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Got this offer in NJ last night on a 36/12k lease.

 MRSP: $23175
Sale price: $20500
MF: .000600
RV: 60%
 Fees: Doc: $499 Aquisition: $595 DMV: $301 Online Fee?: $10.40 Tires fee: $7.50 NJ TAX: 7%

 With the numbers above they are showing me at 252/m with fees rolled in. Seems higher than what I calculated.

There’s also a 900 lease cash available for sedans which they are refusing to accept since I got them down to a 20500 sale price before incentive. Would lease cash be taxed if I get them to accept?

 Are the fees posted reasonable? The Doc & DMV fee a bit high

 RV they are calculating against Sale price and not MRSP. My research shows it should be against MRSP, can i get them to change this? FYI i got a of RV of 59% here, can vs 60% at dealership can i challenge this?

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