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Any news on Dodge Dakota Crew Cabs in 2000 - II

meredithmeredith Posts: 577
edited March 2014 in Dodge
This topic is a continuation of Topic 746....

Any news on Dodge Dakota Crew Cabs in 2000.
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  • bigal31bigal31 Posts: 189
    I have a 2000 Dodge Dakota Quad 4x4.Does anyone know of a place (site) where you can get the same quality accessories,and not the same "high" Dodge prices? Things like bed rails, bed liners brush guards?
  • stalvostalvo Posts: 1
    I have been driving my quad cab for 5 days now and I love it. My only complaint so far has to do with the headlights. On dim, they don't seem to project much more than 50 feet. On brights I don't even get flashed by other drivers. I traded a 98 F-150 for the quad cab and the F-150's dims were brighter than the quad cab's brights. The dealer checked and claims the lights are within specs on their aiming. Any suggestions?
  • spike50spike50 Posts: 481
    Since I only had a VON and hadn't gone D-1, I thought I still had an opportunity to do some tweaking on the Quad order. Not so according to the dealer. They are saying that they would have to cancel my order and start over again. That puts me at the back of the line.
  • snowedinsnowedin Posts: 58
    If you were on "allocation" you could have moved to D-1 status. DC allocates every Monday and then re-allocates unused dealer slots on Wednesdays. I know this (per Ernie) because the same thing happened to me. Unfortunately, if I were to cancel it would have cost me my deposit (required for ordering a 5 speed). If not, I would have re-ordered. A few extra weeks are worth years of regret. Just my opinion...Good luck.
  • snowedinsnowedin Posts: 58
    ...I do clearly recall being told by Ernie that changes can be made up until D-1. I would call DC customer service and find out your status. Perhaps the dealer erred....
  • jazztbonejazztbone Posts: 10
    I'd like to second the request for links to accessory etailers to all of my incredibly web-savvy quadschmuck brothers and sisters.

    I'm interested in a brush guard, perhaps packaged with a winch, or maybe even (don't laugh) a snow plow kit.

    BTW ordered my 4.7 5sp ls Sport 2/9, went to the BX black hole 2/22, BX and on restriction as of 3/1. The only time I get impatient is when I log on to this list (so you say don't log on, well I can't resist...).

    AND ALSO, I got the preorder sheet from Cook motors in Aberdeen MD and there is this little $450 item at the bottom listed as GRP FDS. I don't think it's feminine deoderant spray, so maybe there's an ad fee in this after all and badattitude was right and I was wrong - sorry bad. I think it's still a very good deal ($720 under invoice including farm bureau).

  • lmeyer1lmeyer1 Posts: 215
    I understand that use of a plow on the Quad "will void the factory warranty". Exactly what this means, I don't know, but that's what DC said to me on the phone.
  • bigal31bigal31 Posts: 189
    Brush guards,(Quadratec Essentials) they make whats called a Euroguard. I think I'm going with that one.$299.00 I thinks It looks better than the dodge ones!And a lot cheaper.I'm going w/ the black,to break up My flame red Quad. Check them out I think you'll agree. Let me know what you think.
    P.S. Good topics on posting #772.
  • mrb9mrb9 Posts: 25
    Dee-Zee has just come out with a line of new products for the QC's. Their Road-Tube Series (I think), Has the Black wrap around style brush guard, the rear taillight guards, a cool looking nerf style tube step set-up and other various goodies for the QC's. I will be purchasing the brush, taillight and nerf steps for mine, If it ever comes off of "RESRICTIONS" Mrb9
  • spike50spike50 Posts: 481
    Talked to Ernie and then to the dealer today. Ernie says my order is being held because of an allocation issue. The dealer says that I'm BE status (edit error) and will soon go to BX (passed edit available for schedule). Either way it sounds like "movement". Can't complain with only being in the system since Feb 16.

    I don't have anything I really want to change. My biggest concern is the auto transmission. That cloud of uncertainty kind of sits in the back of your mind. My wife and have had several stick shifts but because of my aggressive driving habits, I tended to whined the gears out and after about ten years of high rpm's it took a toll on the engines. You'd think at 50 I would stop acting like a kid. And after reading about the 4.7 Dak's "fun factor", I knew I'd be in trouble with a 5 speed. I guess its good to know your "dark-side".
  • sorry to sound like such a late arriving novice, but I just started looking into the QUADS after looking at highly overpriced full size trucks. I am about to have a family and think this will offer the versatility I need.
    after reading some of these posts, I have a few questions that all of you seem more anxious to answer than any dealer.
    does anyone have the QUAD 4X4 with the 5.9L, and if so, are they having any transmission problems with the auto. after reading some of these posts, the relatively new configuration of the 4.7L auto seems to be in the infancy of the debugging phase. besides whats another $500 for peace of mind of a proven motor in the Durango.
    what are these restrictions that everyone is talking about?
    is the QUAD offered with a turn-off switch for the passenger side air bag? my wife may not be that short to be in danger of an air bag disaster, but some of my family and friends are.

    any answers are greatly appreciated by this new truck buyer novice. sorry for such a long message.
    thank you all
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Spike, keep acting like a kid. When my Quad arrives in March sometime, I will be pushing 67. The most important thing I have going is immaturity. I tried acting like a grown up, but it is really dull. Have fun, and live to be an embarrassment to your children. It's the best revenge. By the way, my Quad has the 4.7, 5 speed, 3.55 limited slip, 4X4 (of course), tire and handling plus a bunch of other goodies. It will be amber fire pearl (sounds like a wartime military radio code name). During Korea, I realized how fleeting life could be and decide to have as much fun as possible for me and my family. Hey Spike, 10 years of high RPM takes a toll on the body as well. Have a great time and enjoy your truck. No one knows any better than me how frustrating it is to have to wait. But wait we must. Good luck!

  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Posts: 765
    Snow plow - problem is with the front axle loading. Even on the RAMs the warranty is invalidated unless you buy the snow plow kit (which essentially upgrades the front end). If you are talking about a personal plow then there will probably not be a problem in practical terms, but there is the warranty issue.

    Grille guards - yeah I like Dee Zee too. I have stainless steel - bear in mind the merits / disadvantages of all three types (painted, chromed, stainless). If anyone wants me to regurgitate them again let me know.

    4.7 vs. 5.9 - the 4.7 is a second year motor (it was in Jeep Grand Cherokees for a year). The 5.9 will be replaced shortly. I know of no specific problems with the 5.9 / auto combo - though of course Dodge does have an auto tranny reputation.

    Airbag cut off - for some reason it isn't on the quad - it is on the club. I suppose Dodge logic says that they provide rear seats, but it seems a little anomalous to me.

    Restrictions are simply shortages in supply (usually) i.e. not enough widgets to put one in your truck. This changes on a regular basis. In some (rarer) cases restrictions can be caused by quality checks, problem investigations etc.

    Having fun - absolutely, you don't think my XJ-S is practical do you?
  • bigal31bigal31 Posts: 189
    Andy pretty much covered it. The air bag doesn't really make sense,think about it(all the room in the back).As far as the 4.7L its has plenty of getty up! The 5.9L is a gas hog to say the least! I think they get 12mpg.. My 4.7L is giving me 16-16.5.And that's not exactly babying it all the time.
    Andy-As far as replacing the 5.9L I think It's the 5.2L they are replacing.Although I could be mistaken.
  • hennehenne Posts: 407
    the 4.7 replaces the 5.2, the 5.7 replaces the 5.9 and the 3.5 or 3.7 is replacing the 3.9. get the point. hehehehe (sorry couldnt resist)

  • spike50spike50 Posts: 481
    When I went to and read through the items related to the Dakota and the new 4.7L, I detected the possibility of a 6 cyl. based off of the 4.7L? Didn't know if you were talking about that.

    In the Dakota Quad write up on that site, the author is recommending the "full-time" 4 wheel drive - NV242, if you're going 4 wheel drive. What do you think?

    My memory is foggy but that site may have also talked about DC "Shunkworks" to come up with a new transmission design.
  • spike50spike50 Posts: 481
    I'm the conservative one of six brothers. One has had three wives, numerous motorcycles, cars, trucks, drag cars, and a drag boat (with NOx). Been run out of Turkey, Phillipines, Thailand, etc. Max'ed out credit cards all in the pursuit of acting like a kid. At 48 he looks like he's 60 but he can still lay down a line of BS that can get him dates. Somewhere there's one in every family.
  • themacguythemacguy Posts: 417
    Bro! Wondered where you been hidin'! But hey, you know I can't do them dates anymore - straight to the prunes these days!
  • bigal31bigal31 Posts: 189
    Enough said on those (off topic responses) "jokes" lets talk "Trucks". We can go to chat rooms for that stuff..Don't be mad..This is a great forum. Did everyone get there 2000 quads?? I hope so.
  • thank you all for your answers to my questions.

    I now see why to go with the 4.7 after a few math calcs on my current gas consumption with my 89 s-10 4.3 6cyl (17-19 mpg including light city drivingand hard acceleration). 12 mpg is completely unacceptable!

    have to get taxes done on sun. before we can make our final decision on packages and options.

    actually after reading some of your posts, if i order in the next month, i might get a chance at a 2001. (i hope not, i need to scap the chevy before it costs as much as a new truck payment.)
    will check in regularly and hopefully be able to add all good reviews. if not i'll be in the market for a replacement scrap chevy.
  • I read the article at :

    As usual, we do not recommend getting part-time four wheel drive unless you absolutely need it. It makes the truck much heavier, adds to the price, and has little use most of the time, unless you
    happen to live in very snowy areas. The optional NV242 full-time transfer case provides
    all-condition, full-time four wheel drive, but is not available with the V6. This system does not penalize fuel efficiency as much, is
    more convenient, and it lets drivers use the system on dry or moderately slippery roads as well as very slippery surfaces.

    The part time makes the truck much heavier? It adds to the cost? From reading this article.. it seems that the full time system is the way to go. Any comments?
  • newquadnewquad Posts: 33
    Well, I finally after lots of research, and the help of this list, bought my new quad cab! It's white with agate interior, 4X2,power overhead, power deluxe, CD and cassette, steering wheel controls, 4.7 auto,sport plus, tow, leather wrap, 3.55. Haven't seen it yet, since it is coming from another dealership. Not until Wed. Very excited nonetheless. Want to get a bedliner- thinking about the Rhino spray in. Any experience with this?
  • spike50spike50 Posts: 481
    I guess your right. Should stick to the truck stuff - technical issues, dealers, prices, and schedules (order to delivery). Life, Liberty and the pursuit of a Dakota is what binds us together. I hope that everyone keeps providing feed back as the (many) years go by.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    On Friday, March 03,2000, Ernie informed me that my truck "has gone to frame" confirming a ship date of 03/06/00. That actually means that it is completed on that date and goes to the shipping point to await, trains, planes and cars. However, it certainly looks like a good sign. Please exert extra caution at rail crossing to prevent a possible train wreck. Thank you for your continued cooperation.

  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Posts: 765
    Engines: The 4.7 is the first of thesecond generation Magnums (if you see what I mean). Over time all of the Magnums will become these second generation - the 6 will essentially be the 4.7 minus 2 cylinders, and there will be a larger capacity 8.

    Full time 4wd vs. part time - I've said it all before, but if enough people want me to say it again I will. To my mind full time is unnecessary in the vast majority of applications.
  • ferousferous Posts: 226
    Just got off the phone, and my truck was built over the weekend. It's suppose to ship today. Estimated transit time is 4 days from the eastern side of Michigan, to the western side of Michigan. I COULD DRIVE IT IN TWO HOURS!!! I'm sure it won't take the full 4 days... I hope. I leave on business the end of this week, for a week, which means I might have to wait till next Saturday to get it... :(
    As Bootkitty asked... please drive carefully around all carriers with Quads on them.
    My order was placed on 2/3 shipping on 3/6 (2wd).
    Good Luck everyone.
  • bigal31bigal31 Posts: 189
    I think I saw your Quads today!! On the NY State thruway. (I ran blocker in front of the Rig!)From Buffalo to Syracuse. I made sure know one got close to them Quads.He He! So don't worry anymore.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Allen, we always knew we could count on you. Now who drew escort duty down I-81 and subsequently the Northeast extension of the turnpike? That was my Amber Fire Pearl Quad, the one that lights up at night.

  • mrb9mrb9 Posts: 25
    Is it true, is Bookitty going to finally see the allusive Amber Fire Pearl Quad?. Does this mean that there is a light at the end of the Quad Tunnel, is there really hope for the rest of us waiting. Maybe you should call on the National Guard Or get a police escort for that train. Call the Governor maybe he can get you a state of emergency, lol. I hope it is true Bookitty, you seem to have endless patience.More then me anyway. Hey your not going to leave us all hanging when you get your quad are you. Those of us still waiting will want to hear all the gory details on the quad. We live for your Word oh Master. lol Hope It's True, Good Luck to all. Mrb9
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    If Ernie tells me that my Quad is on the way, that's good enough for me. Don't worry, I did lose patience, but between Ernie's encouragement, and my beautiful bride reminding me how very much I enjoyed my '95 Dakota V8 5 speed Club Cab, I was able to persevere. Actually, Friday, the day I received the good news, I ordered my A.R.E. LSII lid. Because York will not produce a liner until the end of March (projected), I may have to go with a TUFFLINER. It also has slots to separate the bed into compartments. Then, the Smittybilt textured (flat) black side bars will be installed as soon as they become available. Can hardly wait. Thanks to all on the forum for their "well wishes". I appreciate it immensely.

  • if there are any shoppers in jax,fl with questions or concerns about the quad cab dakota i will be very happy to help ...pricing...comparison..etc...yes i am with a local dealer and im very competitive with other dearlers...e-mail me at [email protected]
  • snowedinsnowedin Posts: 58
    Have you personally seen the Tuffliner? I visited the site you posted a while back and got the number for a local dealer. He quoted the same price -$169 installed, but had none currently in stock. The web site picture looks cool, but I'm curious if you or anyone else has any experience with the product.
  • wetwilliewetwillie Posts: 129
    i had the tuffliner installed on my club cab, and am happy with it. i chose it over the pendaliner(dodge)because the ribbing is superior, (supposedly contours the bed ribbing). it also seems a little less slippery and it is more reasonably priced. however, i assumed the cutouts for the tie-downs would be there - they weren't. the shop would have cut them out for me had i requested that. i ended cutting them out myself, which was no big deal. just something to consider.
  • themacguythemacguy Posts: 417
    You didn't tell us you had ordered the extra 'stuff' for your truck before it arrived. Could be some serious mojo, man. ;-0

    Anyway, you might post some parts numbers for some of your 'stuff' so we can bypass some of the un-updated (outdated?) web sites these third party manufacturers' have and get some goodies for ourselves (we've actually been driving our Quads, you know). :-P
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    A.R.E. is currently producing the fibreglass lid for the Quad. Tuffliner according to the dealer is also providing the bed liners for the Quad. Smittybilt is working on the step rails, but does not have them available at this moment. I don't have any particular part numbers, only the type and model that is listed on the internet as well as on published brochures. I ordered the stuff prior to delivery, which may not be too smart, but who ever said that I was smart? Life is a crap shoot, so just roll the dice. I always read and enjoy your postings.

  • jazztbonejazztbone Posts: 10
    I read the ENTIRE bed liner list the other night and I though I'd give you folks kind of a digest.

    Not surprisingly spray-in liners are generally preferred, mainly because of the problem with the other kind moving, coming loose, and at least rusting underneath after paint rubs off.

    The two brands of choice were Rhino and Line-X. There were various complaints of pretty much every other kind, including pieces flaking, chipping, and outright breaking off. Rhino and Line-X testimonials were unanimous in terms of durability.

    Line-X seemed to have the edge mainly because truck owners liked how it looked slightly better than the Rhino liners.

    QC 4.7 5sp ls 3.55 ordered 2/9 is in BG status as of today. BG stands for "the dealer is earning interest on your downpayment you ain't getting a truck anytime soon because the mom & pop operation in Bumfuck Idaho that supplies the retaining pin in the secondary hoosegow for these trucks is on vacation."

  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Posts: 765
    Wouldn't disagree with Line-X and Rhino recommendations - I went drop in because I have a tonneau to protect the truck. Just two words of warning on spray in liners.

    1) Be very sure that the match is right before going for a color matched spray in - if it ain't right it looks awful - and be careful of potential fading problems.

    2) Don't ever, ever watch them put it in your truck - it'll break you heart to see what they do to your nice shiny new toy.
  • wilmar1wilmar1 Posts: 32
    Have an ARE cover, which is waterproof and looks good. Only problem is when backing it at first appears that you see another car hood behind you. After you jam on the brakes you realize how stupid you were. The cover is about 3" above the bed and has a design that makes it look like an auto hood. The design prevents it from fluttering at speed.
  • carls5carls5 Posts: 62
    Just an FYI for those of you who are waiting for a truck being shipped to N. Calif. My truck left the Dodge factory on 2/24 and promptly disappeared from DC's status system. I was told it was in the train yard waiting for shipment but no one could tell me anything else. Whenever I called to get status or a car number I was told they were still waiting for a rail car # to be assigned. I envisioned the truck sitting in some dark,lonely corner and forgotten all about. Today I talked to a young lady who called distribution to find out what the hold up was. She found out that, at least for now, DC is not shipping vehicles to Calif via train for the first part of the trip. They apparently truck the vehicle to Kansas City and then put it on a train for the remainder of the trip to Calif. A total of 20 days to get out west. Hopefully if all goes according to plan the truck should arrive at the dealers around 3/15.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    I had an A.R.E. lid on my Dakota Club Cab, so I know what you mean. Sometimes it was magnified by the reflection of the flat rear window. Thanks for your thoughtful post, and all that time I thought one of you guys had parked in my garage.

  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Don't fret because it took 20 days to get to California. My great-great grandfather made the trip in a covered wagon drawn by 2 horses (2 BHP) and it took him 21 days.

  • carls5carls5 Posts: 62
    There are two good articles in trailer life that talk about both the Quad cab and the F150 Super Cab when towing.
  • gbilhimergbilhimer Posts: 53
    OK my 2 cents worth, I liked the look of the spray in liners. I had a Ford with a drop in liner and hated it. it was very slick and also rubbed the paint. When I got my QuadCab I decided to go with a Line-X. It looks very nice in black with my red Quad. seems pretty durable while hauling my dirtbikes.
  • knkresortknkresort Posts: 79
    I think jazztbone has the best explanation I have seen regarding why QC goes on restriction so often. Not sure I could put it so elegantly :-)

    Other question. I have heard that using just a bed mat, not a liner can cause rust. Any thoughts?

  • 96g1196g11 Posts: 88
    I got an e-mail from bushwacker products today. They are currently working on bed rail caps and expect to have them available prior to march 31. no price yet.
  • mrb9mrb9 Posts: 25
    Dee-zee also makes caps in their extruded and black ABS plastic for the QC. Mrb
  • jazztbonejazztbone Posts: 10
    I guess I got censored...

    Sorry - At that moment I was having a quadcatharsis.

  • thanks for the link to some good information, considering that tomorrow we are going to go test drive both the QC and the Supercrew. the supercrew is only a dream at that price, so I am more excited to drive the QC with the 4.7 auto.
    The dealer said that he has 16 QCs on oreder and that the restrictions should be lifted by the end of the month. If anybody has been told different,please let me know. If he is willing to give me that line, then I'm sure he isn't the dealer for me.
  • Mr & Mrs Renegade69 are pleased to announce the
    newest edition to their family. Our Dakota Quad
    was delivered to us on Thursday afternoon. Every-
    thing went quite well, except the dealership
    miss-ordered our seats. We were supposed to have
    40/20/40 bench but got buckets by mistake..$200.00
    list option. My wife was p%##ed off at first. She
    sat in the truck about 10 min. then went to the
    bench, she preferred the buckets! We are keeping
    the buckets @ N/C because price was negotiated
    before ordering......thier loss!

    I have the 5 speed w/4.7 3.55 gears and Ltd slip,
    the bucket console does not come out as far (close
    to the shifter) it appears easier to place drinks
    in the cup holders(3).

    Only have 90 miles on it currently, have an appt.
    week from Friday to get the windows completely
    tinted before summer. Today we pulled the stock
    stereo and installed a Kenwood hi-end CD unit
    w/mask face security. We have the SLT w/ the
    Tire Handling Package will be ordering wheel
    flairs very soon!

    This is one BAD [non-permissible content removed] Truck.........we have been
    getting second looks everywhere we go. I am amazed
    how good the ride is and quick off the line...
    1st is REAL's actually easier starting in 2nd.

    Well wife just got home from work...........we're
    off to go give our "baby" a bath.

  • Tested the QC today, and am I impressed. The dealer checked his computer for current restrictions, and found that the 4.7 is currently listed on both dakotas and grand cherokees.

    I am preparing my deposition for the "appropriation comitee"(wife), but after the way that she enjoyed the drive, I should be ordering one in the next 4 to 6 weeks hopefully.

    The dealer said that he was going to sell at dealer cost for what i was looking at ordering. so for all of you in northern New York, (north of Albany, but not Canada) Adirondack Auto seems to be a pretty fair place to get a quote. Mean while, I plan to get quotes from other dealers, just to make sure everyone is honest. Can't be too cautious.

    p.s. gotta love that throaty vroom of the 4.7
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