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Pontiac Sunfire Electrical Problems


My horn does not work anymore. The fuse & the relay are OK, but I cannot locate the horn? Where is it?



  • fmoirfmoir Posts: 2
    my right rear turn signal will not work the front light flashes but very fast i have changed blub and still the same left signal works fine where can i find they relay i have looked every where and cannot find it thanks
  • ellentimellentim Posts: 4
    I've read several requests but I haven't found the definitive answer! My turn signals flash sporadically. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't! (much like the rest of my 2000 Sunfire). The fuse was fine. I bought a new flasher, but I don't see the old one! I've changed flashers in older cars, but this is ridiculous! All I see on the driver's side panel is about 500 wires. (Might be the alarm system, not sure) Thanks! -Tim
  • ponsunfieponsunfie Posts: 1
    I own a 1999 pontiac sunfire. One day I was driving and the radio died. A few minutes later all the power died. It was still running. I drove straight home, turned off the car and tried to restart it. It went click click click and wouldn't start. A few hours later i tried again and it started and turned it off. I just let it sit.

    The next day I started it and it just went dead. No power and nothing. Shoud I dig a grave or repair it lol. A mechanic friend said the relay might have overheated. I don't know.

    I ain't got much cash so I was wondering if it is the relay, battery or whatever. Thanks!
  • Here is my situation. I have a 95 Sunfire and the turn signals no longer work. This first started last year when the turn signals wouldn’t flash (they would go on). I changed the flasher and then they started flashing erratically and then went out all together. I did a little digging and found that the alarm had been installed and hooked up to the signal wires. I took out the alarm (wasn’t working anyway) and the signals worked again (the signal click was a lot quieter than it had been). Now a year later, they are out all together again. Checked the fuses, checked the flasher. Anyone with any ideas of what it could be?
    This may or may not be related…..The left tail light keeps burning out and the stereo sometimes wont work. This has been happening since it was installed (after the first signal problem).Can all this be related or is my car just a heap?
  • ellentimellentim Posts: 4
    WHERE was your flasher located?? Was it buried under the alarm on the driver's side firewall? Personally, I think we BOTH have heaps! Thanks...
  • masterpaul1masterpaul1 Posts: 421
    We have a 98 Sunfire and for the about a year or so, we were having problems with both tail lights burning out. After looking into the problem, I noticed that the light socket was burning the metal wires on the end of the light bulbs. The solution, I went to a Pontiac Dealer and bought two replacement light sockets, cost under $10, and haven't had a problem since. :)
  • tbird_s_ytbird_s_y Posts: 5
    Probably no help now, but I bet it was the alternator. Mine went at around 110k miles on my 95 Sunfire. My blinkers started flashing slower than usual and then my check engine light came on and my lights dimmed - turned out to be the alternator (I have the 4 door sedan, and my blinkers are REALLY slow, but they have always been that way and passed inspection). My battery is still going strong though. The only other repairs I have had to make were new brakes and pads at 100k miles, and new cv joints/front axle around the same time I got the alternator replaced.
  • Both of my turn signals went out and I replaced the bulbs to both. The left works but the right does not. I was told by a mechanic at CarX that it was my ground wire (?) and referred me to an auto electric mechanic. Has anyone ever heard of this problem and how much does it cost to fix?
  • Hi, I have a 2000 Sunfire. Sometime back I noticed that the rear speakers weren't working. Later the same day they started working. Then only one side would work. Then both again, then neither.
    I had the Extended Warranty at the time so I took the car to the Pontiac house. When I picked the car up the Service Mgr. said that one of the rear speakers had a short in it which was causing this problem. He said that factory replacements were about $17 each but he stated that I might want to upgrade to a better set of speakers (aftermarket) so he didn't replace the speakers.
    Anyone ever heard of a shorted speaker causing this kind of problem? Seems kinda odd to me. I don't want to replace the speakers only to experience the same problem.
    If anyone has heard of this I would like to hear from you. I appreciate the Forum's time. Thanks in advance for any ideas on this issue. :)
  • Dude, seriously, you need to get a haynes book... if you have a 2000, it says 1998 and later models (this book is up to 2004), the combination turn signal/hazard flasher is mounted to the brake pedal bracket above the steering column.
  • My 1995 is doing the same thing... the blinking was sporratic... now neither they or the hazards work... I suspect it's an issue with the alarm system (looks like a hack install anyway) and I'm going to have it removed this weekend and see if that fixes it.
  • Thanks for the info. Much appreciated. I was trying to get around buying an expensive manual for a car I've already spent WAY too much on (don't get me started!) and would like to get rid of NOW!
  • I have a 95 pontiac sunfire, and my horn became very weak. So, I decided to change the horn. I had the same problem. Where did they put the horn. Its under or in the front right fender in front of the passenger side wheel. It catches all the road grit (really good place for a horn - NOT). Good luck. I mounted my new horns(2) just in front of the frame that holds the headlight mounts. Tight fit but works, and I can get to them easily. Hope this helps.
  • 1999 SUnfire here. I have been having my radio lose its time like there is a power loss and slow cranking so I changed the battery. A while back my ABS light came on so I checked the connections on the module and started car and it went away. It did that every now and then untill Friday it and the brake light came on and the anti-lock started engaging and disengaging on its own...turned it off then back on and no prpblem. Was driving to work this morning and every light on the dash came on and off and the door chime started dinging. When I pulled over to turn it off it wouldnt start back. It was like a complete power loss.
  • I have a 99 Sunfire GT and I'm experiencing the same with my rear speakers. Sometimes neither one will work and sometimes just the right rear works. The fronts seem to be working fine. I have not looked into what may be causing this. So this note is just to let you know that someone else is having the same rear speaker problem.
  • I just had the same thing happen to me today. Every light on the dash came on and off and the door chime started dinging. Car will not start.

    Did you ever resolve this problem? What is the fix?
  • I disconnected the battery for a minute or two and tried again and it started right off the bat. My ABS light still comes on from time to time nothing more like that. I am beginning to think it is computer related. I used a code reader to check for anything and it didnt show any malfunctions.
  • Thanks for the speedy reply.
    I had the car towed to a shop today for a mechanic to look at tomorrow morning. The tow person seemed to think that the problem is with the starter. Seems to me it could be anything. I hope it is not an intermittent computer problem.
    Will keep you posted.
  • Just back from the repair shop. The problem turned out to be a bad battery terminal. The positive terminal just about fell off! New battery solved my car troubles, for now.
    Perhaps you only had a bad, battery, connection.

    Thank you.
  • Bought a 2002 sunfire November 2005 and before taking it off the lot noted that the RR speaker wasn't working; dealer replaced and I figured it was settled. Now this is primarily the wife car so I don't drive it often. Just notice, Nov 06 the RR speaker not working again. Don't know exactly when it stopped functioning but and now investigating various forums for answers...none yet....anyone more news on this issue??
  • I have a 2005 Sunfire. Every now and then the lights on my dashboard will light up. Sometimes only for a few seconds. One time they stayed on and I called my dealership. That's when they told me to come in and not turn off my car b/c it thought it was being stolen. Just the other night my air bag light flashed on for about 3 seconds. This is already after I've had the front stuts replaced b/c they went bad after a year. Let me just say, I'm sorry I ever bought this car. Any suggestions?
  • 944s944s Posts: 42
    has anybody had any trouble with the sunroof on their sunfire,,, mine works when it wants to but it doesnt work properly,,, i know that there is a recall or technical service bulletin,, does anybody know if the dealership fix this?????
  • I have a 2001 Sunfire where the dashboard will go blank and displpay "ERROR" on the odometer. It used to be intermittent, but now the whole display is blank. Have you seen this symptom? Has anyone?
  • I think it's fairly safe to say most Sunfires are JUNK! I really liked mine (mainly the body style) when I first got it. Since 2000, I've had the same power window worked on FIVE TIMES, heater blower, wipers, radio, car alarm, and now the flasher's out and I can't even find it to replace it! After four Pontiacs in a row, NO MORE!
  • Just bought a 2001 Sunfire. The odometer reads the mileage just fine when I first start the car, but after a few minutes/seconds the display shows a series of numbers and dashes, that is kinda faint, where the mileage reading should be. If I bang on the instrument cluster, it will go back to showing my true mileage, but then it starts the erratic readings again almost immediately. Anyone know how to fix this problem?
  • I have a 2000 Sunfire. My lights that show my heater and blower area is out. Does anyone know how to fix them. The fuses are in proper condition because that is the first thing I checked.
  • I have a 98 pontiac sunfire 2.4. I have done lots of repairs we wont even go there right now. My starter went out and I had my sons to replace it. Well they broke off a wire to the crankshaft sensor and let a wire going to the alternater touch the frame and it sparked. I replaced the crank shaft sensor. When I try to crank it I hear a clicking noise coming from under the glove box. I was told there were some relays under there but I can't find them. Any one have any ideas. Thank you.
  • My 98 sunfire pees on me when it rains, I have duck tape around it but it doesn't stop everything. The motor in it works fine but the one side won't lift up right because of the assembly. Could be your motor.
  • 13,000 miles. I bought the car with only 3,000 miles. I notice that GM is offering an extended warranty on all if not most repairs. Obviously there must be known issues. The engine just started staying on today. It has been extremely cold here in Toronto. The car wants to chug and feels like it is going shut off. Never had this problem before. I looked at the serpintine belt and seems to be OK. I maintain regular oil changes. Tonight I will have the block heater plugged in and see what happens.

    Why would GM issue a card, of the extended warranty. I only notice that it was in the glove compartment recently.

  • i just got my sunfire recently, and the other day, i was just coasting behind sonone and i look down and my speedometer reads 0. also i noticed my gas gauge fluctuates alot too. almost a half tank, but only when it gets low in gas. is this s fuse or relay problem, wiring, or do i just need a new cluster panel? any suggestions would be appreciated.
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