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Battery or alternator?

mmickensmmickens Posts: 1
edited August 2017 in Hyundai
I have a Tucson that keep draining my battery o have replaced battery 2 x now altinator still putting out voltage usually they just go out?? Problem started after battery put in car but new one doing it as well ??


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 62,923
    You, or a tech, should test for a Parasitic Drain.

    Here's a VIDEO with the basic test.

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  • You may wish to check out Hyundai TSB 07-90-007. Apparently they installed a bad batch of radios that had a habit of drawing power enough to drain batts when the car would sit for awhile (like when you got back from your trip and got your car at the airport lot). The TSB simply says confirm charging systems are working and then totally replace the radio. I am of the belief that if you use the car every day you would never know this was happening since the alternator would replace what was drained overnight.
    My 2005 was not within the manufacturing TSB dates so I got squat from Hyundai even though I had the exact same radio and was experiencing the exact same symptoms. I ended up wiring my own switch that cuts off all power to the radio when I choose to.
    I have no idea how/if Hyundai would now address the issue if it turns out to be one of these radios in your case. If you research this enough you may come across another option. In the dashboard fuse box there is a yellow tab that disengages certain circuits. This was used when the cars were shipped from Korea to avoid batt drain on the trip. I would think this would serve that purpose again if you don't plan on driving it for awhile. Hope this helps.
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