Obvio - Car of the near future?

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I was going to post this in future vehciles, but since it is completely new(or will be) to U.S. market...well, here it is( I heard of this on another thread here on Edmunds.On cars you would not be seen dead in).


Main (splash)Page.

the 012 Model:

and there is 1 more on the home page, the 812?

Anyhow: If this thing were say at least Mini-Cooper Total Length(about 12 feet long. This is about 10.5 feet), and reworked the design some,could haul say 4 people, instead of 3, and had better MPG for the price( think it said 28,000? for almost 41 mpg? for 20K, you can get a Civic does the same thing, excep t do not know if it is flex fuel, and it is not mid-engined. They claim 170 and 250HP? If 250 HP and 41 mpg...and you drive mainly city? I dunno).

Anyhow, if they had this thing the size of a Aveo, Rio,etc,and rework the looks, and 250HP with 41 MPG, that would be an interesting vehicle. One you may feel safe to drive, anywhere.

It is interesting, but i do not know if they will sell many.

Of course, people said the same thing about Scion.


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    the other engines probably = less MPG. RWD, also, 17 inch tires, and "6-speed" manual(paddle)Shift, if ya like?

    Has tons of info on CVT's,(has a GIF showing how it works) explains a lot, but this is still a small vehicle.
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    The orange-and-green one would basically be in the same 2-seater city car market as the Smart fortwo (if that ever shows up in the US). The sports car would be exotic and light enough (under 1700 pounds) to attract some attention as a fearsome autocross beast (a 250hp turbo motor would give it a better power-to-weight ratio than anything short of a Corvette Z06).
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    these Obvio's they'll start to sell. How many they will sell? Dunno.

    I think that the American people might embrace the $14,000 828/2 more, but the more expensive 012 for $28,000 has a much more exotic sporty look to it and could catch on as well.

    Some interesting things about these two Obvio! cars are their design architecture with the elliptical ring design for safety in a crash, as well as the fact that you will be able to play anything man makes under the sun on the stereo, watch DVD's and surf the net from that computer up front. GPS and voice commands to tell you where to go(they need a machine to tell them where to go?)as well.

    BTW-the styling on the $14,000 828/2 has been improved in the last several months to make the car all the more appealing. I posted pics of the 828/2 a few months ago and it wasn't received very well here on Edmunds. I really didn't like how the thing looked, either. But this latest tweak to it's rear end with those taillights and midline area in back and the improved headlights has made it look a lot...ummm...cuter. :)

    Those fold-up doors, too! Gonna at least cause some heads to swaggle about a year from now when the $14,000 828/2 hits the U.S. market! :surprise:

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    Well, I am strongly considering buying a 2006 Kia Rio5 that is supposed to get 32/35 mpg with the 5-speed model. There's one sitting at my dealer about 2 miles from where I'm living that has been in the Robert Allen Kia lot for about 2 1/2 months IIRC and I think I am going to pursue it after we move into our recently purchased home in a couple weeks from now.

    Here's a couple of reasons: the car is great, Motor Trend just gushed praise for it, in fact it is one of their 26 contenders for 2006 Car of The Year (see the January issue of Motor Trend). It out-slalomed an Audi 3 and outbraked a Mitsubishi Eclipse and they liked it's refinement inside, the sound-deadening work done by Kia engineers, the fit and finish in the cabin and the cool fit of all the switch gear and controls inside, the peppy motor and the nice performance of the manual transmission. They did say the throws were a bit long and the precision-ness wasn't perfect, but that's not a concern at all to me.

    I have always liked and appreciated the smaller rigs, gentlemen. So I'm strongly considering it.

    So, I would consider an Obvio! rig for my future somewhere, obviously if I make this deal it won't be for a while.

    What do y'all think about the smarttwofour's and Obvio's and Rio's and Accent's and Aveo's? Can Obvio! compete in the U.S. for the long haul?

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    1) Bumpy: If I were "rich", I'd seriously think about that sports car.... just to take to the small towns, when they have these Summer time autoshows, or when the kids are hanging out, trying to "act cool", until ya smoke 'em like a cheap cigar(fast!) in this car. Probably would be fun to see the looks on some faces of people driving say Mustangs, 300's, even Altima's, with the larger V6, and you pass them up almost as if they were standing still ;)

    2) iluvmysephia:
    Hey, I too like small vehicles. I sort of miss the pre- house-sized SUV/truck days. that started in the early 90's(when you began to see many on the road, versus very few).

    I drove the Rio sedan, and although it was loud up to 45, if you tromp on the gas, it was very quiet above 45 mph.
    Almost Sonata quiet! :surprise:
    The sedan is what, close to 1 foot longer, but not as sharp looking as the rio5.

    Anyhow.... that small rocket/sports car does sound interesting.
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    who knows if Obvio can compete?

    I honestly would like them to make 3-4 cars, 4 seaters, at least, and Aveo, or the Rio(even if Rio-5 sized, about 13 feet Total Length).

    If they could make some along the lines, even just look-wise, of that sports car, Rio-sized, and still get 40+ Mpg...for 14-15K loaded....
    Then, I'd say yes, about staying power, especially in this 2-3 dollars per gallon days of gasoline.

    Just seems too small, even compared to the Mini- which is what 142-144 inches TL?

    Plus, fix the cartoon-ish looks on the economy car.
    Those doors are ok. 3 seat bench in a small car...just think, if they made it a 6 seats(due to the width of it being nearly 6 feet wide), in say a Accent sidzed sedan(14 feet+), for 16K, and still managed 38-42MPG.

    Could be very interesting then.

    who knows?
    Guess time will tell.
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    71" wide is the same as a Porsche Boxter and an inch less than a 911. Picture that when you think about putting 3 accross that single bench seat.

    29 mpg city and 41 highway out of a car that weighs 1650 lbs with an 85 horsepower engine (according to second link)? Let's see, my 1978 Datsun B210GX weighed 2,000 lbs, carried 4 real people and their luggage and got 30 mpg city, 42 hwy with a 4 speed and regular gas. Boy, technology sure has come a long way in fuel efficiency. :(

    All for $28,000 from some no name manufacturer out of Brazil?

    Two thumbs down, way down.
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    I think there must be some Obvio! stockholders on this board, or something.

    I'll basically reiterate what I said on the 'Wouldn't be Caught Dead Driving One' board: a three seat, 1500 pound, Brazilian-made (read: likely no marketing, dealer or repair support), nine-foot long car that gets the same mileage and costs as much as a base Corolla (more than your Rio, iluv!) doesn't stand a chance in hell here. Where is all this enthusiasm coming from?
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    I'm just presenting it to see what people think. Remember that I was the first one to post Obvio! information here on Edmunds a couple months ago. Maybe you don't, but I was. I just like to look at other carmakers with an open mind, that's all. After all, I started liking Kia and nearly had my cyber-hide taken off when I mentioned that I loved my '99 Kia Sephia.

    Next came the '01 Sportage 4x4 and now it looks like a '06 Kia Rio5 SX. Can't wait to test drive, at the same time I'm seeing how hard a Hyundai dealer in northern Utah or SE Idaho will work for me to order a '06 Hyundai Sonata GL in 5-speed form for $15,499. I think it would be faster and more interesting watching them stretch the cloth over the Slatron on my new pool table for our new hosue than to wait for a Hyunadi dealer around here to scout out a 4 cyl.5-speed '06 Sonata GL for me, so the Rio5 SX is no doubt gonna be the little sparkplug that I'll be getting.

    Why am I going through this exercise with y'all? To prove my point...that point being that there are some people who have an open mind automotively, who will look at what a group of individuals are working on and will develop a respect for that work that they do, if they deserve it.

    You want some hard work to do? Go build yourself a car, gentlemen. I already like what I see in the Obvio! camp and, although I'm buying a new Kia again, I will drive the Rio5 SX with glee and dig it to no end, but at the same time I will watch and see what Bricklin and Visionary Vehicles Ltd. is importing as well as what the Brazilian Obvio! boys are doing and importing here. And their service and dealer network must be top-notch or they will fail.

    Like harrychezt, I prefer to not get angry if someone doesn't like my choices in automobiles. I like to research minute details about them and discuss them at places like Edmunds to no end, as y'all know who come here regularly!

    Actually, it's a great time to be researching and buying new automobiles. I mean, look at all the safety equipment Hyundai puts in the Sonata. And that Kia puts in the Rio lineup for 2006, too. Safety doesn't need to cost a lot of money. Absolutely outstanding automobiles that are a joy to drive and own. It's good, dudes. Hey, crank up that Tragically Hip and take a big swig of that Diet Pepsi with Lime while you prepare to put a Guess Who CD on your platter next.

    I'd like to know how that guy on ESPN can think that the Chicago Bears will win the NFC title, too. Have you looked at the Seattle Seahawks points for vs.their points against this year? I think it will be Seattle vs.Indianapolis in the Super Bowl with the Seahawks having the Colts for dinner in the Big Enchilada coming up in a few weeks. Enjoy all the NFL and NBA action you can get your paws on!

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    Someone said 28,000 dollars? That is the sports car with 250HP.
    Must have missed this version.
    Green Car: One has 85HP, and 115HP.
    The other,sports cars: 170HP and 250HP, top of the line is 28K. 250HP version,, not the bottom of the line models.

    71 inches wide= Hyundai Sonata(almost) in width. Hyundai Sonata is larger than the Camry or Accord, I read(or thisclose). Yes, I could see 3 across on a bench seat.
    May be close quarters, depending on one's size.
    How wide is the Scion xB? Isn't the back seat akin to a split bench, 3 across seating?http://www.usatoday.com/money/autos/reviews/healey/2004-03-11-scion-xb_x- .htm
    66.5 inches wide, and supposedly the rear seat can accomodate 3 people. Measurements at the end of this article.
    Did a quick search:

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    Holy smokes it uses a CVT transmission! Thats an amazing thing!

    Oh, wait a minute, thats the same "CVT" transmission that the Toro golf carts use. Those things had maybe 20 hps? and the steel belts broke pretty often. Id like to see how many of those belts this supposed 250hp car goes through, $28,000 can get you a whole lot more car. someone mentioned how well scions are selling, ya well anything with sell if its hyped enough in the fake people state of cali. Plus you can service them at Toyota dealerships, were do you get an obvio serviced, without having to make a big trip out of it?
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    you have raised a most important point, Mr.Bond.

    Obvio! has a large task of selling these cars in the U.S., and part of that task is going to be selling us their Service network. Very, very important point to make.

    So far, there is nothing being mentioned, or alomst nothing. Are they going to try to sell them to college students...by other college students, like Daewoo tried, but failed?

    Stay tuned for more here, it's gonna be an interesting campaign.

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    that there's nothing "obvio" about the appeal of this car which looks rather like a carbuncle to me. ;)

    2001 BMW 330ci/E46, 2008 BMW 335i conv/E93

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    This has got to be some kind of "jokio."

    Who would drive one of these in the land of the dinosaurs (SUVs)? Good way to get stomped!
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    would have a power-to-weight ratio that could possibly beat anything short of a Corvette Z06...and if that were true, no "dinorsaur" would catch it, or anything else, on take off, passing,etc.

    It would be more of a richer man's toy... like I said earlier, find some kid with a Big Wing(on deck lid) Civic, and smoke him like a cheap cigar(fast) with the sports car version, and 250HP.

    That'd almost be like an older Miata with a 250HP engine, or something?

    Instead of Zooming, it'd Be Flying.
    It's a car you take to town to smoke everyone that is laughing at ya, then after wards, they have thier jaws drop to their feet, and ask about the thing after the race ;)
    Not as a daily driver.

    I will not even consider that Rio5, at 155 inches total length, for a daily driver.
    Or the 3 door Accent. Maybe not even the upcoming AWD/FWD 162.9 inch TL Suzuki sx4, Aerio wagon replacement.

    Those are too small these days. if it were 1987, or even as late as the early 90's, yes. Not nowadays.
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    Gee just go buy a Scion xA, slap a turbocharger on it, and have twice the car for far less money AND get about the same fuel mileage.

    This thing might sell 100 cars to various propeller heads but otherwise, I don't see the market for it.
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    Gee just go buy a Scion xA, slap a turbocharger on it, and have twice the car for far less money AND get about the same fuel mileage.

    Your Scion needs about 340hp to get the same power-to-weight ratio (250hp, 1700 pounds), plus you get to mount the transaxle in the back seat to match the mid-engine RWD configuration. If you can do that for under 15k, go for it.

    The Obvio powerplant seems to be an ethanol-optimized version of the Mini motor. 250hp from a turbo may be optimistic, but a 180hp supercharged motor already exists.
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    Well are you just playing with me here or do you REALLY think anyone is going to buy a little thing like that for $15K?

    Okay, I'll play. Let's look at it this way....a Scion stickshift already goes 0-60 in 8.8 seconds (or pick some other car of equal size and value) completely stock. With a turbo kit for $3,000, you should be able to get 35% increase, to around 140 HP and probably a 0-60 in around 7.5 seconds.

    This and 4 seats and some cargo space for maybe $17,000.

    Anybody can make a rollerskate go fast, that's true but if you want a "real" car, you're going to have to do better than an Obvio.

    On paper, it looks to be worth about $8,000. If it sells for that, well maybe people will buy it.

    For $15K I'd buy a Japanese superbike and a trip around the world. :P

    It's not just the size, but the PRICE POINT that's the killer for this car.
  • bumpybumpy Member Posts: 4,425
    The orange hatchback would supposedly be around 14k for a 1600-pound, 106hp car (basically a '73 Civic with a 2006 Fit motor in it). It wouldn't have much appeal beyond people who only need a "city car" and those who are pathologically averse to "large" cars, but that may be enough.

    The other one would basically be a track car. Ridiculously light, wide track, manual steering, and gobs of power from the turbo motor would make it an autocross legend.
  • rockyleerockylee Member Posts: 14,014
    Whoa !!!!! And some of you want to criticize GM cars :confuse: :P

  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Member Posts: 7,704
    bud, I would way rather plunk down hard-earned money on a new Obvio! 828/2 than a GM Chevy, Pontiac, Buick, etc.

    Why? Value and exciting appeal, for two things. Buying a new GM product would be like waiting 3 hours to get into the dentist's chair and then have them tell you that they only have Britney Spear's tunes for you to listen to while you get your teeth drilled.

    Boring and painful all at the same time.

    GM is fortunate to be around still.

    Obvio!'s make more sense to me already. :)

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  • rockyleerockylee Member Posts: 14,014
    :surprise: Whoa !!!!!!!!! Pal, they are overpriced for what you get. It's made in a 2nd-3rd world country to boot, so the labor is significantly cheaper. Not many people except perhaps some Cali Yuppies will buy this car. However to each their own.

    P.S. A Kia suddenly is looking better. :P

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    I'll tell you where the enthusiasm is coming from. Getting in on the ground floor of something BIG.. the failing auto makers of the US are gonna be replaced with many tiny ones that eventually merge together to form stronger ones. The price of Gas is going way up and staying way up.. The avg in the rest of the world has been 4.50 / gallon for a long time now.. why would you expect less here? the rest of the world has embraced cars like the Smart car. Things are changing... sooner than you will expect. Lets wait for one of these OBVIO 12's to hit your neighborhood.. Why not go take a test drive and then lets hear your test drive report...

  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Member Posts: 7,704
    nice to read a comment like yours. You are someone who has an open mind. Things are changing and the huge SUV's and pick-em-up trucks sold by Ford and Chevy are quickly becoming dinosaurs.

    It's go small now. I'm looking at cars like the 2007 Toyota Yaris sedan and the 2006 Kia Rio LX sedan and the 2006 Kia Rio5 hatchwagon. That is the future...those and all other viable small cars.

    The excesses celebrated in the U.S. are borne from greed and the squalor of the degradation of the times. It will stop whether the smart ones get it or not. Dig that.

    It's true..but don't y'all give yourselves a headache trying to figure it out. Just go small and you'll be 10,000 steps ahead of the game.

    The Obvio 828/2 and 012 do have a future in the U.S. Watch ghastly prices rise and then get back to me and argue. The possibilities are endless, they're not finite like GM and Ford. :surprise: Those two companies are non-possibilities if I've ever seen them.

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    Seems to me cars like Scion already have that market locked up with really credible and efficient products for $13K-14K. Why on earth would anyone choose a car like an Obvio over a Toyota product for the same money, same performance AND more room and comfort?

    Makes no sense to me anyway. From the product line I'm seeing right now, Obvio should just put a bullet in its head right now and save the trouble of a slow death.

    They need better ideas than this I think, because the market has already caught up with them.
  • rockyleerockylee Member Posts: 14,014
    Agree Shifty. ;)

  • 210delray210delray Member Posts: 4,721
    I know it's going to be a little tin can, but if its fuel efficiency doesn't break new ground, the car is going nowhere in the market place. We have the Scions, Accent, Rio, Aveo and soon the Yaris, Fit, and Versa. Why go with a totally unproven company?

    BTW, I can routinely get 35+ mpg on the highway with my '04 Camry 4-cylinder, which is plenty high for such a large car.

    I cannot for the life of me imagine driving a little tin can in the land of gigantic pickups and SUVs.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,482
    I am really REALLY sincerely trying to figure out why anybody thinks this car has a snowball's chance in hell in America....but I can't. :confuse:
  • fintailfintail Member Posts: 56,006
    They are about up there with one of those "Chin-E Class" knockoffs in my book...silly things. Why buy one when many decent proper cars are so cheap nowadays...
  • rockyleerockylee Member Posts: 14,014
    Who knows !!!! We better e-mail Fox News this question so we can be sure to get a "fair and balanced" answer. ;)

  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Member Posts: 7,704
    e-mail Fox for our fair and balanced answer.

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  • rockyleerockylee Member Posts: 14,014
    So your going to trade in the Sphia on one of these Tinaments pal. Hell while your t it you might as trade in your team and root for the team from the Steel City. :P

  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Member Posts: 7,704
    when my Sportage 4x4 is running like a top and the Seahawks are no doubt going to be the Super Bowl champions next year?

    rock, you're not makin' any sense! :surprise:

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  • 210delray210delray Member Posts: 4,721
    ...that the car has no future!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,482
    Automotive history suggests that whenever "micro cars" appear in *large* numbers, they do so only out of utter desperation---either a severe shortage of cars,(e.g. the American Crosley, or early American "auto-buggies") or post-war reconstruction, (e.g., the Fiat 500 and Messerschmidt and Isetta).
  • chrisducatichrisducati Member Posts: 394
    car company. I will say it looks a bit better now than when if first was designed. It would be a toy for sure here in the states. Sell in small numbers like the SMART that gray market importers have brought in. The big thing that struck me was the bad colors and the material covering the floor in the interior. Really bad quality and it looks like they used my wife's old flip flops for the gas and brake pedals!
  • carsciencecarscience Member Posts: 1
    Technically speaking, 2007 Models should be coming out pretty soon. What is the latest news with these cars?

    Are there any photos other than the green/orange?

    Thoughts on MPG…
    Most of Brazil's vehicles are manufactured to run primarily on ethanol. Is their MPG rating based on using an ethanol mix (such as E85) or on gasoline? Remember, it takes 1.5 gallons of ethanol to travel the same distance as 1 gallon of gasoline. That's something GM conveniently forgets to tell you in their commercials.
  • harrycheztharrychezt Member Posts: 405

    first year will be flexfuel models, then, electric cars, but with a cost of over 49-59K!!!!! :surprise:

    says 200HP, cvt, 0-60 in 4.5 seconds, and a mile range (5 hour charge) of 200-240 miles. Can fast charge it, but for less mileage.
    Like I said, forgot exact numbers, but here they are. If this thing were say at least the size of a new VW Rabbit, and 20-25K for the electric plug-in, it might be worth the money, but not at the size/price they are talking about, unless you drive 150-200 miles per day?
  • itsme12235itsme12235 Member Posts: 3
    Why does everyone hate these cars?!?!?!! They are meant to be a small, compact city driver with a sporty kind of mindset. If any of you even glanced at the weight/power ratio and took the 2 seconds needed to do the math you would find that this car would blow the doors off nearly any car in town. Its supposed to be a really small and economical version of a Lotus, not a passenger car. Its also really safe because of that monocoque shell so no it wont get smashed up by those so called "dinosaurs". Dont hate it cause its small.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Member Posts: 7,704
    I know exactly what you mean! I don't get it either. It's part of this American "big is always the answer" type thing that baffles me. I am a small car fan and I'm basically the only person on Edmunds that sees a reason for these eco-friendly and sporty little Obvio!'s. itsme...I invite you to go to the Obvio! website and read up on these cars if you haven't yet. It sounds like you already have because of your comment on the ellipti-ring safety cage underneath Obvio! skin.

    They are absolutely loaded, the 828/2 is retailing for only $14,000 and it's a paddle shift automatic tranny-driven rig. The 828/2 will have the 1.6L "Tritec" motor that BMW plops into the Mini-Cooper. What's not to dig here? Am I missing something?

    Did you notice the 0-60 times for the 828/2? If I'm not sadly mistaken they are something like 0-60mph in only 6.7 seconds. This car will be a gas to drive, it has a small turning radius and it gets around 40 mpg. The means of propelling the drivetrain are best understood by going to the website but they are state-of-the-art and will actually save on maintenance costs because there's no timing belt. The draw and pulley system they use makes the paddleshifting go smoother than it would with a conventional automatic tranny. None of the automatic tranny "lurches" that are so common.

    I remain interested in this little car, though I am really interested in rigs with four doors. But if I get the right kind of hankerin' one day on a day off I may at least go drive one of these and ask them some questions.

    BTW-I sent an e-mail to Obvio! requesting information on color combo's besides lime green and orange but didn't get a reply. However, I have sent several more e-mails with questions to Obvio!'s President and I have gotten answers back. So, they want you to get your answers answered I think they're just very, very, very busy these days.

    I think I could understand. Building a car for world sales has got to be a huge job, eh? ;)

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  • fintailfintail Member Posts: 56,006
    I wanna see how this thing fares in Euro or US crash tests...

    Maybe they can hire a stylist to help.
  • rockyleerockylee Member Posts: 14,014
    Small isn't the only problem. Do you not see how UGLY these cars are ????? :surprise:

    YUK !!!!!!!!!! :lemon:

  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Member Posts: 7,704
    they're not ugly they're precedent-setting different!

    Different is not ugly. Different is different.

    Big oversized GM pick-em-up trucks and SUV's are ugly, not these little 828/2's by Obvio!

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  • rockyleerockylee Member Posts: 14,014

    ROTFLMAO :D Not Ugly !!! :surprise: Only you could find the beauty in those lines. :D

  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Member Posts: 7,704
    beautiful, no, I agree, they're not. They're...they're...cute.

    There, I said it. They're cute. I would be really reaching to go after one of these 828/2's because I much prefer 4-door vehicles. The last two-door I owned was a '73 Plymouth Gold Duster! Decent rig it was, too! The Slant-6 is a great motor.

    The 012 is downright forward-thinking in it's bodydesign. That's one way to put it. They are fans of Big Daddy Don Garlits and Shirley "Cha-Cha" Muldowney according to their website.

    They are car racing nuts, and the more upscale Obvio!, I believe it's called the 012, that will retail for $28,000 here in the U.S. and will be a very fast car, is a reflection of the designers' enthusiasm for car racing.

    I don't know, Rock. They're going to be distributed by ZAP! here in America. Must be a ways off still 'cause I'm not hearing a thing about them. Occasionally there will be an update article on them as they get closer to importing them here. They're definitely looking to fill a "nitch" here in the U.S. Or maybe make a new one!

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  • rockyleerockylee Member Posts: 14,014
    Well they aren't my cup of tea no matter how good they are.
    The smallest car I'd ever consider would be the new 08' Lancer EVO-X ;)

  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Member Posts: 7,704
    is a 4-door but it's a very sharp and sporty four-door. That is just one naturally sharp design they've come up with. I must learn more about the '08 Lancer!

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  • rockyleerockylee Member Posts: 14,014
    Yeah I do think it is the best looking compact on the market pal. ;) Even the base Lancer, is very attractive and offers a lot of value.

  • itsme12235itsme12235 Member Posts: 3
    Hey sephia,I think you might be making a small car convert of rocky (haha)! I applaud you and I hope you continue the effort. Next you can try to win over the rest of the country that seem to think that if a car is 20 feet long and sucks down gas like its gouing out of style it must be the best on the market. I really love the 012 especially and I think itwould make a stylish,powerful and relatively inexpensive business car. The 828/2 also looks like a fantastic deal. It looks like a promising cheap, small hot hatch. And the best part is that you get a slick shifting paddle tranny in a 14 grand car!
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Member Posts: 7,704
    not only that, but both the Obvio!'s have a virtual electronic palace inside the cabin, with gadgetry that would put Steven Job's parlor to shame!

    For all the 828/2 offers, $14,000 is a really good price. Paddle-shifting automatic tranny to boot! It does make a person curious to drive one, yes.

    2021 Kia Soul LX 6-speed stick

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