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Toyota Land Cruiser Prices Paid



  • pjc1pjc1 Posts: 72
    If you sense opinion then I apologize that opinion has been inserted. Having said this allow me to count the ways this $63K list SUV is lacking in "luxury" features that I see on other vehicles in the same class (even excluding the Jeep Commander).....observation only, no opinion.....

    No memory seat (either side)
    No power fold in mirrors (this is a large vehicle)
    No ability to control all interior lighting by driver
    No rain sensing or mist feature to wipers
    No heated seat back/lumbar
    No heat vent in third row seats
    No heated rear seats
    No ability to control rear temperature by driver
    No courtesy floor lighting (in fact general interior lighting is poor, sorry for the opinion here)
    No self leveling head lights (no biggie)
    No outside rear view mirrow dimming feature

    If you do not consider these shortcomings for $63K list vehicle that is OK too.
  • vavavavolvovavavavolvo Posts: 110
    Three points:

    First, I agree with the host's statement above.

    Second, the statement about being "blinded by the aura and history of the car..." suggests that more deliberation and time testing the car may have been of benefit. The aura and history of this vehicle is all about ruggedness and reliability, not creature comforts and gadgets, although it certainly has a generous share of those things. This is a vehicle designed to crawl out of the mud, not prance around Palm Beach. Understanding its DNA should be enlightening, not blinding. I think most people on this forum are here because we value and like these vehicles.

    Finally, it sounds like you are looking for something different from what this vehicle offers. I was once in the same situation and know exactly how you feel. It's awful! You got this car at a great price. I would strongly urge you to consider what car you would be happy with and trade or sell the TLC for that one...ASAP. Life is too short to be this displeased with the car in your garage. When I traded my car for the one I really wanted my depression and remorse --related to cars anyway--disappeared and hasn't returned.
    (Ironically, that was when I traded for a TLC).

    Good luck, I sincerely hope you can soon have a car you like and spend time on another forum singing its praises.
  • pjc1pjc1 Posts: 72
    Agreed that more time would have been of benefit...also full disclosure and a comprehensive explanation by the dealer and a brochure would have been nice too, but in the final analysis it is my responsibility to ensure that the goods are as promised and delivered...apparently in this discipline I performed poorly.

    It may sound like I was looking for something different but I don't believe that to be the case...or perhaps I am just too idealistic to believe that $63K can buy you more than ruggedness and reliability...and likewise in the discipline of expectation of comprehensive value I performed poorly.

    Lastly, your thinly veiled suggestion to me to get off the forum because other people on this forum value and like these vehicles is understood and accepted. I would not want to say anything to offend anyone.
  • mdsdmdsd Posts: 26
    Well said everyone on the TLC...i own a 2006 TLC and believe me....if you need anything more than this vehicle has to are gonna have to purchase a military stealth fighter plane !!!

    Mine: Fully loaded with all options included !!!
    price: $63,000
  • bdusa1bdusa1 Posts: 3
    My sons and I have 4 tlc. Cant wait for the 2008. Break in milage around 100,000 only competes in endurance with the everready bunny, they keep going and going. Gave up on other cars 20 years ago.
  • pjc1pjc1 Posts: 72
    Fair enough... I guess that is what makes the world a wonderful place....what one sees as great value another finds merely adequate.
  • plistplist Posts: 19
    I bought a 1994 LC 174,995 on it. (Paid 6,200.00). We bought for our son, but guess who drives it and took it over, me. Parked my 2006 honda ridgeline and got my son the small vw turbo thing he wanted. I'm a 42 year old woman that just loves her new rig! Wow I'll never buy new again and I'm already looking for a newer LC to replace my ridgeline!
  • brents18brents18 Posts: 3
    I am considering a 2002 TLC with "the works" and 65K miles. They want ~$27K (~$29 after all the paperwork, tax,etc. It looks mint condition inside and out. How many miles can I expect to get from this model--i.e., what is typical?
  • I've got an '02 with 53K on it. No issues at all, except replacing an '02 sensor. As with most any used vehicle YMMV, but I've got a friend with a '99 and over 100K on the clock. No issues either.

    If you've got service history, carfax, etc. then probably should be fine for several more years. Nice to have option is Nav
  • brents18brents18 Posts: 3
    Many thanks. Yes, it has Navigation and a whole host of frills that I never considered useful, but reliability makes it worth the price.
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    Do you know the service history? A well maintained cruiser will run longer than you will probably keep it, but if the service hasn't been done on time you may end up paying for it down the road. Has the 60K service been done? If not you should factor in the price of that.
  • brents18brents18 Posts: 3
    No, service record unknown thus far. Not to say that I could not find out with enough searching. I assume 60K service should include a timing belt replacement and some $$$. What concerns me most is a failure of the nav system based on some comments in this forum. If it really disables the climate control, etc. and costs $5K to $7K to fix/replace, that's catastrophic. thanks.
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    Timing belt is at 100K on these trucks. So 60K mile services is standard stuff, oil, tranny fluid exchange, coolant change, etc, but it tends to be pricer than other trucks.
  • kpt1kpt1 Posts: 1
    I'm considering a used TLC. Loaded 2003 (Nav, rear DVD) with 87,000 miles. Mint condition (although some of the Nav failure stories scare me). Asking $29,877. Seems a bit high...any thoughts?
  • hawkmthawkmt Posts: 4
    Much to my dismay I have to part with my 2004 TLC. Have to lift my wife into the front seat as she is a quadriplegic and am finding the lift to be getting a bit more than I feel comfortable with. Went to the local Lexus/Toyota dealership as we found the GX470 worked well for us as the suspension does drop down and the lift is doable. When I sat down to consumate the deal the dealer offered me 33k for my vehicle which has 27K miles, every option available, and is in showroom condition. Needless to say, in my most diplomatic tone of voice, told him that his offer*&G^%DOYGT^...was not acceptable!
    Can anyone provide me with a what they feel my vehicle may be worth. Thanks!!!!!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 145,540
    If you want to know actual trade-in prices, try posting your question here: Real-World Trade-In Values

    Good luck!

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • jamesbass1jamesbass1 Posts: 75
    I checked around a bit on the internet, and the dealer's offer of $33K for your low miles 2004 LC is not out of line. About the max I found for your vehicle is $40K and the lowest at $29K. Mind you, these are "asking prices" prior to any deal. I think you should try to sell the LC yourself in order to get the top price.
  • pjc1pjc1 Posts: 72
    Generally Lexus does not do a lot of "dealing". You might get more for it somewhere else but "get more" is, as you know, relative to the vehicle you are buying.

    I attempted to trade in my 06 TLC with 4K miles for an 07 LX-470 and was offered mid 40's!!!!!...15K less than I had paid but 4k miles before...needless to say I did not do it and Lexus never called back to sweeten the deal...they make the offer and then let you decide.
  • sales2010sales2010 Posts: 33
    I disagree about no heat in the third row! There are three vents in the ceiling for the third row. Look on e-bay and you will see. Even though the LC does not have all of those features, most people know the LC for dependability and reliability. period...
  • pjc1pjc1 Posts: 72
    You are right historical dependability and reliability are great...but for $60K...I dunno but that seems like a lot of money to be sure the thing starts everyday.

    The reality is that consumers expect more for this price. Perhaps that is why this vehicle will be completely redesigned in 2009 (2008 for the LX)....

    maybe I am not so far off in my observations?
  • hypnosis44hypnosis44 Posts: 483
    I agree. Lots of just as reliable vehicles out there for lots less. I was very dissapointed that the LX was not redesigned this year - it puts it way behind the rest of that pack.
  • omegagenomegagen Posts: 67
    Toyota should "idle" the current model LC in the US because the MSRP is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY out of line for what you get compared with others in this market.

    The LC should be loaded with incentives, but according to Edmunds the only incentive is $500!!!!! Now that's just crazy. This has got to be the office joke at Toyota headquarters..."Let's see how many outdated Land Cruisers we can sell to nostalgia-blinded people."

    In it's current form I'd say it's worth about $45K and that's a stretch. What ashame, it could be a nice SUV too.
  • aj4321aj4321 Posts: 37
    I agree. I've been waiting too long for the new Sequoia to come out and I have offered $45k for an LC but no bites. The best price I have seen was for a new 2006 sitting on the lot (still) for $53k (this was a month ago).
  • pjc1pjc1 Posts: 72
    Agree with you completely....unfortunately I bought the "office joke" a year back and the laugh is on me. I liked it in the test drive and was assured that this was the cats meow when it comes to suv nirvana...but the ownership experience has been well below expectation...I am appauled by the lack of some pretty basic features... looking forward to trading it in at some point on something more up to date.
  • jamesbass1jamesbass1 Posts: 75
    Sounds like you're more in the market for a comfy "office commuter" to tool around town, rather than an all-purpose SUV. Cruisers were not designed for America's soccer moms. It's a shame the Cruiser's talents are being wasted & unappreciated.
  • mdsdmdsd Posts: 26
    im with you jamesbass1...
    office jokers at the headquarters are the same people who cannot really afford a landcruiser to begin with. And people who wants a "sofa" on wheels are better off with one of those "wanna-be SUVs" like ones offered by caddilac, porsche, etc. etc. etc... TLC are really for the chosen few who really appreciates the beauty and power of the legend!
  • steelcruisersteelcruiser Posts: 402
    He's the President of Toyota here and he drives a LC. It's not perfect, but why not trade it in on a RR, then tell us what you think :) Or just wait a bit longer for the new LC to come out.
  • pjc1pjc1 Posts: 72
    Talents? I am still searching for these...
  • I have a 1999 TLC bought new with 116,000 miles. Tires @55,000 and 110,000. Additional another $1,800 in repairs, including changing all belts and hoses at 105,000 miles. Oil changes every 3,000. Planned to keep in 10 to 12 years, now may see 200,000 or more miles and 15 to 20 years. During this time I have has four new Mercedes Benz cars. The last one a 2007 R 320 cdi diesel which gets 23-24 mpg city and as much as 27 mpg on one measure tank of fuel in city driving. This compares to 13-15 MPG for the TLC. Wish Toyota would invest in bringing a diesel to the US. The TLC should be a good vehicle through plus 200,000 miles. In the first 116,000 mile the MPG have not declined. It drives like a car. Handles very nicely. We like the MB R class diesel, but I love the 1999 TLC. Best $55,000 I ever spent. Though the MB line up of diesel engine SUVs is compelling.
  • houdini1houdini1 Kansas City areaPosts: 7,988
    I think the 2008 LC has all the features you just mentioned if you buy the upgrade package. That puts the price at just over $71,000.

    2013 LX 570 2016 LS 460

  • doug01doug01 Posts: 5
    I am looking at a 03 with 38K miles, any suggestions or specific items to look at? I think pricing will be around $22K. Pictures show very clean, I saw several postings with concern over the electronic navigation-has anyone had problems with this? I currently have a z71 tahoe with 150K, I am looking for a dependable SUV at a decent price that will last me to 150K easily...
  • sptsdnsptsdn Posts: 1
    So has anyone bought a new Land Cruiser recently? I still see quite a few 2008 left-overs and I'm wondering if any one has scored a deal on one recently.
  • Just getting in the mix now.

    08 LC with $72K sticker. Low so far is $61500.

    09 LC with $74K Sticker. Low so far is $63900.

    Never thought id see the day these discounted that much.

    Depreciation of the 08 no matter as i plan on driving for a long time.

    I'll see how much they are sweating as the end of month is Thursday.
  • martinfmartinf Posts: 121
    Can you tell us where you found those great prices on the 2008 and 2009 Land Cruisers? Apparently, there is $4000 factory to dealer cash on the 2008's, but not the 2009. As it is more than half way through the 2009 model year, I am wary about going with a 2008 if it is not going to save much money.

  • papumpmanpapumpman Posts: 5
    I made the deal on a 09 LC in the Philly area. Final price was $62k.

    Could have got a 08 for a little less but the inventory of 08 was small and the color I wanted was not avail.

    I was dealing with 3 dealers, and in typical dealer fashion, the two that I did not use "said" they could have done the $62K deal I got.

    I would think you may trim a couple of bucks more if you play your cards right. LC's are not flying off the lots these days.

    Great Car.
  • martinfmartinf Posts: 121
    Thanks for the posting!! What was the MSRP on the vehicle that you purchased for $62,000? It seems that the MSRP's range from the high 60's to as much as $73,000. I am curious as to how much you got off the MSRP.

    Thanks again,

    Martin F
  • papumpmanpapumpman Posts: 5

    Total Sticker price was $72,954 plus I had them add the Sat Radio as well which would put it well over the $73K number.

    Best of Luck.

  • looking for any pricing trends or leads... local dealer has a new 2013 priced at 69600. ?good deal?
  • bought it today from Ira Toyota in manchester NH. $ 69699 + $395 doc fees.
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