2007 Yukon Denali

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The Good

Premium leather-appointed seats
chrome accents
power liftgate
rear-view camera system
remote start
heated steering wheel
power-release folding 2nd-row seats
new coil-over-shock suspension
refined 5-link rear suspension
enhanced brakes
improved rack-and-pinion steering

Off-purple dash color (Ok if your a pimp)
Chrome accents (looks cheap)
Shift lever (blocks gage)
Steering wheel controls ( back to 2002 looks like an after-thought)
Lousy gas millage even using D-O-D (13MPG same as last 5 years.)


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    Does the denali require premium fuel? If it does how can the new Escalade have the same fuel economy but more power on the same type of fuel even though the engine size is the same
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    I think there is already a 2007 Yukon / Tahoe discussion. I can add to your gripes, though:

    * Shift lever - if you have buckets, why not put it on the floor?
    * (I can only assume) no laser cut keys
    * (I also assume) no auto up/down windows on all four doors
    * No standard side airbags
    * Ugly, wart-like black OnStar/XM antenna
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    Does anyone have any information on when GM is planning on releasing the Denali into their new line up? I have heard the end of April all the way to the end of September. Any input would be great. Thanks.
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    I just factory ordered an 07 Denali XL on Friday. Prices are released, but we still do not know when production is going to begin. My dealer and I are hoping sometime in the next 4 weeks or so. Hopefully I will have the truck by the beginning of May. I can't wait!
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    Thanks for the update. I heard that apparently they started production this past Monday. But who knows. When you say that the prices are released, is this only something that the dealerships know or can you get invoice prices off edmunds or elsewhere? I see the base MSRP for the Denali but not for the options. I am assuming they will be the same as if you line itemized it by getting a Yukon SLT fully loaded. How willing was the dealership you worked with to come down from MSRP since this is a brand new truck? Any input is greatly appreciated.
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    Im looking forward to getting into one myself. I just saw a 07 Denali listed on ebay! Its for a future sale date, but the interesting thing was that this dealership advised it was going to have the Denali they were listing in inventory the first week of April, which puts in on dealerships much sooner then mid May ~ like I was hearing from my local dealership. Anyone got any info on the validity of this? Ohhh and it also had a link to there home page which allowed you to order the 07 Denali (with prices!) for those of you interested in getting the exact price point.
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    GMC's site will now let you build a '07 Denali but it doesn't seem to show pictures for me.

    GM Buypower will let search dealers for an '07 Denali but I'm not having any luck in my area.

    It also looks like Current Offers for the '07 Denali are:
    "$5,000 cash back-or- As low as 0.0% APR for qualified buyers."

    Goood luck,
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    You've got to be kidding..... :confuse:
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    from what i've been able to find from GMC's website
    and edmunds the 07's only have 3.9% financing available.
    the cash back is for the 06's.
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    I think you are correct, the other poster was refering to 06 models. Anyone know of good forum web sites with Denali owners like the Elcova H2 web site which is set up for Hummer owners?
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    You guys do know that there is already an existing GMC Yukon forum, right? A place where you can discuss the upcoming Denali? Why not just post there.
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    I just received my 2007 Denali 4/11/06. Black on Black very sleek looking I have removed the rear GMC logo and the Yukon off the back gate looks hot. Would love some advice on possibly replacing the Red reflector in the Grill logo with chromed letters. The emblem is rather large for my taste and they could at least offer a choice of chromed letters or there basic red ones. I was very lucky to get this one so early Carl Black in Sarasota must of pulled some strings somewhere.
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    Crazy... Im looking at one in Saras. also... who did you deal with and did you get a decent price point?
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    Sorry for posting the name of the salesman. Good kid though. The Denali is awesome I went from driving a 300c so it is taking some getting used to. Except the goofy turn signals in the outside mirrors and the gear shift on the column so far its great.
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    Keep us posted on how you like it... Im interested to see if you have any issues*
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    You're so lucky...I ordered my 07 denali (also black on black) in February and it still hasn't come in. Hopefully it's worth the wait though. Did you get the navigation in yours because apparently that's what was the holdup in production for mine and others...I guess the maker of the navigation system/rear view camera system didn't produce enough at the time.

    Anyways, my main question is did you get the navigation system in yours and if so, does it have a 6-cd changer in it? I was told that most likely there wouldn't be a 6-cd changer in the Denali if it is ordered with the navigation system.

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    The NAV Systems in the Tahoe, Yukons and Escalades all include the 6-CD changer.
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    Congratulations Hancock 1. Took delivery of my Black on Black '07 Denali too on 04/10/06 and I agree it is definitely a head turner. Mine is the only one in this city so far with those specs. I snapped it up as fast as I could. I will be tinting the front windows as soon as I can. No idea on how to replace the letters in the grille. I seem to like them though.
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    I was able to locate some ‘07 Denali's by searching on gmbuypower.com for basic Yukon’s. The Denali's were on the last page of the search.
    Dealers in St. Louis are expecting them this week but I have only got one to give me a quote via email. This quote was $51,200-- $3,500 off MSRP of $54,700.

    Can anyone share their pricing experience so I know how much to negotiate?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Picked up my 2007 Denali on 5/2/2006. Black on black, nav, 2nd row buckets, 22" wheels.

    You can buy the chrome GMC for the grill for about $65.00. Dealer charged me another $55 to put it on (probably ripped me off) :) . Really looks great!
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    picked up my 2007 denali yest . traded in 2001 denali. love the power and 20 in wheels . i do like the seats better on 2001 though. this one loaded with everything but sunroof, i ordered last day feb .
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    NOT correct . when ordering nav system you do not get 6 cd . ( uvb) only without nav do you get 6 cd.
    probably because of all XM radio and nav cd that goes behind nav screen . the previous denali had cds below radio ,not lie current set up . kind astinks , but i still love the denali and its ride
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    Can you guys give an estimate on gas mileage? Just curious if the 13/19 is close.
    Been looking at the Yukons and Denalis and have just about decided to go Black on black Denali. Have driven them and they are SWEET! The 6.2 and the 6 speed are awesome.
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    I just took delivery of my 2007 Black Yukon Denali last month. To my surprise, with my drivers side door open and the sun hitting it, I noticed it was missing paint- the whole area around the hinges was mostly primer with a hint of black paint. At fist I thought it was just dust, but it would not wipe off. The outside of the doors themselves looks like an orange peel. I checked the other doors and the rear hatch- they are all the same. Primer with little paint. I then opened the hood and the whole engine compartment is primer color with a few black spots! I contacted GM "Customer Support" and their exact words to me were" If we built perfect vehicle it would of cost you more than $53K to buy it!"- They did offer me a free oil change and that was it. I called back the next day and spoke to another lady- she told me that it was not a functionality issue and that with the doors and hatch closed no one would see the missing paint. So what am I supposed to do with a $53k vehicle? Climb out the window? She said she would contact a manager or something. She called the next day and said basically that the rep didn't care. No goodwill was to be offered, they were not going to fix the problem and they would still honor my warranty!! Isn't that nice of them? My vehicle was only 2 weeks old at the time! I went out on the car lot and looked at all the 2007's they had- they were all the same- Missing paint! So before you sign the papers take a good look at GM's "professional grade" "flagship"
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    looked at mine and perfect everywhere on paint .hinges included.
    i gave it a good bath yest and put on splashguards and did not notice any problems . milage has been arount 14-15 so far daily driving .
    contact your dealer and they should have a regional rep that can come out and check yours out . good luck .
    i liked the old information system better than the new 2007 info also
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    Yeah, you should have told them to stick that "Professional Grade" where the sun don't shine...LOL!!!! ;)

    That reminded me of something I experienced--shortly (as in, less than a week) after I bought my '04 DXL I noticed an "issue" w/ it that IMHO needed prompt attention; called the service department to schedule an appointment to bring it it ASAP; after I explained to the service underwriter why I needed to bring it it, he told me that he wouldn't be able to have someone look at it right away because in his opinion, it wasn't serious enough to warrant such an immediate inspection. Needless to say, that didn't fly w/ me...so I emailed the GM of the dealership--mentioning in my message among other things that, if this is what GMC calls "Professional Grade", then they better re-examine some of their vehicles 'cuz they ain't living up to that phrase...shortly after doing so I received a call from the service manager asking me when can I bring my truck in.

    Sometimes you just gotta strike the right nerve in order to get a response to your satisfaction... :)
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    I received my black on black '07 Denali on 4/26. I love it.

    I got a question for those who own one...does anyone else notice that the sound system doesn't really seem too good in it??? For me, it seems like mine just doesn't hit hard or anything. My previous car was an '03 explorer limited, and that thing's audio system sounded mean, it really hit hard.

    On the main gmc webpage for the Denali, it says it comes equipped with a subwoofer...but yet I can't seem to hear it/locate it.

    So does anyone else notice this or is it just me???
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    Don't know about the 2007 Denali, but recent GM vehicles have had a manually adjustable equalizer plus predefined settings for the equalizer (for news, classical, jazz, pop, etc.). You might try switching settings, and if that doesn't work, manually adjusting the bass, treble, and midrange.
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    Does anyone know the bulb size on the 07's?

    I really want to put in some HIDs....
  • sony1sony1 Member Posts: 12
    nevermind. the bulb size is H13.
  • vcapvcap Member Posts: 1
    hey just picked up my 2007 denali black on black got my h.i.d. bulbs H13 how the frig do you get the headlights off\out i swear i am going to take a bat to them! my 2001 was simple this is retarded and its not even in the manual! :mad:
  • sony1sony1 Member Posts: 12
    well its a process. you remove the top bolts and then for some reason it feels like its bolted at the bottom....pain in the [non-permissible content removed]..... i think you have to take off the bumper cover(the whole front of the car basically lol). hopefully you get some good bulbs. cause if they burn out for some reason, you'd be screwed (screwed in a way that you would have to do a buttload of work to change the damn bulbs). when i took my emblem to get painted the body guy laughed about it.

    you can also try removing the inner tire/wheel well piece. or try to remove the cheese grater grille.

    please let me know how you end up gettin it changed. what brand of h13 bulb did you buy?

    hope this helps a little.
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    I took delivery of a Black 2007 and the paint is as follows:
    Orange peel pretty much everywhere. Hinges seem to be covered but the engine compartment has primer everywhere as you describe and like the photos you posted.

    There was another black Denali on the showroom floow with the same paint issues.

    I'm not sure whether the rest of the color choices have the same issues and the Black just shows the imperfections more.

    I have averaged 15mpg so far. My 4.0 6 cylinder 200hp Jeep Grand Cherokee only averages 15.5 mpg so I am VERY pleased with the economy so far.

    I don't know whether to call the paint "outrageous" crap or "to be expected" and I'm interested to hear what others have to say.
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    :confuse: I love my Denali 07. Got it May 3rd. Only thing is I bought an Alpine IVA-W200 for it (Double din, and can't seem to get anyone to install it. Every body is telling me they haven't made the kit for it yet. My Denali didn't come with a NAV, so I want to install a touch screen Alpine. HAS ANYONE INSTALLED AN AUDIO SYSTEM TO THEIRS????
  • sj110sj110 Member Posts: 13
    Also just got a new 07 Denali. My audio unit was also the stock one, but I will replace at some point. Interested in what you find out...
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    My '07 Black/Black Denali was supposed to be here 6/4 according to the dealer, and has not arrived yet. Each time I call the dealer and ask about it, they say it isn't in yet, but they hope it will show up soon. They act like they are shocked it is not in yet, and do not have a clue where it could be. My question is, if I can track a $20 package on fedex's website, why can't they tell me where my $50,000 dollar truck is?
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    My paint is fine but the “L” shaped trim around the passenger windows keep popping out of its sockets.
    Has anyone else had this problem???
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    I have a 2007 Yukon Denali with NAV and entertainment system. The problem occurs when playing a movie for my kids. We start the movie and drive to our destination. When returning to the car the DVD does not restart in the rear player. It will restart on the dash board. Can I fix the rear DVD player to auto restart. I can get it to turn on using the remote or by ejecting and reinserting the DVD. But it woul be nice if it would turn on automatically.
  • naligirlnaligirl Member Posts: 9
    Eww...that is not good. Then I guess you have to fast forward back to the part of the movie when you turned the car off? I wouldn't like that. My 07 just got built and is on a rail car on the way to the dealer. I hope I don't have this, or some of the other issues I've read about here (paint problems) with the new one. It's actually replacing an 03 lemon.
  • smedlotoyssmedlotoys Member Posts: 5
    Hi belladog,

    I have a Yukon XL with Nav and entertainment system. My system behaves exactly as yours does. My monkeys (1.5, 6. and 9) have instantly adapted. They know they have to hit the red power button on the remote to get the rear screen to power back up. Although a bit irritating, this "feature" is helping me teach them about keeping track of their stuff; they know that if they can't find their remote, they can't watch the movie. ;)

    Have you gone to your dealer with the problem? Perhaps there is a fix available. If there isn't perhaps we can force one, if enough of us complain. Its on my list of things to bring up with the dealer on my next visit.
  • _token__token_ Member Posts: 4
    Hey Guys,

    Is it possible to use the rear DVD player and Navigation system at the same time on the 07's or do they share the same player?

    Thanks in advance,
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    I'm in the exact same boat. My brother does audio installation for a company in Newport Beach, CA. He says the problem is that they have yet to make an good interface for the steering wheel controls to the head-unit. There is one on the market now but is inferior and causes delay. Another interface they don't yet have is the one for the On-Star to head-unit. I am anxiously waiting for this tuff to become available.
  • bonz808bonz808 Member Posts: 2
    I believe the sub is in the consul underneath the cup holders.
  • naligirlnaligirl Member Posts: 9
    I checked under the hood and found the same thing reported here. The entire engine compartment is not painted. See primer only for the most part. The thing that has me annoyed most though is that it was humid and rainy tonight and almost impossible with any temperature setting to keep the windshield from fogging up. I also struggled to figure out why the air conditioning was coming out of the defrost vents in the dash when I had turned them off? They were blowing my interior driver temperatures? Anyone else seen this? Otherwise, the ride is FANTASTIC and it's beautiful. Last question for those who already have one, how do you fade the sound from front to back? I couldn't find a "controllable/adjustable" fade to save my life. Only the preset front/rear settings.
  • smedlotoyssmedlotoys Member Posts: 5
    To acess the screen for controlling balance, fade, etc, push (depress) the upper right knob on your nav radio. :)
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    I got my black on black last week. I saw that the passenger rear door seal at the wheel well came loose. It only had small green push type connectors connecting the rubber to the body. The drivers side has white push clip connectors. The white ones seem to grab better...not sure why they used two different type. Looks like I will be adding some 3M trim adhesive to these pieces as they are easy to rub when passengers exit the truck.

    have fun.
  • tdshapiro54yltdshapiro54yl Member Posts: 7
    I can't get the DVD to play a DVD. I get an error message saying can't read disc.. I have rear head rest type
    DVD system. They work good. Did you have to do anything special to get the front DVD to work? I tired two different DVDs.
    If you have any ideas, sent me a note to [email protected]
  • tdshapiro54yltdshapiro54yl Member Posts: 7
    I got my black on black 07 about 10 days ago. Overall a really nice ride. This is my 4th Denali type truck. By far the most features, but several things the designers / "engineers" should consider changing:
    The Nav is nice, and I understand the idea of locking out some features when driving (I don't like it). But, the radio locks out the scroll bars when you drive too. It took me a while to figure out why the radio and XM would not show me "ALL" the stations when I was driving. They locked this out when you move... DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO SHUT THIS FEATURE OFF?
    The very small dash compartment to the left of the steering wheel is about 3/8" too narrow to fit 99% of all cell phones. This would have been a nice space to store the phone. The truck is really missing storage spaces - I LOVE STORAGE SPOTS, WE NEED THEM. My 01 had a few, and the took them away this year - WHY? The even removed the two storage areas in rear wheel wells. They were really nice.
    Carpet mats are very thin - half as thick as my last truck. I ordered a nice after market set - $300.
    The 6 speed trans is smoother that the older 5 speed. But the truck seems a but sluggish compared to my 01. I find myself playing with the manual mode and leaving it in 4th or 5th in the city- otherwise it bogs for me... And for more fun, I leave the trailer mode - its more sporty. I do have a lead foot, that's why I picked the 385 HP SUV. The truck pulls hard and shifts smooth. You just have to push the pedal a lot more than the older 320 HP 5 speed. My wife likes the smoother 07 however...
    I have not seen any of the paint issues I read about. But I will be looking harder for them tomorrow. Overall I love the truck, just a few things they could have improved...
    Enjoy it!
  • dedomandedoman Member Posts: 24
    Thanks for the info. I have a 07 im waiting on within 2 weeks, completly loaded. Im still on the fence with it though since Im thinking about a 05' Rangerover. I know they are different animals, but Im concerned the Denali is not going to get me out of sticky spots when I need it. I dont expect to do any crazy 4x4'ng, but like to know its there when I need it. Anyone have info on the denali's all wheel drive ablities out there?
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