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Honda Civic Hybrid Navigation System Questions



  • pmzpmz Posts: 26

    I just bought a Lexar 80X CF flash also - it did not work with the card reader. Maybe it's the cheap WalMart brand!

    Did you get yours to work? How?

  • Yeah, I got mines to work- I found that the car reader is a little finicky- the first sd reader i got, the card stuck out and the nav would not close all the way. The 2nd one, it would only read up to around the letter "G".. The 3rd one works perfectly.. the compusa generic sd card reader works. I don't know if it will work with the compusa cf card reader, but you can try... its pretty cheap since its generic, and returnable, so worth a try.
  • pmzpmz Posts: 26
    Shouldn't be that finicky! I tried a second brand of CF card and it also failed. My PC adaptor works fine in the PC and the CF cards work fine in my camera. I think I will go to the dealer and have him show me that the card reader works before I chase my tail like my dog...
  • I posted this message before and thought a kind reply that I got had solved the problem, but unfortunately, I was wrong.

    I have a 2006 HCH with Navi. I have a growing number of little circles showing up on my Navi screen. I believe they are the ones that show that you are not on an official street. When I cross a big parking lot, they define my track. The trouble is that they also show up around places that I've been to a lot like work and home. They may represent what the Navi thinks is off-road but are actually glitches around common locations. They don't seem to go away on their own. So how do I get rid of them??? I can't find anything in the manual.

    I have turned off the offroad tracking feature but these buggers just keep growing. I now have about 40 around where I work including one or two right in the middle of my office! I fear that they may be "Tribbles" and that I am doomed.

    Any help out there???
  • I have recently purchased a 2003 Honda Civic which came with a Navigation System installed. My issue lies in the fact that some of the buttons contain (I believe) Japanese symbols and the screen contains text in Japanese and the voice instructions are also in this foreign language. I would greatly like if I could get a manual for this car of get instructions so that I can at least change the on screen text to English. (There is no MENU button in English).
  • I found that if you turn the breadcrumb feature off and then turn the car off and then back on... it got rid of them. I hope this helps you.
  • Thanks for the reply Dino. I've had the breadcrumb feature off for about a month now, and the damn things are still there. Thanks for trying to help.

    I'm about due for my first service and I'll yell at them then.

    Chris Bushman
    North Hollywood, CA
  • curbinaticurbinati Posts: 1
    Hi All,

    I don't know if it's been covered before (I searched but didn't find anything), so I was wondering if you can change the "tabs" on the audio system from FM1, FM2, AM, XM1, XM2, CD, and card to something else. I would like to eliminate FM2 and AM and replace them with more XM presets. Is this possible?

    Thanks for any help,
  • pruitt1pruitt1 Posts: 5
    I have wondered about that too. I need more XM presets.

    I have read you can get real time stock quotes that scroll on the bottom, but no one seems to know about that. Must be a new feature for 2008?
  • esitaesita Posts: 1
    Can anyone give me a step by step instruction on deleting an address book entry?
    Can't seem to understand the manual that shows some screens that don't appear for me.
  • gendottegendotte Posts: 1
    OK, Newby here. What brand and type of card works in the navi? Where can I get it? How much should I pay? What does it take to record on it? And whyinthedevel didn't Honda use standard SD cards like for our cameras instead of something so out of the ordinary?
    Totally Confused.
  • etpetp Posts: 155
    Anyone have the details on what product you need to make this work?
  • etpetp Posts: 155
    Went to best Buy today and got the SANDISK card reader for $7 and ordered a 2GB CF online for $14. Can't say if it works yet!
  • etpetp Posts: 155
    Boy talk about a job man. It is burried in some sub menu. Setup/settings/options, I just can't remember. Manual says edit menu but I seem to remember that you get to that place via options and not your address book.
  • etpetp Posts: 155
    The Transcend 2GB 133X TS2GCF133 works with the SanDisk SDAD-38-A10 PC card adapter. Will try a 4GB next.
  • etpetp Posts: 155
    I will try a 16GB next week. 4GB works fine BTW.
  • Hi, I just got an '06 civic with the same pc card feature. I got the pcmcia card adater and a compactflash card(4gb). It won't read the mp3's once it's in the deck. Is there anyway you could tell me how you installed it in the car? i.e. did you install the adapter first then the memory card, or put the card in the adapter then the whole unit goes in the deck? Possibly you are loading the files on the card differently. Any help would be appreciated. thanks!
  • etpetp Posts: 155
    Put the whole card assembly in all at once. Be sure it is seated and your radio shows it installed. If it shows installed and won't play there are two possible problems. Wrong media or its too cold.
  • johnsos2johnsos2 Posts: 8
    I had the same problem. It has to do with how many songs you put on the card. If I remember right I could only put approx. 60 albums/600 songs, I used a 2 gig CF card. Anything over that it would not read the card. I hope this helps.
  • etpetp Posts: 155
    16GB works fine also.
  • etpetp Posts: 155
    You need to create folders with the large media to make it easier to navigate. Example=rock, classical, etc
  • hey I am thinking of buying Civic.. I am just wondering does the navigation system get traffic updates? Since I am buying this car for long commutes, it would be nice.
  • I have a 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid with the nav system. Several months ago, the toggle stopped working and I can no longer pan around a map. This loss of functionality on a nav system as expensive as Honda's is extremely troubling. I went to my dealer and the service manager says Honda does not do any repair work on nav systems. He offered to sell me an OEM replacement for about $4,000 (can you believe he could say this with a straight face).

    My questions are:

    1) Has anyone had a similar problem with their nav system toggle?

    2) Does Honda really abandon it's customers who purchase enhanced technology options like a nav system, and

    3) Has anyone had success getting the toggle replaced so their system works properly again?
  • zekazeka Posts: 1

    It's unbelievable!
    Put Honda on copy of this manifest nonsense!
    How much did you pay for that extra option?

    joe / HCH2007 :mad:
  • We bought a used HCH with NAV and the toggle also doesn't work. I am contemplating contacting the dealer to push this since the car still has a warranty from the dealer (the Honda electronics warranty expired). It is annoying.

    We had an Acura MDX and the GPS crapped out. The screen would work only occasionally, and we had to input the security code each time we started the car. The dealer wanted $350 just to try to diagnose the problem.
  • So we had our battery die on us and we needed to go through the rigormorale of trying to input the stupid anti-theft code. Unfortunately, we couldn't find the code. Not to fear, Honda Owner Link can help us. We were able to successfully track down the unit serial number (using diagnostics) and provided all of the necessary information and received the 4 digit code.

    BUT THE CODE DOESN'T WORK. So I can see where this is going. If Alpine cannot provide a new code (yeah, right), we are going to be stuck with a busted system. I don't even care about the below grade GPS unit. But not having a radio is going to drive me nuts.

    I should have learned my lesson when our Acura Nav system crapped out on us. But we bought this car used and it was a good price for the car. I should have built in the cost to rip out a crappy system and install an aftermarket stereo.
  • The Boch Honda Service Department came through and got us a functioning code! I was skeptical after they did the same thing as everyone else (get us the serial number; are you sure the code doesn't work?). Then they had me retrieve the model/reference number. Apparently, that made a difference. Two hours later, they call back with a different code, and it was successful.

    This was a pleasant surprise after trying to work with a local dealer who pulled the GPS unit out of the car and could not come up with the code. I even called Honda directly, and to call them useless on this would be generous.

    At the end of the day, it took a little bit of personal contact between the dealership and the GPS manufacturer. And that made the difference.
  • I have a Honda navigaional system and the toggle switch is not working correctly - just read other posts and I'm disappointed at the response they got from HONDA
  • I have the same issue with my toggle. It will move to the left, but that is all. I got the same response from Honda. I scour the web looking for new information every few months. Has anyone had any success getting this issue fixed? Anyone take their apart and DIY fix it?
  • Alpine electronics will repair your navi system for $158.00 call them Good luck
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