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Lexus GX 470 Maintenance and Repair



  • jimbo28jimbo28 Posts: 1
    Anyone experience this one? My break pedal vibrates when depressed. The vibration lasts for a second or two and can happen when I am slowing down or have been sitting at a traffic signal for awhile. It just suddenly vibrates, enough for me and other drivers of the car to notice. It is very noticeable. Lexus claimed they could not duplicate the problem. I also experience the "clunk" when stopped at a light or stop sign. I have horror stories with this problem in my previous vehicle, the LX470.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    The vibration is normal. You'll find in on the GX470 and its stablemate, the Toyota 4Runner. The accumulator pump turns on every few times that you press the brake pedal.

    As for the clunk, it's probably the slip yokes that need greasing. It's no surprise that you experienced on the LX470 -- the drivetrain and suspension of the LX and GX are very, very similar.
  • ironman87ironman87 Posts: 3
    My wife has a 06 GX470.I only drive it once a month own the way to the beach.The first 75 miles of the 180 mile trip is rolling interstate.The cruise drives me crazy because as you stated,only a slight incline causes the car to lurch into passing gear as if it must keep me dead on the 75mph mark I usually select.I have found that shifting from drive to 4th just before the beginning of a hill makes for a smoother transition.
    I am always playing with the gear lever anyway to help decelerate when braking I guess because one of our cars is a 6 speed manual.
    Let me know if you find out that this shifting behavior is not normal.Thanks.
  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    The cruise drives me crazy because as you stated,only a slight incline causes the car to lurch into passing gear

    We took my wife's '04 GX470 on only its second long trip ... Tucson to Yosemite and back ... and the cruise control drove me crazy as well. I also found the car/truck to be stunningly unstable at speeds above 70 and with any breeze at all I fought with the car to maintain straight line driving. Actually made me long for the Grand Cherokee we traded in for this "luxury" ride. If I had driven this car on the hiway before buying it I wouldn't have bought it ... it is, IMO, a grossly overrated vehicle. Fancy shmancy, but for $53+K I really feel I made a BIG mistake. My wife loves it, but she's really clueless about how a vehicle should ride. Bart :mad: :shades:
  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    We have 05 GX 470 and we found that it is hard to keep the vehicle going Straight on a straight road.

    My experience exactly. Our GX470 has horrible road manners at highway speeds ... our old Grand Cherokee was an infinitely better road car ... the Lexus doesn't come close to it. From the posts I'm seeing here it's an inherently poor performer by design. Bart :mad:
  • txlexastxlexas Posts: 1
    Annoying problem. On my GX470, the trip timer does not automatically reset after turning off the engine. You will have to hit the reset button for it to reset to 0 minute. I checked the manual and it is suppose to reset after each time the engine is shut off but I called the dealership and they said all of their 06's are showing the same symptoms as mine.

    Is this a known problem and a misprint in the manual?
  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    Is this a known problem and a misprint in the manual?

    I've had several cars over the years that have the trip timer - E/T, and NONE of them reset automatically. Gotta be a misprint in the manual. It would be silly to have it reset every time you turn the engine off. How long does it take me to get to San Diego? If I stop for gas or a bite to eat I'd have NO idea of my total elapsed time unless I did that with my watch ... and that would totally eliminate the value of the E/T timer IMO
    . Bart :shades:
  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    The bad news is that I don't think this can be fixed on the GX470 and 4Runner.

    I'm very disappointed w/ the hiway stability of my GX ... had I been to this board before I bought it, or had the good sense to test it on the hiway, I wouldn't have gone near it. I had a Navigator that was FAR superior on the road, and for that matter my wife's Grand Cherokee was far superior on the road ... not as quiet, not as luxurious, but far easier to drive at hiway speeds. My two daughters had Isuzu Rodeos that were better!
    Bart :mad:
  • alexmn76alexmn76 Posts: 6
    well, i usually hate putting praise for stuff on forums. So here is my objective feedback: Keep in mind, that I have driven cars mostly and this is my first truck.

    I have GX 2005 with 10k miles:
    - One thing I agree, the steering feels awkward ... and I have to deliberately attempt to keep it in center, while noticing it is not quite always. I usually dont mind though, cause I thought this is mainly due to height of GX ... consequently steering so much away from wheels.

    - this truck rides more smoother, more quieter, more buttery than any car, i have ever driven ... so its joyous aspect

    - when i bought, its wheels were not aligned and I took it to dealer, since then, it drives flawlessly

    - the truck has tremendous acclerating power, overtaking power with nice braking. On accelerating you literally feel as if rocket just burnt initial fuel and now takin off (and i love the faint sound that GX gives)

    All that said, I'm these days concerned about gas consumption, 16.1 mpg on my vehicle is too much.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    That's not bad - my Navigators got me 12 in town.... THAT's BAD. I'm actually encouraged to hear you get 16, as I'm trolling these sites to learn about these trucks as a potential replacement for my wife's car.
  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    my Navigators got me 12 in town

    alexmn76: I had a Navigator two cars ago and it's hiway driveability was far superior to my wife's GX. I've been very disappointed w/ the way the GX maintains road stability at high speeds, so if you're replacing your wife's Navigator and plan to do a significant amount of extended high speed hiway driving I cannot recommend the GX. It is clearly not the concensus on this thread that the GX is awkward at high speeds, but there are quite a few posters who share my experience
    . Bart
  • shepalishepali Posts: 72
    I haven't been to the dealer yet to ask about the cruise control 'features' - I only have just over 3k miles on mine. It is quite annoying, and my husband does the same thing with shifting to 4th. Actually...he just keeps it in 4th the whole time in cruise. We live in Texas - so its kinda hard for us to tell when we're approaching a 'hill' - but the GX certainly KNOWS! Anyway...shifting to 4th helps the problem, but causes about 2-4mpg decrease in fuel efficiency. I've just learned to accept the 'feature', as its WAY better than the transmission problems I was having in the ES (see ES forum for more of THOSE horror stories!).

    All in all, I'm pretty happy with the GX though....
  • shepalishepali Posts: 72
    I don't experience the vibration in the brake pedal, except when the ABS kicks in - which happened TWICE this week. When that happens, the brake pedal drops to the floor, and it feels like the brakes actually aren't working anymore! It freaked me out!! The first time it happened when I hit a large pothole while slightly braking as I approached a stop sign - yikes! The second time, the next day, was actually because I slammed on the brakes for a valid reason. The tires skidded momentarily, then the brake pedal dropped to the floor and vibrated slightly - and I came to a stop.

    As for the clunk - I do feel that at most stops. I think its actually just the car shifting out of gear. The first few times I actually thought I had been slightly rear-ended. But now...I've gotten used to it. Doesn't seem to be any kind of safety issue, b/c the car reacts quickly and smoothly when the gas pedal is then depressed. So, I'm not too concerned with it.

    Not sure what your problems were with the LX, but I did have horror story problems with my ES. So...I know your uneasy feeling of concern - the 'did I just get into ANOTHER problem Lexus?' feeling. Anyway...all in all, I am quite pleased with the GX.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Got it, blov, thank you. Before I buy, I'll investigate this issue thoroughly. Frankly, I loved my Navigators, and long for another one. They were great trucks.
  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    Good solution ... never crossed my mind! At today's gas prices I wouldn't want to regularly give up on 2 - 4 mpg but on the drive between Tucson and San Diego it makes sense to drop back to 4th for the western 1/4 of the trip to get away from that annoying incessant downshifting of the cruise control. Bart
  • bsackett1bsackett1 Posts: 1
    A Lexus is in no way in the same relm of a Lincoln Navigator. A Lincoln is a glorified Ford and Fords don't last very long as far as reliabaility goes! It seems me to me that some people are just beyond picky. I have a 2006 Lexus with 5k miles and if reported no problems or imperfections with the vehicle. My last vehcile was a 2004 Audi Allroad Quattro and again there is no comparison in the ride or the ameneties that Lexus offers to their customers. I know for a fact that Lincoln with not give out a loaner car for an oil change but Lexus will with no exceptions to it's customers. I have taken my Lexus GX 470 offroading as well and have found the offoroading in the vehcicle very compliant. Try taking you Lincoln Navi in dirt, it would probably break apart into pieces on the first bit of dirt it touches.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Don't even start with the "Glorified Ford" stuff again. The GX470 is a glorified 4-Runner, the LX470 is a glorified Land Cruiser, the Rav-4 is actually a Corolla under there, the ES-330 is a glorified Camry, and on and on. I own a Lexus, I know how good they are! But Ford is the truck king, and Ford trucks, whether they be Lincoln or Ford, are darn good too. Whether or not you like them.
    Secondly, Lincoln has NOT ONCE failed to give me a loaner for an oil change, or any other service I've had, for the past 15 years! Finally, if you bother to check my carspace, you'll see my 03 Navigator (may it rest in peace in Phoenix somewhere) in Death Valley, on the Race Track road, which is a 30 mile one way jeep trail only, and it not only came back without incident, it had just as many rattles as when we started - 0 -. Your comments are unnecessary, your facts are in error, and if you have not had one, unresponsive. So let's just move on please, to helping people with their problems here constructively.
  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    First of all, as already posted the GX is a dressed up and oversized Toyota 4Runner. Second, next time you're in an airport count the number of Lincoln limo's v. the Caddy limo's (and Ford cabs, for that matter) Lincolns are far better assembled for endurance than GM. I will not deny for a moment that Lexus dresses up a vehicle better than just about anyone but that doesn't make it a great hiway vehicle. It's road manners, not overall vehicle quality and finish, with which I have my beef. Bart
  • Just bought a new GX 470, and my salesperson, who seems to be pretty knowlegable about the car, told me that LEXUS needed to fill the tires with air in order to "register" the tire monitors properly.

    I was surprised -- "You mean -- if a tire is low -- I need to bring it in to Lexus Service?!"

    "Yes. Otherwise, they won't report accurately."

    After reading the GX 470 Owner's Manual, it seem like Lexus absolutely didn’t care if you fill your tires yourself, and in fact, recommend you check and maintain tire pressure. No warning about Lexus Service needing to "register" or adjust each monitor.

    I understand the need to "register" new tires with different batches of monitors. That makes sense.

    Has anyone EVER heard this before? Is there anything about this issue (like a TSIB) from Lexus? Where could I refer this salesperson if she is misinformed?

  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    Has anyone EVER heard this before? Is there anything about this issue (like a TSIB) from Lexus? Where could I refer this salesperson if she is misinformed?

    Our GX is an '04 and from what I can gather from the salespeople and the manual the tire monitors only signal a "low" inflation "too late light". I don't get their reasoning. I'd rather have NO monitors and rely on my old hand-held guage than have a semi-reliable monitoring system. My daily ride is an Infiniti M35 ... it monitors all four tires but not accurately enough for me to feel totally comfortable with inflation. I still check them every couple of weeks. Bart :(
  • cdfwifecdfwife Posts: 37
    I had the dealer search for a tsb fix for the brake clunk, and they found it and ordered the parts. I go in tomorrow for the fix. Hope it works. :sick:
  • cdfwifecdfwife Posts: 37
    The Lexus dealer fixed the brake clunk. I haven't had a problem since. They also waxed the car and clayed it, and it feels and looks awesome.
  • bcardenasbcardenas Posts: 1
    How dissapointed I am. I use to have the LX470 for 5 years I choose to go to the GX because it was something new but same. I have only have had the GX for 1 month and it has gone in for service 4 times. The GX starts to vibrate and shake once it hit 54 mph. which is crazy. They say it is because of the tire and wheels I brought the car with. They have changed the wheels tires and bolts and it is still doing the same. I was told if I put the original wheels and tires the vibration will go away.. However, reading that I am not the only one with this problem I dont think it will work. I just cant believe Lexus would sell a brand new car with wheels that don't sit right on the car. Especially when one of the reasons I bought the car was because it looked pretty with the wheels. What can
    i do?
  • BCardenas,

    What year is your GX? How many miles on it? What were the original tires and what do you have now?
  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    If that vibration remains with new tires and wheels, and yet another set of tires and wheels, you may have an unfixable problem and a legit claim under your state's lemon laws ... unless you've leased in which event lemon laws have (at least in some states) been judged not applicable to leases. I recently read with some skepticism that someone had a similar vibration and the dealer/service department said it would settle down and stop in ~ 500 miles. I don't buy into that explanation. Having personally owned MANY new cars of all descriptions, having rented heaven knows how many more, and not knowing a single person who has had such a problem I've got to believe you have a problem car. Insist on having the wheels and tires changed AGAIN and don't cave in to any pressure from them. If you don't get satisfaction from your dealer, go to the Lexus regional office. :mad:
  • This is utter nonsense. You yourself can put air into any tire that needs it on any Lexus vehicle. Where do some of these sales droids come from?
  • In this case, my salesperson insisted that this is how they were trained by their "Lexus Trainer". I've spoken with Lexus Corporate about the issue, to try and make sure they get someone back out to the dealership to "retrain" the salespeople.
  • I have an 04 GX470. My wife drives it 95% of the time. Beginning around 12,000 miles brakes started to pulse under normal braking. Feels like the rotors are warped. It got progressively worse and now has 20,000 miles. We took it to the dealer and they are stating that it is not a covered warranty item as the vehicle is over one year old. I've had less expensive (lesser quality) vehicles with more miles, driven much harder and without any brake problems. Has anyone had this problem?? Any suggestions on how to get this resolved under warranty?? I'm not getting any satisfaction with the local dealership.
  • sloooseslooose Posts: 16
    Do any of you that have handling problems have the KDSS package. I am intereted in buying a 2006 GX 470 but on my test drive I did notice more sway then I was comfortable with. I understand the KDSS package improves handling on the highway. I did like the quick acceleration and the quietness of the ride----did not notice any clunking (but then the darn saleman is chattering away. Also, does anybody run regular gas in the 2006's?

  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    Sorry to seem dense, but what's the KDSS package? I guess (from context) it's a suspension package. You did indeed notice the sway that I and others here have noticed and complained about.

    Insofar as regular gas is concerned, I NEVER run anything less than medium octane (eg, 89 v. 87) and more likely use premium particularly in a car/truck I plan to keep for years ... as is the case with my wife's GX as she typically keeps her ride for 10 years. Bart
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