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Honda Civic Hybrid Navigation System Questions

darwin223darwin223 Posts: 5
edited March 2014 in Honda
I'm definitely getting a hybrid, but now comes the choice of getting one with a navigation or non navigation. Besides for the "cool" factor, what justify the purchase of a HCH with navigation especially when i can purchase a magellan roadmate for around 500 bucks. Is the navigation model worth the extra 1500?? Help me out with this decision...navi or non navi...


  • Depends on how much you use the Navigation. The Accord navigation has miles per gallon : average and instant. Not sure if the Civic one does; when I get mine I will let you know. With built in controls the integration is better with audio; when NAV comes on the audio automatically mutes. I have an Accord with NAV and also a Garmin 2610. The Garmin, probably the Magellanalso, allow you to name your waypoints anything you want. The Honda system provides only the location address.

    If you don't need NAV that much or you need NAV in multiple cars then the Magellan or Garmin is a better answer.

  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,966
    Head on over the to the Aftermarket & Accessories board and the Navigation / GPS Systems discussion and you'll find more info about the various NAV systems out there.

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  • Interesting. The way I navigate I never come across the "aftermarket & acessories" boards.
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    That's why I pointed that out! :P

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    Just purchased or leased a vehicle? Share your vehicle reviews

    PF_Flyer's 2014 Versa Note Long Term Blog
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  • Highly recommend the NAVI variant. Built in and includes CD player and PC Card player.

    Also has voice recognition for radio, xm (optional), pc card, cd, climate control, and map.

    Great feature to say find nearest honda dealer (just in case) and the car directs you to Honda dealer. Other examples, find nearest gas station, atm, lodging.

    You can buy after market, the honda one is built in warranteed, dvd updatable, and clean install.

    You only pay $700 more and can finance this as well.

    Food for thought,
    Rick C :D
  • When I ordered the car back in sep 05 I've taken it for granted that my wife would not care about the built in Nav system so I orderd one without ,I was wrong.I would have lost my spot on the waiting list to order a car with the system later on. So I have bought a Garmin Street Pilot i5 for $405 new on ebay and it's the gas,works great for what she needs it for,she's a visiting nurse.The only thing it won't do is take voice commands ,who cares.Saved 1200 bucks and we can use it in all our vehicles.You can install the i5 right on your windshield and follow spoken directions or look at it and still keep your eyes on the road,no need to scan from the dashboard to windshield back and forth.I think it's a better safer system.
  • sigt1sigt1 Posts: 66
    the nav unit looks out of place in the dash; it will work with the regular civic because nav has blue tones and so do the gauges, but in the si it does not match the red gauges. plus, the regular MP3 stereo looks nice and flush in the dash; not so for the nav. for the ex, I say yes, for the si, I say no.

    PS aftermarket nav maybe a better choice.
  • skiatlskiatl Posts: 20
    Does the SI Navi system have only one color setting? My EX Navi has several choices besides blue for audio displays, and Red is one of them.
  • sigt1sigt1 Posts: 66
    hm did not know that... good info makes my argument void
  • baltobrewerbaltobrewer Posts: 10
    I just got my 06 HCHII and love the navi. The maps are detailed & precise, the voice guidance is spot on (albeit without specific street names), and I love that you can change destinations and such while on the fly, a feature unavailable on the toyo navs that really irritated me. If i wanna crash my car while changing directions on the nav, that should be my god given right as a 'murkan!!! :P

    Also, the PC Card slot is phenomenal. I got a Compact Flash pcmcia card adapter and a 4 gig CF card, and downloaded about half of my ipod onto the card. Now it's in the card and in the car, and the navi lets you arrange the files by folders, songs, artists, genres - whatever you dump onto the card it will recognize. That's worth the price of admission for me right there. My FM-modulated iPod transmitter is destined for eBay.... :)
  • pmzpmz Posts: 26

    I ordered a HCH w/ nav and expect it in about a month.

    It is great the the nav is sweet, but I wonder how long before the novelty will wears off. Hopefully I will get out of my local area enough to make it worthwhile.

    The PC slot - can the iPod connect directly to the system, or do you need the CF card. Can you play video?

    Can't wait to check it out...
  • baltobrewerbaltobrewer Posts: 10
    an iPod must connect to the aux in on the lower center of the dash. cant have wires sticking out of the pc card slot or else the nav screen cant motor closed.....
  • pmzpmz Posts: 26
    Does the nav system have an altimeter display? Would be helpful out here in CO...
  • przprz Posts: 1
    I was looking to buy the a new Civic EX coupe w/navigation system and was told they are not making them anymore this year due to lack of sales? Is this true or is the dealer just trying to put me into existing stock? I've looked at several dealerships in my area with no luck. If you can still get one I'd like to order it. Anybody know the truth? :(
  • dalek3dalek3 Posts: 8
    The Civic Navi doesn't normally display altitude on screen in map mode, but if you press the cursor it will display your exact position and altitude. It won't update though unless you press the cursor again.
  • midnightcowboymidnightcowboy Posts: 1,978
    Garmin Quest $380 price shipped , good GPS !
  • SO many GREAT features. But I just found out about the card reader, and the enormously convenient and safe function it gives to the audio system.

    I just got two CompactFlash cards for it (512Mb), a PCMCIA computer card, and a card reader, all for less than $100. (Not 'Brand X' stuff, either: SanDisk, from BestBuy.)

    I love the ability to carry THAT MUCH of my music (without putting all my CDs at risk; without having to switch CDs; the ability to go to any of about a hundred songs by album, by artist or by title...too cool.

    ANYhoo, I liked the original card SO MUCH...I ordered two 4Gb CompactFlash cards today. I can carry just about anything in my CD collection that I'd ever want, and get to any one cut quickly and safely.

    That card reader thang was definitely NOT part of the buying decision (I didn't really know what it was until I started dinkin' around with it, and got educated at BestBuy), but if I had known how much I'd like it, and how dam' NICE of a luxury item it was going to be...I'd have insisted on the Navi, just for THAT.

    Yeah, it's THAT good.
  • Hey really quick question.. does the cf card stick out of the pcmcia card at all? Because I just got a compact flash adapter, and the memory card sticks out of it by about 1/8 of an inch. Is this going to fit and allow the navigation screen to close, or am I going to create a major problem? Thanks.
  • No, the CF card is flush with the edge of the PCMCIA card, and when they're in the card reader, the screen folds up, and the only way you'll know it's in there is you'll have a 'CARD' selection along with the 'AM', 'FM1', 'FM2', CD', (and if it's installed, 'XM1' and 'XM2') selections.

    Voice commands can be used to control play and searching, too.

    SO dam' cool... :shades:
  • Im actually having an issue with the pc card- it shows about 37 folders in the track list, and then stops- basically for me it stops at the letter G.. I tried doing a search for an artist past G thats on the card, and it did not come up with anything. I know it has a max of 99 folders and 999 files, which it is not close to. Did anyone else have this problem? How did you fix it?
  • Just found this thread on nav systems. I just got an Accord EX-V6 w/nav. There is a card slot in the DVD box that is mounted in the trunk (for the navi DVD), but no documentation on if it is usable. Can I actually put music on it and control that from my dash controls? That would be awesome. Any more info appreciated. But I don't want to compromise my warranty by hacking into the system, as others have suggested for screens, etc.

  • johnsos2johnsos2 Posts: 8
    If you get a 4gig card and you have over 99 folders and 999 songs is it true the system will not display anything over that ammount? If so it would be a waist to buy such a large card that can hold way over that ammount.
    Thanks, Scott
  • yeah, the card can only read up to 99 folders and 999 songs. Best bet is just get 2 2-gig cards, but even with the 2 gig card, getting it under 99 folders is somewhat of a challenge, depending on how you are organizing your music. So don't get anything larger than that. Remember, the cd player can also have a folder/file setup like the card, so you have an exta 700 megs worth there... though it is slower to search for a song through the cd.
  • johnsos2johnsos2 Posts: 8
    Thanks Yankee for the info. The main reason I'm thinking about the card over the CD is because with the card you more ways to display songs, artist etc... From what I see the CD mp3's only have one display. And what I really want to see on the display is artist and song and CD's don't show artist. Thanks again.
  • skremeseskremese Posts: 10

    I bought a 2006 Accord this weekend and was trying to get the PC Card to work. I have a 1GB Lexar 80x CF card in a PCMCIA adapter. I formated it FAT32 and loaded a few mp3s on it. I put it in the reader (in the navi reader in the trunk) closed the door, started the car and pushed Audio. I don't see a "CARD" tab, on the FM1/2, XM, CD-CHG, etc.

    What gives? Any ideas? Are there only specific versions of the navi system that work?

  • Not true.. its an mp3 cd player, so can show the same info as the card.. The only negative to it, is it is slower than the card to browse and search. the way it displays info is kind of stupid- it does not use id3 tags (like it should).. instead it uses what folder its in- the folder 2 up is the artist and 1 up is the album, or if its only one folder, than that one is the artist.. its kind of stupid.. but its the same for both
  • Your wrong...the Card can display 3 different ways and the CD MP3 only shows info 1 way. If you know how to show info different on the main screen for CD MP3's let me know. The only reason I would buy the Card is to display music info better then the CD.
  • mateo150mateo150 Posts: 11
    With the OEM navigation system, can you have navigation and play music at the same time? I'm debating on if I should continue to wait for a navigation model or buy a regular EX and install a pioneer avic-z1. The z1 sounds really nice, and it would be a bit cheaper as well. How easy is the mp3 interface on the OEM system? Is there a lot of button pushing involved with the nav system? Is the OEM nav system "music friendly". I drive ALOT, and like listening to music and not getting lost.

  • Yes, you can listen to music while doing (watching) anything with the OEM navigation system.
  • pmzpmz Posts: 26
    Display stuck on "open" screen (it doesn't know it's closed). No voice, no button, no nothing. 600 miles - must be defect. Any one else have this issue?
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