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Nissan Titan vs Chevy Silverado



  • boaz47boaz47 Posts: 2,751
    For some reason Nissan just can't catch a break in trucks. It was the first to hit our markets with a Compact truck and now everyone out sells them in that market. Now they are late to the dance with a full sized truck and it looks like they will never meet market projection with that either. In fact I was reading in Autoweek or one of the other car mags and it said that Nissan is cutting back on production of both the Titan and Armada. If anyone has a chance at taking on the domestics in full sized trucks maybe the new Toyota if it gets its act together but for now it doesn't look like the Titan is going to cut it.
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    Good post and interesting take. I think Nissan has not been able to seel consumers on quality control like Toyota has -- warranted or not. I don't think any Toyota trucks have ever had as widespread and severe of problems as the Titan has with breaks and rear diffs.

    Its funny to me that, to hear everyone else tell it, Toyota was the one "late to the dance" with a full sized truck as it is yet to even arrive. Alot of people bash Toyota for not having a full size truck, as if they made some kind of mistake when they released the smallish Tundra 6 years ago. However, they have met sales demands every year. How is that a mistake? And they are now the company poised to get a big(ger) portion of the market with this 07 Tundra. We will just have to see.
  • boaz47boaz47 Posts: 2,751
    And I agree with that as well. I am not a big fan of Toyota and Nissan trucks because of the Japanese idea of offering the options "they" think we need rather that offering the options we might want. When you buy a Domestic truck you have a choice of several engine sizes as well as truck configurations. That is one reason the Domestics dominate this market. Truck buyers want options and Import trucks want to limit options to maximize profit. Nothing wrong with that idea if the customer is getting what he wants. But if you want a 3/4 ton truck made by the same company you got your 1/2 ton from where do you go. How about a 1 ton? If you want a diesel? If you want two tanks from the factory? How about a dulley? Wasteful is the Asian way of thinking. They sure didn't have to worry about all of this when they got in the car market. But truck buyers are different and it looks like Toyota is getting the idea. The customers have been telling them they like the idea of a full sized truck for years and until now they have come up short. If the new Toyota starts to sell well it may encourage Toyota to offer even more customer wants and then maybe became a real player in the truck market. Yes it will be at the expense of the domestics but it also looks like it will be at the expense of Nissan. It seems far more likely that the new Toyota will take market share for newer truck buyers looking for a full sized from Nissan than from traditional domestic truck buyers. If they do gain market share then Toyota will become one of the traditional trucks of choice and Nissan will do just what Nissan has done in the Compact market. Hold down last place. IMHO.
  • duhgagsduhgags Posts: 1
    79customd: you make the point that Chevy, Ford, and Dodge have loyalists because they've been around since the early 1900's. And because they've been around that long, they've had time to change mistakes.

    I agree with that to an extent. But my problem is that seeing how many times they've had to get things right, you'd think they would be flawless by now. American made trucks should come with minimum 75k mile warranties and hardly have any problems because they should know the game better than anyone else.

    But Dodge, Chevy, and Ford are STILL plagued with problems that you rarely (IF EVER) see on a Toyota/Nissan type. So why is this? Because repairs = money. The more parts/repairs out the door for one of these companies the more money they make. So what's the incentive for building a quality product?

    And I've heard some balk about how few options you have with the foreign builds. But if you can't get a simple setup to work, why would a company be able to make a truck with 10,000 options more likely to work.

    That's GM's problem now. They've tried to put their hands in too many cookie jars. GM's motto: make as many cars and variations as possible no matter how crappy they are. Now they're having to have HUGE cutbacks in order to just turn a profit.

    In short, my argument is, why go on complicating a product even further until you've worked the kinks out in the simple design? Doesn't make sense....
  • boaz47boaz47 Posts: 2,751
    Don't know why domestics aren't perfect. My 98 F-250 diesel had to have the water pump changed and it only has about 160k on it. I gave my 78 f-250 4x4 to a friend of my sons and he drove it for the last two years and called the other day to say he bought a new truck. Wanted to know if I wanted the old 78 back. It is running fine with the 460 but it might need a new front axle. Wonder how many 78 Asian trucks are still running around? Seeing as how they are so simple there must be plenty of them.

    Just teasing.

    But if the Nissans are built simpler why are they having problems selling? Seems strange they are cutting back on production of a superior truck?
  • autotechautotech Posts: 8
    my uncle has a 2004 f250 superduty that could not pull a 10000 pound trailer up the hill at my house. hooked it up to my 2005 titan 4x4 w/offroad package went right up hill
  • autotechautotech Posts: 8
    i am an automotive tech i work on all vehicles i know that if you looked at the vehicles a little more you would notice fords made in mexico gms made in canada and titans made in usa
  • autotechautotech Posts: 8
    i have the locking rear diff which is not subject to the rear end problems others may have
  • autotechautotech Posts: 8
    i currently work in a auto body shop and know if you have a gm a type of minor rear end accident done by a gm results in the frame bending right behind the front susp were the frame naturally is curved if its a 4x4 and a ford a little bit harder of a accident will transfer through your vehicle and some how some way 9 out of 10 times crack the transfer case housing seen titans in worse wrecks no major damage besides the cosmetic was a chevy fan until titan came out and recommend everyone go drive one it drives like a truck unlike the chevy and dodge i have noticed rattles and such in some titans but not mine
  • boaz47boaz47 Posts: 2,751
    So you are saying Nissan executives are fools for cutting back on Titan production? Are you also saying you are an auto tech and yet the towing capacity of a F-250 with a gas engine is 12,500 pounds with a 2900 pound payload,the GM is similar, and it can't pull 10,000 pounds? Not even with the diesel and yet a Titan with a 1387 pound payload and towing capacity of 9400 pounds can?

    What school did you go to? Must have missed the part about exceeding the load limits on a non heavy duty truck.

    Nissan doesn't even had a heavy duty model nor does it make a long bed crew cab. Limits your choices a bit doesn't it? In fact isn't the limited choices one of the cons listed by Edmunds in their review of the Titan? That might be why Ford sells Close to 900,000 F series trucks and Nissan can't sell 100,000, or even 90,000 and will cut back production because they can't make projection? At the very least Toyota makes projection.

    I am glad you have one of the trouble free Titans. Hope it stays that way. Unless you continue to exceed its towing capacity.
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    Check again. The locker-installed diffs are the MAIN ones blowing up! Some without are also having problems. Check the paint on the diff cover often to see if it is being burnt off. If so, you got a problemo -- big time!
  • autotechautotech Posts: 8
    f-250 had the 5.4 the hill is about 5 miles long with about the same grade the whole way the 5.4 got the trailer moving but after about 1 o 1.5 miles the ford was already past the normal operating temp and started to lose power. A diesel come-on i did go to school along with gm factory training i also teach drivability diagnostics.
  • autotechautotech Posts: 8
    i thought of the mileage as a set back but a friend of mine has a 06 silverado 1500 4x4 6.0 vortex max accordind to his trucks driver info gas mileage is 10.2 my titan is 10.8
  • autotechautotech Posts: 8
    strange my locking diff has over 13000 miles on it while being in its locked up state there are after market wiring diagrams to make the diff lockable all the time while keeping abs and traction indicators working normal
  • autotechautotech Posts: 8
    o6 silverado 4x4 6.0 votex max 10.2 mpg runs almost neck to neck with 05 titan 4x4 10.8 mpg
  • boaz47boaz47 Posts: 2,751
    Still the max towing rating on a Titan is 9400 pounds. 600 less than the 10,000 pounds you mentioned. The max on a F-250 is 12,000. Maybe you had a bad experience with a Ford or even a GM 2500 but I don't want to be the guy that gets a titan after you have had it if you are going to exceed the towing capacity like that. And once again What engine options does Nissan offer? The F-250 and the GM 3/4 ton both have a Diesel option. You do show passion but a lot more buyers seem to disagree on you choice. And Nissan sales last year hasn't impressed even Nissan management. By the way we pulled a Jeep and two axle trailer all the way to denver from LA and averaged just a touch under 21 MPG in the F-250. You get what in the titan? With full on boost we have had a low of 12 in town with a load of dirt. I know it is not apples to apples but that is what Toyota is learning. If you want to sell trucks you have to offer more options. That is why they are gaining in sales and are making projections. Nissan took their best shot and missed. So they are cutting back. It was a good try and not a bad truck. But like I said about their effort in compact trucks, they just can't seem to get it just right and look like they will be last in big truck sales like they are in Compact truck sales. Unless something changes pretty soon that is.
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    Are you saying that you have driven that truck for 13000 miles while the rear differential was LOCKED? I hope that your lack of punctuation led to this misinterpretation??? However, there are many differentials needing replacement on Titans of every year model and every configuration. You, sir, are not out of the woods, yet.

    In fact, if you actualy drove it while locked for 13000 miles, I would be very worried. Unless, of course, you have offroaded your 05 titan for 13000 miles. BTW, what did anything I say have to do with modding the electrical systems to retain operation of abs and tc?
  • 79customd79customd Posts: 87
    Think about what you just said. GM should be flawless by now since they have been around so much longer than anyone else??? Sure, if they made as few vehichles as they did back then with out all this goverment required polution mess and having to burn unleaded fuel. The thing is times have changed. That explains the flaws that you have brought up and why. Also, my point is that the GM( Dodge etc) desighns have been tested and improved over an extended period of time while the Nissan and Toyota are still fairly new concepts. Time will tell wheather or not the Toyotas and the Nissan will hold up against the Proven Chevys, Dodges, and other domestics in the long run. :shades:
  • rcsportyrcsporty Posts: 3
    I would like to say That I did not see a gm Half ton pick up do anything superior to a Nissan Titan ..But you compare the titan to a F-250 with a deisel and says it blows the titan write of the map, that is like compareing a 379 peterbuilt 18 wheeler to the F250 with a diesel . I promise the Peterbuilt will out tow and out pull the F250 or any other 3/4 or 1 ton pick up. That is how ridiculus that is. If thier is a better 1/2 ton pickup then the nissan Titan I say buy it . I bought the 05 Titan King Cab
    and have been very pleased with my purchased. But if you think a ford chey dodge is better in the 1/2 ton size please buy it Chevy and ford need the sells to help with the lay offs and restructuring. By the way if nissan sells only one truck per year that is one more sell that they got from the competition. They surely arenot going away they are not laying off or forcing the american worker into retirement. thanks for listening ---Speed safely :shades:
  • 79customd79customd Posts: 87
    If the topic has shifted to heavy duty trucks, ya cannot beat the Chevy 2500HD 6.6L Duramax Allison T1000 tranny. Awesome performance trailering. Went up to almost Maryland to grab a pony over this last weekend and averaging about 55-60mph we got 15.3mpg. Thats towing 4500lbs. We got this thing at the end of 2004 and here we are 36k miles later and are still loving it. However the interior is cheap but no other truck is any different( the girls usually notice this ) And off-roading with 605 ft-lb of torque is a challenge for the untrained foot. I said it once, and I'll say it again, Fight over the 1500 series truck b/c GM has the lock on the HD pickup market. :D ;) :D
  • sumterscsumtersc Posts: 3
    i have read all the good,not so good and the bad things people have said about the nissan titan,and now here is my two cents. i'm and all american guy who spent a year in iraque and i love my country and diversity is what america is all about. if nothing else the titan and tundras will push detroit to make a better product. i had one chevy,two fords and one dodge and now i drive a 05 titan. i takecare of anything i drive and i had only minor problems with each of my previous trucks. america is going to be just fine but you have to give credit where its due and nissan did a hell of a job for its first try in the full size market. to be that close with whatever detroit is building on your first try is nothing to look down on. my titan has meet or far pass anything i had before. after 36k it is only getting better and i'm not one to cry over gas mileage. the 5.6 is a real work horse and i have pushed this truck to the limit time after time and it has never failed me yet. is it the best truck? i'll leave that open for now because toyota is coming out strong later this year. i have added jba headers,gibson dual side exhaust, volant cold air intake, and a reflexxion scowl hood. this truck simply kicks butt out on the open road and i have ran across almost nothing that could do anything with it except srt10,lightings,. my set up can more than hold its own with the chevy ss and ford harleys. but its not all about winning but winning respect instead. and for the guys who beat me out by a nose,at least i won their respect. i'm still a big fan of the dodge ram and the new silverado but the titan is a really good piece of work. and dont worry,nissan will add new models and configs. with talk of a heavy duty and sport version. i love all the trucks out there because i had them all except the toyota so i cant bash nor do i want. i can only speak on my titan and the mods i've made to it. be cool guys and dont hate.
  • sumterscsumtersc Posts: 3
    dont write nissan off too quick here,remember this is the company that the auto business wrote off a few years as going but yet they had a record year in sales last year. i think the people at nissan know their place and for now no japanese company is going to knock any of the big three any time soon in the full size segment. but that doesnt mean you give up,nissan in my openion has always been #3 in japan just like chrysler has always been #3 here. and the quality at nissan in general will stack up well against any u.s. company. this is coming from a guy who had two fords, one chevy,one dodge,and now a titan. everyone knows toyota is the bench mark on quality and everyone needs to try to get there also. the u.s.a. is more than big enough to handle five full size trucks in its market, after all look how many car companies that are in hte u.s. and still more to come. there is people out ther for the titan nissan just have to do a better job of selling it to the right people thru the right advertising methods. i love watching the battle of the full size trucks because it will payoff for the buying public in the long run.
  • aka1aka1 Posts: 110
    I have been interested in the Titan since its inception, but have not had a chance to purchase one yet- maybe haven't found the right excuse would be better.

    The discussions here are agonizing, due to inaccuracies and misinformation.

    First the TITAN was designed in America, by Americans. Second the TITAN is BUILT in AMERICA by Americans. Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda, pretty much every Japanese mfg. has a plant in the US and employ hundreds of thousands of Americans. These companies have not shut down and single plant and doesn't look like any problems in the near future will shut them down either.

    Saying the Titan can't compete with the domestics because they have had trucks for years is like saying Cadillac has been building luxury cars for over a 100 years so their better. Yet Lexus with its LS400 since 1989 has consistently DOMINATED Cadillac and Lincoln in every vehicle offering. When creating the TITAN the engineering team (numerous FORD, GM, and DODGE engineers were recruited) bench marked each competitors strong points and exceeded expectations. The only contender to the Titan would be the F150- there is no reason to even argue otherwise.

    And finally, stating that "wasteful is the Asian way of thinking," is in itself an oxymoron- there's absolutely nothing wasteful in the Asian culture. I am an American, and the most wasteful and excess loving culture in the world is our own Country. Wasteful is having 120 plus day supply of vehicles just to keep the factory running. Wasteful is the Ford Excursion. Giving you more options is how MFG's make money- bundling popular equipment is actually more of a price savings for the shopper.

    It baffles me to think that someone could actually come up with something like that...

    Granted the TITAN isn't the biggest, the baddest, or Toughest in your opinion- but all things considered, its a heck of truck- enough to have the big three consider it the new "benchmark." See how much the big three is going to worry when the New Titan hits the streets.

    Regards, AKA1
  • oldharryoldharry Posts: 413
    I had an '06 Titan in for alignment last week, from a local body shop. I sent it back for frame pulling, and will align it this week for them. The collision was so minor that the body shop, the insurance adjuster, and I were all surprised at the extent of the frame damage.

    While I was examining it on the rack, I rapped my knuckles on the side of the frame rail under the cab. I tried that in several more places.

    Try it if you can find an '06 4x4, the sound is interesting.

  • Nissan has a Titan commercial on TV. It shows the front end of the truck in slow motion as it goes over some bumps, front wheels spinning & slinging mud, music pulsing in the background. You may have seen it. It's supposed to demonstrate the ruggedness of the truck, I guess. Instead, if you watch closely (heck, you don't even need to watch closely) the front bumper and fenders are flapping around like they're loose. The gaps between the bumper and the grille, and between the fenders and hood, are opening and closing by an alarming amount. Either the frame is flexing like crazy, or the fenders and bumper aren't very well anchored to the frame. Either way, if I was doing ads for Nissan, I'd pull that commercial immediately.

    I like the Titan, it was No. 2 on my list, but I don't like the way it performs on that commercial.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I saw that too. I think it's just a result of the bumper being attached to the frame and fenders connected to the body.

    Either way I love my Armada, can't find another SUV with more towing short of the 2500 series suburban with the 6.x L engine.

  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    A recent GMC Sierra commercial shows a very similar occurrence. It is a commercial that shows all the x-ray views from different angles. From the side angle, you can see the gap between the cab and bed opening and closing terribly. Looks bad, but I don't think it's much of an issue.
  • In Oct 2006, I bought my first Chevy-an '07 Silverado Classic 1500HD. Before I did, I researched and test drove the Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi and the Nissan Titan. I fell in love w/the Titan! The interior was great and the seats were comfy. I like the exterior look as well.

    During the research (which you gotta do because obviously the sales people not only don't know what they are selling but will say anything to make the deal...) I went to several different Titan forums and read what owners had to say. The MAJORITY of them said that the Titan had major brake problems regardless of the year (even the new -07s)as well as some transmission issues. But the biggest problem were the brakes.

    That made the decision easy for me. I was never impressed w/Dodge and I had a 2004 F150 that was crap, and will never buy another Ford truck (and that was my 7th and last Ford vehicle). Toyota was never even considered due to the fact that there simply is no room inside. I find both the Tundra and Tacoma too small and claustrophobic for my liking.

    I also don't find the steering in my Chevy loose as another person had written. Actually, it is just the opposite.

    I have only had the truck now for 4 months and I have about 4300 miles on it, and I have towed a horse trailer with it. I love my truck!!! So far, so good and I hope it remains like that.

    During my research, I also found out that these Japanese vehicles (whether it is Toyota, Nissan or Honda) are indeed made here in America. Although, obviously, the profits return home to Japan.
  • I own a 2004 Nissan Titan LE 4x4. To tell you the truth, I would own any other truck before a Nissan Titan, again. I bought it with the big tow package in hopes to tow a toy hauler, later. But at 30 months, and 24000 miles Nissan has stopped backing its bumper to bumper warranty. So I had to pay $800 for my fourth set of rotors and brake pads, and I haul jack in this truck. It has left me stranded twice in the middle of the desert when the Body Control Module fails, which causes the instrument cluster and transmission to lose power. My philosophy is if even Nissan won't back its crappy product why should I?
  • rockyleerockylee Wyoming, MichiganPosts: 13,993
    enough to have the big three consider it the new "benchmark." See how much the big three is going to worry when the New Titan hits the streets.

    The current titan is light years behind the Silverado, Sierra, Tundra. The new F150 is coming out along with a new Ram in 2009. ;) I'm yet to see spy pics of the new Titan, until then it's more wishful thinking isn't it than reality. :confuse:


    P.S. How much american content does that Titan have ? ;)
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