Nissan X-Trail Prices Paid and Buying Experiences

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  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Member Posts: 501
    Is this aimed for Canada or other foreign markets? I was not aware you could buy an X-Trail in the states.
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    Exactly... for our Canadian friends...

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  • johnnyvjohnnyv Member Posts: 11
    Thanks for setting up this board. I am planning to purchase a X-trail SE AWD, auto-tranny early in 2006.

    I would appreciate any commentary/experience anyone can share regarding recent price paid and discounts received.

    I was poking around another website and found comments such as: $1,700 off sticker, $2,000 below MSRP (for buyer that also bought a trailer hitch and snow tires from the dealer, I saw a comment of 7% below MSRP and finally $34,400 all in (taxes included but no indication if this was auto or manual). All of these references indicated SE model but did not indicate is was, or not, AWD or auto-tranny.

    7% off MSRP roughly equate to the $2,000 - both noted above. At my visit to the dealership, where I indicated I would not be buying for a few months I was offered $1,000 off MSRP without even attempting to negotiate.

    I worked out the following assuming dealer markup of 15% on base vehicle and 30% markup on the packages, and options.

    XE FWD is $26,100 - 15% margin $3,915
    Increase to SE AWD is $3,900 - 30% margin $1,170
    Auto $1,000 - 30% margin $300
    Paint $285 - 30% margin $90

    My estimate is $5,475 dealer margin in the car (ignoring the usual PDI and admin/mkting fees).

    I plan to target a $3,500 price reduction. 2/3 of my estimate of the margin.

    I would appreciate any assessment/recommendation anyone could provide of my analsyis. Has anyone use a dealer invoice price service to find out to confirm dealer margins, and/or factory to dealer incentive.

    Thanks in advance,

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    In the market for a 2005 Xterra S, 4x4, auto, pwr/utility packages. Ones I have seen list for around $26000 MSRP with the usual options. One dealer e mailed me a quote of invoice minus the $2k rebate. To that he would add 3% N.C. tax, $399 documentation fee (to fill out the paper work!)tag/title fee and NC inspection fee. I have read postings of buyers getting way below invoice, not sure if these buyers are trading in a vehicle and the salesman is inflating the discount by not allowing true value for there trade. Your help will be appreciated.
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    Hi... I think you are in the wrong forum...

    Try re-posting here:

    Nissan XTerra: Prices Paid & Buying Experiences

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  • cbmortoncbmorton Member Posts: 252
    Johnnyv, I'm also looking around for a smallish SUV and the X-Trail LE is on my list. I have an account with a dealer invoice pricing co. and although I haven't done the pricing report on the X-Trail I can say that your estimate on how much profit is in the vehicle is very high. There's only about 7% mark-up between invoice and MSRP on the similarly-priced Tucson GLS, for example. For about $40 you can walk into the dealer and be able to deal up from the invoice price instead of down from MSRP. I suspect actual invoice on an SE AWD auto with the pearl paint is around $29k.

    From the pricing comments you've seen from others it sounds like Nissan is letting people make pretty good deals on these. I don't see them around that often and the dealer inventory search on the Nissan web site turns up tons of them. I wonder if they're not selling as well as hoped at the moment. If true that would help us drive a harder bargain!
  • johnnyvjohnnyv Member Posts: 11

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I have been comparing the x-trail to other vehicles in the class. Tucson is actually one other that I rather liked.

    I don't like the products with the outside mounted spare because I prefer the open upwards rather than sideways.

    I am otherwise a Honda fan. I have owned and '81 prelude, '91 Accord and '04 TL. That said the CRV leaves me cold. When I tried to enter it I hammered my knee on the emergency break lever. For a company so good at ergodynamics I can't understand the placement of the emergency brake under the steering wheel. If money were no object and gas prices were declining instead of rising I just might be purchasing a Ridgline.

    My only knocks on the Tucson were: no 6 disc changer, and I am a little uncertain about the reliability of their little 6 cyl motor.

    In the X-trail I really like: the external styling, the very large sun-roof, wipe down cargo area, and I am pretty confident in Nissan reliability.

    If you get any further pricing intelligence on the X-Trail I would appreciate anything that you can share. In addition to the invoice pricing I am trying to track down factory to dealer incentives. It's nice if they show me an invoice for $29,000m, but they may not be showing me their other incentives that aren't recorded on the invoice.


  • cbmortoncbmorton Member Posts: 252
    The nice thing about at least is that the pricing reports ($40 for 5 different vehicles) usually do show you additional incentives that are available, e.g., apparently there's an unadvertised $1000 cash bonus on the '06 Grand Vitara from Suzuki (in addition to the $300 reward they're advertising).

    I agree with you on the rear door issue. We currently have a RAV4 as a second vehicle and although the rear spare doesn't impair vision, it does make the door heavy and it opening to the side is inconvenient more often than anything else.

    My sister has had an '06 Tucson GLS for about a month. Great vehicle so far. I was impressed by how solid and quiet it is. The 2.7 V6 has been used by Hyundai for several years so I'd hope it would be proven(?) True, no six-disc changer, but standard side curtain airbags and stability control, which I think you have to step up to the LE for on the X-Trail.

    I'll keep you posted if I get any further info on pricing.
  • bfieldhousebfieldhouse Member Posts: 2
    Hey there. I am looking to buy a 2006 SE AWD but with manual transmission. The MSRP is $29998 and the dealer invoice is $27618. That is a mark up of $2380 or 8.5%. You were talking about people saying they got 7% reductions. That seems pretty good when the dealer invoice is only an 8% reduction from the MSRP. Dealers do need to make some money!!
  • bfieldhousebfieldhouse Member Posts: 2
    Of course that is not including the Freight and PDI and extra $125 for the paint. Perhaps people negotiated that down.
  • johnnyvjohnnyv Member Posts: 11
    Thanks for the info.

    I agree that the dealer has to make a buck, I just don't want to spend more than I need to.

    We are looking a similar vehicles except for my desire for the auto tranny. I wonder about how much margin the have in the auto, the "marketing charge" that is showing up at dealer ships and how much margin they have in the PDI.

    My understanding is that dealers target an average profit in the range of $1,000-$1,500 per vehicle.


  • alabaster1alabaster1 Member Posts: 1
    It's been great reading your querry. I am considering leasing a 2006 X Trail SE. I have never leased before and wonder if there is room to deal on the price... I have a quote for $30,998 CDN. I think there has been a little padding in the price.

    I have also been doing a little comparing of vehicles and agree that the ergonomics of the X Trail has really been thought through..


  • cbmortoncbmorton Member Posts: 252
    Deal on the price of the vehicle exactly as if you were planning to purchase it. $30,998 is the MSRP of the X-Trail SE AWD w/automatic. Now that we know the dealer cost of the SE AWD ($27,618), add about $950 for automatic and the invoice price is approximately $28,568. You don't want your lease payments to be based on $30,998 now, right?

    The markup between invoice and MSRP is about 8.5%. Even if you split that with the dealer and agreed to lease at 4.25% over invoice (or about $29,782) that would save you about $40/month on a three-year lease, given Nissan's current rates and residuals. And you could probably do even better than that.

    Note that right now Nissan has a promotion on where they're paying the first three payments on X-Trail leases. Depending on whether this requires the dealer to make a contribution (i.e., pay some of those payments for you) they may be less willing to deal on the price, because they're already losing money there. On the other hand, if it's Nissan Canada that's making the payments for you, then it shouldn't affect the negotiated price with the dealer.
  • johnnyvjohnnyv Member Posts: 11
    the dealers I have spoken to suggest there aren't many lightly used x-trails out there. While the number isn't huge, shows about 10-15 within 100km of Toronto.
    Most have some or even most of the warranty left and look to be okay deals. Might be a good to get a Carfax report on them (I believe you can get an unlimited number of the reports for a month for about $20). You can get to Carfax through CAA.

    JohnnyV :D
  • tominskytominsky Member Posts: 3

    Term Rate Monthly GST/HST PST/QST Total Residual Value
    12 0.80 $960.31 $67.22 $77.06 $1,104.59 $18,686.20
    24 0.80 $547.61 $38.33 $43.95 $629.88 $17,248.80
    36 0.80 $441.29 $30.89 $35.41 $507.59 $14,661.48
    48 2.80 $411.75 $28.82 $33.04 $473.62 $12,649.12
    60 9.95 $498.91 $34.92 $40.04 $573.88 $10,061.80

    36 months seems like a great deal at 0.8%..... 3 years of almost no interest and if car is still good for me, I can by it back for $14.6k What do you all think??
  • paulodcdpaulodcd Member Posts: 4
    I got a quote at a nissan dealer for a new 2006 Xtrail Bonavista edition for a total of $30,663 (live in ontario canada). The currently have a promotion on for $6000 off MSRP. I haven't gotten to the stage of haggling the price so i'm sure I can get for a bit cheaper. Was wondering how much more I should get off the final price? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
  • b10609b10609 Member Posts: 37
    Please note my comments on the other X-Trail site 'We Want It' in case you missed my comments- Waterloo Guy
  • paulodcdpaulodcd Member Posts: 4
    Well we ended up buying the Bonavista. It was just too good of a deal to pass up. We ended up paying a total $30,000 flat. This included taxes (live in Ontario Canada) and got them to throw in the cargo rubber mat as well. Got a bit of a deal on the rust, paint, fabric protection and sound inhibiter (doubt this does anything but it was part of the protection package).
    So before tax, freight & delivery it worked out to $24,800.
  • rockyteerockytee Member Posts: 35
    Well we ended up buying the Bonavista. It was just too good of a deal to pass up. We ended up paying a total $30,000 flat.

    So the $30,000 included the protection package? The Bonavisata edition, does that include AWD, Traction and Stability control? Which dealer in Ontario did you get it from?
    I am thinking of a Mazda 5, but maybe the X-Trail is a better buy? A previous poster felt betrayed by Nissan for discontinuing the X-Trail. I don't think it matters, does it? As long as Nissan is around, they will still warranty it.
  • paulodcdpaulodcd Member Posts: 4
    The protection package was another $1000 (included the taxes). The Bonavista is AWD but does not come with the Stability control (only comes in the LE model). Nissan hasn't discontinued the Xtrail. They aren't coming out with the 2007 models but will be coming out with the 2008's. The 07's were late in coming out and therefore decided to hold off until '08. Thats why the big incentives on the '06's to compete with their competitor's new '07's. We bought ours in the Burlington dealer.
  • vellavella Member Posts: 5
    Quite the experience with the various dealers. Morningside Nissan told us they were the only ones who had the Bonavista and there were only 15 left in Ontario and it was rock bottom at $24,888. We almost bought but checked other Nissan dealers and fount that there was a lot of inventory. We have been nissan and Infinity owners for a long time and very comfortable with their service and quality.

    As much as we loved the Bonavista, we found a few X-trail LE's and although $3,000 more, found the Interior and total package much more appealing. Got the same deal $6000 off and settled for an on the road price of $33,700. Tan with Black Leathyer Interior.... very impressive.

    That was aweswome for a quality vehicle, plus we have family in the UK and they raved about the X-Trail.

    Had an ugly experience with a Mazda sales man in Ajax who thought we would buy the Mazada SUV. (It is made at the Ford plant). When we told him we settled for the X-trail, he said it was discontinued because of problems, it was made in Mexico and we wouldnt get our moneys worth...yada yada yada. Talk about a sore loser. :mad:

    Brings up a point though. Every Nissan dealer said the X-trail was made in Japan. Did anyone else hear Mexico?
  • xtrailplatinumxtrailplatinum Member Posts: 1
    Glad I found this thread while I was looking for a new XTrail. The info was very helpful in making sure the price was right and I knew what the pros and cons were of the SUV. Just purchased a Platinum Bonavista at Midway in Whitby. No hassle no pressure deal and they still have quite a few of them left, so if you're looking head out there. (No I don't work for Nissan!!) Just under $30K all in. Pick it up Wednesday. How does everyone like theirs so far?

    p.s. They are made in Japan.
  • vellavella Member Posts: 5
    Thanks, I will be picking my X-Trail on May 15th, can't wait.
  • vellavella Member Posts: 5
    Anyone out their owing an X-Trail LE, I would like your comments on theirs.
  • b10609b10609 Member Posts: 37
    My wife has been driving her Bonavista X-trail for a month now and loves it. She came out of her 2003 Subaru Forester - much happier with driving position, seat comfort and ease of loading groceries, etc. It is slightly taller than the Forester so the road view is better. My observations: the car has a better, more flexible AWD, with controls for economical 2WD, AWD and pure 4WD for really heavy snow conditions, all at the twist of a dash control. Big 17 inch wheels and a good ride round out the package. Power and performance very similar to the Subaru. Center instruments are easy to get used to, HUD feel right beside the driver at eye level. Highly recommended by the whole family. WATERLOO GUY
  • creativeccccreativeccc Member Posts: 2
    I love the PANA ROOF, that's huge!!!
    I am looking for X-TRAIL bonavista edition in GTA. Someone mentioned under 30K in previous post. If you can share your deal info, that will be really appreciated.

  • xtrailbvxtrailbv Member Posts: 1
    I got my x-trail BV from midway motors in Whitby. Thanks to xtrailplatinum for the information. Their price beat APA price by $500. They also give me a fair trade in price. The salesman can make final decision so the whole purchase took me about 15 min. I think it worth to drive 50km from Toronto.
  • creativeccccreativeccc Member Posts: 2
    Thanks xtrailbv! Of course it worth to drive 50km :shades:

    Can you share your APA price with me? If you think it's not good to post here, please send to kosiko33 AT

    If without trade in, I assume your final price = (APA-500)*1.14

    I am dealing with dealer around me(Markham), will like to make a deal this week. :)
  • leokmcheungleokmcheung Member Posts: 2
    I just bought my Bonavista (Black) at $30K on-the-road price! It's at Alta Nissan, Richmond Hill. I will get my lovely car this Sat. Ha Ha!! :)
  • vellavella Member Posts: 5
    I bought the X-Trail LE, fully loaded with leather,beautiful, I am picking it up on May 15th, can't wait. I have the Landrover Freelander, this one is a 6, and way too many problems, we bought the X-Trail and it drives better than the Land Rover. I got it Ajax Nissan on the road for 33,000.00, great deal...good luck who's buying this car, don't wait.
  • leokmcheungleokmcheung Member Posts: 2
    Hi Vella, does you car have Navigation system? Will you consider adding it too? :confuse:
  • vellavella Member Posts: 5
    Their may be a possible chance down the road, for now we will see. There is a space for this to be added.
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