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I bought a Judge from a guy in CO with no title. First mistake. Second mistake was a guy at the salvage yard in Wells,NV told me he could get me a title; great I thought. He said it would be a salvage title then once you take it to an auto mec and they verify everything is working it turns into a normal title; great I thought. WRONG! To late for me. He took My $200 and got me a salvage title (nothing wrong with my car except it just needs restored like all old cars) and now I find out it doesn't turn into a normal title but a rebuild title. This is real bad news for me because for one it is not wrecked and two it is a Judge and the value of the restored Judge with regular title and one with rebuild is about half( apx $40,000). Really bad news. So that is why I am wondering if that can ever be changed because it was never wrecked. Thanks for your time. ; Eric


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    No it can't be changed by any legal means but if you intend to tear the car down to a frame-off, nut and bolt restoration, the stigma of a salvage title becomes rather meaningless. There are million dollar Ferraris out there that have been mangled numerous times in their lives. They only made about 6,700 Judge coupes so if buyers don't like your price, they won't have too many choices at a better price.

    Every 100% restored car is "rebuilt". If anything the restoration should assure the buyer about the car.

    OK, maybe if you put your car and a pristine low mileage one that's never been touched side by side, the pristine survivor will be worth more, but that doesn't make yours worth 1/2. On a nearly 50 year old car, it's not that drastic a hit on value.

    Now if you're just planning to patch it up and flip it, then yeah, the hit on value is more, but still not 50%.

    You're lucky you got a title at all---many people who buy like you did, don't get anything and have a hell of a time.
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    Thank you.
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