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Lexus GX 470 Maintenance and Repair

steverstever Posts: 52,462
Got an issue with your GX 470? Get some answers from your fellow owners in here.

Steve, Host


  • I own a 2004 GX 470 with 14,000 miles. I'm starting to hear a pulsating noise/whine that seems to be coming from under the driver's feet when traveling over 70 mph. I even feel alittle vibration when I hear the noise. Any thoughts?
  • boat2boat2 Posts: 4
    What happened to all the messages pertaining to problems with the GX470 ie 63-68 mph shake ? clunk when coming to a stop ? This information and nearly 100 messages is now nowhere to be found. Very strange.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    There was a database glitch for a few SUV discussions that's being worked on. When it's fixed, the plan is to meld the posting together. We started this discussion so you wouldn't be completely in the lurch in the meantime.

    Steve, Host
  • boat2boat2 Posts: 4
    :cry: There were a lot of messages relating to your problem on this site. But I can not find it. There were several years worth of info there. I would speculate that someone from Lexus probably had enough and purged it all. The site manager has even changed. Most people were pretty out spoken about the GX470 and you could make a case that it was very damaging to Lexus. The manufacture refused to accept any responability. I can speak from experance and no longer own a 2005 GX-470.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    It's just a temporary glitch. The posts are still locatable with a net search (example) but hopefully we'll get everything pasted back together in here soon.

    Steve, Host
  • davidc1davidc1 Posts: 168
    The shake went away with miles on my GX (like the dealer said it would). They said it was a flat spot on the tire that goes away eventually. I still get a little clunk sometimes but it doesn't bother me anymore. I must have just gotten used to it.
  • nizhnynizhny Posts: 2
    I have an '04 GX with 23,000 miles and have experienced the pulsating noise as well. We moved to Phoenix from Seattle -- here we tend to do much more highway/freeway driving. The roads (I-5, I-405) in Seattle are in poor shape so there is a lot of external road noise. However, in Phoenix, many of the freeways are rubberized and therefore much quieter. Thus, at almost the first time I took our GX470 on the freeway here, I noticed a significant vibration/pulsation that starts about 1700 r.p.m. or 62 MPH when slightly hitting the accelerator and goes away at about 78 MPH. Lexus at first said it was the tires and replaced mine, but no change. Also, when I depress the accelerator, the whine/pulsation goes away. I have had into the dealership (Scottsdale Lexus) twice since for more than a week each time and it is still unresolved. They have been very professional and thorough, but at this point, they are going to give it one more shot. I believe the next step is for them to buy it back. I think the vehicle is basically good, but this is unacceptable if they can't fix it. The common thread among all of these boards is that Lexus has a problem, but in order to mitigate liability, they refer to the vibration as "characteristic of the GX." I would love to hear from anyone who has been in service for this issue!
  • ronironi Posts: 14
    Hi this is Roni from seattle
    I have not been able to use my garage door opner on the GX am i missing something will apprciate anyones input on it I have been very happy with my GX no problmes has 20,000 miles on it .
  • boat2boat2 Posts: 4
    This is exactly what was on the site with many, many entry's Vibration 63-68mph. This is the GX-470 nitemare. The amazing thing is some vehicles do not have the problem. It could also be that owners do not realize they have the problem due to the speed they drive and road conditions. I really don't know. What I do know is my 05 GX-470 is gone and I let it go with only 3300 miles.Lexus dealership balanced tires, switched tires to different locations, then completly installed new tires and rims.Two times on alignment rack. Last, installed a steering dampner kit,no help, which im told is now on every new GX.I was told a factory rep drove my GX and never experienced any vibration at any speed. I knew I was dog meat after that meeting. In all the conversations with Lexus you must understand this..1, there is no problem with the GX. 2, they are unable to fix this vibration, period. If you got it your stuck with it. The 2ad issue is the clunk in the rear after you come to a stop. I've heard this might have been located in the spline joint on the drive shaft.It was so tight of a tolerance that would not slid. This is a rumor which was posted by some people. I never experienced this problem on my GX. I wish I had found this site prior to purchase as I would have never got involved with GX-470.
  • So you dont have the cluck but you have the highway vibration. I would say about 50% of the owners have the cluck, some worst than others. I have it and it is so minor that I can hardly feel it.
    The highway vibration problem is actually very common in the 4runners but not at all that common in the GX. I would say less than 1% of the owners have it. Some 4runner owners have gotten rid of the problem by getting their front wheels aligned with a special alignment machine that simulates force as if you were driving on the highway.
  • bungobungo Posts: 6
    Just upgraded from 2002 RX to GX w/nav - still trying to get used to the added height...
    Dunno if this was covered in "missing" posts or another forum (just point me there), but has anyone been able to hard-wire install Sirius/XM modulator (not the wireless tacked-on-dash version) recently? Make/model/company ? Would prefer to see/operate channels thru usual Audio settings.
  • You can use either the ES330 or the LX470 kits from Lexus. Of course the dealer will say it will not work, buy it will just fine. I plan to get the LX kit soon because it comes with the roof mount type antenna. The ES kit comes with an inside mount on the windshield which goes next to the auto wiper sensor. Its a big ugly triangle shaped antenna which also doesn't work as well as the roof top mounted antenna.
  • Does anyone know how to access the screen to change the mic settings? I know in the GS models there is a sequence of things including turning headlights on and off to get the setup screen up. Is there something like this on the GX? Our mic is not sensitive enough and is very tinny.
  • The mic sensitivity can be adjusted in the GX. I've read somewhere that it can be done.
  • when facing uphill and try to allow vehicle to roll back the brakes? intermittently grab..anyone with a similar problem...
  • "when facing uphill and try to allow vehicle to roll back the brakes? intermittently grab..anyone with a similar problem... "
    Are you talking about the Hill-start Assist Control?
  • my impression was that the hill assist control can only be engaged when going downhill nose first? this problem occurs when i try to roll backwards.
  • ps13ps13 Posts: 2
    We have 05 GX 470 and we found that it is hard to keep the vehicle going Straight on a straight road. This is our first 4WD. The dealer took a look at it and found a minor balancing issue, but we are still seeing this problem. The foreman told me that it is because it is 4WD. Is this true? Has anyone experienced this problem.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    I don't think it is because of the 4WD, but rather it is due to the design of the truck. I've got a 2003 4Runner, which is made with the same frame, powertrain, and very similar suspension to the GX470. It has poor on-center feel as well.

    The good news is that I believe there are 4WD trucks that have better on-center feel. The bad news is that I don't think this can be fixed on the GX470 and 4Runner.

    Balancing the tires isn't going to do a thing for on-center feel.
  • ps13ps13 Posts: 2
    Thanks for your response. Today I went to the Delear again and he said there is nothing they can do about it and we didn't see the problem on our old Ford Ranger (2WD) which is not the best truck in the market and probably the same size as the GX 470.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    I googled Toyota 4Runner and on-center feel and found a number of articles that describe this. Here's one about the 4Runner: "However, vagueness in road-feel and on-center tracking required greater driver attentiveness than in other midsize SUVs that I have jockeyed through a variety of contorted backroads." Here's another about the GX470: "On-center feel and feedback, meanwhile, are similar to a typical family sedan's: pleasant, but not sharp." One about the current Tacoma: "the steering was vague on center"
  • nizhnynizhny Posts: 2
    Well, you are right in that I was also "dog meat" after the meeting with the Lexus regional technical rep. Actually, they acknowledged that there indeed was a vibration at 63-68/1700-2000 r.p.m. but that this was a "characteristic" of the vehicle -- I read this on other boards, so they must coach their people with regard to this standard response. So, I am going to trade for another Lexus -- certainly not a GX and, like you, I wish I had never gotten involved with it. By the way, I also had the clunk for a while and it seems to have gone away on it's own, but not true for the vibration.
  • Lexus have gotten rid of most of the vibration problem by changing over to the Michelin cross terrain tires.
  • mnsheamnshea Posts: 11
    I would appreciate any comments on what kind of gas mileage you are getting in the GX with premium or regular gas. The salesman told me you can use regular instead of premium gas but the mileage would not be as good. He claims the 15 mpg city driving on the sticker is very realistic using premium. What's happening in the real world?
  • lopzlopz Posts: 22
    After 52,000 miles, ave. with LOTS of highway 16.4mpg. City 14.0mpg, highway 18.5mpg. Also for those with vibration problems like me (it was VERY bad and nothing would fix it)), I just had new balancing done with a new more advanced machine where they balance wheels at different speeds while the wheels remain on the car (Ihad it done at Lexus of Kendall, Miami). Even though I still have the dunlops on (I hear Michelins better), the vibration is almost (not quite) gone, to a point that it is not a real problem anymore.
    Does anyone know if telescoping steering wheel can be made to come out further--I cannot seem to find a comfortable driving position otherwise and I drive 40,000 miles a year. Thanks for any useful info on this one way or another.
  • cdfwifecdfwife Posts: 37
    After 1200 miles, I am at a steady average of 15.9. I always use regular gas, as I did with my MDX. Call me a sceptic, but I would really doubt if using premium gas increased mileage. (Performance, yes, mileage-no.) I would say that my travels are split evenly between highway and city. I drive 42 miles round trip each day. Hoping for better mileage but not holding my breath. Has anyone else been able to increase mileage with premium gas?
  • shepalishepali Posts: 72
    Does anyone have issues with the cruise control on a 2006 GX470 gear hunting at highway speeds? It consistently downshift and then upshifts at just the slightest uphill incline - much more pronounced than any other vehicle I've driven. Its definitely something I can live with - but wondered if there was some adjustment that could be done?

    The one thing I've found that does help is to drive in 4th vs. overdrive - but that dropped the average MPG by more than 2 miles...which isn't really worth it to me.

    I'm thinking its because the engine is more sensitive/responsive than other SUVs, and so it is actually a positive benefit in disguise. But just curious if anyone else experiences this and if there is any other option to minimize it...
  • shepalishepali Posts: 72
    Regarding the garage door opener...if you have a 'rolling code' garage door, there is a sequence you have to go through to 'teach' the car. I don't have my manual in front of me...but if I recall, you have to prep the car to receive the codes (i think that is holding down the button you want to program until it blinks fast), then go to your garage door opener assembly hanging from the ceiling and press the button, then go back to the car and press the button in the car you want to program. You may have to do this twice...but it should work. I do refer you to the manual to be sure I described it right though..
  • mybenzmybenz Posts: 2
    I have an 04' GX470 and used reg. gas for the 1st 10K miles. Then I changed over to 93 octane. I really don't notice too much difference in gas mileage but feel the car rides smoother and responds better with the higher octane. However, with the price of gas being so high I wonder if I went back to reg. gas would I harm the engine. Does any one have any suggestions?
  • I have a 2005 GX and have the same experience when setting cruise. It is bothersome when it downshifts so abruptly on a slight incline; but I have not asked the service guys about it yet.
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