Transmission problems. Where to take my CX-7?

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Hello. I have a 2010 CX-7, non-turbo 4-cylinder engine, front wheel drive. 175k miles. Over the weekend I was driving it and upon accelerating out of a red light the car began to run as normal but suddenly it felt like the car slipped out of gear and the engine just revved as if it was in neutral. The rpm's were over 5,000 when it seemed to shift into gear finally and the car roughly jumped and jerked. It kept slipping in and out of gear every few seconds. I pulled over, turned the car off and back on, and attempted to go in reverse as a test but it wouldn't shift into reverse. I was able to very slowly drive it back home at no more than 20mph, all the while it would slip in and out of gear.

My wife drives the car daily and she told me that a couple of weeks ago the car wouldn't shift into reverse so she turned it off and back on and it worked fine after that. Other than that the car had been running fine.

I am not a car guy by any means but I'm assuming this is transmission related. Could it be anything else?

I take the car to the Mazda dealership for maintenance although I've never needed for them to do any major work on it. I can't say I have a personal relationship with anyone there though. I have another car which I take to a mechanic who I feel comfortable with and who I have a decent relationship with and who I feel is honest and fairly priced. My initial thought was to have the car towed (as I don't feel safe driving it) to my mechanic. I figure if it's something huge he's going to be less expensive and I trust him to be honest. However, in doing a little research I've read that there may be some transmission related "codes" that might not be picked up by a non-Mazda mechanic. Is this true?

Like I said, I'm not very knowledgeable in dealing with car problems, so any advice, thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. What should I do and where should I take it? I really have no idea what the best way to handle this is, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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    Not knowing your independent mechanic's shop, we can't tell you if that's the right place, or not. But, if you trust him, take it there. Even if you are out $75 for a tow and $100 for his diagnosis, that's a good place to start. Unless it's something minor (and, it doesn't sound like it), a transmission repair may virtually total the car.

    Good independent shops buy the software to diagnose just about any mass market vehicle. If he is a one man show, he might not have the resources to do that.

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