinking it might be best to wait till July to buy. It cannot be long before Mazda is forced to put incentives out to sell them. I wouldn't mind a lease but the last Miata I owned; 2000; was a great car and served me well till 2005 when I sold it.

    Anyone else think incentives are on the way for sales?
  • rerednawrerednaw Posts: 16
    Probably most vehicles with less than high fuel efficiency are going to get cut.

    Considering that when I tried for 6 months to buy a MX5 for a reasonable price and every dealer tried the MSRP +$5k game utterly disgusted me. So they lost my cash sale at the S-Plan price and I bought a used one.

    Serves them right.

    My next car is going to be an EV so Mazda lost out again...unless they actually make an EV Miata. :p

    Still I'm getting 30-34 MPG. Not where I could be, but not too bad.
  • chrishhchrishh Posts: 17
    Well my local dealer is advertising new miatas at 19,999... and that is 600 below invoice if KBB is to be believed for the sport model
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