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2007 Yukon Denali



  • tdshapiro54yltdshapiro54yl Member Posts: 7
    My 01 Denali was a GREAT truck. I loved it and felt guilty trading it in - it NEVER let me down one time is 6 years. I have 5 vehicals and the Denali was the most driven. I had it in the dirt and snow. The all wheel drive is especially nice - a lot better than the 4WD Yukons I've had in the past. I really think you are going to love the Denali. I am hard on the designers... I build a lot of equipment and deal with computers techs, mechanical engineers etc. So, I am picky. You will really enjoy the highway ride - that's where it really shines.
    GOOD LUCK!!!
  • bob07bob07 Member Posts: 2
    The 07 Denali has a "CAMPAIGN RECALL" (Product enhancement-HVAC reprogram). This recall reprograms the defrost computer. I did not receive it via mail but was made aware of it while they were replacing the rear side door REVEL MOLDINGS (the L shaped rear window moldings that kept popping out of their sockets).
    I was informed that GM is aware of the rear door molding problem.
    Otherwise…..LOVE MY DENALI!!
  • naligirlnaligirl Member Posts: 9
    I got my 07 Denali XL a few weeks ago and after reading this board, I checked the engine compartment. I too have primer, not paint. I dialed my Rep from GM that arranged my "lemon" buy back and he says it's intentional. A cost saver decision by GM. I agree about the radio. It is terrible in my opinion. I too get fog in the middle of windshield constantly that I can't figure out how to get rid of. I also have a defect in the paint job on the outside in two places. The dealer is going to take car of it. Lastly, to switch sound front to back, press the black round dial on the top right hand side of the nav screen. The controls will come up. Now, all that being said, I LOVE my new XL. It drives so nice I'm making up reasons to go out and about in it! I think it's a great improvement over the previous model. I have no regrets.
  • 07denali07denali Member Posts: 17
    Anyone know which companies Billet "GMC" Emblem fits the 07 Denali?
  • breezybreingbreezybreing Member Posts: 7
    Does anyone know is there a good aftermarket mat to cover the 2nd row between captain chairs for an 07 Yukon Denali? Thanks!
  • breezybreingbreezybreing Member Posts: 7
    Yes you can use them at the same time. The Nav disc is loaded behind the Nav screen and the DVD disc is load above the Nav screen.
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    Report your mileage here.

    tidester, host
  • tbemustbemus Member Posts: 2
    I just purchased a white 2007 Denali and was wondering if anyone knew how to program or wire the navi unit to play dvd video while driving. So my wife doesn't have to crawl in the back with the kids to watch. Or know any place that can do it. I know for the unit that was in my cadillac sts there was an overide code that you could enter in a special screen. Any info would be great. Thank you.
  • tdohtdoh Member Posts: 298
    5-speed???? Did your previous Denali truck(s) come with a manual tranny? I could be wrong but I don't think that a 5-speed auto tranny was ever offered on any of the previous two generations of GMC Denali trucks/SUVs...not unless you were referring to a completely different vehicle entirely. :confuse:
  • tdohtdoh Member Posts: 298
    If the AWD system on the '07 Denali is anything like that found on '03-'06 Yukon Denalis--it's usable but not nearly as good/capable as the one found on (IIRC) '01-'02 Yukon Denalis and '01-'06 Sierra Denali trucks. Without going into specifics, let's just say that the '03-'06 Denali SUV AWD uses the ABS to help control wheel slippage...whereas the one found on the older Denali SUVs and Sierra Denalis was more of a true "mechanical" AWD setup. Another way to tell the difference between the two AWD setups on the different model-year Denalis is that the older ones I believe offer 4-LO gearing whereas the '03-'06 Yukon Denalis don't have the low gearing.
  • tdohtdoh Member Posts: 298
    No code that I know of, but you might want to ask these folks for a turnkey solution:

  • tdshapiro54yltdshapiro54yl Member Posts: 7
    My 01 Denali did not have a low gear option other tban putting the trans in Low. I am 95% sure it was a 5 speed automatic.
  • tdshapiro54yltdshapiro54yl Member Posts: 7
    I can't get the front NAV to play a DVD. I've called 3 dealers and they all say they don't know much about it or how to get it to play. I've read the manual several times, put the vehicle in Park, break on etc. But I still get an error message saying it can't read the disc. I've tried putting a DVD into the Map DVD (Dealer said this was how it worked) but nothing seems to work. How do you make a DVD play in the NAV??? I do have the GMC head rest DVD's for the rear (both drivers head rests have DVD players so two different movies can be watched in the rear (not sure if that makes a difference or not).

    Any help is appreciated.
  • jacque383jacque383 Member Posts: 2

    I just bought the 2007 Denali and am trying to figure out the same thing...Did you have any luck?

  • bluemax01bluemax01 Member Posts: 4
    I took delivery of a 2007 XL Denali, a special order from the factory on June 20, 2006. I have to say I have never owned a vehicle that was such a pleasure to drive. No problems, rattles, wind noise, paint (as has been reported here), DVD (did not get the navigation system as I can find my way), an exceptionally satisfying experience each time I took the wheel. Prior to the events related below, the truck had less than 2000 miles on the odometer.

    At shortly after midnight, August 7, my wife and I were rudely awakened by firefighters and police. My Denali was burning in my driveway. I had parked it at around 4:30 PM the previous day, with no indication of problems.

    It took nearly an hour to put out the flames. Virtually the entire front-end of the truck was burned up. Flames reached the height of a telephone pole (as evidenced by the dead leaves on my oak tree). Fire & arson investigators concluded that "cause accidental, electical wireing flaw".

    My local dealer; very sympathetic and helpful, providing me a free loaner so that I could get to work. GMC Corporate, beaureaucratic, defensive, and virtually no help at all, stating that weeks, or months could expire prior to their investigative conclusion, and, a "buy-back" offer.

    If you own this model, PLEASE have your dealer check the electical harness. Check the main fuse to insure that it is the correct type for the job.

    After talking with the fire investigators, I believe that this incident was a fluke, resulting from some assembler installing an incorrect fuse, and not a design flaw. However, in case my conclusion is wrong, it is better to be safe, than dead.

    Verification of these happenings are available if wanted. Pictures as well.

    Be safe,

    Hugh Byars
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Yikes, I guess it was good that you had parked in the driveway and not in an attached garage. Your CarSpace page would be a good place to put some pics. You may want to let the NHTSA know too.
  • bluemax01bluemax01 Member Posts: 4
    Per your suggestion, I have posted pictures of the burned Denali.
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    That looks awful - thank goodness no one was hurt!

    tidester, host
  • mchunumchunu Member Posts: 3
    So I ordered my Black 07 Denali and "finally" received it on 8-15-06. Took it out of town the first weekend and put a total of 800 miles on it in the first week, what can I say I loved it, when all of a sudden after 8 days of owning it, I accelerate to merge onto the interstate when all of a sudden my RPM's shoot off the meter, my engine light begins to blink and my service stabilitrack and traction control starts scrolling in my DIC. The dealership says they think its a bent valve in my engine but they don't know for sure but will contact me before the days over....how the heck did this happen on a brand new 55k truck?????
  • dedomandedoman Member Posts: 24
    Whaaoowwww... Tell them you want another one! That same thing happend to me, with another "high end" vehicle. Got on the interstate, mechanical problems occured, had to limp back to dealership. Found out after 1 week of talking to everyone at the dealership and overhearing a conversation with the manager and mechanic that the engine would have to be replaced. I said new engine?. The reply was "yea, its being crated over this weekend, it will be a quick switch out with no problem, you will still be under warranty". I said no thank you..... I want another vehicle or buy the vehicle back. No way should you deal with a brand new vehicle with major mechanical work performed less than 1K on it. Good Luck, I hope you are ascertive enough to find out the real problem and get complete satisfaction. Dont get me wrong. I love my vehicle, which is the replacement of the original and the dealership for doing the right thing. I have all the confidence in the vehicle as well. Strange things happen sometimes, just make sure you are taken care of. Sheeww.. thats my 2 cents worth.. I got worked up reading your post. :)
  • bluemax01bluemax01 Member Posts: 4
    Did you read my post of August 17? How about the truck burning up in your front yard? "Professional Grade"??

    GM has yet to investigate this. Bent valves are inconvenient, spontaneous combustion could be deadly.

    Hugh in Texas
  • valvestudvalvestud Member Posts: 35
    I just ordered this version that uses the door lock button to enable DVD, all NAV, AUX, and XM categroy scrolling.

  • nycinncnycinnc Member Posts: 9
    Anyone try this yet?
    I thought $249 was a bit steep.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    I thought $249 was a bit steep.

    That's probably the amount of the fine too in those states where it's illegal to play DVDs on your dash. :P
  • awf_axisawf_axis Member Posts: 136
    I've heard two issues with this.

    1. The GPS goes south for several minutes, loosing its current location while "unlocked".

    2. The volume control on the steering wheel doesn't work while "unlocked".

    Is this true?

  • pagopago Member Posts: 2
    Wow - does your problem sound familiar. We purchased our 2007 Denali on 8/12/06 right off the showroom floor. It was loaded with everything I could ever want in a vehicle. On 8/18 I was taking my girlfriend back to her home in the country and the dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree and I heard a terrible noise. Pulled over on the side of the road (now mind you this is 8:00 pm) and got out and looked under the hood and all around the vehicle -- looking for something that would tell me what was wrong. Nothing. I called OnStar and asked that they run a diagnostic. OnStar indicated that I should turn off the vehicle immediately and they would call for a tow truck. The vehicle has 600 miles. Since this was on a Friday night we awaited for a call from our dealership on Saturday -- no call. So we called and they were just about to start working on it. No more word on Saturday. On Monday after still no word, went to the dealership around 3:30 and asked to talk to Gen Mgr since we hadn't heard from anyone and getting pretty anxious to know something. He brought in the shop foreman who indicated that an intake valve had broken and went through a piston. A new engine woujld need to be ordered. You would definitely know how we were feeling when they laid this on us. Anyway, I new engine was ordered and received on Wednesday. It was then test driven and the same noise was heard. They are now going for engine #3. We are at our wits end. The Gen Mgr is working on it now -- hopefully to replace our vehicle. Hope we have the same luck that you did and get a replacement -- and soon!
  • pagopago Member Posts: 2
    What did you do to get your new vehicle? I see you said you were ascertive but was that with the dealer or did you go to GM? Also what state are you in? I am in Texas and for what it's worth I will not stop until a get a new vehicle. Just wanted to see who all you had to convince and how long it took?
  • valvestudvalvestud Member Posts: 35
    From the company:

    "Unlocking the dvd or aux inputs with the Lockpick will have no effect on the gps nav system. If the "passenger" is watching a dvd or aux input while in motion and you wish to change the volume level the Lockpick is designed to automatically return to standard operation when the steering wheel volume buttons are pressed thus allowing simple volume level changes. The Lockpick also has an optional feature which allows the "passenger" to enter addresses while in motion, view folders, etc...this feature will temporarily interrupt navigation dead reckoning when activated but will immediately catch up when turned off. If you do not turn it off it will turn itself off after 60 seconds or so. So the length of time is determined by how long you keep it on and whether or not you turn it off when finished."
  • dedomandedoman Member Posts: 24
    Sorry so long to get back to you. No, It was not a GM product and I spoke to the dealership manager immediately and said I want another vehicle, Not the same one, not with a new engine, not ever. If they wanted to keep the deal, which was on the table, they would give me a new vehicle, new VIN # that goes along with it. Long story short, they gave me the entire purchase price back, gave me a new vehicle with all the paperwork and shook my hand. The underlying story was that they all agreed, that if it were them, they would not want a new engine replacement either. So we all agreed and went about our ways. The problem for the dealership is that the new warranty now starts on that vehicle and they have to sell it as "titled". Which was no sweat off my back, but they did have a problem selling the vehicle, and the other issue.... did the new buyer of that same vehicle realize what they were buying?! I doubt it...but like the manager said, its still under warranty, its just not how I wanted to feel about my 50K vehicle after owning it for all of 1 hour :)
    So,, the bigger lesson here is...if you see a vehicle on the lot with only a few hunderd miles on it.... be cautious and ask questions. If its a loaner vehicle, it will have more then a few hundred on it and its probably just fine, but with literally 100 or 275 or..you get the idea... ask lots of questions.
    I hope that helped.
  • mchunumchunu Member Posts: 3
    Well after screaming and yelling at both GM and the dealership it seems right now that I've gotten nowhere. I had the vehicle for 8 days so all the paperwork had already gone through so unlike dedoman where his deal was still on the table, they won't take it back. The service manager called me and told me his son just bought a vehicle and was also having engine problems, the dealerships/GM stance: "We agree that rebuilding the engine is not the best thing, so you have two options: 1. Replace the engine or 2. We rebuild it and give you the extended warranty for free and pay your first note." Totally unaceptable. I think I should be given a new engine and have my first note paid. Anyway I told them to order the engine and replace it while i still battle with them over replacing my entire vehicle. Oh yea option #2 came with about a 5 week timetable for getting my vehicle back. So while i'm battling them and when i finally get my vehicle back I'll make sure i test it out VERY HARD. Maryland's lemon law says that if your new vehicle is out of service for a cumalative total of 30 days then its considered a lemon and they have to buy it back or replace the vehicle with a new one. As of today its been 7 days and it'll be two weeks by the time i get it back. Someway, somehow they will give me a new vehicle. It's all a shame because I really love that TRUCK.
  • dedomandedoman Member Posts: 24
    My bet is that it doesnt get fixed in 30 days. Make sure everyone there knows your not going away and ultimately your plans are to not stop until you get a new one,,,with plans on taking the whole experience to the local media outlets. Im sure you will win out. GOOD LUCK!!! Keep us posted.
  • tdshapiro54yltdshapiro54yl Member Posts: 7
    Today my radio would not tune in XM radio. It gave me an error saying the signal would not connect..or something like that. Then I noticed the steering wheel controls would not work. This was all happening while driving. I tried turning off and on again. When your turn off the unit while driving, it does not re boot, it just turns blue and displays the clock. This did nothing - still only worked on FM but now no controls worked - steering and soft keys. So, at the next light, I turned off the motor and removed the key. I started the truck again, and now the radio was completely black - nothing worked including the Onstar telephone. I drove for another 10 miles to dinner planning to drop off the Denali to the dealership the next day. After dinner I started up the truck and the radio booted up and worked fine.... very strange.
    I have not been able to get the front DVD to read a disk.
    Before this, I have talked with several dealers and they have determined a need a new unit. I have the rear DVD in the head sets - GM installed at the dealer. Does anyone have the GM add on head rest DVD's installed?? :confuse:
  • _token__token_ Member Posts: 4
    See details at GM
  • jjohnstonjjohnston Member Posts: 7
    I have a 2007 Denali with the Nav system and XM radio. Is it possible to add the Rear view camera to this vehicle by ordering through the parts department? Are all the wiring harnesses installed in the liftgate? Thanks in advance.

    J J :)
  • breezybreingbreezybreing Member Posts: 7
    some dealers are doing that, including all the additional wiring harnesses. You might want to call your dealer first.
  • bluemax01bluemax01 Member Posts: 4
    I am interested that I have had few replies to this issue of a 2007 XL Denali burning for no apparent reason. Instead, I see posts about DVD-Navigation system problems, issues with paint and finish. Looks to me as though you folks are asleep at the wheel.
    I sincerely hope that none of you that bought one of these discover that your garage/house is burning down as a result of a similar circumstance. I didn't make this up, look at the photos posted here.

    It illustrates to me the problems with the country in general.

    Be safe, and wake up!
  • jjohnstonjjohnston Member Posts: 7
    Perhaps it the "It didn't happen to me issue." Thankfully mine hasn't burned, nor was my house destroyed by Katrina and I don't lay awake at night thinking about either issue.
    We all are only concerned with that which affects us. A veicle shouldn't burst into flames, or have any issues, and a house shouldn't be destroyed. Yes the country in general is only concerned with what affects the individual. I didn't send any money to New Orleans and I don't intend to send any to you, as much as everyone deserves it, but you do have my sympathy. So far my Denali is defect free.

  • vcurranvcurran Member Posts: 1
    looking at getting an 07 xl. concerned about the 3.42 gears I need to be able to tow a trailer around 7500 pounds. I only do this three to four times a year for hunting. anyone towed any weight so far with the new 07.
  • hucktwainhucktwain Member Posts: 3
    I purchased a new 2007 Yukon Denali in May. About one month after driving, I began to notice the engine sputtering at 1500 rpms. It has continued to do so sporadically at other speeds. The truck sputters and lurches at lower speeds. Anyone having a similar problem???
  • dpgdpg Member Posts: 2
    If you are experiencing slow or lagging acceleration from a dead stop or barely rolling, take it ot your dealer for a reflash of the transmission.
    After almost getting run over several times the dealer told me that the trans was not downshifting into 1st gear and was actually staying in 2nd or 3rd.
    Reflashed and everything is great, it now acts like a Denali should not a V6.
  • hucktwainhucktwain Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the suggestion. Regretably, that is not the problem I have encountered. The engine actually sputters and misses. You can feel the miss and the engine produces very poor acceleration. The ride is jumpy. It was first noticed by the dealer at 1500 rpms. then, I noticed it occured at hihger speeds. Esepcially when driving uphill and accelerating.
  • valvestudvalvestud Member Posts: 35
    See my post in the 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe/GMC Yukon section.

  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
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  • straittalkstraittalk Member Posts: 2
    Did you Kill this message board with your request.
    I don't see any new messages and I can't find anything that says you are here.
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    Did you Kill this message board with your request.

    I don't think so. Consider that it had only 100 posts in a year. Everyone had moved over to the 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe/GMC Yukon discussion and that one was closed so they are not posting in the more specialized topics. See the ending messages there.

    tidester, host
  • waynepj3waynepj3 Member Posts: 1
    Yes got the black on black with all the options and love it. I have a question about a feature though. How do you initiate the voice recognition functionality? Has anyone played with this feature yet?
  • double_downdouble_down Member Posts: 3
    Does anyone know whether or not wheels from a 2000 Ford Expedition will fit on the 2007 Denali? I have a very nice set of custom 23's on my expi, that I'd like to transfer to my new Denali. Both have 6 lugs, but I'm not sure if the bolts/spacing are the same size. Thanks.
  • double_downdouble_down Member Posts: 3
    There is a button on your steering wheel that looks like a person speaking. It's also the mute button for the stereo. Hold it down for a couple of seconds and you can say your voice commands. It's more frustrating than helpful in my opinion because it doesn't always understand what you're saying. It's just faster to push the buttons than to repeat yourself 3 times.
  • jjohnstonjjohnston Member Posts: 7
    I think they will but you may have to use a rat tail (round) file to take a bit of stock out of the bolt holes.

    Keep us posted!
  • cgasparinecgasparine Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2007 Yukon with Navigation. How is this done?
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