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Midsize Pickup Comparo



  • wooddorkerwooddorker Posts: 300
    "You should check your numbers and net worth mine are fine. Sorry to hear about your badluck with MPG's betterluck next time. "

    I was under the impression your truck was an '05-'06. Since it's not, the comparison is silly.
  • sugarman1sugarman1 Posts: 92
    No gruntles here I am not searching the web for answers to my (I dont know what truck to own profile?) Whats better Ridgeline or Nissan I dont know I'll let decide for me,lets read Car and Driver magazines article on whats better that will help me decide,I already know who makes the better truck I've owned three and have been very happy with my results. And you still haven't stated why you sold the 03 Taco probably because you never owned one in the first place,all I can tell you is Butch Up and try making your own decisions. ;)
  • sugarman1sugarman1 Posts: 92
    Nothing is silly if you like getting 17.5mpg from your truck when you should be getting 20.50mpgs,thats not a silly comparison your truck is rated to get more mpgs than mine but mine gets more than you and thats sad :cry: .You can always trade it in for a Fronty thats a way better truck at a way better price and wont kill you at the pump,and handling is great tough truck shootout winner too,why did you buy a Tacoma instead of the Fronty anyway? :)
  • beanctrbeanctr Posts: 99
    I am a 34 old male and I purchased a Ridgeline in December 05 and have enjoyed 6K of trouble free miles. Most of the Ridgelines I have seen here in California have been driven by male drivers. I shopped the Nissan and Toyota before purchasing the Honda and liked each vehicle; however, I felt the Ridgeline had the edge due to the type of driving I do (mostly highway with a few trips to Home Depot), the standard safety features, and the interior room. I must admit that I wasn't sold on it when I first saw it, but became convinced once I test drove it and checked out its features. Good luck with your decision!
  • greathannygreathanny Posts: 17
    Beanctr - Thanks for the reassurance. I feel the same way. I am not wild about the exterior, but the driving experience is outstanding.

    P.S. As a beancounter, I assume you love the Ridgeline because you were able to take the 179 deduction? :) I am a 38 year old tax lawyer.
  • wooddorkerwooddorker Posts: 300
    "why did you buy a Tacoma instead of the Fronty anyway?"

    Past experience with Toyota and Nissan trucks.
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    It hasn't been so many years ago that most P/U trucks had evolved to basically flat lines across the hood from fender edge to fender edge. The grills were shrinking in height. Then in the mid 90s Dodge introduced the "NEW LOOK" with the NEW RAM P/U! Seems like that was in 1994.

    Many loved it because it reminded them of a Freightliner road tractor. This thing looked like a TRUCK!

    Others hated it with the bold grill and the hood that was higher than the fenders. The slightly bulged area (MUSCLE LINE) above the rear fender wells. Flat sides and straight lines were not a part of the new Dodge Rams. What in the world were they thinking.

    I had always been a fan of the Chevy Silverado. But this NEW DODGE took guts on behalf of Chrysler. I bought a Dodge Ram in 96 and another in 98.

    Look at the P/Us of today. Higher hoods than fenders, bold grills, muscle lines. Are they more tasteful than Dodge? They are to some, but not to others.

    I look at the Ridgeline in the same way. Some love it while some don't. It definitely looks "different"!

    It IS different. It does some things better than any other pickup . Period! Some things it doesn't do as well. It has a target and attracts that target very well.

    It will do everything that 99% of "Family" P/U owner require. It is not a heavy duty towing truck and not a rock crawler. It will tow that Bass boat or the small to medium campers. It will being the goods home from Home Depot or Pike Nursery. If necessary,it will get you through the mud or snow. Meanwhile it will carry 5 folks in comfort near that of a sedan. Chances are that real world fuel mileage is also better that the other V6 or V8s. These are things that 99% of "Family" P/U owners really want and need.

    I like the look of the Ridgeline, except for the area connecting the bed and cab. But the more I look at it I don't think it would look right if it was squared off like all the others.

    It went after the typical family. It does that better than the others. So why not look different? :)

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    I like the look of the Ridgeline, except for the area connecting the bed and cab. But the more I look at it I don't think it would look right if it was squared off like all the others,

    I suspect the tapered rear fender line (from roof to tailgate) is structural, much like the flying buttress on the Avalanche and the sport bars on the Baja are. Since the bed is part of the body, unlike "normal" pickups, I think that is needed for extra strength and/or bracing.

  • critter1critter1 Posts: 104
    Goodluck with the Ridge,Honda's are hard to beat. Wife's got 04 CRV and loves it! My only reservation was the AWD system for running sany beaches,sometime you run into real lose sand,then 4-low comes in handy. But the Ridge is a real fine vehicle. Have FUN!

  • sugarman1sugarman1 Posts: 92
    Could you please enlighten us to your previous bad experiences with Toyota and Nissan trucks and what are you rolling in now?
  • sugarman1sugarman1 Posts: 92
    What is the 179 deduction? And why does it apply to Ridgeline.
  • 2005lekc2005lekc Posts: 145
    My sister just bought a Ridgeline and although I do not like the looks of it as well as the Tacoma or Frontier I think it was the right choice for her.

    I think it would better if they bought the tailgate up to the same height as the side rails and if they would put a better looking grill in it.

    My brother-in-law wants to put a 1954 Pontiac grill in it. That might be just the ticket if he can get it to work. That might also give you a clue as to how old we are.

  • greathannygreathanny Posts: 17
    Sugarman1 - For business owners, it is the idea that you can write off $25K in the first year in which it is placed in service (with, of course, other requirements). Historically, only very large vehicles with a GVWR over 6000 qualified for the large expensing election (such as Suburbans, large trucks, etc). The Ridgeline has a GVWR of 6050 -- so it qualifies and you don't need to drive a monster truck or SUV. Trust me - it was not mistake that Honda designed the Ridgeline to barely exceed the 6000 GVWR threshold in order to capture buyer's that are tax driven. The Tacoma and Frontier do not qualify. By the way, a couple of other vehicle of interest to buyers who want to qualify for the deduction without needing to drive enormous vehicles are the Lexus GX470 and 4Runner (4wd/V8 version).

    What are your thoughts on the Ridgeline?

    Disclaimer (of course) - talk to your own CPA/Accountant about the details and requirements.
  • sugarman1sugarman1 Posts: 92
    Wow thats pretty crafty,if I were a business owner I would go the Ridgeline route if I were in the market for a company vehicle SUV/Truck primarily because of the fuel savings Ridgelines mpgs are probably nothing to holler about but it probably beats V8 powered SUV's although as a business fuel is also a tax writeoff.
  • wooddorkerwooddorker Posts: 300
    "Could you please enlighten us to your previous bad experiences with Toyota and Nissan trucks and what are you rolling in now?"

    (2) previous Toyotas, 300,000+ in each, except for replacing a seat (not Toyota's problem, I ripped it with tools), nothing but joy. I beat the HELL out of those trucks. They were easy to maintain, fun to drive, and dead dependable. I drove both to the junkyard.

    (1) Nissan Frontier, purchased because I thought Toyota's were too high priced at the time. Got a _great_ deal (dealership was moving across the street - no room, they were renting parking lot space all over town). It was a GREAT looking truck, Fiesta Red w/ chrome, alloys, and NO decals.

    One of the few vehicles I sold without running it into the ground. PITA to self-service, construction quality not even close to Toyota (packing tape on underhood harnesses, cheesy body clips, etc...) wierd emmissions related problems nobody could find, several recalls. When it was two days old, the windows wouldn't roll up over 35 MPH, due to air flow sucking them outward. Three trips to dealer to resolve. Sold the Nissan after 50 months and only 39k, but I was happy with the resale value. This and a Subaru Outback were the only two vehicles I've not driven to the grave.

    Today - I'm in an early 2005 Tacoma V6 TRD Offroad 4x4 Access Cab. I got caught with noisy leaf springs and the cab mount rattle, but missed the very early water leak. The springs really weren't a big deal, the service manager _offered_ to fix it when I mentioned them in passing during a conversation about the under-cab rattle. I'm impressed with Toyota's ability to make running changes to the line, as the issues I had were identified, solved, and didn't affect later builds. I've had Jeeps built _10_ years apart with the same problems (rear brake cylinders). :cry:

    Both '05 Tacoma issues were fixed by the dealership with zero hassle. Radiant Red paint is flawless after 14 months. The truck is the best of 20+ vehicles I or my wife has ever owned. My only minor complaint is with the 6sp shifter, I plan on installing a short shift kit. Salesman lets me run it through the dealership wash twice a month, and parts dept. sells me accessories for online price and OEM oil filters for $4.

    While I was shopping, I easily could have again purchased a Frontier for less than the Tacoma. The current Frontier displayed some of the same corner cutting as my other Nissan, but looked better than it used to be. Chose to wait 6 weeks and pay about $1200 more for a similar Tacoma, and I'm still very, very happy.

    I think the Frontier is nice, I just thought the Tacoma was a tick better. Both are milleniums better than a Colorado or Ranger!

    You payz your money... ;)
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    Good eye opening post!!! Of course it is possible that you got a lemon with the Nissan.

    But it is very hard to fault the 300,000+ miles you put on the Toyotas. Obviously Toyota builds a rugged and reliable Truck. :)

  • sugarman1sugarman1 Posts: 92
    I agree with you completely Toyota has always been ahead of Nissans in looks,performance,on/offroad capabilities,its the total package and for the total package you have to pay a little more why mess around with a plastic Nismo when you can get a Tacoma beauty. :shades:
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I agree with you completely Toyota has always been ahead of Nissans in looks,performance,on/offroad capabilities,its the total package and for the total package you have to pay a little more why mess around with a plastic Nismo when you can get a Tacoma beauty

    Is there any fact in here, or just opinion (there's nothing wrong with opinion, we all have them, but just wondering where you get the idea of better performance and on/off road capabilities).

    Also, is there a need to put down the Nissan trucks and buyers (plastic Nismo)? Just seems a little out of line, but that's just MY opinion.

    If anything, a lot of people (myself included) give credit to Nissan for spicing up the styling and creating it's own design language,


    while others remain fairly bland (I like Hondas, but the Ridgeline isn't stylish, and personally, Toyotas are bland to me, and the hood scoop just screams rice-rocket). I realize neither truck is "exciting", but Nissan is the more exciting of the two IMO.image
  • eaglegeagleg Posts: 87
    Thanks Nissan for the stylish roof rack and the half size rear doors with those cool 2 piece windows.Do those rear windows go up and down or are they just for show?Maybe a rice grinder hood scoop would be nice?
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Hey, I'm the one who said styling was not something anyone could be derided for...I didn't say the Nissan was beautiful, just more interesting than the Toyota (which I do actually like, my friend from h.s. has a silver V-6 Double Cab Pre-Runner that I like).
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    Maybe a rice grinder hood scoop would be nice?

    2005 Tacoma 4.0L V6 245HP 283 lb/ft torque
    2006 Tacoma 4.0L V6 236HP 266 lb/ft torque

    9 fewer horses on the '06, where did they go? Are they hiding in the hood scoop?

    Maybe Tacoma needs that hood scoop for that premium unleaded sucking, premium performance 4.0L V6?
  • eaglegeagleg Posts: 87
    Taco Envy Volvobad?If you work real hard,maybe someday you'll be "Moving Forward."
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    Thanks Nissan for the ....half size rear doors with those cool 2 piece windows.

    Rear Headroom (in.)
    Tacoma 35.2
    Frontier 38.7

    Rear Legroom (in.)
    Tacoma 28.2
    Frontier 33.6

    Rear Shoulder Room (in.)
    Tacoma 57.7
    Frontier 58.3

    Rear Hip Room (in.)
    Tacoma 53.6 Frontier 58.0

    Frontier has more space for passengers in the rear seat than Tacoma. Half size doors...LOL!
  • eaglegeagleg Posts: 87
    Why do the doors look so small and why don't you buy a Fronty?LOL HAHAHA
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    This topic is stuck in the a Tacoma! :shades:

  • eaglegeagleg Posts: 87
    I bet a Volvo wouldn't get stuck in that mud.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    It's called new testing procedures...Toyota and Honda beat Nissan to it. They will be required soon on all automakers, but Honda and Toyota went ahead and decided to be upfront about it.
  • wooddorkerwooddorker Posts: 300
    Has anyone noticed that the Dakota NEVER gets mentioned in these threads? :P

    It seems like folks either love or hate the Ridgeline, will argue Toyota / Nissan to death, and seem to agree that the GM entry is a step down (but it is quite a bit cheaper), and that the Ranger needs to be updated.

    No one ever mentions the Dakota.

    Then I realized that when I was truck shopping last year, I spent all kinds of time (hours!) with the Toyota and Nissan, drove two Ridgelines(An extra foot of bed vs. a real back seat killed it for me), did a quick but decisive drive of a Colorado, drove right by the Ford and Mazda dealers, but totally forgot the Dakota existed.

    We all have our own needs, options, and tastes, but where are the Dakotas?
  • critter1critter1 Posts: 104
    Just is! Time will sort out the rest on new 05/06 Toys/Fronty's! I will post my experince with Frontier good or bad. :)
  • critter1critter1 Posts: 104
    If Dakota got better marks I would have looked hard,like body style. But to many problems documented in Consumer's Report for me. Now if Jeep ever makes the Gladiator P/U, I have to look for sure. It's cool concept.

    Fish'in Critter! :)
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