2006 Ford Escape electrical issue, dash/instument, radio, turn signals, intermittently on and off?

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Hello! I am having a weird problem with my 2006 escape. We had an alternator issue about 4 months ago. We ended up replacing both the alternator and the battery so both are new. Today we go to start it up and the battery light and the airbag light are lit up but no other dash lights, speedometer, gas guage, the radio, or turn signals will work. We thought maybe the battery connections were loose so we took them both off and back on. Started it up and everything back to normal. Just in case I took it down to auto zone and had them test the battery and the alternator, they said both were perfect. Ok great!

Fast forward a couple of hours and I am driving along when the same happens. Now, the lights and all come back on every time I I come to a stop. As soon as I start to accelerate again, the dash goes out, radio goes off, no speedometer, and the battery and airbag lights come on. The engine otherwise seems to be working fine and I dont notice any problems with acceleration, no sputtering or anything. Checked out the fuse box next to the battery too, all looks fine there as well.

Ideas? I am not sure where to start looking for the problem.


  • Slick78Slick78 CDA, IDMember Posts: 1
    Did you ever figure out this issue my friend has the exact issue same car and year. Wondering if you could reply tkrose1. Thank You.
  • Coyotes1965Coyotes1965 Member Posts: 1
    My 2006 Escape just did the same thing ?? Battery light and airbag lights in rest of cluster is dead. Anyone know the issue????
  • cobrajetkencobrajetken Member Posts: 2
    Can anyone help me. I started having electrical issues with my 2005 Focus a week ago. The instruments on the dash panel intermittently went on and off as I was driving the car and the battery light flashed on and off. Then Both my low beam bulbs burned out. This morning I was driving the car and it died on me as a was driving down a nearby road. I glided to the side of the road and parked. The car would not crank over. The instrument cluster works but the car won’t turn over. A friend of mine came to help me. We noticed the small black wire that attached to the car frame and goes to a small block box and then plugs into a harness near the near the fuel Injectors. This wire which I now know is a fusible link was broken and not connected. We replaced the fusible link and tried to not the car, it would not crank over. We checked all the fuses under the dashboard and in the fuse box under the hood. We found a large yellow 20 amp fuse blow. I’m the manual it says that this fuse is “engine management”. We replaced the fuse and tried to start the car. It cranked over for a few seconds and the fuse blew again. We tried jumping the fuse out briefly and the engine cranked but did not start. We did not crank it link for fear of damaging something. I clear, checked and Retightened the battery terminals and tested the battery. It tested ok. Does anyone have any ideas of what the heck could be wrong. Would blow rectifier or bad connections on the alternator blow this fuse. Any help would be appreciated.? P.s. it’s a standard shift car. Thanks. Ken
  • TrucknwomanTrucknwoman Member Posts: 1
    Help same problem with 2005 escape
  • silvabracesilvabrace Warner Robins, GAMember Posts: 1
    I'm have the exact same some problem with my 2006 Ford Escape. Does anyone know what the problem is?
  • suckerforadealsuckerforadeal Member Posts: 1
    Did anyone figure the Escape charging problem out?
  • bamawagbamawag Member Posts: 1
    I notice that there is no response to any of the questions pertaining to this problem...did anyone get an answer?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 210,324
    bamawag said:

    I notice that there is no response to any of the questions pertaining to this problem...did anyone get an answer?

    It doesn't appear we've seen anyone provide a solution

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    There isn't "an answer" to problems like this. Each car has to be diagnosed as to exactly what is happening with it while realizing there can be countless cars that appear to have similar symptoms that all have different solutions. All of the diagnostics would start with confirming proper system power and connecting a scan tool to pull codes from every module on the car. From there it will be totally dependent on what was discovered with these first two steps.
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