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Toyota Corolla Audio Questions



  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    You really need to go to Pep Boys and buy a Haynes manual if you've lost your owner's manual! My '98 Corolla is the same generation as yours, and mine has two buttons in the trunk for releasing the rear seats. Although, if you've got some chutzpah, you can simply pull them down with a little elbow grease.
  • How do I remove the rear speaker panel, so I can replace the rear speakers on my 2002 co rolla ?
  • patel7879patel7879 Posts: 1
    I am thinking of getting a DVD player for my 06 Corolla. I don't want to get get portable DVD player, I want the one I can fit in to dashboard in place of factory radio.

    I have read few of the message here on how remove the radio and stuff, but does anyone know what size of DVD player will fit in there 1 DIN, 1.5 DIN, 2 DIN or any other size. :)
  • hiya.. i wanted to replace my speakers in my 2008 corolla CE but i dunno what size speakers to get. Does anyone know what size speakers i should buy for the front and back speakers?
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    You can check at and plug in what kind of car you have, and they'll pull up everything that will fit. Then you can go buy it someplace else if you want to.
  • jpaolijpaoli Posts: 26
    the size are front door 6 1/2 rear deck 6x9. i would recommend Infinty Kappa series.I put them in my car what a diffence in the sound.
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    Thanks! But...I wasn't the one asking.
  • jpaolijpaoli Posts: 26
    The size are front door 6 1/2 rear deck 6x9. I would recommend Infinty Kappa series.I put them in my car what a diffence in the sound.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    He replied to the most recent message in the string - doesn't mean he meant the message specifically for you. ;)
  • tiernstierns Posts: 1
    I have an '08 Corolla and was looking at a similar Alpine unit in place of the that boring factory head unit. I'm concerned how it will look with the white-ish dash and the green clock below it. Do you have a pic of your dash you could share?

    Much Thanks!
  • anlinaanlina Posts: 52
    Is there a way to hook up a portable boom box to this car?
    I have several cassette tapes I'd like to be able to play.

  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    One way is to get a wireless FM transmitter (e.g. there's one from Belkin for about $20) that plugs into the earphone jack of the player and transmits over the FM band (frequencies are selectable) of your car stereo. It's not perfect, but I use it all the time in my minivan with a portable DVD player.
  • anlinaanlina Posts: 52
    Thanks, backy!
  • I need to remove the tape deck from my 1999 Toyota Corolla so I can put in a CD player, but I can't figure out how to get it out. Any suggestions?
  • Another option: Go to your local Autozone and find the pressure points so you know where to pull.

    This is what I did on my 95 that I just recently sold.
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    I've got a Haynes manual that shows how to do it. Get the one for the Corolla/Prizm. They cost less than $20.
  • I just recently bought a 2008 Toyota Corolla S and was interested in upgrading the speakers. I'm not too familiar with audio systems for vehicles and i wasn't sure what kind i should look into. What would you recommend?
  • jpaolijpaoli Posts: 26
    I recommend infinity,alpine,kenwood. You can fit 6.5 in front doors and 6x9 in the rear deck but you will need a adapter which you can get on ebay.
  • i own a 2007 toyota corolla and am trying to get into and take out the cd player/main raido unit, but cant for the life of me find any screws, clips, or anyway to take this thing out. any advice?
  • jpaolijpaoli Posts: 26
    go to this web site it should help you out
  • I have someone with a 2008 Corolla with the 6 disc CD changer (factory) and was wondering if anyone knew of an Aux port in the back that you could plug a simple audio 1/4" jack into for an MP3 player. Not the whole wiring harness deal, just the jack.
  • jpaolijpaoli Posts: 26
    sorry to say there is no connection for jacks into a mp3 player
  • dkeaniedkeanie Posts: 16
    how do I get to the rear speakers on my 95 Corolla?
  • dkeaniedkeanie Posts: 16
    Hi, is it ok to put soundproofing on the hood or is there a reason why there is none fitted on the hood.
  • jpaolijpaoli Posts: 26
    The only thing to i would say about putting soundproofing pad it may make the engine compartment hotter.
  • dotcom1dotcom1 Posts: 4
    Just purchased 2009 Corolla with SAT Ready AM/FM 6 CD Changer. Has a factory installed SAT antenna. Pulled Radio out to see what kind of an end is on the lead in wire. Couldn't find the end. just the AM/FM antenna which is mounted in the rear window. Does anybody know where the wire is routed to and if it is color coded. I have a Delphi Roady 2 reciever and I wanted to use the Factory installed antenna instead of the one that came with the Roady 2. Also In case I do purchase the kit for the Factory radio I would like to install it myself if I don't have to run a bunch of wires from the rear of the vehicle. The kits aren't out yet for this 2009 so the dealer says. I asked the dealer(s) in our area about where the antenna lead ran and none of them could give me an answer. Said they didn't know because it is to new and haven't installed the kit yet. Just in case it is needed the radio is a A51846 which the owners manual says that number is a Panasonic.
  • dkeaniedkeanie Posts: 16
    I have a 95 Corolla that has an accelerator pedal that wont move when pulling off. This only happens first thing then it is ok, only to do the same when it has sat for a few hours. The pedal has to be pushed hard to get any revs when starting. I have looked at the pedal linkage and there doesn't seem to be anything causing an obstruction, anyone have any ideas what it could be.?
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    Has the throttle body ever been cleaned?
  • dotcom1dotcom1 Posts: 4
    I dropped the back part of the headliner and saw that the lead went to the passenger side down into the trunk. I removed or pulled back the trunk lining and found an open end female connection that has a square plastic outside and inside that is a small about 1/16" square metal piece with what looks like a center coaxal lead in the middle. What I would like to do now is find a male connection that will work in this and make me an extension with the Delphi connector end on the other end of the wire. Went to Radio Shack and they have no such connector as that. Anyone now where I can find one. I don't know what kind of a connector that they call the one that Toyota put in there.
  • dkeaniedkeanie Posts: 16
    no it hasn't I don't know where the linkage is, :confuse: is it easy enough to find and d i y or should I take to a garage?
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