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Nissan Sentra 2007



  • beantownbeantown Posts: 228
    Does Traction Control on a FWD car like this, make much of a difference to you all Up North?

    Unnecessary for me (and most of Mass I would think). The roads are plowed down to pavement so quickly it's hardly needed....especially with a fwd sedan. I've personally only lost control in the snow around here once, and it was because I tried taking a turn without slowing down . And traction control would've made no difference in that instance.

    As long as you don't drive like a moron and have even somewhat decent tires on your car, traction control really isn't necessary on compact FWD sedans in 90% of the country IMO....even here in NE.
  • So, how did the Ride and Drive go?
  • I just purchased a 2007 Nissan Sentra SL about 2 weeks ago, and I'd have to say that i'm really satisfied. I love the interior and the drive is so smooth. I also love the intelligent key system. I didn't get the audio package, but the premium stereo sounds pretty good. I just wish I had the in-dash CD changer. Overall, I am happy with my sentra. Hopefully this info helps everyone. :)
  • Sorry for my slow reply. We did the "Ride and Drive" comparing the three cars. The acceleration felt comparable on all of them on a relatively short straight. The CVT is not the greatest off the line. The straight was only about 150 yards long.

    In the cornering, the Sentra really did feel better. Very flat with no under/over steer. The Corolla went through 3 sets of tires one day I understand. They were really worn on their edges. I have to admit that the Sentra's were scalloped, but the Toyota's were trashed. The course had the surface of 10,000 grit sandpaper, that didn't help.

    Regarding the torsion beam suspension, Nissan tuned it beatifully. I defy you to find an appreciable difference between the handling quality of the Civic and the Sentra. One great thing this suspension affords is more useable trunk room. Combine the low profile of the suspension, with the innovative trunk hinge mechanism, and you have more wall-to-wall capacity.

    I found the solidness of the door closing better on the Sentra than the Civic. The Civic's door felt pretty light. Overall room felt much better in the Sentra than the other cars.

    The CVT is a fine transmission. No maintenance required. Light and efficient. Hard to beat. I tend to like it more in our more powerful vehicles (the Maxima, the new Altima 3.5 (just scorchingly amazing I must say)). What is amazing is that it gets better mileage than the 6 spd manual. I don't know why we make the 4 spd auto. The Altima is CVT or 6M. That works for me.

    We are receiving more Sentras than Versas now. Do test drive the new 3.5 Altima. You will be wanting one immediately.


  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Overall room felt much better in the Sentra than the other cars.

    That's not surprising since the Sentra is much bigger inside than the Civic or Corolla, and is in fact the roomiest car in its class except (by a very small margin) for the Elantra.

    The gas struts on the trunk are a nice feature to maximize usable trunk room--very unusual in this class.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    Is the Sentra classified Midsize for interior room as the Elantra is?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    By the EPA "size classes", it is--as is the Versa!

    By the EPA's "market classes", which supposedly groups cars from the "buyer's perspective", the Sentra and Versa are in the "small car" class while the Elantra is in the "family sedan" class. And the top-ranked "family sedan" in EPA fuel economy is... a hatchback (Prius). Go figure. :confuse:
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    It looks like the leather seats don't have heaters. I don't see that function listed anywhere and I didn't even know they still made unheated leather seats in modern cars.
  • And the seats are manual!
    I test drove a loaded Sentra SL yesterday and was really surprised about that.

    I was going to go with an SL, but living in MN I can't have leather seats with no warmers! I'll freeze my butt off!

    I haven't read all messages, but did anyone else think the engine was really noisey??
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Power seats are very rare in this class. The only cars that have them are I think the Jetta/Rabbit.

    I have a car with leather seats and no warmers. I didn't want leather in the car because I thought it would be too cold in winter and too hot in summer. But they came standard on the car. I've found that it's not as bad, winter or summer, as I thought. In winter, body heat warms them up quickly. Maybe you can go for a test drive in a SL on a cold day and see what you think.

    I thought the engine was pretty quiet when cruising on the MT Sentra 2.0S I drove. There was some noise when moving up through the gears, but it sounded kind of sporty so I didn't mind. Remember it's a 4-cylinder economy car.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    USA Today Sentra 07

    My opinion is

    Engine and Transmissions - Thumbs up for NVH and power. Fuel economy could be better.

    Interior - Thumbs down. Use of space and amount of space is much better than the 06 Sentra. My major complaint is the steering wheel (center portion of the wheel is too bulky) and the styling of the dash, particularly the radio and too darn many buttons.

    Exterior styling- It is OK, not great and not bad, the styling fits in with the other current Nissans

    Overall- Sentra is priced too high when you consider added equipment such as ABS which is optional on Sentra and standard on Civic. Also the trim levels and options need to be re-aligned. Requiring the SL and with leather to obtain a sunroof is a mistake.

    Will be interesting to see how the SE-R and SE-R Spec V are priced when they are officially introduced at the end of November.

    Spec V is expected to have 2.5L with 200 hp, 6 speed manual trans., limited slip, and once again brembo brakes and 17" wheels.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    The had one SL with the orange leather seats and I confirmed that seat heaters are not standard and they aren't available as an option either, so I didn't bother to test drive it. The orange leather seats looked out of place as if they belonged in a different car especially since there was no color matching with any other part of the grey interior.

    Since the S seems to have available as an option about every feature the SL has available other than leather or moonroof, I test drove the S instead.

    After reading the reviews, I was expecting and ready for it to be super quiet.
    It was kind of quiet. Idle is extremely quiet, but as soon as you step on the gas, you hear the buzzy engine. Once at cruising speed it is not shockingly quiet as reviews expect you to believe. It was at least as quiet as any other little 4 cylinder sedan. Maybe slightly quieter.
    It drove well enough and has some features Civic and other competitors don't have like the Bluetooth, keyless entry and keyless start. The rear seat folds flat and the optional Rockford Fosgate stereo is nicer than what you can get on a Civic EX sedan or Corolla.
    I then test drove a Civic and still preferred the way the Honda drove, but the Sentra is at least in competitive range with cars like the Civic now. Some people might prefer the Sentra especially if the optional Sentra features not available on Civic are important to them.
  • jkr2106jkr2106 Posts: 231
    coming March 2007!!! details now on

    Hope it handles as well as it looks. May have to look into one as a more economical commuter.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
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  • Wanted to check if this was a good price...2.0s with abs/alloy, audio, conv+ and splashguards for 17920 + TTL.

    Thank You Much...
  • It is well below invoice. looks a good deal to me.

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Pekkel, you might want to have a look at what folks are saying in the Sentra Prices Paid & Buying Experience discussion. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
  • Nissan kept us waiting 7 years for this? I thought the new Sentra would at least surpass the Mazda3 in quality, handling,price and available features. Having spent time with both, the Mazda3 is clearly still the better car. My only major gripe with the Mazda was the sunvisor thats too small and unable to adjust..and why isn't Nissan offering a GPS as an option..both the Civic and Mazda3 do.

    The interior is not bad, but the radio and bluetooth display is completely useless in sunlight, the unnecesarily large dash-mounted shifter is a huge distraction and hides the HVAC controls.
  • I've had my 2.0S for almost two weeks now, and of all the complaints that I keep hearing about it, I am thoroughly satisfied. This is my first ever brand new car, so I have nothing to compare it to, but there is certainly nothing overly BAD about the car. I like the exterior styling, I like the gear shifter, I like the engine noises...I like virtually everything about it.

    Keep in mind my last car was a 1991 Suzuki Sidekick.
  • Hey everyone,

    I have recently noticed moisture gathering in the right hand side tailight. I don't know much about the makeup of the vehicle, but the tailight seems to have at least two layers of glass, and the moisture seems to be on the top layer. Do you think this is going to pose a problem?

    Other than that, I am extremely happy with my new car purchase. If you happen to live in Edmonton and want a Sentra, send me a message and I'll give you my recommendation regarding a dealership and a salesmen.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    Needs a new seal. Take it to dealer and have it repaired.
  • Do try this at home - but have your spare key available in case it does not work. I saw this in the manual and tried it.

    Open the trunk, toss in your intelligent key, close the trunk. The car will start beeping furiously and then the trunk pops open like magic. It's like the car rejects the key as if its a foreign body. :P

    I always used to worry about leaving my keys in the trunk but not with this car. :shades:
  • I got 2.0s with abs/alloy, audio, conv+ and splashguards for 16500 + TTL
  • Does anyone have issues with the dash noise on the Sentra?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Welcome to CarSpace! :)
  • ike3ike3 Posts: 81
    I just got back from the Toronto Int'l Auto Show recently. The '07 Nissan Sentra there comes with heated power outside mirrors. This is on the S and SL models, standard. On the standard 2.0 model, the outside mirrors remain the USA. But here in the US, you can't get the power heated mirrors on ANY trim level. What's with that? Living in western NY, our climate is very similar to Canada. I live 100 minutes away from the border. Can anyone, including a Nissan rep explain why we aren't getting this feature?
    And, are there any plans to make it availability as part of a special edition? Or, do I have to wait until 2008 or 2009 to get one with them?
  • I looked for this too after finding a note early in the manual referencing "heated mirrors (if so equipped)". Later in the manual it stated that the heated mirrors are for Canada only. I'm kind of bummed about that.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    I see that messages going back to November 2006 fit on one page.
    Everyone must still be buying Civics and Corollas.
    Carsdirect already shows loaded Sentras S models selling for $2K under MSRP in my zip code (approx $20K MSRP selling for about $18K). Unusual for the first year of a new model and even with high gas prices that attract people to economy cars.
  • webaggiewebaggie Posts: 5
    Hi - I'm looking at the Sentra 2.0S. On, how did you see the $2K under invoice figure. Did you enter your new car features and ask for a quote? I'm not that familiar with that website. Also, what area are you located. I'm in the Houston area and want to buy one hopefully this week. My dealer offered me invoice price without any haggling last week before the $500 rebate came out. I told him I'd seen a couple of deals online at $1450 under invoice, but he said there was just no way. Thanks.
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