Ram 2500 5.9l starting issue

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I have a client with an 02 2500 with the 5.9l. the issue We are having is the motor will not start on the first try. It "wants" to turn a few times, then turn the key to the off position, then it will start right up. I've done a full tune up and replaced both O2 sensors. Most everything in the throttle body has been cleaned, and once it is running it runs great. This also happens mostly when cold. Any ideas will be appreciated.


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Have you determined the cause of the initial no-start, that is, what's missing? Fuel, spark, injector pulse?
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    Just for grins, turn the key on and let the fuel pump cycle and try starting it.
    Does it start ok then?

    The problem with a no start or hard start is there are so many factors that can cause that.
    And as @Mr_Shiftright stated, you have to know what you are missing.
    Fuel pressure, just because there is some fuel squirting out the valve, doesn't mean it is the correct pressure.
    It needs to be checked with a pressure gauge.
    Spark, this one gets tricky, but they have inductive spark testers out that can make it easier.
    But a crank/cam position sensor (depending on who you talk to, what they will call it.) can cause those symptoms.

    That being said, the reason I ask you to turn the key on and let the pump cycle is because Dodge pickups have a known problem with the fuel in the line draining back to tank, because the check valve gets stuck from varnish over time. Which can cause an extended cranking time.
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