I thought I had gotten bad gas when my J30 started skipping.

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Now my car is stalling and today it cut off and won't start. Help! I need my car asap, school just started today and that's my only transportation for my kids. Any help is appreciated!!


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    How do I accept answers?
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    How do I accept answers?

    So far, no one has answered...

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    By now you probably have had this looked at and hopefully repaired but it's worth taking a moment and explaining something about automobIle diagnostics. While there have been many attempts to suggest someone would just know what was wrong with your car based on the description. that perception is false. Someone has to start by testing and proving what is working, and what isnt.  Even then that doesn't directly lead to an answer but it does direct what testing needs to be done next. Diagnostics can be relatively easy,  and then the next car can be anything but easy.  Each vehicle that presents a problem has to be diagnosed on its own with no suggestion that it has any similarities to any other car that presented similar symptoms. 
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