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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Accessories and Modifications



  • daniel53daniel53 Posts: 9
    Just bought a 2500 crew cab and would like to put on 33 inch tires. Can anyone recommend a lift kit that has been tried and proven for these trucks. Also am looking to put wheels and tires along wiht the kit.
  • 200448200448 Posts: 4
    ANyone installed a set of SHorty headers on a 01-04 silverado 4.8 or 5.3. I have them ready to go just want to know if anyone has any tricks or do's and don'ts. Any time frame would help also. Thanks Cj
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    You will need to watch for the airbag sensor that maybe triggered if you need to disconnect the steering shaft. Course that should be included in your instructions.

    I did mine on a lift so installed the headers from below thus avoiding the shaft issue.

    With the help of a friend and airtools, it took about 45 minutes total to do both sides. Does help that my friend owns the shop and is ASE certified.
  • 200448200448 Posts: 4
    They are Pacesetter, is it hard scraping the old gaskets off? Did you use the new ones out of the box? Thanks
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    I had installed JBA shorties and used both gaskets. I noticed aftermarket parts don't fit as well as OEM. Because of that I used both gaskets to insure a good seal.

    The situation might be a little different as I had installed the headers within 6 months of owning the truck and the stock gasket was like new.

    You should have no problems scraping off the old gasket.
  • schlogschlog Posts: 19
    Just wondering if anyone has gone down the same wrong path as myself. I installed a Gibson Dual Sport Exhaust system on my truck about a month and a half ago and have regretted it ever since. My truck is a 2007 new body with 5.3 liter with fuel management. Gibson rated the system as a 3 out of 10 in noise (sound). Actually the system is loud, more like 7-8 and resonates terribly in the cab. One recent trip actually had our family taking breaks to get away from the noise. Also, we experienced a terrible drone when in the 4 cylinder mode. Switching from 4-8 cylinders creates an almost afterburner like "light off" sound. Completely annoying is this system. I've contacted Gibson and they have told me that others have complained but I have received no resolution. Even more, I had to pay for an exhaust shop to cut and weld a different muffler in place until Gibson decides to take care of their mistake.
    Anyone else experiencing this?? Have you contacted Gibson?
    Appreciate any feedback. :sick:
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Their in cab resonance is an industry leader. But they are popular as the CHEAPEST cat back system in the aftermarket.

    I personally gave it to a friend who works at a Midas shop. Told him to chop it and sell it as scrap if he wants. It really is a POS and I would never buy Gibson again.

    Now if you want a quality system I found that Corsa makes a great but expensive system and is the only company that is GM certified. Dump the Gibson they won't be able to help you.
  • Hello everybody .... My name is Fred,
    I have a 2005 Silverado, Crew Cab, 3500 , 4WD. As I intend to use this vehicle only on road, I'm interested in converting it to accomodate just one wide tire at each side in the back. Does anyone know of any readily available kit or of a way to do this modification? Thanks ahead ....
  • shadypop5shadypop5 Posts: 9
    I just ordered a set of Lund medium sized stick on hood scoops for my 2000 1500, and i'm not sure if they're big enough, if anyone out there has put lund scoops on a truck of this style (99-02), please let me now what size they were and how far up down and side to side you mounted them on your truck.
    Thank you
  • shadypop5shadypop5 Posts: 9
    I'm looking to put a locking rear differential in my 2000 1500, my truck is a Z71, but it doesn't have a locking rear end like most Z71's, and i'm woundering just what to put in, and would like some ideas on what and where to get them, i'm looking at a powertrax, that jeg's and stylinconcepts, has, but don't really want to spend that much. and i'm not looking for and off-road truck, i just want more traction, and the ability to whip shitties ha ha, and if it's possible to just get a OEM locking differential, what one do i need, and where do i get it.

    Thank you
  • Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with after-market headlight/tail/corner lenses from companies such as Matrix, APC, etc. Have you experienced any problems such as yellowing of the lenses or water leaking inside the lenses. thanks.
  • gmc6gmc6 Posts: 3
    hi all
    i have a question about the 5.3 liter with active fuel management. i want to put a flowmaster on my 07 gmc pickup,but worry about the switching back and forth from 8 cylinders to 4 cylinders. i was wondering about performance and more importantly i was wondering about what it would sound like in the 4 cylinder mode.
    thx for the help
  • schlogschlog Posts: 19
    I wasted a good amount of money to purchase a dual sport from Gibson Performance and have regretted it ever since. After spending lots of money trying to right a wrong, I'm kicking myself hard. First off, GM must have spent allot of engineering dollars getting that 4 to 8 cylinder transition to sound almost seamless, yes that muffler has to weigh almost 40 pounds and as big as a pony keg. What I've found at least with Gibson is that no engineering is done, just a cut and fit an off the shelf muffler in place... and it sounds like crap! As soon as the system shuts off 4 cylinders it sounds like someone trying to drown a VW bug, best description I can come up with. The sound resonates in the cab and can cause moments of insanity. I had a local muffler shop chop and place a glass packed muffler in place, it still is unbearable. If you go this route, I'd like to buy your stock system from you.
    Gibson is aware of the problem but has given me the absolute run around and has never delivered a solution, just allot of unkept promises.
    With all of my investigation afterwards I've found that only Corsa performance has engineered a true performance system with the 8-4 cyl. drone engineered out of the transition. They are also the only GM certified supplier of aftermarket exhaust. I wish I knew what I know now 3 months ago, and the story is lengthy. Hope this helps a little.

    Bye the way, as a long time Gibson Performance customer, I am finished. I've never been strung along and lied to like these folks have done to me, yes you Craig H.

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    "Corsa performance has engineered a true performance system"

    been saying that around these parts for years regarding GM trucks and Corsa. The thing is Corsa is expensive. You could buy a bunch of Gibson and Flows for the price of a S/S Corsa. Guess you get what you pay for.
  • schlogschlog Posts: 19
    Actually, for $270.00 more I could have retained my sanity and family harmony. You'd think grown men would learn to quit messing with things, I'm getting there quickly. Looking back, I'd have left stock alone. Looking forward, Corsa is hopefully going to be my solution as I have seen and heard their system. Our local junkyard wanted to charge me $700.00 for a salvage system from Indiana. I think not, based primarily on it being "used" to me. When will I ever learn? :cry:
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Having gone the Gibson route with the Silverado, I figure I'd give Corsa a try since it was GM approved. Didn't want to pay full retail plus shipping so I ventured onto ebay. Found a seller who just removed it after two months on his Denali. Asked him why he removed it and he said that the wife traded the Denali for a Range Rover and he wasn't about to give the Corsa with the Denali not after having it installed for only two months.

    So his loss became my gain as I picked it up for $350 + $75 shipping. And Corsa doesn't resonate but is a little loud on start up.

    Did you try pricing a stock system from the dealer? Just curious.
  • schlogschlog Posts: 19
    The dealer I purchased my truck from wanted almost $1K for the Corsa system stamped with the Chevy Logo. I love my truck, really do... but I won't be robbed like that.
  • gmc6gmc6 Posts: 3
    thx for the help. I think I will stick with the stock exhuast. sounds like a nightmare and to much trouble.
  • I got a flowmaster on my z-71 5.3vortec, sounded great first year,nice growl at idle and a beast at heavy throttle. I like to let folks know where my money is going,,,to OPEC !!! but quiet enough to sneek through neighborhood when working till 4:oo am to fill the tank.
    Long story short,the welds rusted where the pipe meets the case n the front and both exits. muffler case is in perfect condition,but cheap welds. going glass pack or Toyota next.
  • Actually if you buy your gas at 76 gas stations, none of your money goes to OPEC, as none of their gas comes from the middle east.
  • schlogschlog Posts: 19
    How does Toyota fit into the conversation about your muffler? Is it GM's fault that you have crappy welds on a aftermarket muffler? America.... good God , we are truly our own demise. :confuse:
  • Hey everyone, I need to know if it is legal for me to change the color of my turn signal lights to something else besides amber, and that's for both tail lights and headlights. I'm also interested in putting green LED's under my tailgate handle and in my wheels but I'm not sure if any of this will get me pulled over. There are many things I would like to do with colored lighting with the interior and exterior, so if anyone can give me a web site or answer my questions with confidence I would be much obliged. Thank you all.
  • Can anyone help explain the main differences? I understand that glass packs are louder, but I also understand if they are too loud then I can get a ticket. Today I had dual flowmasters put on with 5 inch tips but I am not satisfied with the sound. Can someone also explain what the difference is between 12 inch, 15 inch, and 18 inch glass packs are?
  • Is the problem your having with the muffler set-up one in which it sounds like crap when it goes into the 4 cylinder mode? I installed a Gibson Cat back system that sounded horrid when it switched fro 8 to 4 cylinders and it was "supposed" to have been engineered specifically for my truck. They've received lots of complaints about their lousy system and have promised a replacement, but that was 5 months ago and they fired the warranty manager who made the promise of re-engineering and sending replacements to the customers who purchased them. My advice is to purchase from Corsa as they are the only system out there right now engineered to deal with the Active Fuel Management system.
  • I bought the Corsa Catback Exhaust from GMC when I purchased my 2007 GMC Sierra 5.3 litre. Beware, the spare has to be removed. It sounds great but does seriously resonate around 1800 RPM. I tend to drive in 3rd rather than Overdrive since, I dont like the sound the exhaust makes when it goes into the 4 cylinder mode. Gas mileage is expected to drop but its smiles to the gallon not miles to the gallon that gets me by.
    I am looking into a Cold Air Intake which may or may not change the tone a bit.
    Any ideas on the CAI?
    Oakville, Ontario
  • Does the sound of a drowning VW bug sound worse than the Dodge or even the Ford V-10's? Maybe you can have a "dual" exhaust system. Dual as in when in 8 cyl mode the exhaust goes through a Flowmaster and when in 4 cyl mode it goes out one of them big coffee can mufflers under the bumper. Sorry, I know I was no help.
  • Actually it is worse than listening to a Hillary rant if you can imagine that. As for V10 sound, I've heard a V10 in a Viper and I was in AWE of the sound. Don't know about the Ford.
    I think your exhaust thoughts may have some merit. I think Gibson would do well in obtaining an engineer with that type of imagination. I don't think they have a true engineer on staff.
    Live and learn... I'm movin on.

    Good chuckle! :shades:
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